Major Nimrod Hillel killed in Lebanon
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 11.08.06, 12:08
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2. get them back
mary brown ,   hamburg   (08.11.06)
its a wasteful war soldiers getting killed for no reason i guess we should get them back as soon as possible or we are going to create new terrorists
Proud Grandpa ,   (08.11.06)
4. Madness strikes Olmert, Peace Killed
Claude ,   France   (08.11.06)
5. the outcome of YOUR WAR !
Lebanese Abroad ,   Thailand   (08.11.06)
Plz dont say hizbolla started this war .. dont have a 1 month old memory and read history books about your previous envasions to lebanon and taking our land for 17 years and taking thousands of ppl detainees and expect us to sit and watch ??? Be real .. War will bring War .. We will never give up and you will never give up .. so whats the point ??? Why not talk and solve things in a smart way in both our interests so we can all live in peace .. the US does not give a shit about Israel or Lebanon .. they want their own interests .. If american kids where dying in this war then they would Do the Impossible for a ceasfire .. but now G.W.Bush is on Vacation and Blaire is on Vacation while both Lebanese and Israely kids are being killed for nothing..its easy to blame the other party..but remember we have our own side of the story as well that you dont see .. MAKE LOVE NOT WAR !!! really its f**** up .. PEACE NOW !!!
6. a missile called BUSH
Micheew ,   Germany   (08.11.06)
Bush or Olmert, or arrogance those are the names of this missile remember : never try to invade a land !
7. To 4# peace with who????
Katalan Saar ,   K.Motzkin, IL   (08.11.06)
Israel didn't attack Lebanon since 2000 and Hizbollah did his "peace moves" by arming itself and line-up the border. If you want that kind of peace - NO WAY. It might take weeks, months and blood sheet, but we won't give up on our right to have country by terror organization that all of his willing is to kill innocent people! Claude, you better look on the other hand before you criticize Israel. Media lies and not telling all truth. I saw in Sky News that they discovered that all the "peaceful areas" that there's no terrorists there IS FAKE! Hizbollah asks to erase when his soldiers were shooting from buildings. Sky News didn't do so and they revealed the truth. Furthermore, I've heard that NONE U.S channel reported that some Iranian soldiers were helping Hizbollah to attack. You must to understand that there are things you can't see from your country unless you come here. Your country kisses to the Arab countries for oil like the U.S - that SAD!
8. To #7, be reasonnable
Claude ,   Paris   (08.11.06)
Israel didn't attack Lebanon since 2000 Yes and No, IAF will tell you more about incursions (~2000 incursion per year) in lebanese aerian space and maritime also. 1) Israel by invading Lebanon 1982 in order to finish with OLP give birth to hezbollah, result OLP more awesome not finished and Hezbollah got birth in south of lebanon. 2)And advice stop one side withdrawal because each time you do it wings of hezbollah, hamas and others are getting wider and wider and peace is getting far and far 3) Stop watching US media they are doing their war with your blood (New ME project) 4) Arafat is not a partner of peace, fine, destroy the head office of Arafat "Mouqataa", .... YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR HAMAS GAINING POPULARITY AND POWER... I am not criticizing Israel guide by hate but to make you change your reasoning a little bit, I assure u this war is nonsense, ask any person who knows Sharon, or Dayan. This war started with a big intelligence failure (refer to Olmert speechs of the advancing of destruction of Hezb rocket capacity...), you shouldn’t stopped there and look for indirect negotiation. Shebaa farms, and a few number of prisoners in your possession if you had the intention to finish the war with Lebanon. You are giving arguments to Hezb to carry on his legal fighting. You have done a lot of mistakes that make us Lebanese Christian behind Hezbollah in this war, do you believe that, look to kids killed, look to the number of casualities, look to our infrastructure. Anyway you can’t look because military censor. When you talk about iranian fighters among hezbollah, lebanese people put that on the account of arrogance that like if you are saying that Lebanese people are incapable to defend their country ... At last let me tell you that I am well informed and i am sure that terrorism in all it's forms is not the solution. Let us hope one day our sons will be brave enough to talk peace not casualities. With all my respect. Lebanese christian emigrant.
9. War with Lebanon
Tony ,   Australia   (08.11.06)
So you do believe that your people have nothing to be guilty of for all the destruction that is still being caused to Lebanon. If so, there is absolutely no need to argue about anything, judt to say: DEATH TO ALL ALL ALL JEWS, MAY YOUR NEXT HOLOCAUST BE SOONER THAN YOU CAN SAY ISRAEL.
I. Heard   (08.11.06)
TROPHY is successful against anti tank missiles aimed at Merchava. IDF wont buy it from Rafael, because of high cost. If that's true, and apparently there was an article about this(but I can't trace it), WHAT A DISGRACE.Look up 'Trophy' and see for yourselves, if they print this, that is.
11. 100 Israelie soldiers trapped in Marjioun
fadi ,   lebanon   (08.11.06)
NEW FROM THE FRONT THAT ISRAELI ARMY DOESNT DECLARE: The Mirkava day Yesterday 16 mirkava tanks (4) were destroyed in south lebanon between marjioun and khiam. you can see photos of two of the tanks burning in the link underneath What happened to their crew.... emmm i can not tell :p but according to israeli media one dead and 3 injured yuckkkk liarsssssssss. The interesting thing is that the other tanks fled away and left the infantry on ground. Now Al jazeera reported live that theres 100 israeli soldiers still trapped in marjioun building having police and lebanese civilians as human shields. REMEMBER MY WORDS ISRAEL by the end of this battle in Marjioun you will decalre your defeat by accepting an ammended cease fire resolution in the UN. And instead of negotiating to free for 2 prisoners soldiers ... you will be negotiating for 102 soldiers..... lol BRING IT ON WHERES THE OTHER RESERVE UNITS
12. #5
tony ,   PARIS   (08.11.06)
You have no idea what you are talking about,so,Go back to the beach and light up one of those Thai,smokes ;and leave book reading to others,,You are deffinately,"out surfing";;;;
lebanies ,   LEBANON-LEBANON   (08.11.06)
we are the same human,but we have differnet languages and different relegion,but we still human ,why you allow to get weaopns from all over the world without pay any cent ,cause you are just jew,and was hurt in the past ,why must all the world have to feel guilty cause what happend to you in the past,from some europian countries ,but seams you forget that and you just would like revange from arabs ,why?? arabs was not the reson of your holocust why must hizbollah relise 2 jew soldirs immediatly and hamas leave the other . while israel will not leave,3 lebanes one of them sitting since 28 years in your jailes,why should not hizbollah getting weapons from iran or russia or from honoloulou or madaghaskar,is it allow for you and forbidden for others ,why you should keep 10000 palastenian in your presons,some of them over 32 years ,why u dont leave ghaza and west bank and golan hights and shib3a farms? that is the solution,give the arabs their terotiry back,let those people back to their family,then there will be peace,then we can live beside you and you beside us ,then no need to fight because we are not holly people and you are not the shosen god's people we are all the same and we want all live in peace when every one get his rights back,if i have an enemy and i have fight with him and i cannot finish him and he cannot finish me then i must talk to him nogetiat with him then we have more chancen to end our fight,try to talk to your enemy direcktly,talk to hizbollah and to hamas and let us finish this nonsinn war ,to save those young life on the both sides cause we both have the right to live beside each other if we want or not ,then let us make it nice life with peace and naighbourhod and friendship relation
14. in connection
I. Heard.   (08.11.06)
with my last talkback. Gaddi Sukeinik interviewed a geology expert who had the solution to the Gaza tunnels and kidnap attempts.Could have helped in Lebanon too. No money was the answer, and we all know theres LOADS AND LOADS of money.
15. To Grand Pa and the lebanese from Thailand
Bernard G. ,   Paris   (08.11.06)
Where were you in the last wars? Not at my side (or maybe not ON my side) I reckon... Now I have a son in the army and the least I can do is support him. If we do not, we will all be going to that place where dear Tony of Australia wants us to go. As for History, my dear lebanese friend from Thailand, do not forget that "your" country is really a confetti of people put in a box created by France in 1920...
16. Bomb syria, they supply the russian made anti-tank rockets.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (08.11.06)
The iranian turd achmadumbhead isn't going to do anything and his jets don't reach Israel any more than Israeli jets can cover iran. Drop the leaflets, wait 24 hours, drop the bombs and flatten all the rocket launching sites. Tell the UN they have 24 hours to evacuate everyone and then it is too bad for anyone who wants to stay behind.
17. To #13
Bernard G. ,   Paris, France   (08.11.06)
We DID and are still willing to talk, remember? We did talk with Egypt and gained peace! We did talk with Jordanand gained peace! We did talk with the PLO and got shelled... We are still willing to talk sincerly with men of good will. Until we find some who are willing to talk with us and are not willing to throw us back to the sea at the cost of their children's lives, we will keep our hands on our holsters.
18. to 11 - the US army also lost at the baghdad airport
We know better than to believe the arab media.
19. To Bernard
Majd ,   Finland   (08.11.06)
Dear Bernard, it is quite ironic and funny for jew from Israel to comment on how countries were created,,, come on, i am not going to lecture you in Israel's History as I am sure you know it and twill make you to embarassed. Anyhow this box called Lebanon wasn't made by the French as Israel by the jews, Lebanon was there since the dawn of times and you could check your torrah for proofs... How silly...
20.  #9
Lebanese girl ,   Lebanese girl   (08.11.06)
Where were u, when syria was destroying lebanon for the last 30 years?
21. To Majd.
Bernard G. ,   Paris, France   (08.11.06)
Let us not throw the torah back and forth at one another, for it might embarasse YOU. I was refering to modern history, of course, as you should have understood. Check history yourself and you will see what I am refering to.
22. to #21
adonis ,   Lebanon   (08.11.06)
Israel was built by the british in 48 after 22 years of the official annoucement of bigLebanon by the french. Moreover, when the french annouced the big Lebanon, they only specify the borders since the people of Lebanon were living there since 10000 years. Now, In 48 the zionist start to inport jews from around the world. Our mixture is build during 10000 years. Your box is built in less than 60 years and will vanish soon. This is modern History you were talking about.
23. olmert should go
moe ,   montreal, Canada   (08.11.06)
Olmert cannot remain in the prime minister's office Ari Shavit (haaretz) new day, more death. If Israel doesn't want to stay in lebanon as Olmert says, so, what is the point? disarming Hizbollah is not happening, making friends in lebanon or anyone else in the world, including US and UK is not happening, creating enemies!! if this is Olmert's target he is doing well. If he is only want to kill civilians he is doing an excellent job. If he wants to sacrify hundreds israeli soldiers and civilians to keep his seat as a PM, he is doing amazing job. I think this war should stop now, and Olmert should be packing straight after, now a day longer.
24. to #19
zevy ,   nj   (08.11.06)
It seems to me that people constanly forget how many jews there were living in israel before 1948. and not only were they in jerusalem, they were in zefat ,haifa ,tiberias,etc. etc.I have relatives that were there in lets not start talking how the jews landed in israel in 1948, because they were there thru the im not sure who the "occupation" is refering to exactly. perhaps the arabs are the occupiers? why dont you study a bit of history instead of following the mainstream media of any country and use your own head to make these kind of decisions.
Moishe ,   Sao Paulo - Brasil   (08.11.06)
this is not invaiding a Country as Hitler made in Europe and killing millions of people. this is PROTECTING a democracy against terrorist, did you already forgot what terror means???
26. Who distroyed Lebanon.
Tunisian   (08.11.06)
1) Militias war lords who happened to have Lebanese blood on thier hands and amazingly they are the current political figures. 2) Isreal's invasion in 1982 and now. If Syria was the one that destroyed Lebanon your friends the Israelis are the ones building it up...enjoy it while it lasts. It's a shame you refer to yourself as Lebanese.
27. #11
Realist ,   The World   (08.11.06)
Are you too dumb to realize that the second tank in your picture is blowing out smoke as a diversion while resuing the crew of the first. Please crawl back into your cave! Justice will prevail and we are not going back to the 6th century as all Islamo-Fascists want.
28. response to #13
howard ,   pacific coast, usa   (08.11.06)
Your comments about getting weapons for free are simply mistaken; you clearly need to learn more about Israel. Your comments about the whole world feeling guilty are irrelevant, because clearly the whole world doesn't. Your comments about getting revenge on the Arabs are mistaken. What Israel wants from Lebanon is what it has always wanted from Lebanon, and what it has had for decades with Jordan -- a peaceful border that is not periodically attacked by Syrian (and now Iranian) proxy armies operating from the other side. Israelis do, and have, talked to Lebanese. Many Israelis and Lebanese have quite similar outlooks, in many ways (having both Israeli Jewish and Lebanese Arab friends, I can say this for a fact). However, Hizballah refuses to talk to Israel, and Hizballah's record is that it simply uses ceasefires to rearm and attack Israel again, because Hizballah's goal is to destroy Israel (and then to destabilize other governments in the region). There is simply no compromise with someone whose goal is to destroy you. Regarding Samir Quntar, you MUST know that the man entered Israel illegally and deliberately murdered civilians at point-blank range, bashing a baby's brains in with a rifle butt in front of her father. He is not a prisoner of war; he is at best a psychopath and at worst guilty of terrorism and crimes against humanity. There is no legal basis for releasing him, period. Regarding Hizballah getting weapons, Hizballah is not the government of Lebanon, and has no legal basis for operating in Lebanon at all. It is a proxy force of the iranian army that is holding Lebanon hostage and using its territory to attack Israel. Since Lebanon does not control Hizballah, Israel has a right to defend itself against Hizballah wherever Hizballah operates. Israel has no realistic alternative. The Shebaa farms are Syrian, not Lebanese. Ask the UN. If Syria wants to turn them over to Lebanon, it has only to sign a treaty with you. That would be great. Israel would then withdraw. Why isn't Syria signing this treaty declaring that you own the Farms? Because the Farms are only an excuse for Hizballah to continue to attack Israel. If Israel withdrew from them tomorrow it would make no difference, except that Hizballah would be stronger than it is now. So no deal. Israel left Gaza. Hamas et al, under Hizballah tutelage, shot over 1000 rockets after that, sent bombers, blew up entry ports and kidnapped soldiers. Finally, Israel had had enough of this and returned to Gaza. Not smart moves by the Pals. But they aren't the Lebanese; the Lebanese HAVE the opportunity to be smarter than the Pals. There will never be peace with Hizballah because Hizballah does not want peace. It wants to destroy Israel. As long as Hizballah continues to defy the sovereignty of the Lebanese government, there will be no peace in Lebanon, because Hizballah will not allow that.. If Hizballah is weakened, however, such that the Lebanese government can assert its very proper sovereignty, then there WILL be peace between Israel and Lebanon. I very much want to see the elected government of Lebanon establish its sovereignty over ALL of the country, not just the parts where Syrian/Iranian occupation forces don't control the ground. Hamas, like Hizballah, has made it very clear that it does not care about building prosperous societies; it cares only about destroying Israel. There is no compromise with someone like that. But there is plenty of room for peaceful compromise with LEBANON, if Lebanon will step forward and shove Hizballah out of the way. Most Israelis truly don't wish the Lebanese ill. They wish that the Lebanese would confront and defeat Hizballah. Failing that, Israel has to do it.
29. Terrorists are Leaving this World
Robert ,   RSM, USA   (08.11.06)
Israel is doing all the world a service in prosecuting these murderers and kidnappers who hide behind and among women and children. God bless Israel.
30. Yes,
Wael ,   Paris   (08.11.06)
jews were in Palestine well before 1948, but just as they were in almost every arab country, so what's the point ? Why then, suddenly in 1948, create an exclusively jewish state, hence polarising uselessly the region between jew and non-jew ? Yes, why, then, criticize those who want islamic states and governments for themselves ? Who brough religious apartheid first ? Why do you need always to twist history to proove your existence ? There is no need for that, better learn how to live with others in respecting them and respecting their national identity. I am of Palestinian origin, and I am fed up to hear that my people didn't exist, didn't have culture. Now I read that even Lebanon does not exist as a nation. I suspect Israëlis of being jealous of our roots, while very few of them have some. Do you need to insult other to feel yourself existing ? What a pity .... You better concentrate on having another national identification than that witth your army, which is ridiculous at the time being, ridiculous and monstruous .... The best and most honest historians about the creation of Israël are Israëlis, and they tear apart all the lies that have surrounded this creation and the years that have followed. They are the proof that you don't need that, and that you may gain some dignity in looking for the truth, then in telling the truth. Auto-dellusive propaganda is your worst poison. Good luck.
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