Hizbullah declares victory
Roee Nahmias
Published: 11.08.06, 02:53
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1. No deal
Chris ,   LA   (08.11.06)
The Israelis torpedoed the agreement by demanding the Israeli soldiers be released immediately instead of in a prisoner swap and the Lebanese foreign minister (one of Huzb Allah's representatives) has already rejected this new proposal.
2. Thanks for the compliment, but it aint over yet
RA   (08.11.06)
LMAO "Invincible Army" Hezbollah is showering Israel with compliments it seems. Too bad for them the war aint over yet , especially since Lebanon denied the UN proposal. Now God willing Olmert will finally let the IDF do what it does best - kick some terrorist ass.
3. Hisbullah...Final blow
Sabientje ,   Weston, USA   (08.11.06)
This is the time for Israel to inflict the final blow on those terrorists called Hisbullah. There is no time to waste. Israel must mobiize all its force and given and annihilate this monstrous army before they grow stronger. Read on.. Don't let Israel fall victim to a crazy m an's ambition to its total destruction.
4. Uncle!
Sophocles Politis ,   Oxford (UK)   (08.11.06)
Nasrallah starts to lose and so he throws his hands up and says "game over, I win". Now is the time for Israel to press on and continue till The Party of God is smashed.
5. Hezbollah
Joe ,   Detroit, MI   (08.11.06)
Hezbollah victory? Yeah, right. Wipe this scum off the earth.
6. A modest proposal
Walter ,   Massachusetts, USA   (08.11.06)
Stop the war immediately. Do not destroy anything else. When this mess is all over, Lebanon is going to be looking for help to rebuild. If Syria or Iran extends that hand, we are all screwed!!!
7. Reality Designed
Ping   (08.11.06)
I have to admit, the faith that some of these radicals have in their ability to 'name it and claim it' is astounding. There is not a situation imaginable where a fanatic can lose. Negotiate and they get what they want - they win, cease fire before you kill them all - they win, kill them all, they are martyrs - they win.
8. devastating defeat
chaim ,   brooklyn n.y   (08.11.06)
unfortunately this has been a devastating defeat fir the idf thanks to our feckless p.m olmert and perez who have tied the idf's hands from day one, i guess olmert is saving the idf's fire power for when he will send them in to throw another 80,000 men women and children out of their houses in yesha and shomron i am afraid we are all doomed g-d help us
9. Genie & its victory
Albert ,   Singapore   (08.11.06)
Nasrallah is just another Saddam. He is thinking as if he is like a Genie. The truth is that he couldn't find a safer place to do his 'shit business'. It has not even conceded as a victory yet but he is starting to dream and tell the world his version of fairy tales already. Ha ! Ha ! Looking at Saddam and his cronies now. They are shaking the bars.
10. Pathe'tic. Absolutely no way is I'srael defeated
Amer ,   USA   (08.11.06)
Like most A'rab Terr'orists, they go into hiding like a little girl, and most likely crying like one while sucking his filthy thumb. If the IDF were cut loose, SYRI'A and Lebanon would be demolished now. GO I'DF, continue with blasting those an''imals to death!!!!
11. A Cox and Forkum cartoon illustrates the last sentence well
Joe Example ,   USA   (08.11.06)
12. to #1 - Chris
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (08.11.06)
The crisis was brought on not just because of the kidnapping (which, by the way, is against INTERNATIONAL LAW - and only that the UN and its likes prefer to ignore this fact). The terrorist organisation and its proxies have been firing missiles into Israel (which, again, is against INTERNATIONAL LAW - and again, the UN and its likes prefer to ignore this fact) long before Israel take action. Like any legitimate nation in this world, Israel has the right to demand the soldiers' unconditional return and to defend its people against terror acts.
13. Lebanon loses if they win
Aaron ,   OZ   (08.11.06)
Demand that Hasan Nasrallah be handed over to the International War Crimes Tribunal for crimes against humanity as part of the ceasefire. I guaranteee he will not agree. Finally, the new force seems to be a better match between teh Hizbollah combat ready forces and the Israeli combat ready forces, therefore it would be possible to advance more quickly, to envelop, fix and destroy.
Antonio Joya ,   Barcelona Spain   (08.11.06)
15. Is the Sun square?
Mark ,   Perkasie, PA, U.S.   (08.11.06)
If anyone believes that these terrorists won anything, or that this war is over, then I could probably convince them that the Sun is a black square that appears at midnight. These terrorists are even more stupid than I thought !
16. Nasrallah is right
Sidney ,   USA   (08.11.06)
If Israel accepts the proposed cease-fire, it has been defeated. The cabinet knows this but not one has the integrity to resign. Members of the Knesset know this and there is no no confidence motion. Israelis used to wonder how Jews meekly went to their deaths in the gas chambers. Now they know.
17. "ceasefire"
helene ,   toronto canada   (08.11.06)
I'm not alone is feeling confusion re:this so-called ceasefire. If Olmert agrees to this now, not only will this have been a tragic misadventure but he will have signed his political death certificate. Bring on Netanyahu.
miriam ,   lisbon   (08.11.06)
19. bullah declare vic
john ,   melbourne australia   (08.11.06)
this government was good at booting its own. Protecting them ? Not . likewise Halutz
20. No Deal is right
Apocklips ,   Massachusetts USA   (08.11.06)
If Israel doesn't eliminate the Islamo Facists on their border now, they'll come pouring into the country once Iran launches a nuclear attack on Israel.
21. Hizballah won.
Khalid   (08.11.06)
Psychologically and militarily Hizballah won this war which will end tomorrow. The group is more popular not only among Arab and Muslim countries, but in Europe and South America as well ... and needless to say: among Lebanese of all faiths as well. Israel witnessed the greatest military casualties in decades and suffered its worst defeat yet in its history. Yes, I'd say Hizballah won.
22. Israel will win
Mike ,   new orleans USA   (08.11.06)
this is far from over and Israel will claim victory in the end.
23. DEALING WITH THE DEVIL: The UN Threat to Israel
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.11.06)
Don't let the deaths of the brave IDF soldiers be for nothing! national review online August 07, 2006 Dealing with the Devil A diplomatic disaster in the making. By Anne Bayefsky Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is on the brink of handing President Bush the worst diplomatic disaster of his presidency. She is poised to agree to two United Nations resolutions that will tie the hands of both Israel and the United States in the war on terror and, in particular, inhibit future action on its number one state sponsor — Iran. The catastrophe is the brainchild of Secretary General Kofi Annan, who has effectively turned the United Nations into the political wing of Hezbollah. In the last three weeks, a multi-headed hydra of U.N. actors has risen to defeat Israel on the political battlefield in an unprecedented disregard of the U.N. Charter’s central tenet: the right of self-defense. But how did the U.N. respond to the aggression against the U.N. member state of Israel, which was launched once again from Lebanese territory and which continues to the present hour? By accusing Israel of murder, mass genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, the deliberate attack of children, and racism. U.N. actors have even denied that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization and analogized it to anti-Nazi resistance movements... The Geneva Conventions clearly state that combatants are prohibited from using civilians as human shields, but if they do so, the presence of civilians does not render the area immune from military operations. Israeli soldiers and civilians are paying with their lives daily as a consequence of Israel’s efforts to avoid disproportionate action — a dramatic exercise of restraint taken in order to reduce Lebanese civilian casualties... The United Nations seeks to: (1) protect Hezbollah from further Israeli attacks; (2) produce a political win for Hezbollah by giving them the territorial prize of the Shebaa Farms ; and (3) increase U.N. presence, oversight, and control of the Arab-Israeli conflict. It calls for renewed involvement of UNIFIL, the U.N. troops that stood and watched Hezbollah rearm and plan its deadly assault on a U.N. member state for the last six years. Such an international force is to be authorized under the first-ever Chapter VII resolution — a legally binding resolution that can be implemented through sanctions or the use of force — in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. In other words, Secretary Rice has approved of a U.N.-authorized and monitored force that has its sights set on Israel too, coupled with a claim that Israel is currently engaged in “offensive” operations. The very U.N. that accuses Israel of murder and heinous violations of international law is now to be charged with judging compliance with a legally binding instrument purporting to define the terms and conditions of Israel’s self-defense... There will be only one sure result of this move — the empowerment of terrorists whose ultimate target is the United States and all democratic values. Secretary Rice’s belief that there is a serious convergence between the United Nations agenda and American foreign-policy needs in the age of terrorism is a profound error in judgment for which democratic societies everywhere will be forced to pay a heavy price.
24. Victory for Hizbullah?The U.S EU & UN GAVE Hizbullah VICTORY
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.11.06)
The U.S. EU and UN have effectively prevented Israel from defeating the terrorist enemy and destroying Hizbullah's rockets and infrastructure. Where are the strong Israeli leaders to stand up to the terrorists and the terrorists' powerful allies?
25. Olmert, let the army win!
Avraham ,   NY   (08.11.06)
The army wants to win and can win, but the Olmert's government is stalling. Anything but a decisive blow to Hizbullah would be bad when it comes to Israel's interests and security of its people.
26. wrong country
Billguy ,   Vancouver Ca.   (08.11.06)
Israel , you need to bomb the hell out of Damascus ..while on your way to Iran that is ..Untill those 2 hellholes are vaporized you will never be able to live in peace. These people do not want to live in peace with you..They want you to live in pieces..Thier is no "negotiating" with that ideology. Get them before they get you...And if you let it go long enough ..they will.
27. NO Way
Leslie ,   Commerce Twp., MI   (08.11.06)
Why on earth would Israel stop the war now When they are so close to victory. The article is correct in saying that Iran and Syria want the war to end now so that the Hezbo's can live to fight anither day. Everone knows that an agreement with any Muslim is not worth the paper it is printed on. They even use the Koran to justify brecking treaties. I think Israel's new Prime Minister is a wimp and a coward. Not the man Isreal nedded in office at this time. Who knows if Benjamin Netenyahu (sp?) was in office maybe there would be less support for the war just because he is from the dastardly Lahud party. GOD HELP ISREALS LEADERSHIP GET SOME BACKBONE!!!
28. Now that Hizbullah has won the war, ...
Blues   (08.11.06)
Israel should keep kicking butt! Hopefully Hizbullah will keep winning until they find themselves extinct! Then maybe Hamas, Syria and Iran will start winning themselves back to the stone age.
29. Israel & Lebanon
Alan ,   Dallas U.S.   (08.11.06)
Israel should continue its' advance until it is safe from Hezbollahs attacks.
30. congratulations
merdem ,   ankara   (08.11.06)
congratulations nasrallah you win
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