Opinion  Ray Hanania
It’s not about money, but it makes you wonder
Ray Hanania
Published: 13.08.06, 08:19
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31. In the interest of truth ....
Kevin ,   Chicago, USA   (08.13.06)
Mr. Hanania has been active in Arab-Jewish relations in Chicago, so I assume he knows more about the Chicago Jewish community than most non-Jews. So I was surprised by two errors. I was at the pro-Israel demonstration he mentions (at the Federal Center downtown), and the police estimate was five thousand people. A good crowd, but not "hundreds of thousands," which couldn't possibly have assembled there. Second, our community organizations are "responsive" but I wouldn't say "democratic." Like other charitable organizations, their leaders have to satisfy the donors, but the donors don't elect them. But to make an obvious point: we Jews support Israel as strongly as we do because we believe that, looking at the big picture, Israel is in the right. On the other hand, I would expect Christian Arabs to be increasingly uncomfortable identifying with the Palestinian cause. The Arab-Israel struggle has been coopted as part of a global Muslim jihad, which is probably how it was subliminally understood by Arab Muslims all along. It is doubtful that a Hamas-ruled Palestinian state would be democratic or grant equal rights and protection to Christians. (How are Coptic Christians in Egypt doing these days?) So what is left for Christian Arabs to fight for? Why treat Muslim Arabs as brothers if Arab Muslims will treat them as infidels? Those that Hanania calls "fanatics" may be a minority here, but they are calling the shots over there. These are matters of Mideast reality that no amount of Arab-American organizing can fix.
32. Ray the freak...!
Moses ,   Lebanon   (08.13.06)
it's stupid ray? or you are stupid? didn't you know that more than 2 billion dollars just from some arab gov was sent to Lebanon the last month!? if you don't, you are not a true journalist...
33. Ray Hanania's article on American muslim giving
Rachel ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.14.06)
Actually, Ray, there are two overriding reasons that muslims living in America do not give to support muslims in the Middle East and elsewhere in the same way and at the same level we Jews do. Historically, we Jews have a long history of supporting Jews through charitable and legal and legitimate means and we do it very well. The other simple fact that many muslims "charities" are widely known in the US intelligence community to have funneled and continue to funnel money to terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah and the PLO under the guise of "charity" or "helping out the poor arabs" and the US Federal authorities know it. By comparison, you can ask any Iranian citizen where their government tells them a portion of their tax money is earmarked and the answer is "Hezbollah's efforts to wipe out the Jews and Israel." When we dry up the funds for such activity which has international ramifications, there will be a better chance for peace here.
Stewart ,   USA   (08.14.06)
As I've suggested, rather than complain about Hanania, please join me in boycotting his articles, and ask YNet to get a more thoughtful Arab for a good dialogue. SO, I'M REFUSING TO READ THIS ARTICLE ... PLEASE JOIN ME AND SAY SO. It does wonders for your blood pressure, and even helps avoid brain, intellectual rot. YNET ... GET US SOMEONE ELSE!
35. price on the dead?
sam ,   usa   (08.14.06)
I must say over all good article you started I little shaky but you ended off superb. In the begging of you article you compare how much money was giving for each life lost. I don’t think the intention of any one was to put price on the dead.
36. divide and conquer
Arja ,   Canada   (08.14.06)
Perhaps the American and Israeli governments have succeeded in their "divide and conquer" tactic. Currently some Arab states are "friends" of the USA, others are enemies. The "friends" don't want to lose their favourable status. And of course, there is religion which disunites our world. America's "Evangetlical Taliban" (Christian Zionists led by John Hagee -- someone who influences Bush) is as dangerous as any of the extremist religious sects in the Middle East. I attended an NGO meeting on Palestine and Israel some 15 years ago in Montreal. One Palestinian woman explained why other Arab states did not come to their aid. Palestinian women were educated and "free" - they were active members in the community, could drive cars and so on and so forth. The more fundamentalist Muslim states would NOT want their women to become like Palestinian women! It seems to me that cold expediency rather than compassionate humanity determines our actions at home and abroad. Human beings are a young species and have a way to go before they mature and evolve into beings who are able to live together in some kind of harmony. I just hope we are able to get past the growing pains .....before it's too late.
37. the future is in the past
OLD LEBANON   (08.14.06)
If you go to this weblink http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsnight you will see a link on the top right to WATCH a British tourist board film from the 60's that shows a golden time in Lebanon and Israel. Tell us it could be like that.
38. #37 beautiful scenes of golden time
Arja ,   Canada   (08.15.06)
What a shame those beautiful places are being devastated by war! Yes, I do hope both Lebanonese and Israeli sites can be rebuilt and a former golden time combined with 21st century peace can be established throughout the Middle East! It could be paradise!
39. #20, 21, 26
Rustum ,   London, UK   (08.15.06)
You foul bunch of racists. So racist that you cannot even read the words of a non-Jew without resorting to disgusting and murderous statements. Shame on you all. The nature of a democracy, which is what Israel is purported to be, is that people can say what they want and that newspapers can employ whoever they wish to write articles. You are so incredibly stupid that you cannot even conceive that reading words you don't agree with can actually stimulate your own brain-power, if you have any. Obviously you don't - since your stream of foul-smelling invective shows that. To Ray's article - the Independent newspaper today carries an article explaining why Arab giving from the US has been so small - people are terrified that if they give to a Moslem charity, the US government will blacklist them as supporters of terrorism. Simple explanation. Moreover, as Israel has been the cause of the damage in Lebanon, we hope that they will be obliged to pay enormous reparations - perhaps a percentage of the aid they receive from the US will go to rebuild Lebanon. It is such a sick, sick place - the Middle East with Israel. Billions go from the US on Israeli defence and arms, billions that could be helping all people in the area to develop. But, no. I forgot, the ruling militarist clique in Israel prefer to bomb, obliterate and kill. It's much easier than talking. And the US always ends up paying the bill. Poor suckered Americans.
40. Boycott Stewart
Arsenio ,   San Diego, CA   (08.16.06)
I thought boycotts were immoral? I thought boycotts of Israel were despicable? I thought disvestment from Israel is anti'Semitic. More double standards from ¨Stewart¨ ... Puhleeeeeassssse! I´d like to hear Hananya comment on ¨Stewart¨and take him on. I like these columns. I enjoy reading them. I believe in free speech and those who try to shut down free speech are facists. Anything to admit ¨Stewart?
41. #21
liba ,   ny usa   (08.16.06)
42. Sept 11 had nothing to do with American policy?
Kerry Anam ,   Sydney, Australia   (08.16.06)
G'day Ray, I agree with much of what you have to say. But I think you have been a bit carried away in making your point - to the point that you have made some factual errors. By the way, let me state that I am a non-Arab converted Muslim, so I don't have any vested interest in Lebanese or Arab politics in the US. There is a great deal of rigidity in the way many Muslims present themselves, I admit that. But to say that American policy had nothing to do with 11/9 (with due respect) one would have to be either totally blind to the happenings in the world, or be a complete Bush-shit liar. When OBL was asked once (I hate the man and what he represents in the name of Islam) what motivated him to do 11/9, he had said during the last invasion of Lebanon by Israel when he saw big buildings in Beirut being toppled by lethal Israeli bombs supplied by the US and the whole world was silent, that was when he first thought about how the Americans would feel if their big buildings were to fall in a heap. Then he started planning the infamous 11/9. So in a way, the US foreign policy had a lot to do with that, as it has to with the radicalisation of Muslims around the world. What is sad is that some fanatics have hijacked the genuine greivances of people in Arab middle east. And that has been possible because of the Arabs themselves. You would know more about them than I would. Regards Kerry
43. The opposite
Ricardo ,   Santiago Chile   (08.17.06)
I can 1) introduce you to many Palestinians citizens 2)Our nation exist for sure, now you are currently occupating it! 3) if you are so jewish, what the hell are you doing in USA....oh I forgot you also stole that country. 4) if you are so brave, why dont you face the Palestininas alone and not begging for USA help? 5) Go to a shrink, he or she will have a lot of work treating you 6) Palestine will be recovered, you have no idea how much we can fight..... 7) Study history and ask for medical help soon
44. #28 and #29/Yehuda
Birgit ,   Edmonton, Canada   (08.17.06)
Yes, Yehuda, I agree with you. As an "outsider" who has Arab-Muslim, Arab-Christian, and Middle-eastern Jewish friends, I feel like a constant observer who is trying to unravel or uncover and understand these complicated relationships. Interestingly, I , as a German-Canadian, am accepted by each of these groups. Perhaps I am naive, but I ask myself again and again why some humans cannot accept other humans.
45. you are..
bibz ,   Canada   (08.17.06)
racists..everyone calling for the death of muslims and arabs are racists and belong to the uncivilised world, to the animal kingdom...read and learn how arabs and muslims contributed to world civilisation..read and learn how the jews were able to contribute to world civilisation only under muslim rule...how do u expect muslims and arabs to be friends and make peace with those who call for their death? just read the comments here and ull understand
46. Arabs in America
aline ,   kfar saba   (08.18.06)
As an American, I hope that the authorities there have gotten smart by not allowing more Moslems to immigrate to the US. Now they are a tiny percentage of the population, but as their numbers grow they get the confidence to raise their ugly heads. The US doesn't need the kinds of problems they have in Europe.
47. Dear Arsineo
Stewart ,   Lafayette   (08.19.06)
You are really showing your ignorance. There is NOTHING imorale about a boycott. It is the basic right of anyone to choose what he wants to buy, read or not. The only way a customer can democraticaly influence a news organization is to refuse to buy or read its product and ask others who feel the same to consider doing the same. Many people have complained about Rays lack or knowledge and logic. This does not bode well for a first class Web publication. Now as far as free speech. Ray has all the freedom in the world to speack publically in America. Arsineo, if you read the US constitution, it does not guarentee anyone the right to publication in a private news venue. That is up to the editors, owners, and readers if the editors and owners are smart enough to listen to them. It's called wise free enterprise. Finally, as far as Ray's opinions on me, someone he never met. He immediately called me an extremist after I wrote him explaining my Jordanian, Muslim, Arab friends opinions who only wanted to raise his family and do business with Israelis. It was all ruined by his fanatic, violent cohorts. Ray can't deal with people who do not agree with him without calling them names such as "extemist." Why do you think so many people find such gaping holes in his columns. In his reply to me, he all compared what the Jews were doing to what the Nazi's did with their propaganda. He really shows his colors. My mother was in Auschwitz. Coming from Ray, I found this stupid, not offensive. Stupid is as stupid does. Now if I could have had such a close friendship and learned so much from my Jordanian friend, why can't YNET find someone like him to really engage us in a thoughful dialogue instead of subjecting us to lame Ray. I see very little that gets acomplished with Ray's columns except that a bunch of people call him an idoit, and another bunch think he's the greatest thing since falafel. Usually, they are both shouting at each other in these talk backs. Does a lot of good, ey? Now discussing with an Arab who is suffering from similar problems of the non fanatics in the region which are ofter similar to the Israelis' could yeild some unique perspectives and insight plus valuable discussion. ANYBODY AT YNET LISTENING? Oh, and Arsineo, read the U.S. constitution and take some courses in the history of the time it was conceived and written.
Knave Dave ,   Honolulu, Hawaii, US   (09.06.06)
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