Senior source: IDF to withdraw in week or two
Ronny Sofer
Published: 13.08.06, 00:47
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citizen ,   world, universe   (08.13.06)
No, I suggest that you have to change the title. Instead of: WE LL LEAVE WITHIN TWO WEEKS, its better to say, WE WILL VANISH WITHIN TWO WEEKS, Hizbullah is killing troops every day, how far you are going in this war, Nassrallah said: Olmert is the most stupid, ediot leader israel knew! He always says the truth
2. Sad Day, Israel Surrenders
Lee ,   Dallas, USA   (08.13.06)
3. I guess that's
Zack ,   Canada   (08.13.06)
11*14 IDFsoldiers killed 84*14 injured
4. Ehud Olmer-Dead Jews
ML Fisher ,   USA   (08.13.06)
Take a good look at Ehud Olmert. He looks weak, tired and defeated. He needs to resign and call for new elections. Otherwise, I'm afaid hundreds of thousands of Israeli Jews will die from his Neville Chamberlain-like failed leadership. The United States, against pressure from the whole world, gave Olmert 4 weeks to defeat the Nazi Hezbollah terrorists, but Olmert fumbled the football. He and his inner circle are clearly over their heads, and his surrender to terrorists will cause hundreds of thousands of Jews to die. The arab-muslim terrorists smell weakness and that is not a good thing for Jews anywhere. Olmert you must resign. Bibi... where are you?
5. Disgust
Charles ,   Cape Coral   (08.13.06)
Disgust Olmert needs to go, Israel needs to say what it means and mean what it says. Israel must have a leader. Any one forgotten the firm no deal, return the two abducted soldiers ( no prisoner swap), destroy the hizbulla! Good Israeli blood was spilled for a moment of anger. Olmert can now take a deep breath and say I feel better, now let’s go home, of course those that are dead are still dead. Disgusting! Oh by the way he’s now working out a prisoner swap. Where is David!
6. ... or so.
Hans ,   Markdorf, Germany   (08.13.06)
7. We will leave NOW ! If we have some brains left, if we want
Proud Grandpa ,   (08.13.06)
to avoid unnecessary casualties in this ongoing FIASCO of war. OLMERT is risking the very existence of Israel with his mistakes. This war is a disaster to Israel, not only beacuse of the casualties, but because it motivates the Arab world (Syria and Iran) to attack us, in light of the poor performance against Hezbollah. LEAVE LEBANON NOW !! STOP THE WAR!! NO MORE DEAD ISRAELI SOLDIERS! Olmert: if you have some sense left, bring the boys back home alive and well. And do it NOW .
8. Good, then Olmert "The pathetic" can be replaced.
Jay N. ,   Jerusalem   (08.13.06)
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.13.06)
Senior source at Prime Minister's Office: "From the moment a decision is made to leave, the withdrawal will be very quick, due to the estimation that Hizbullah will try and attack the IDF and cause additional losses." What an utterly unbelievable statement! Is this the courageous Israel admired around the world for winning every war? The famed and highly respected IDF. Israel now admits defeat and says they must withdraw quickly and run away from the enemy? With such leaders how can Israel survive? Israel is in great danger. Winston Churchill, England's prime minister who fought the second world war against Hitler and his fascists said: Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival.
10. press on until its done!!
Keith ,   NY,USA   (08.13.06)
ABU ANTAR ,   YAFFA   (08.13.06)
12. A Defeat for The Free World
Arthur ,   Australia   (08.13.06)
The war in the Middle East appears to have gone badly for the free world and The War On Terror in general. The prestige and confidence of terror supporting States Iran and Syria has been considerably enhanced by their client Hezbollah's remarkable success against the Israeli defense forces. Western armament technology has been shown to be inept against Arab copies of Chinese copies of Russian copies of German World War II rocket technology. The foiled attempt by British Muslims to destroy approximately ten Jumbo jets full of innocent civilians is also be turned into a success for the perpetrators. A group of mainstream Islamic organizations, including the Islamic Council of Britain have taken full page advertisements in British newspapers warning that unless British foreign policy is changed, further loss of innocent civilian life is inevitable. In effect, mainstream Muslims are using the terror plot and threats of further outrages to attempt to coerce the British government to submit to the Al Qaeda's demands and alter the policy of the democratically elected government of the UK. Many mainstream US politicians have called this the "Third World War" and they may be correct in this assessment. British PM Tony Blair has come round to the same conclusion. Here in Australia we live next door to the largest and arguably the most corrupt Islamic nation on the planet. I expect that it is only a question of time before Indonesian long range rockets are raining down on Perth, Melbourne and Sydney and Iranian missiles are hitting London, Berlin, Rome and Paris. If we hit back the UN will tell us that we are "agressors" causing needless civilian loss of life. "That will never happen - you are being paranoid" you reply. - Yeah and I suppose that if I predicted a month ago that ten Jumbos would be simultaneously blown out of the sky and the IDF would be defeated by a bunch of ignorant terrorists, you would have also told me that I was being paranoid!
13. Grandpa, spare your breath
Grandson   (08.13.06)
you are calling on Absolute Idiots who only care about heir positions and not the people of Israel or the soldiers. Look how many lives destroyed for the arrogance over two soldiers who could have been saved without this war. Is it worth it? Is the arrogance of this one man and a few military idiots worth all this carnage? Is the Shaba farms worth one single life? Peace could have been achieved with Lebanon years ago. Give them their farm and call them to the peace table now. Stop killing Israelis.
14. #1
eugene ,   israel   (08.13.06)
the ratio is about 8-10 terrorists for 1 idf soldier if the operation would continue the hezbollah would be vanished..
15. Olmert is far worse than anyone imagined
aaron ,   ra'anana   (08.13.06)
myron ,   usa   (08.13.06)
Let Bibi take over the reins of the military operation. Let it be done quietly, in secret. No need to broadcast the news. Until Israel totally defeats Hezbollah/Iran, let Olmert act as a kind of facade PM, . When the awr is won, he can be loudly booted out--he and his helpless Surrender-to France cronies.
17. #11 I agree.
MARK ,   USA   (08.13.06)
It should stop now since the outcome is known. There was a time for war. Now there is time for peace. There are no winners in war, only losses, death, and destruction.
18. Olmert Must Leave ASAP
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (08.13.06)
This defeatist coward moron has brought Israel a strategic defeat in the eyes of the world and particularly the Jihadist world. He and this whole clan of imbecile defeatists, including Peretz, Perez, Livni and Mofaz must all be removed from power and NEVER allowed to return in any capacity.
19. What about the kidnapped soldiers??
David ,   New York   (08.13.06)
Shame on Olmert and the Cabinet if they accept this. The prosecution of the war will be noted in the fullness of time. But there is no greater failure than ebduring this death and destruction, and causing the same, without saving those men. I wish Olmert personally will be force to negotiate with Nasrallah: That would be fitting for him. Bring home the soldiers. NOW!
20. Too Many Loopholes
emanon ,   USA   (08.13.06)
Begining with no mention of disarming of groups not physically in Lebanon but operating *through* Lebanon. Once again, Israel is beig portrayed as the bad guy because they were stronger than the Arab forces. Yet again, the Arabs cry "Pity us, we couldn't follow through on our promise to destroy Israel. Israel must pay the price for successfully defending itself. Israel must rebuild us and make us stronger." Stop whining! That's why the Arab peoples' true name is Whineastinian!
21. Smart move by Israel
a lebanese   (08.13.06)
well this is by Far the smartest move by Israel since the war started cause now Hezbollah won't disarm but he cant hurt Israel since 15000 Int troops are gonna be in south Lebanon.I am not gonna mention the lebanese army cause they ain't worth a shitt and the only place where nassrallah can use his arms is aginst lebanese people especially sunnis cause they hate each other. Well time to get the hell out of lebanon. good job israel you messed upj
22. Israel lies & more lies
Pavel ,   Moscow, Russia   (08.13.06)
Hezbollah is kicking Israels behind thanks to the Russian high tech weapons, Kornet, RPG29, S300 etc, when will this truth be told to Israels public?
23. Great news!
Ben Avrahom ,   Jerusalem   (08.13.06)
Well done IDF and Israel Government for holding the line and getting the right results. Israeli civilians and soldiers have paid a terrible price. Thankfully our government has behaved with great responsibility and restraint. The real test will be to assess the state of the northern border in three months time and Iran's rapid isolation in the UN..
24. Olmert is really responsible
Faisal ,   Hyderabad India   (08.13.06)
The way Soldiers are getting killed day by day and the way rockets are hitting Northern Communities, 21 tanks , even helichopters and that navy warship .. All these things shows that Israeli Govt. was really not prepared this time. Losses are there in every war but this war for Israel is too costly not even in 1973 war IDF get killed like this. How can a bunch of Fighters do all this losses . Its waste to Blame Iran or Syria for providing arms , coz the biggest failure was of Intelligence. Every one in this Govt seems to have taken wrong decisions .
25. Pavel #22
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (08.13.06)
Yes, and how did these sophisticated Russian weapons end up in the hands of terrorist Jihadists? Hmmmmm Perhaps for the same reason that Russia is supplying sopthisticated lasers to the Mullahs in Iran, to produce highly enriched uranium? Because Russia is led by myopic anti-Americans who are NOT thinking about the ramifications of helping lunatic Jihadists obtain nuclear weapons? Russia is the arsenal of terrorists and Jihadists. This is Russia's shame and will blow up in Russia's face, eventually. By the way, you do realize that Russia is dying, literally, don't you? Many smart Russians have left the Rodina and are not going back. Those who stayed are not reproducing. But Russia's Muslim population is growing a lot. Maybe you should leave? No one disputes that Russia makes excellent anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles. So what? How is Russia and the world a safer place for it?
26. #22 High Tech Russian Garbage!
Pat ,   USA   (08.13.06)
What, like the jet aircraft Russia produces that constantly get shot out of the sky during war by Western jets? Get a grip, Israel didn't ask to fact they are still advancing. The terrorists and the Israeli-hating arab league are the ones that begged for a ceasedire, not Israel At LEAST 5 hiz terrorists dead to 1 brave Israeli soldier. If those types of figures were allowed to continue with a larger Israeli force in Lebanon, the terrorists would be destroyed in a fairly short period of time.
27. Olmert Is Anxious to Expel the Jews from Judea & Samaria
H ,   Jerusalem   (08.13.06)
His goal in life!
28. NaziRallah Does NOT Agree to The Ceasefire So Why Does Olmrt
H ,   Jerusalem   (08.13.06)
And what about his "promise" that the kidnapped soldiers must be returned before the ceasefire? What a prime minister! and What a government! New elections must be called for immediately.
29. Gilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser, Eldad Regev
David ,   Canada   (08.13.06)
What about them? Shame!
30. Hold Judgement
Michael Korn ,   Princeton, NJ USA   (08.13.06)
We all have our opinions. And we see things through prisms. We all have insticts. But i submit to all does anyone really knno what's going to happen next? We can predict, but this is really unchartered waters. We have to learn from history, but history isn't necessarily what the future will bring. I pray for Israel to stay strong. I am sure many of you who write have always wished to see the destruction of Israel as a Jewish State. But don't be delusional thinking Hizbollah gained something for the people of Lebanon. And for non Muslim man supporting Hizbollah; we will see if you are radicalized after you lose family in a Jihadist act of terrorism. Will you write how you still are in agreement that the tragedy was justified because the UK needs to change their policies in th ME? In the future what will the relationship between Sunni and Shiit be? What will happen to Hizbollah if peace develops between Lebanon and Israel. Stranger things have happened. Many questions. We don't know the future. So perhaps less judgement and celebrations and despair from all.
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