Peace activist murdered by Palestinian
Nir Magal
Published: 11.08.06, 15:45
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1. Perhaps he should have negotiated
Lee ,   Dallas, USA   (08.11.06)
2. aRabid goal speaks for itself!!!!!
Arie ,   Afula   (08.11.06)
3. The headline says it all!
Arie ,   Afula   (08.11.06)
4. muHAMedans will be muHAMedans!
Arie ,   Afula   (08.11.06)
5. Islam-the religion of "peace" (sic)
Jason ,   Boston, MASS USA   (08.11.06)
6. I wonder...
Berndt ,   Amsterdam/ NL   (08.11.06)
I wonder who will, ultimately, get the blame for this. Cynically I suspect Israel. The Left will argue that, without the operation in Lebanon, this attack would not have taken place, so it's Israel's fault. We'll see :)
7. You'd think the stupid hippies would learn by now, guess not
Proud Grandpa ,   (08.11.06)
8. Reap what you sow
Eli ,   Montreal, Canada   (08.11.06)
He advocated what killed him in the end. It's sad that yet another man has to die under arab terrorism, but it can serve as a warning to other do-gooders from Western countries who think the palestinians are all flowers and puppies while the Israelis are repressive and attacking the palestinians.
9. This is a surprise?
Ironcandle ,   Atlanta, GA   (08.11.06)
Palestiniansare not interested in human rights or peace. That is why their territories are in such disrepair. They live and breathe and teach war. No surprises here from the crazy muslims.
10. Irony
Yisrael ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.11.06)
Well, well. Killed by the very people he came to help. From his letter, he cared more for their blood than they did for him. For sure, he is now a holy shahid. What a lovely people are his benefactors. Yup. We definitely must negotiate with them.
11. Irony
Mario ,   McAllen, USA   (08.11.06)
It's a shame that a leftist was murderd by th same people he was advacating. He did not condemed the enemy that is sad and blind faith of a person. He belived only that decmocies are the threat of the world now and during th Cold War. No more propogana from him though. He was on the wrong side of the issues.The palenstinans that he was helping murder him.Goodbye pacifist.
12. Terror blinds
Adil Darwish ,   London   (08.11.06)
Till when Arabs & Islamists realize that this path will lead them to kill their friends and their people.
13. dont cry in one person ...hundreds killing every wekk in Leb ,   palestine   (08.11.06)
14. you think they want help???
DR ,   Floirida, USA   (08.11.06)
These people don't want to change, they love being the oppressed terrorists. It gives them a reason to kill and ultimately, Muslims love to kill. That's prett obvious if you look around the world. No one can argue with this and if you call it racism, you are just denying reality.
15. Let us learn from him
Ephraim Rauch ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.11.06)
He said: "I would never condemn the young Palestinians who made the Intifada". We should never condemn the young Palestinians who stabbed him to death. Never condemn any one. Peace. Peace. Peace to all men of good will.
16. Delicious Irony
Erik   (08.11.06)
He was no pacifist. He came to Israel while Israelis - yes, Israelis have women and children too - are under constant attack by Hezbollah and the "Palestinians" but his mission was to work with "Palestinian" children. Unfortunately, Arab-Islamic savagery doesn't spare the stupid and misguided.
18. My condolences to the family
Haim ,   Israel   (08.11.06)
He was good and brave man, just wanted this world to be a bit better place to live. I am ashamed of feedbacks on this page. People, don't blame him for naivety. This is not a time to judge, but for good memory of a good man. One more life is taken by terror. Let’s unite and say NO to terror, NO to hatred, NO to atrocities. My condolences to the family.
19. Jews: Do not go to East Jerusalem
Mark ,   USA   (08.11.06)
East Jersusalem is a dangerous section. It is filled with crime. Do not go there. Boycott East Jerusalem.
20. Haim: You need a reality check
Mark ,   USA   (08.11.06)
These "peace activists" are not for peace. Anyone that says Death to Israel is not peaceful. That man was a supporter of terror.
21. #13
Jeff ,   USA   (08.11.06)
Stalin said "one death is a tragedy, one million is a statistic" The Muslins want to turn Isreal into a statistic!!
22. human rights activist?No,just a dumb naive!
keren ,   sao paulo   (08.11.06)
Look at islamic job around the world in 2 years. 11th setember world trade center,Madrid train attacks,London tub attack,all these came later:
23. RE: #18
Chris ,   KC, Missouri, USA   (08.11.06)
It's nice to occasionally see a level head in the talkbacks. I was starting to wonder why I read them with all the venom from both sides
24. Allah will know his own
Eric ,   Holmdel, NJ   (08.11.06)
Conflict between Islam and the West yields but a simple choice; fight or die. Islam has forced this decision by failing to confront those who have perverted and distorted their faith and the West has abetted this failure by not holding Islam accountable for its inaction. The peacemakers are too late; the peace option was foreclosed in the 1960’s when Islamic pan-nationalism gave way to non-territorial, but state-sponsored, terrorist movements. This conflict is not about territory, it is about the elimination of Jews, Christians, and Infidels and the establishment of an Islamic empire of peace and prosperity. Modern Islam is becoming more like the Almoravids than the Fatimids as a general fear is stoked in the Islamic street of the “decadent” influence of Western culture. This conservative movement seeks to return to a glorious past that never was in contrast to learning how to adapt to Western culture by accepting its benefits and rejecting its ills. Islam has been historically resistant to change which is likely a result of the influence of a forever unchangeable theology. I grieve for Angelo Frammartino and his family, may Hashem grant them peace and comfort. However, his death was caused by a fatal confluence of naiveté and a carefully nurtured culture of hate. In the eyes of his assassin, Angelo wasn’t a tourist, an Israeli, or a peace activist; he was a non-Palestinian and was therefore guilty by blood liable of all the failures and tragedies of the Palestinian people. The more politically savvy Palestinians realize that indiscriminately killing those misguided souls who come to support their struggle is probably a suboptimal strategy. They will make excuses and might even apologize for the death of “the wrong guy.” They won’t mourn Angelo though, the strict Islamist sees him as one less Christian to kill later and the “moderate” Islamist sees him as a shaheed who is undoubtedly enjoying the company of abkarun on jeweled couches. This is what a mean when I say that Allah will know his own.
25. his killing was justified by occupation of shebaa farms
hasan n. ,   beirut   (08.11.06)
26. Rachael Corrie Award
Rick ,   USA   (08.11.06)
He was a Martyr who will get his virgins! The poor little Palestinians who killed him should be forgiven-and infact, should get a monetary award from Saudo Arabi.
27. Vicious to celebrate murder
Ray Hanania ,   Chicago, IL USA   (08.11.06)
It's wrong to celebrate murder. It undermines your own claims that Israelis are being murdered. Some of you on this list are no different than the terrorists who murder innocent civilians. The fight isn't between Israel and Jews versus Palestinians or Arabs. It is between moderates on both sides versus extremists on both sides. Some of the hateful expressions here only confirm that there are just as many hateful extremist Jews and Israelis as there are Arabs and Muslims. You can't pretend to be the victim when you are really the terrorist. Despite the extreme voices, I know for a FACT that the majority of Israelis and Jews and the majority of Palestinians and Arabs are moderates who want peace and oppose violence. So you can write your hate all you want, call for boycotts against all you want (while hypocritically denouncing boycotts against Israeli fanaticism), but moderation prevails and peace will overcome hate. That's a fact! Ray Hanania
28. Rest in Peace
Lindon Richards ,   Milpitas CA, USA   (08.11.06)
At least he will now be resting in peace in the cemetery. And as of the time he was dispatched by the 'grateful' Arab, no one, can ever accuse him of another act of stupidity.
29. Words and their meaning and & # 18
Lindon Richards ,   Milpitas USA   (08.11.06)
Haim, I think the word condemn is better suited fo the point that you want to make. So then, your point would be that no one should condemn him... Judegement as used in this context, really means arriving at a conclusion, based on information relating to a particular issue or event. Many readers, including my self, arrive at the conclusion that this young man lost his life because he was misguided and down right stupid. Of course many people will disagree, but we have the evidence that he was killed by those in whom he invested his efforts, for the purpose of helping them( to do waht, i don know ) Had he invsted those efforts in others who had a more positve outlook on life, he would be still around to offer even more help. His blissful pretense and possibly willful ignorance, not only robbed him of his life, it also robbed others who are more deserving of his help, of the opportunity to get it. I tell you what, how about you helping me to avoind the next tragedy like this one. As of now, lest us educate people help those who help themselves wiht non violence!
30. "Peace Activists"
Genie ,   UK   (08.11.06)
He WAS a naive young man who somehow thought he would be immune. He joins many "peace activitists" who don't seem to realise they should not try to interfere in things that don't either concern them or they know nothing about. I also say NO to terror, NO to hatred, NO to atrocities - but you are talking to the wrong people - as you well know. I feel very sorry for his family who must have thought he was going on a do-good summer holiday.
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