Finnish FM: Israel destroying Lebanon, not Hizbullah
Published: 10.08.06, 19:49
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61. Patricia #54
Mil ,   Milano Italy   (08.11.06)
You can invite me whenever you want . I'm ready for the trip.
62. #60
NilsG ,   Helsingborg, Sweden   (08.11.06)
Hello friendlyfire, Though Tuomioja is not my Prime Minister, and I do not necessarily agree with what he said, I take your words in the spirit they were adressed. You are right, there is anger and hate everywhere, and sometimes words come out that had better been unspoken. You too have a nice weekwend, stay safe.
63. response to Gadalyah
Trish ,   Finland   (08.11.06)
Please get your facts straight before posting them.The first Jews arrived in Finland in the 1700's. You say we were NOT allowed in Finland until 1896. That is a blatant lie . The first Jewish prayer house was opened in 1830 in the island fortress of Suomenlinna (Swedish: Sveaborg), off Helsinki. The first synagogue was inaugurated in 1870. The first Jewish school in Finland functioned in Helsinki from 1893 to 1900. ...I could go on and on but it is not worth my time...
64. reason hello ?
js ,   finland   (08.11.06)
How many of you think that a decisive military action brings eternal peace to Israel-Lebanon-Palestine-Hizbullah-whatnot conflict. Have you seen such action bring peace to the area before ? Is hizbullah going to fade away because of this action or will this just bring more fuel and inspiration to the extremists ? Usama Bin Laden said 911 was inspired by the Israel bombing of the tall buildings of Beirut in early 80s. If someone hits you and you hit back, will it stop the violence in the world ? The world doesn't change before you do.
65. ana eye for aneye will make the whole world blind - Gandhi
Faisal ,   NYC, US   (08.11.06)
We should build schools and libraries, instead of dropping bombs on them.
66. Respose to Hello?
Marilyn Hatara ,   St Marys Ga   (08.11.06)
Well I ask you is Hezbollah going to fade away by going your way? Do you actually comprehend the scope, ideation and agenda of this terrorist organization in totality. Do you really think Hezbollah is functioning and acting solely on its own. Look at the destruction of innocent lives they have caused and perpetuated for quite a number of years. Israel has suffered the loss of life for countless years from suicide bombers and other attacks and has been very patient to say the least. They have tried to negotiate and made good with their withdrawals to no avail.HEZBOLLAH TRAINS AND USES THEIR OWN CHILDREN AS SUICIDE BOMBERS. NOW HOW CAN YOU NEGOTIATE WITH A MENTALITY THAT HAS ABSOLUTELY NO SCRUPLES AND NO CONSCIENCE?
67. response to marilyn.
js ,   finland   (08.12.06)
Any form of violence is the end result of the chain of bad decisions by both sides. I don't approve the actions of the military wing of the Hizbullah, I don't approve the actions by the leadership of Israel.. I'd like to live in a world where the few rulers do not play their political games with murky organisations and even governments as their pawns and the civilians as the necessary sufferers. Don't you see, that your vision of the mentality of these people hinders your own ? i wish you good luck in your monochromatic world.
68. "War"
Oskari Olematon ,   Sweden   (08.12.06)
Around 100 Hezballah members killed. Around 1200 Lebanon civilians killed. Think about it ! Who is the winner??
69. Is this independent news service or brain washing
Oskari Olematon ,   Sweden   (08.12.06)
There is NONE articles that critises the Israel policy? How is that possible without that THE BIG BROTHER is watching.
70. WW2
Juhani ,   Nanaimo   (08.24.06)
Those who speaks something about nazis beside Finland in WW2 don´t know what they are talking about. It´s true that we get help from German at that time. Other option was to be part of Soviet Union. Have any of you been ever in those former Soviet Union countries? Little bit of topic but thats how it is.
71. Thank you!
Juha ,   Finland   (10.03.06)
----------------------------------------- Thank for those posts, where people enlighten us about Finland! It's nice when people (who don't know were Finland is) tell us some facts about Finland. They surely are experts of Finland. Yes, all people in Finland think like mr. Tuomioja. It's absolutely impossible, that some people in Finlad would disagree with him. Just like everyone in Germany where wannabe Hitlers, during the WW2. Thank you for all those messages you wrote. You really are superior beings! And that was just sarcasm. ------------------------------------------ I think mr. Tuomioja doesn't live in this world. It's easy to judge Israel when you live thousands of kilometers from there. Hizbullah doesn't listen EU, UN or USA, so why would they listen some guy from Finland? Yes, we already know that wars are bad. So mr. Tuomioja, could you tell us conclusion to the problem? Instead of stating the obvious.
72. Finland
TM ,   Helsinki   (12.21.06)
Lawrence, you should check your facts "finland surrended its land to russia without a fight dont expect israel to be like finland." That is not true. Finland fought two wars against Russia 1939 and 1941-1945 with heavy losses. Finland did not surrender and Helsinki was one of the three European capitals (London and Moscow) that were not occupied during WW2. Finland remained as a democracy. Also Finland´s example in WW2 gave inspiration to Israel when Israel fought against Arabs. You should study what Israel´s generals said about Finland when Israel fought against Arabs.
73. Nazi claims
Freedom&Independence ,   Finland   (01.04.07)
"Its well known that Finland sided with Hitler against England in the Second World War, nobody needs listen to these silly mountain pixie" Finland, a free democracy was attacked by totalitarian communist Soviet Union in Winter War. In the next war Finland allowed Germany to attack Soviet Union and itself received weapons and aid for the fight against Bolshevism. Finland never declared war on UK, but Churchill, against all requests from Finland, did declare a war. It was Britain who supported the totalitarian Soviet Union, were best friends with Joseph Stalin who is responsibile for killing alteast 60,000,000 people. The Finnish goverment was requested to sent Jews to Germany, but refused. In fact, the Finnish Army had Jews in the front, along with German troops. A few Jews were even awarded with German Iron Cross for saving Germans lives, but the Jews refused to take the award. In short: Finland did not support Nazism, but rather wanted to stay as an independent, free nation, not part of the Soviet Union under Stalin's genocides. Peace
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