Rockets land near Haifa, Maalot
Ynet reporters
Published: 12.08.06, 19:20
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1. Are you in Litani yet ?!
Ali ,   Leb   (08.12.06)
2. Israelis & the Litani
Lebanese ,   Near Litani, LEBANON   (08.12.06)
To Israel and Israelis: you will never have the Litani waters that you so covet! Ever!
3. 10 Soldeirs killed today
Avi ,   Rambam Hospital   (08.12.06)
4. to ali
jacques ,   washington, DC   (08.12.06)
don't bet on israel's patience. If hizbollah keeps using your civilians as human shields and Israel needs to finish this thing up, nasty things can happen!!!
5. to #4 jacques
zik ,   lebanon   (08.12.06)
these human shields u talked about are their famillies smart guy and yes I BET YOU ON ISRAEL AND USA 's PATIENCE AND U CAN DO NOTHING WITH HIZBULLAH ... u can just run away as usual or kill more civilians instead , by the way do hizbullah used the christian people in JONEIH (north beirut) and BAALBAK (north lebanon) as human sheilds??? U R A BIG LOSER like your LEADERS... heheheheh....
6. to Lebanese fool
joseph ,   israel   (08.12.06)
Ass ballah and their iranian bosses has lost , they have been given a lesson Israel is not a people you can attack without taking a big blow in return israel did not destroy lebanon electricity so you cannot continue to receive this blog , you are lucky guy as we are trying to cure you from your cancer called islamo terrorism you felt in ass rallah trap : all your problems are coming from israel your problems are coming from iran and syria which used lebanon as a deadly fight against the world ass balah needs to be exported back to teheran , there are not your friends they plan to fight until the last lebanese. throw them away there are the real danger for your future heatlh Iran will be condamned by UN begin September and they will drink their oil for their imperialist ambitions ax of evil will be defeated at the end as these people are the enemies of the peace and progress . poor lebanese , israel is not your enemy , iran and syria is manipulating you , awake yourself if you don't like israeli , you will have the french and germans and europeans so they can help you to free yourselves from syrian and iranian slavery . you are a lucky guy even you looks with full of hate against israel and the god people
7. 2 #6
Mohammad ,   Lebanon   (08.12.06)
If you have time to use ur head (not to hide it from missiles) you can realize that you and ur leaders are the fools Lebanon is ur hell and we'll fry ur asses
8. Ali, I'll Bet You Aren't in Southern Lebanon.
Robert ,   USA   (08.12.06)
9. #3 - by you?
10. \37 What difference would it make? Yours are already fried.
11. To Mohamad of Lebanon
joseph ,   Israel   (08.12.06)
You are full of hate ! Completly intoxicated If you are in south lebanon , you better start to run now , if israeli commandos will let you rejoining your hero Ass ballah who wants you to fight and defend him Mossad will take of him , sooner or later
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