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UK: Swastikas on donations to Israel
Devorah Richman
Published: 13.08.06, 15:17
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2. BNP and RESPECT Party
INVESTIGATION NOW!!!   (08.13.06)
both are reactionary and dividing multicultural britain with their senseless rhetoric. Britain is famous for liberalism not prejudice.
3. Registered Post from England
ShimonB ,   Kfar Saba   (08.13.06)
I would seriously advise not sending cheques from England at all. I recently received by registered post a birthday card from England in an envelope that had been slit open. It came with a letter of apology from Israel Post saying that it had been received from England in that state. It seems that not only is the English postal system riddled with antisemites, but with crooks too.
4. 1# it seems you too are an antisemite
5. No prejudice in Britain?
Leah Chana ,   Israel   (08.13.06)
Yeah, unless you're a Jew. Then you know exactly how prejudiced Britain really is. This is disgusting!
6. Vote BNP to end the discrimination against white majority
7. culture of death
Rackie ,   Vancouver, USA   (08.13.06)
Will the last white person to leave the UK please turn out the lights.
8. British post
Shomera ,   London   (08.13.06)
our postal service unfortunately seem to recruit a large number of persons whose background do not appear to be checked. Recently revealed was a network of africans who have successfully stole cheques issued by the state for the unemployed etc. Of course the bearded ones are also employed by them, after all it would be discrimanatory not to, wouldn't it?
9. Swastikas on the post
Peter ,   Chelmsford   (08.13.06)
It was not the BNP - if you think that they would do such a thing then you don't know much about UK politics. The likely culprit is somebody upset over the war in Lebanon The most likely place that the deed was done is the UK Post Office (and they will sack anyone found responsible), the Israeli Post Office (I guess, ditto), a courier company or an employee of either the sender or receiver of the donations. I suggest that you look up the BNP site - you will find it is more sympathetic to Israel that many of the other UK parties
10. I cant believe to my eyes, when I "swasticas" must see!
schulz ,   bad germany   (08.13.06)
I cant believe my eyes, when I "swasticas" must see. What is "swastica"??? What means "swastica"? What a word? I learned this at this site at first time at my life! When I am looking about this, I am seeing one black "quadrat" stand up over "eck" and four white stripes in it. But this sign are criminal since many years. Prison to this!
11. I cant see red flags, red stars, red and blackwhite symbols!
schulz ,   bad germany   (08.14.06)
I have a crash into my head about red symbols. Red for life? Red are blood! This had I must learnd about this "red" at every flag! Red about martyrs! Red justice! And what are left or right? I cant understand this colours at politic! not black, not red, not symbols will I follow not!
12. Good Idea
Swastica ,   NY, USA   (08.14.06)
It could be somebody fed up by the jewish crimes.
13. British Jews
Cato the Younger ,   USA   (08.14.06)
Like Frabia, Al-Ghrait -El-Brit-Ein will soon become a totally dhmmmi country.At that time the post-Christian Brits will emigrate to the USA, Autralia, Canada, etc and hopefully, many Jews, like their Frabian brothers and sisters, will make aliyah to Israel.
14. Im fed up with Muslim Crime
Michael U ,   SF,CA   (08.14.06)
Swastica from NY is obviously one who hates the Jews. But who cares, this putz will be wormwood and his breath will stink. I am fed up with crimes perpetrated by Muslims in the name of their twisted gad Allah. You turn your eye from the true criminals and blame the Jews for everything. Your antisemetic rat brain is constantly working on how to disgrace the Jew. We on the other hand don't think about destroying anyone. But we certainly will defend ourselves, as it is written "If an enemy is going to kill you, wake up early and kill him first." We have learned from HisStory that the only protection the Jew has if from his own hand and from the love of Hashem. None of you antisemites care about how many Jews are living in fear and know loved ones who are dying from missile attacks in Israel. You don't care because you are suffering from a well known sickness, known as antisemitism. I have seen it happen, and it is happening because Satan has already lured you to his side. You feed on the propaganda of the evil ones, blaming the victim for his oppressor. If you had any of His qualities you would know that Israel is essential for the Jewish people. Muslims have three countries which contain holy sites, Jews have only ONE holy site JERUSALEM, to which I pray every day. I am PROUD to be a Jew and I know that I will fight to my last breath to live if someone is trying to kill me. Woe unto the enemy of Israel, he is already dead.
15. Britain's anti-semitism and Un.N. sham.
Shimshon ,   Israel   (08.14.06)
What else can you expect from a country that expelled the Jewish People twice in history, prevented Holocaust Survivors from entering 'the promised land" upon pain of death, doesn't allow Jewish symbols of kashrut on grocery products, sides with the oil moguls, and even now has all but refused to outwardly show support for the current demise. No love lost, it's just their lack of humanitarianism showing. Feel same about how Bush waited for Olmert to call him. This world is so screwed up. Olmert was pushed to wall to agree to this ill-gotton agreement and it will not end in peace. Nasrullah has already announced another 3-4 months of attacks, Lebanon refuses to evict Hezbolleh and they will obviously be allowed to enter the Lebanese forces on the border, while Syria still lets in more weapons.. So, what price does Israel still have to pay? If Olmert were smart, he would n't have to look far for new provocation to continue this filthy situation, even though our precious children are suffering heavy losses (B"DE and Refuah Shleimah). Anti-semitism has reared its ugly head again, blatantly, Hashem is giving us the chance to undo the crime of the Holocaust. And, Bush was waiting for Israel to blaze the trail against Iran, why? 'cause he can't get it up to knock out Iraq. He has made a poor choice of bedfellows if he thinks that Lebanon is his new democratic partner in the MidEast. Until our kidnapped boys are home, don't stop the fire!!! All is arbitrary time period anyway.
16. Peoples' ethics have become so twisted...
Shiksa ,   California   (08.14.06)
It's like the preamble to WWII all over again. I read in the paper today that Muslim leaders in Britain have blamed British government policies for causing the terror plot on the planes from Britain to USA. about blaming the plotters of the attack? The "logic" of these Muslim leaders boggles the mind. They always blame, blame blame and never take responsibility.
17. number 12 good idea
Shaka ,   NY, USA   (08.14.06)
You seem to be a wise and brave person to post such bold statement on an Israeli site. Wise because in your mind Jewish crimes must be so rampant that those who are fed up with such should vandelize mail going to a disability charity makes perfect sence to most lunatics. Brave because you choose an anonymous website to write your filth. Coward you better hope never to meet me in the streets of New York because I would teach you some Jewish Crime.
18. Israel is anti-simitic too
Israel is anti-Arabs and most of the Arabs are simitics too ... so it's logic that Israel is officialy an anti-simitic state ....right ??
19. #1 sick of Daisy
Rustum ,   London, UK   (08.14.06)
Your disgusting post "It was the filthy Muslims who run Englarabia" is no more than the product of your sad, hateful, bigoted, biased and extremely tiny mind. If you cannot think of anything to say, other than a paranoid and racist slogan, then get off the pot. Your posts have always been disgusting racists nonsense.
20. #8 Shomera's nonsense
Rustum ,   London, UK   (08.14.06)
Your underhand and sneeringly racist post stinks. "Of course the bearded ones are also employed by [our postal services']" - are you referring to orthodox Jews? I am constantly amazed at the way Jews and Israelis seem to feel free to utter the most outrageous racist statements when they apply to Moslems. a) you have no effing idea who drew the swastikas b) your racist conclusion demonstrates the brain power of a cockroach c) your post reeks of Jewish supremacism d) thank god you are not a magistrate, police agent, lawyer, judge or anyone with a position of responsibility
21. #Michael U idiot from SF, CA
Rustum ,   London, UK   (08.14.06)
Wow! That's the most enormous jerk of the knee I have read. You might have an argument with Swastic of NY - and indeed anyone who signs their name thus sounds like a total anti-semitic moron. However - your big mistake is to assume that the defacing was carried out by Moslems. You simply have no idea and we have no idea - but you have already ratcheted it up as another "Muslim crime". As for your "intellectual argument" - is is so weak and pathetic that I had to laugh... "Satan has already lured you to his side" - wow, did you learn that statement in Hizbullah training camp? As for your pride in being a Jew, and your oath to fight to your last breath if someone is trying to kill you, who exactly is trying to kill you in San Francisco? Or are you insinuating that you will fight for the Jewish state in its further murderous efforts to annihilate wholesale the culture of the surrounding areas? Oh, indeed, Jewish fascism does exist. And I believe you are one of them.
22. UK Postal crimes
Laura ,   London   (08.14.06)
I am afraid it is probably someone working within the postal service but no one will be found to be accountable. There is plenty of evidence of tampering with the mail - here are some stats (from the BBC!!) About 14.6 million letters were lost, damaged or stolen last year An estimated 200,000 items were stolen by Royal Mail staff Royal Mail caught and prosecuted 394 staff for criminal activities They could be moslem or they could be British born from British descent but they are unlikely to be BNP - our liberal-lefties are far more anti-semitic
23. Swastikas on donations to Israel
Daniel ,   Lod, Israel   (08.14.06)
By printing something inside sealed mails you show you are an "A grad" thief; your ideas get faded fast and never last long. Are you trying to threaten us? We lost six millions; we shall never be the losers again. You bunch of idiots take some ideas from us and do something creative instead; you too will be the winners
Ertok   (08.14.06)
Hypocrites! We all know there be a HUGE STINK if the Muslim community was getting this! I cant stand it.
25. #16 "Shiksa" from California
Rustum ,   London, UK   (08.14.06)
Firstly, you are an idiot for writing under that name. You obviously have no idea just how distasteful the word is or what it actually means. Secondly - your reading of the letter from Moslem leaders is simplistic and, sorry to say, wrong. They do not blame the British government policies for causing the terror plot. I understand that they have listed various areas of British foreign policy which have caused huge resentment and contributed towards an atmosphere in which these destructive elements feel they ought to operate. There is a point that Moslem leaders could be more outspoken in condemning the follies and dangerous antics of some members of the community - but then when do we ever see leaders of the Jewish community here or in the USA stating that Jewish youth should not go and join up in the racist supremacist Israeli army that is killing more people daily? And did you also stipulate that various church leaders should also condemn the ideology that led to the Oklahoma bombings or various other freako American racist Christian supremacist murderous groups? No. You only seem to think that the Moslem community has guilt en masse. Now go and change your name to a less offensive one.
26. # 25 Letter from muslim MPs
David ,   London   (08.14.06)
Slightly off topic, the fact that the letter to the government critisized only UK foriegn policy and not iran's foriegn policy or syria's or al quida's foreign policy shows the enormous blind spot islam in UK has, this is part of the disgusting blood for votes campaign that is going on in UK to get the muslim vote: galloway, livingstone etc which are you 'liberal' jew hater or muslim with axe to grind?
27. BNP are you sure?
David ,   london   (08.14.06)
The BNP have a much bigger grievance against muslims than jews simply because of the numbers of muslims here and the way they behave, but yet we've not heard of defacing of muslim's mail and believe me we would have... errr.... not that i am defending the BNP scumbags, just want good old british fairplay also from personal experience, i have not seen anyone white working for the PO for a very long time
28. Rustum
Allan ,   london   (08.14.06)
Rustum, You are a racist person, you dont know about ISrael, you spew your islamic facism before you. What gives you the right to compare Muslims to Jews and Christians? Since when do Jews, Christians, Hindus or Sikhs blow up buses and trains in London?? Never that is the Muslims. And why should 1.5 million muslims tell the rest of the British people what to do? And if we dont agree then we get blown up. Rustum, you make me sick with your nonsense.. If you dont like British policy then leave Britian.. That simple. As for comparing you should have mentioned the IRA as an example as Catholic leaders spoke against the IRA. As for the Oklahoma bombings.. well that was denounced by all Christian groups in America.. I dont see that happening in Britain.
29. To David in London
Allan ,   london   (08.14.06)
David, I know what the BNP stand for but doing this is below them, especially with it going to Israel. its bloody obvious who did it and no one in the UK will say as they dont want to get bombed by these people.
30. To answer number 21
Allan ,   london   (08.14.06)
Jewish Fascism... I do like that.. well done rustum for that link. But its Islamic Fascism that exists.. Try looking on Google images after you type in "Hizbollah salute" and see what comes up. Nice try to divert attention and as for you to say Israel is trying to destroy the culture of the surrounding areas.. Yes.. Amman and Cairo are being bombed.. Idiot.. learn the facts
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