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So and so
Uri Orbach
Published: 11.08.06, 16:02
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1. what the hell are you talking about??? Manners ? Etiquette??
nino   (08.11.06)
2. I know what he is talking about ....
Secular Sabra ,   Israel   (08.12.06)
and he is right . Damned disgrace that sister was/is. But oh so typical of the shrieking females of the religious far right .... and anything but anything for a little attention and political spouting..... even over the not yet cold body of a loved one.
3. Nasrallah 1, Olmert 0
Jay ,   Los Angeles   (08.12.06)
That is all.
4. So and So
So and so ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.13.06)
Uri Orbach mentions the writers who will be ostracised by the left wing community. The left wing community will never wake up, even after the left wing north of the country has been turned to rubble. Forget the communists and the left wing they are the erev rav and the assimilationists. They are fake frauds, let them all go and join Nazralla and rebuild Lebanon.
5. Dear Uri
svietka ,   eli-shomron   (08.13.06)
u write as well as u speak-i listen to yo show everyday and was wondering...why have u become softer and more flexible in the last 2y or so...u were really funny-but became less so in the last 2y, u were very strong in yo opinions and knew how softly but adamantly stand by them-u've become just soft in the same time period. Irit linur is becoming much more interesting to listen to--and i couldnt stand her before! U r becoming very wishi-washi and just like this article-not very "outspoken" but just more of same old..same old...
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