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Whatever it takes
Yonatan Yavin
Published: 14.08.06, 02:24
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1. Great Article. EOM
Rivka ,   Australia   (08.14.06)
2. Whatever it Takes : Phase ONE
dave ,   NYC   (08.14.06)
Phase one in the game plan is converging on the Knesset by the hundreds of thousands. All it takes is 80 MKs to topple the Olmert stranglehold. Heartless, he’s duplicitous in the murder of Israeli civilians and soldiers alike. Therefore, he's too arrogant to step down and spare the country additional pain. Handing a victory to an enemy of Israel on a silver platter is tantamount to treason. So impeachment is in order. The sooner Israel converges on this convergence planner, the less damage he can do. He has already proven how dangerous he really is.
3. Who is Yonatan?
Naomi   (08.14.06)
Chaim's son???? Keep him Ynet, not just to offset the creepy ones he describes so well. (The ones you at ynet seem to idolize.)
4. Good children book author. Poor columnist.
Proud Grandpa ,   www.KingArik.net   (08.14.06)
5. Does the author realize
Anne   (08.14.06)
that he is speaking the same language as Effie Eitam? Both 100% right.
6. Love the espresso/latte thrown in
moran orli and yaeli   (08.14.06)
Just add swigging the beer bottles on the way to the car,and you have 90% of lazy Tel Aviv at your designer sunglasses, 6th generation 'ringtonim' cellphones, kikar hamedina......feet. The guy knows of what he speaketh...
7. right on bro end
8. i concur entirely
herodotus   (08.14.06)
whatever it takes to crush hizballah. we must not hesitate. they actually think they understand the state and have its measure. my answer is simply i do not think so.
9. Dave, I 'm with you, the question is -- are the Israelis?
AK   (08.14.06)
Israel needs to clean the house, no question about it.
10. Visiting children
Genie ,   UK   (08.14.06)
I was reading about your visit to the children in the bomb shelter along with other novelists, when I heard the news of the death of David Grossman's son. I found it very sad and poignant that he was helping to comfort these children, whilst his own son was defending Israel. I wish him and his family long life.
11. Too Idealistic and Hollystic
Robert ,   Warsaw, Poland   (08.14.06)
You'd better come down to earth and think like a human not like a journalist. It seems you feel a pitty that you're missing a good subject to write about, nothing more.
12. thank you for fine painful thoughts
Natcho ,   Italy   (08.15.06)
I hope those in charge prepare better for the next conforntation and do whatever has to be done (like in the movie--"Elliot Ness- the Untouchables") and not appologize to Reuters or the BBC
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