Shebaa Farms – nub of conflict
Yaniv Berman, Media Line
Published: 10.08.06, 23:08
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1. Annex Shebba and be done with the problem.
Allan ,   US   (08.10.06)
2. we lost
Israel lost a great opportunity to take care of its enemies, and to impress its allies. Israel failed its friends, its soldiers, its citizens.
3. Watch this....Important
David ,   NY   (08.10.06)
4. The high ground.
Bill Pearlman ,   Chicago, USA   (08.10.06)
The race for the high ground, the good terrain, goes back to the battles of the bible. I know that there are missiles, satellites, and everything else but if that was all it took Israel would be at the Litani right now. Actually it supposedly wouldn't have been necessary. Beware of generals who are blase about withdrawing from areas that offer geographical advantage.
5. Israel has been defeated
Lemar ,   uk   (08.10.06)
Because Israel did not use its full power from day one. The Muslims now know that an attack from several directions will easily decimate Israel
6. The next war will be Israels last thanks to Olmert
7. #2..why are people like you so negitive??
jason ,   usa   (08.11.06)
if israel lost then there would be no more israel....
8. Withdraw from Shebaa only for a peace deal with Lebanon
rory ,   Londonistan   (08.11.06)
....and not a minute before. Land for peace, but not the promise of peace, only a formal peace treaty.
9. It is not only a matter of topographical,strategical or
keren ,   sao paulo   (08.11.06)
symbolic meaning. It is a matter the since oslo,and even before,Israel only failed by giving up lands conquered with blood and pain.Enough of that!Enough of agreeing on what is not good for Israel! Enemies have not changed since then,but gotten worse. Israel must expand,not shrink! It is a crime against Israel and Israelis to give up more land!
10. israel lost because of olmert and peretz
11. shebba farms
nell ,   switzerland   (08.11.06)
just get what has always been yours since time came into being and get it done with. why ask? why talk? why apologise? did anyone ever did it to you, israel? did you ever go and place a bomb in a german restaurant? blowing yourself in the process imagining the 72 virgins? Just do what you have to do but do it quick.
12. No Peace
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (08.11.06)
Withdrawing from lands will not bring peace, how many times will people make that mistake, give an inch they want a mile. You should know this from the gaza and west bank withdrawals, you also gave the Sinai back, now listen to egyptians protesting so they can attack Israel as well. Israel is exactly where it belongs and as soon as the Arabs recognize this, and accept being the key word here, then there will be peace, and you both, jews and muslims alike, can tell the US to get out and make there money elsewhere, The arabs need to realize that Israel is not going anywhere. And Israel needs to realize that the arabs will never realize this, and that any concessions given will only come back to haunt you. They don't want land, they don't want there civilians spared, they don't want weapons or money, they want you out of the ME, they believe it is theres' for some strange reason. You give them a bit of land, then they will parade through the streets saying, we beat them, we beat them, they are weak lets finish them off. And it starts again. Has anyone considered the contents of Albert Pikes letter on installing a NWO government? It is not a prophecy, it is a plan. The original letter is on display in the british museum in london. written in the late 1800's. They didn't disappear, they are still here.
13. Land for peace brings more terror
Every time Israel has capitulated to terrorism they have wound up with more terrorism. Every time Israel has given up land to gain peace, they have gained war. Withdrawing from Lebanon gave Hizbollah more time to import the weapons of war and plan their attacks unimpeded. Withdrawing from Gaza gave the Palestinians the opportunity to fill the vacuum with Kassam rockets. Given this historic scenario, what does Israel suppose will be the likely result if it gives up the Shebaa Farms?
14. Peace loving people
abu arab ,   nablus falasteen   (08.11.06)
you can see from the talkback here how peacful and pro peace zionist are, they accuse others of terrorism when their policy of steeling other people land is justified as legitimate how one can make peace with such violent people, unless they started changing their attitude they will never be welcomed in the middle east, it will come down to who will get tired of fighting first and you know we will not and the tie is changing shalom
15. SHEBBA FARMS ,   LAS VAGAS, USA   (08.11.06)
16. Peace Deal
Chris ,   LA   (08.11.06)
A UN resolution will be passed tomorrow that will cover prisoners, Shebaa, Huzb Allah disarming and Lebanese army and Peace keepers in the south. I don't know why Ynet hasn't reported this breakthrough yet as it will probably end the fighting by giving both sides what they want...
17. everybody has lost
alex ,   CA   (08.11.06)
Israel has lost in 47-49,56,67, October war - so they say but does it really matter what someone says as long as the nation is standing strong and united? However if one looks without any Bias at the current situation it becomes obvious that there are no clear-cut winners. You say Hezbollah is a winner, well they will never be recognized as a partner by any country that has common sense, nor they will be allowed to function there.
18. Lebanon must be required to make peace with Israel for land
David ,   Boston, USA   (08.11.06)
This would make all happy. It would also make Hezbollah weaker because they would be required to honor peace agreements from Lebanon. It is true that Egypt has broken its peace agreement with Israel, but there is no war between Egpyt and Israel. While there is little honor in the Arab world, a forced peace agreement between Lebanon and Israel would be good for all except maybe Syria and Iran.
19. #2, not Israel, but Olmert and his clique.
AK   (08.11.06)
Those pushing Israel will pay dearly; never forget Munich appeasement and all the blood shed to remedy that mistake.
20. Rory, peace with Lebanon can only d be assured by strongIDF.
AK   (08.11.06)
Giving Shaba weakens IDF, thus the peace would be worthless, especially considering Muslim approach to peace with "infidels." -- no permanent peace, just hudna until strong enough to prevail. Anybody stupid enough to give up strategic positions for Muslim promises of temporary peace deserves what will come.
21. no peace
caz its all about land, keep the farm and expect freedom fiters to strike again and again. ME is not Western Europe, they will fight for justice at any cost.
22. don't give in to Hizbollah
scribe ,   SF, USA   (08.11.06)
If the get the Sheba Frams then they will want some more land inside Israel. The Sheba farms should only be ceded to Syria after a peace agreement is signed and completely demiltairized. Stop giving in to Hizbollah.
23. abu arab, today bunch of Muslims arrested in London
AK   (08.11.06)
for planning murder of scores of airline passengers. Anybody believing that trusting a Muslim is a good idea should watch today's news.
24. Sheba Farms never belonged to...
Matt K. ,   Victoria, BC, Canada   (08.11.06)
... Lebanon ( even some Lebanese like Walid Jumblatt agree with that) - until 1967 they were under Syrian control and everything was fine and dandy...
25. This makes me feel sick..
JS ,   Regina, SK, Canada   (08.11.06)
Hezbollah can attack Israel and get political gains handed to it by the UN? Then the UN doesn't even demand Hezbollah disarm? My money says as soon as the IDF pulls out the rocket attacks start up again, if they ever stop, and then we see the UN tell Israel to just chill and they'll work out some new resolution in 6 months to deal with it. A resolution the terrorists won't follow at all. In the end I fear the captured Israeli troops will never be returned and many more innocent Israeli's will die.
26. hold this ground, you are needed country!
schulz ,   bad germany   (08.11.06)
enemies wich are striking against Israel could at every point a new war start and other words "resistance" are war at many years. Hizbollah must be stop and destroy, living without rockets, without control Jerushalayim, without control about area of Israel! And people will life in freedom!
27. QUESTION (hopefully someone is able to answer this one)
Suzanne   (08.11.06)
IF the farms are handed over to Lebanon will: 1. this mean that Hezbollah will stop fighting against Israel? 2. Syria not be upset?
28. Shebaa Farms is a small area 10 square miles
Master ,   US   (08.11.06)
Let us do it correct at one piece. Just return Shebaa farm back and Lebanon hostages to live on peace. Absolutely, this will stop Hizbullah from fighting with Israel.
29. #28 master
Dad ,   Texas,USA   (08.11.06)
Master. What exactly are you a master of? It certainly is not coherent thinking. If you really believe that this is what the fighting is about you are woefully misinformed. Please do yourself and the rest of us a favor by endevoring to understand what is really going on.
30. Israel should control Shebba Farms!
RCA ,   USA   (08.12.06)
No half measures anymore. It's a strategic imperative to take the high ground. To leave it to the potential enemy threat present in the surrounding countryside would be one of the most regretable and tragic blunders imaginable that could have been easily avoided........... Israel was forced into putting on the gloves, now it should deliver the knockout.........actual, as well as symbolic...........Then everyone can get a break !!!!!
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