Opinion  Sever Plocker
Us and the world against Hizbullah
Sever Plocker
Published: 13.08.06, 18:09
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1. the war will never be over
herodotus   (08.13.06)
the state will have to give a large budget to the idf and prepare for a war of attrition.we have to stop hizballah from getting replacements for their rockets.the idf will have to control the syrian lebanese border .if beirut airport is used to import missiles then the airport should be closed down by the idf.
2. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm not that sure.
JK ,   Dallas, TX   (08.13.06)
I think there will be no resolution until Al-Assad is gone in Syria.
3. Rediculous article.
Mike   (08.13.06)
What in the world is he talking about? The "world" doesn't consist only of Israel and the US. Most of the world rallied behind Nasrallah more than ever because of this conflict. Where have you been for the past month??
4. go home!
5. A Short Intermission only
Jerry ,   Virginia, USA   (08.13.06)
The Jews and Arabs have been fighting for 5000 years. This is just another break in the action until they pick themselves up, brush themselves off, get resupplied and go at it again. There will never be any total, lasting peace in this region of the world. Only either long or short intermissions before the action gets started once again.
6. we and the world
adas ,   washington dc   (08.13.06)
I do not know if steve is writing about a different war at a different time. Wake up steve.
7. Important article, thank you Mr. Plocker
Apter ,   S.F., USA   (08.13.06)
This is one of the most sensible articles on the currect conflict I have read thus far. Plocker's view is too sane for some readers used to the hype of the blogosphere to appreciate. Yes, the war isn't over yet and it's premature to speak of victory or defeat. Events are in the saddle as the saying goes and wise commentators will not shoot off their mouths.
8. #3 Rallied behind Hizbollah or Lebanon? Or just against war?
Israel/USA   (08.13.06)
I suggest you re-think your comment - or admit you are a terrorist at heart. I'd bet you dollars to donuts non-Muslim extremists not directly affected by the war would be hard-pressed to say they are "pro" Hizbollah specifically - at any stage.
9. How many UN resolutions actually get implemented
freedom ,   canada   (08.13.06)
In the manner as set out in the particular UN resolution. Hitler got what he wanted and did he stop.. absolutely not. This is setting up to me as another Iraq . The real culprits Iran and Syria have no been brought to task, until that happens there will be nothing lasting in my opinion.
10. I Love u Nassrallah
Nadine ,   Lebanon   (08.13.06)
I adore this man. Stood and fought from my land. Against the Israeli command. And the US Demand. I will give him my life. Or even become his wife. But definetly when he holds a knife, He makes the world shiver even Condaleza Rice. Did u see her hair! It's filled with lice. Do u think i care, US & Israel are just mice. I have to say the truth Olmert is another Jew Who loves to screw His nation, army & his crew. Is it all new! I don't think so at all. U just move ur heads in front of a wall. I hope one day it falls, And then realize when u need God to call He wouldn't be listening to u as he knows.U r all going to ur role. Go dwell to another land or even live in a well. Leave us alone with u we live in Hell!
11. i dont believe who wrote this article!
khaled ,   Ghana   (08.13.06)
only one Q i want to ask whoever wrote this article, do you believe or are you convinced with what you wrote ?!!! Nasralla was Defeated!!! just watch News all over the world
12. If my grandma had balls, she would be my grandpa.
Asylum Aleikum ,   Guantanamo Bay   (08.13.06)
13. israeli army defeated
nasrallah supporter ,   beruit   (08.13.06)
i don't think that hizbollah lost because it was able to destroy the reputation that the israeli army that is the strongest army in the world. now we know that it is not true. there is hizbollah fighters whom they are stronger. note: after this war hizbollah have more support in the arab world and the muslim community more than ever because he was able to destroy the israeli army.
14. Sever is living in a dream!
Moses ,   Lebanon   (08.13.06)
The man who wrote this article is living in dream, the IDF are defeated, and who tells him that the world support israel, i don't think the whole world means USA! right? and plz stop talking about israel war against Hezbollah, israel war is against all the lebanese people muslims and christians, even UN army and the red cross. So change ur ideology israel! u will always survive if u make peace with everybody!
15. Darling #10 come here for a sec
Lee ,   NY   (08.13.06)
Im glad you can write such a lovely song. But let's see?...which pony should we support...hmmm...choose between the Arab culture that has produced little to no art, literature or promoted the advancement of peace and humanity in the modern world ORRRRR...Israel, which is a democratic nation, which has produced nobel peace prize winners, poet laureates and scientific advancements to benefit all mankind. Come on world! The Muslim faith and the Arab nations have been taken over by nuts and they have no spine whatsoever to handle the problem.
16. Foolish and High-Spin Article
Reuven ,   Santa Cruz, USA   (08.13.06)
The fact that Syria and Iran can continue to re-supply Hizbullah, and Lebanon and Israeli leadership continues to live off its fantasies is very disturbing. This high spin article supports the dream state of the government. ISRAEL WAKE UP AND CHANGE YOUR LEADERSHIP!
17. I love Nasrallah.
Almost all the world knows that Israel is a gangstry state. Just like USA, Nasrallah is the best man on the planet at the moment!
18. who have hard hearts?
schulz ,   bad germany   (08.13.06)
World opinion views us as a people with a hard heart. This wariness has deep and justified roots, but often blinds us. ?????????????????? I had never see or never talk or never a relation zu "hard jews". Jews are too like about God! And when I was a little child, I had learnd, give Jews many good words, from holy scriptures, many good words about their persons and they are how lovelyst people at earth! Yes, they would be christians! Than the other people would how I was, but I was a little child and not parents, not grand-parents and not other people. Yes! My heart is with jews in the best version!
19. I would not believe once of nashrallahs words!
schulz ,   bad germany   (08.13.06)
20. The world laughs at Hezbollah
Susan ,   Washington/USA   (08.13.06)
Hezbollah needed support from other countries or they couldn't make it on their own to fight their way out of a paper bag. The world laughs at Hezbollah and its followers - They are condemned to a life of misery. They have lost sight of what is truly important in this world - life itself. The world pities you. You can rhyme, chant and shout. But you have won no victory. The world has no respect for your kind.You have but one chance on this earth and you choose to disrepect all that is good. Yes, we have pity for you.
21. Nadine
MOLLY ,   lONDON   (08.13.06)
It is your sort of indoctrination that makes peace so illusive. Dont you want alittle peace to bring up your children and give them all the things you never had like an education instead of indoctrination and love instead of hate. Life and not death and not death. Howevever all nasrallah wants is for all the arabs to be shadim, you included and when you finally reach allah he will say ****** wrong the jews are the chosen people go to hell directly to hell do not pass go !!!
22. nasrallah supporter
Molly ,   London   (08.13.06)
I beleive that you really beleive all the lies that nasrallh tells you. Go ahead if this makes you feel good for the time being. You will be embarrased when the truth is out.
23. The whole world?
Basil   (08.13.06)
You really can't be serious. Israel has lost whatever support it ever had from other states save the US. The world is now more united than ever in against Israel. Even the most pro-Zionist commentators are now condemning Israel publicly. You can live in your fantasy world if that suits you, but the harsh truth is that Israel has lost more than anyone else in this war.
24. nasrallah will soon follow other
25. To Muslim terrorists and Hezbollah supporters
Socratus   (08.14.06)
What victory are you talkingh aout? Do you realize that Israel can make a parking lot out of Lebanon if wanted? USA could do the same out of Muslim World? So why did not they? You would not hesitate to do it to USA and Israel, would you? What "world condemnation" you are talking about after this failed plot by you to blow up intercontinental jets? The World is tired of your constant whining and terrorism, of the conflicts you ignite from Kashmir to USA. Watch what happens if Hizbollah does not disarm. They will be hit hard and switch to what terroris are doing in Iraq: blowing up Lebanese civilans. But, I bet, will be still calling them "resistance"
26. Dream on, Pops - the world sees Israel's humiliation ...
Jay ,   Los Angeles   (08.14.06)
at the hands of a ratag bunch with no tanks, no planes and no ships!
27. who won? look at lebanon
ari ,   NY, USA   (08.14.06)
Does it look growing and booming or busted and bombed out? all this was done by a hack politician and a labor union guy. Hezbolla expected only a prisoner exchange and some pinpointed commando raids. imagine what would happen once israelis woke up and elected a real leader. imagine what would happen if israel invested in laser defense instead of disengagement plans. Nasralla is praying that israelis keep olmert in charge. That's the only way he can win
28. excellent analysis
Eli Golan ,   USA   (08.14.06)
29. Huh?
Chris ,   LA   (08.14.06)
Ok. Resolution 1559 had already been passed two years ago, Huzb Allah didn't disarm. Resolution 1701? Maybe they like the number and they will disarm? I don't think so. When Israel makes a prisoener exchange, gives the landmine maps (in 1701) and the Shebaa farms problem is solved, then Huzb Allah can disarm. 'Our military history shows that military groups such as the Hizbullah, are almost always at a disadvantage in the battlefield and at an advantage in the political arena.' You mean the history in Vietnam? Lebanon in 82? Iraq? or Lebanon in 06? Yeah, in every case the guerilla group won. I hope you don't count military victory with the amount of casualties...
30. Resolution 1701
Mark ,   Taipei   (08.14.06)
The resolution in its very first point calls for "the immediate cessation by Israel of all offensive military operations" - so your article is based on a lie
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