PM's Office: Truce within 48 hours
Ronny Sofer
Published: 12.08.06, 12:02
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1. We got what we wanted !!!
Hellraiser ,   Denmark   (08.12.06)
Yeah Right, Sure you did!!!! The soldiers we released, Hizobolla surrendered their weapons and you killed Nasrallah. A Nightmare is recurrent....
2. how i lost the war by ehud olmert
3. olmert must go
4. Olmert is a failure, as predicted by 99% of YNET talkbackers
Jenny   (08.12.06)
pre-election. All except Michael Steiner. What did this war accomplish? Disarming of Hizbollah? Nope Release of kidnapped soldiers? Nope NATO forces in So. Lebanon? Nope Great job Olmert! A+
5. what did you achieve ???
Ali ,   Leb   (08.12.06)
Killed civilains, childreen and women, destroyed lebanese Infra structure, hospitals, farms and civilian houses, Killed and enjured hundreds of IDF and destoyed lot of Israeli houses and civilians! Now what ? you will negotiate on the 2 soldiers ? Hizballah can still fire on north Israel and thier weapons will not be disarmed now. Ediotssss ! Hizballah won wether you admit it or not.
6. who told you hizballah will return the 2 soldiers !!
Arie   (08.12.06)
7. Truce
Michael Sharples ,   Brunswick USA   (08.12.06)
What happened to all that rhetoric? What did Israel achieve? Did I misunderstand the demand for the return of the kidnapped soldiers??? I do not know what to believe anymore.........Israel never learns from the past. Israel never learns.......she is right back where she was before and the attacks will continue. Iran will not stop it's quest to destroy the Jewish people, Hezbolla will not stop........when will Israel stand by her L-rd and her G-d? When///
8. it will lead us to war with syria in 5 years
david ,   israel   (08.12.06)
9. get this traitor out
haim ,   mtl canada   (08.12.06)
before all of israel goes to hell
10. Defeat and not victory, resign Olmert!
Zoli ,   Budapest   (08.12.06)
Olmert and Peres might sell this to the gullible Israeli public as victory, but this is a huge defeat caused by their inept leadership. Hizbullah will rearm with even better missiles, so will the Gazan Arabs. The UN force will watch, Hizbullah members will change into Lebanese army uniforms. Sunnis and Shias will compete how many Jews they can kill.
11. Israel Real ugly face
elie   (08.12.06)
Perez must have alzheimer disease to think that he has achieved the objectives. The 2 kidnapped soldiers will have to be exchanged. Israelis military image has been tarnished. Anybody can shell Israel from anywhere. your best achievement is that you have broken a record by committing the largest no of massacres. You look ugly in the eyes of the of the whole world.
13. Israel should Stop Now!!!!
Eli ,   Italy   (08.12.06)
Israeli Soldiers or Lebanese that Die now will die for Nothing!!! It is not Fair for them!!! Olmert should decide whether he wants to stop or Continue the war Now!!!!!!!!Not on Sunday!!!!!!!
14. This is Bush and Rice squeezing Olmert's nuts. Can't u see?
Pierre ,   Paris, France   (08.12.06)
TD ,   London   (08.12.06)
This is a disaster for Israel. They have lost badly. My predictions: 1 Iran and Syria will order Hizbollah to stop firing missiles - and may even return the soldiers - and then go about taking over Lebanon over the next 2 years. By acting like a responsible ceasefire partner, Hiz gain more respect internationally and more credibility, thus more leverage to plot. 2 The increased prestige Hiz have gained will increase recruitment levels, and many Lebanese will now identify them as the true political force of Lebanon. 3 Iran and Syria will re-arm Hizbollah with weapons permitting deeper strikes into Israeli territory from north of the Litani. 4 Hiz's control in Lebanon will permit more recruitment, weapons storage and sanctuary for jihadists conducting terror in Iraq. 5 The UNIFIL force will be a total shambles, protecting neither the Israelis or the Lebanese. If they do nothing, they will be allowed to stand around. If they act against Hizbollah, expect a major terror attack on one of their barracks such as the Hiz attack on the US Marines in Beirut in the early 1980s. 6 Israel's vaunted deterrence has been smashed. Iran, Syria and other enemies of the state of Israel will take note. 7 The next round of missiles/ rockets will be far more powerful and probably tipped with WMD. 8 The Americans have been embarrassed by Olmert at the UN. They will be furious at his poor leadership. An outcome where Hizbollah comes out stronger than before the war is a defeat for America and a win for Iran. Not good news. The Pentagon will be apoplectic. We need to take into account the unpredictables. Hizbollah could do something stupid and create a pretext for Israel continuing the war - by say hitting Tel Aviv or executing the kidnapped soldiers. Olmert, under huge pressure domestically and seeing his future at risk, may have a change of heart tomorrow. Perhaps success on the ground may mean that Olmert is persuaded to continue the ground offensive. Iran may enter the fray. However as it stands things look dire for Israel. I dont blame the Americans here. They gave Olmert & Co a lot of time to get this job done. The sad fact is that a major offensive now would take Hizbollah out of the equation. Olmert is an absolute disgrace and will be remembered as the man who exposed Israel to terrible danger.
16. We got what we want?????
Lebanese ,   Finaland   (08.12.06)
OK correct me if I am wrong, this war ended by the Lebanese goverment on all the borders, Israel remains behind the blue lines, Hizballa is not defeated nor disarmed just pushed few kilometers back, Syria lost its hizballa paper in Lebanon, at least military. Just for you that follow Lebanese politics, aren't that what the Lebanese goverment was trying to achieve within internal talks with hisballa? hmm ok so if Israel got what she wanted and Lebanon as well.. Why did all those people from both sides had to die? and why did the IDF look so weak? why did Olmert gamble his future before starting it? why all those displaced in both countries? Mr Olmert wanted to assure the people of Israel that even if he lacks a military background, he can still strike with force.. ah well.. for what ??? I am sure mothers of dead IDF soldiers are asking what is it that my son died for? what would you answer her Mr Olmert?
17. The question is not who won. it's how many people will die
The Phoenix ,   Lebanon   (08.12.06)
on both sides b4 it's really over. ENOUGH NOW!
Psoter ,   KSA   (08.12.06)
UN reach a resolution and you continue attacking Lebanon. Stop before we stop you. Don't think for a while that you go with no bunishment. This is Hizbullah and not Husni Mubarek. If you enter a cm then you will not return a mm. it will be your last moment.
19. Knock your neighbor's door!Send emails!Go to the streets!
keren ,   sao paulo   (08.12.06)
Israelis should start knocking each one another neighbour's door and pushing one to another to the street in order to either kick out olmert from its post or to make him fight with courage for Israel. olmert/peres/peretz are failures. olmert turned Jerusalem in a garbage when he was its major and now he is putting in practice his previous words"we are tired of winning,we are tired to fight..." Do something, Israel!
20. And one more thing:
keren ,   sao paulo   (08.12.06)
How can Lebanon sign a resolution in the name of hisbulah's actions,if hizbolah is a para-militar group? What about the hisbulah parliamentaries? Where are their words on the issue? How can one have any certainty about hesbolah decisions,since it was it which started all this mess? If Lebanon is talking on hisbolah behalf,it is because it is colluded with hisbolah;if it is colluded with hisbolah,how can a libanese army act against itself?
Ertok   (08.12.06)
So SICK of pathetic idiot politicians. There was a job to do - its not done and its going to COST a lot MORE next time around. Nobody can claim any victory at all. Israel's weaknesses have been exposed and so have Hizbollah's secrets. Lots of lives lost for nothing . REALLY REALLY PISSED OFF
Ertok   (08.12.06)
Olmert , Peretz and Peres - you wankers!
23. A grave strategic failure
zvi ,   los angeles USA   (08.12.06)
Despite the self-serving sales job by Peres the agreement to stop fighting is a defeat This govt had 5 weeks to stop the missile attacks on Israel and failed to do so Hezbollah and Iran see this and will attack again but with better rockets I bet Israel will now launch a new research program on how to stop such rockets -- which proves the failure of THIS war The govt couldn't make up its mind if it really wanted to fight and it spilled blood but achieved little GO TELL THE FAMILIES OF THE KIDNAPPED BOYS THAT THE WAR WAS A SUCCESS LOL
24. Its Saddenning to
Zuben ,   USA   (08.12.06)
to See israel loosing pathetically. Olmert Send in more troops inside Lebanon. lol
25. I Want to hear that word again
Zuben ,   USA   (08.12.06)
go Israel Go.
26. I Personally Adore Olmert
Zuben ,   USA   (08.12.06)
What a Nice CHap you have been, Giving a Cheap Victory to Hezbollah
27. #5 Ali
L Reik ,   Bet Yannay Israel   (08.12.06)
I think what we achieved is taht we got Hiznbolah out of firing range---no one thinks they're gone for good- but at leat the citizens of Israel can sleep in peace. As for dstroying Lebanon- you should have4 taken your country back from those terrorists before Israel had to clean it up for you.
29. No cease fire - smash 'em down!
Detlef ,   Germany   (08.12.06)
Striver ,   New York, USA   (08.12.06)
Who needs Hezbollah, we've got Olmert and Peres.
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