UN Security Council resolution
Published: 12.08.06, 08:19
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1. Not much there for Israel
freedom ,   canada   (08.12.06)
In my opinion not a good deal for Israel. What are they actually getting out of the situation? This to me looks like a blueprint for problems down the road.
2. Back to square one
Andy ,   Canada   (08.12.06)
Useless resolution. situation will return to where it was before the 12th of July. Shame on you Olmert, you will lose your political career if you accept it. invade and create new reality before it is too late.
3. Failure of course!
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (08.12.06)
Because UN resolution 1701 do not call for the freeing of our soldiers and instead allow the terrorists to call for a swap!
4. and the soldiers
nomad ,   canada   (08.12.06)
seems to me that's what started it all, if this is is going to be finished hezb must return the soldiers.
5. failure
hizbollah ,   hizbollah   (08.12.06)
failure ofcourse. hizbollah won.
6. Bush/Rice suck
Patricia ,   Hawaii, USA   (08.12.06)
I am sorry Israel, the US left you holding the bag again. I really thought the govt had learned especially with the muslim group planning to blow up planes again.You are now in the hands of the worst enemy Israel has had, Kofi ,the bought and paid for, Annan.
7. can't tell
Abe ,   NY   (08.12.06)
Its impossible to tell if this resolution is good for Israel, for the reason being that everything is so murky. We don't know if any of this will be carried out. It mentions the "unconditional release of the abducted Israeli soldiers" and implemeting 1559, but there is guarantee these will be carried out. This is why I think the war will continue. Even Olmert (the idiot), realizes that this resoultion might not bear fruit, which is why the Army is still in war mode.
8. Paragraph 18:...............
ssssssssssss ,   Los Angeles   (08.12.06)
....three strikes and they are out: UN=Unable Nations
Craig Crawford ,   Laguna Niguel USA   (08.12.06)
For the first time since God raised Israel as a nation again in 1948 a leader of Israel has surrendered under fire ... and he did it on the Sabbath to minimize the outrage. The prophets paint a miserable picture of the Israel that would rise after being re-gathered once again as a nation ... the 'time of Jacob's Trouble' draws near ... I pray the children of Israel will wake up and return to God's Word before it's too late. God warns He will severely test and judge the children of Israel after being re-gathered in their Land for their lack of faith in Him and in His Word. Study the Scriptures ... listen to the prophets ... walk in faith and not in fear ... return to the Lord in faith and in love ...  "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14 Grace and Shalom,
10. back to square one.
nul ,   Israel   (08.12.06)
11. kidnapped soldiers = shebaa farms??
dalia ,   jerusalem   (08.12.06)
12. kidnapped soldiers = israel is loser!
rocco ,   uae   (08.12.06)
13. Wasnt the main alibi for the war to free kidnapped solds??!
Shai   (08.12.06)
And after 31 days on this war, rockets are still falling on Israel. Olmert, you fail bigtime.
14. UN resolution
Dan A ,   Paris France   (08.12.06)
Since Israel didn't succeed to uproot hezbollah weapons, the implementation of this resolution could help to save lifes and money and bring Israel in the future to rethink its army and political strategy. In frenche "c'est la moins mauvaise des solutions"
STEVE ,   LONDON, ENGLAND   (08.12.06)
The ambition espoused in this new Resolution falls short of the ambition espoused for the world in the UN Charter. The UN Charter was drawn up in 1944 and calls upon nation States and individuals to put their attention to human rights. In consequence of that call the UN General Assembly published the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in December 1948. It only had moral and not legal force however. Consequently in the 1970's the UN published an International Bill of Human Rights as a common standard of achievement for all peoples. The State of Israel has ratified the International Bill but is unable to fulfill all of its ambitions with respect to it because terrorist groups and some nation States have continued since May 1948 to harass Israel and to besiege the State of Israel with military machinations. The UN has continually erred and failed to bring the definition of Universal Human Rights to the people of the Middle-East. As a result the war continues to make its way to Israel's doorstep each and every day. This new Security Council Resolution would be more effective if it were to call upon the UN itself and governments and non-governmental organizations in the region to bring the definition of universal human rights to the attention and ideological imagination of the people of the region. They will not listen to Israel. Therefore who shall they listen to? This new Resolution is irresolute because it does not address the single most profoundly fundamental cause of the aggression and conflicts in the region and that is the absense of any comprehension and therefore any respect or ambition for universal humn rights. Again the UN is showing itself to be incompetent and this incompetence will cost hundreds and perhaps thousands of lives and billions of dollars. People need to comprehend the DEFINITION of human rights before they can orally articulate them and then search each others conscientious efforts to introduce the legislation for them. What is the UN? A centre for the harmonization of relations and a focus for expertise. But incompetently so. We need a new Secretary-General with a greater understanding for confidence building in the search for the maintenance of international peace and security and sustainable development. People need definitions not vague ambition. Again Israel must stand alone against the incompetence of the UN.
16. You had your chance.
SAUL ,   MELBOURNE   (08.12.06)
Let's face it. Israel was given one month to achieve some victory. Well, they tried their best. They destroyed infrastructures, killed civillian but unfortunatly they failed to achieve their goal. So don't blame U.N. you had plenty of time.
17. What a shame!
David ,   NY   (08.12.06)
Let me tell u unless this resolution will save lives and money, I feel this is this is the first time Israel is seeking such dishonorable "exit" from a war the she planned for...(or unplanned it seems…). And u r talking about win?!
18. what a loss.
hiram janover ,   k.gvat,israel.   (08.12.06)
i am flabagasterred,i cannot believe we accepted the resolution without an a immediate return of 2 soldiers and the disarming of hissbollah as promised by our leaders.what a us oh g-d i foesee a tragedy very soon without finishing the job.shame on you olmert,peretz and co.
19. #11 Shebba farms
Pat ,   USA   (08.12.06)
This is adressed in section 4, using implied wording.
20. #6 Oh I don't know, Patricia
Pat ,   USA   (08.12.06)
Read number 1 in the resolution. The US made certain that if the hiz continues to fire rockets into Israel, Israel is fully justified regarding a "defensive" response to the rockets. I don't want this to sound off, but if the hiz doesn't fire rockets, it proves they know the IDF is about to destroy them. One more rocket may just give Israel the green light, something assrallah is terrified of.
21. #12 And what would the UAE be without oil??
Pat ,   USA   (08.12.06)
Even more of a nothing than you are today!
22. #15 Exactly!
Pat ,   USA   (08.12.06)
Wonderfully written, Steve! I'm often times anti-islam on this board, primarily because of the arrogance I see them display on it. It is always a pleasure to read the thoughts of somebody that actually puts some time into what they have to say. Pat
23. this garbage resolution should not be accepted
haim ,   mtl canada   (08.12.06)
we went to war and lost so many brothers just to get our soldiers back and now we forgot about them plus the terrorists will not be desarmed how can we be proud of anything wht did we do and get NOTHING we lost israelis should put olmert in jail right away for accepeting anything without all israelis voting for shalom
24. UN Poison In Non-kosher Wine
Mustafa ,   Egypt   (08.12.06)
The idea that has been obsessing the leadership of Israel is to present spiritual victory to the people of Israel and the Diaspora. Unfortunate for the Israelis is that the non-kosher wine (UN resolution), prepared by the non-Jew, has only carried the treacherous taste. 1.( cessation by Israel of all offensive military operations) Now its not issue of self-Defense; it has been recognized as Offensive operations. 2. Lebanon and UNIFIL to deploy; this is the favorite for Lebanon government; of course not for Israel. 3. will be no weapons without the consent of the government of Lebanon another stress on Lebanon sovereignty; not good, may be bad for Israel 4. full respect for the Blue Line; Israel has to think twice before trespassing.5. Support of General Armistice Agreement of 23 March 1949; It calls for exchange of prisoners even those persecuted for crimes; Pls. Visit 6&7. humanitarian assistance to the Lebanese people& safe passage for humanitarian convoys; What do you think? 8. between the Blue Line and the Litani River of an area controlled by Lebanon and of UNIFIL; again what do you think. Even that: No Foreign forces in Lebanon Without the Consent of its government. And, provision to the United Nations of all remaining Israeli maps of land mines.9&10.The last straw: dealing with the Shebaa farms area, and to present to the Security Council those proposals within thirty days.11-19. Monitoring cease fire.
25. Failure = no release of kidnapped soldiers
Yakir ,   Jerusalem   (08.12.06)
The government MUST reject this resolution until it enshrines the handover of the kidnapped soldiers, even if to thrid party like the Red Crescent.
26. Un resolution
Pirvu Ovidio ,   Venice/Italy   (08.12.06)
It's very dificult to give an evaluation whether it's a win/lose situation. The people win for their unity against hezbollah, the government lose for his uncomprehensibile hesitations. For a democratic country beeing "moral" is fine, but in war morality must give place to pragmatism. As we all know Israel is fighting an all out war which does'nt accept margins of error or hesitation. Until the next war, because it will be another war with hezbollah ofcourse, I really hope that the politicians and the military/intelligence establishment have learned their lessons. All in all Israel is still standing and remained a democracy. This is what I care most.
27. Olmert must resign
TC ,   Haifa   (08.12.06)
We had the means to finish them and instead of that, they will always believe that they won because they're stronger. Unfortunately this is middle east and the european logic does mean nothing here. Since 1948, we see that arabs understand and respect force. Only force.
28. Where is Israel's humanitarian support?
Rivkah ,   Israel   (08.12.06)
Pepple in Israel were killed, injured and many displaced from there homes because of hizbollah. YES BECAUSE of HIZBOLLAH! Why isn't there any international financial and humanitarian support likein paragraph 6 for Israel?
Ertok   (08.12.06)
Total waste of time. Israel will not stop , neither will Hezbollah. Make all the resolutions they like - wont make one bit of difference on the ground.
30. Creative ambiguity at its most disadvantageous best
Hilary Ostrov ,   Vancouver, Canada   (08.12.06)
They say that diplomacy is the art of creative ambiguity. This resolution is an exercise in creative ambiguity at its most disadvantageous "best". But that aside, I cannot fathom why Olmert is publicly uttering statements of support *before* it has even been discussed by cabinet. Unless, of course, one assumes that he was lying when in his address to the Knesset on July 17 he vowed Israel would "insist on ... the return of the hostages ... [and] expulsion of Hizballah ... [and would] persist until Hizballah and Hamas comply with those basic and decent things required of them by every civilized person. Israel will not agree to live in the shadow of missiles or rockets against its residents."
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