Israel jets pummel south Beirut
Roee Nahmias and AP
Published: 13.08.06, 15:59
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1. dropping bombs to shore up olmert's poll numbers
2. Al-Manar
Leon ,   Grand Rapids U S A   (08.13.06)
Why do you quote them? Like "Bagdad Bob", they deny any losses, and lie, lie , lie.
3. Now thats more like it!!
Keith ,   NY,USA   (08.13.06)
I am no warmonger but what needs to be done is full flex of military muscle against these Radicals so they know that when they mess with REAL God loving decent people that the hammer will fall down on their satanic murderous ways. Good work Zion, keep it up until you remove this threat from the north. We are with you!!
yann ,   PARIS? FRANCE   (08.13.06)
5. Our last Hurrah before 8am tomorrow morning
Talula ,   Israel   (08.13.06)
Stick it to them and stick it to them really hard boys! We are right behind you, all the way. Then come home. We miss you.
6. Pathetic Olmert
Mark ,   Boston, USA   (08.13.06)
This is a pathetic display. When the war could have been won, Olmert chickened out. And now that it's too late, he's trying to look like a warrior. Olmert is an embarrassment to Israel and to Jews the world over.
Dias ,   USA   (08.13.06)
Please report Monday morning to the Hague where you will be tried for war crimes and genocide. Please bring orange jump suit and handcuffs for your court appearance. Also, cancel any prior engagements for the next 25 years.
8. Your Last Hurra
Hellraiser ,   Denmark   (08.13.06)
Do you really think that you will succeed in turning this so called war to your advantage in the last 24 hours. How naive you must be. Have you ever seen or lived a war I bet not your just are as loud mouthed as your politicians all talk no actions, we'll see you next round, cause believe me this aint over not a 1000 years....
9. Ignorance is Bliss!!!
to number 4 ,   Denmark   (08.13.06)
10. Israel jets pummel south Beirut
mezuyan !!!!!!!!!!
11. after the cease fire
herodotus   (08.13.06)
do hizballah assume that it will be a free for all and target the idf in lebanon?if so we should clearly dis-abuse them of this terrorist utopia. israel rules ok? the following applies:if idf soldiers are targeted then isral will target lebanese infrastructure or lebanese army barracks or whatever is left of the border villages.this has to be enforced strictly or we will lose yet more men.
12. ari shavit
herodotus   (08.13.06)
this journalist together with nahum barnea are the best in the country . shavit wrote a piece about the fact that the elite have abandoned the country.he said that the top 1000th percentile families no longer let their children fight for the state. if so then we would lose the best leadership material.the state needs the very best human material the country has to offer.
13. the left wing press in israel
herodotus   (08.13.06)
zvi bar'el is the arab affairs analyst for haaretz.i am amazed at the stuff he writes.i will not detail his ideas but one cannot understand how he thinks this writing is appropriate in time of war.we have to ask him:mr bar'el what are you thinking?
14. They'll Be Back.....
Scott ,   Dallas, USA   (08.13.06)
This isn't over by a long shot. Because of the weakness and appeasement mentality of the international community, this is war is going to continue and it will get worse. Iran won't let Lebanon disarm Hizbollah, the U.N. won't disarm Hizbollah. In fact, this ceasefire will only allow Iran/Syria to rearm and reman the Hizbollah Army. In the next phase of this war, you'll see larger more potent weapons being used and Israel will be forced to threaten Damascus & Tehran directly. Remember this when it happens.
15. Olmert should quickly resign
Bernard Ross ,   St. Anns Bay Jamaica   (08.13.06)
Olmert has demostrated incredibly incompetent judgement. Out the outset he endangered Israeli lives and Israel's future by not attacking by blitizkrieg. Now, after he has committed to a cease fire he causes more Israeli's loss of life for a negotiating and political tactic. He is a grave danger to Israel.
David ,   france   (08.13.06)
17. The proof of Nasrallah's injury is...
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (08.13.06)
the fact that he threatened to hit Tel Aviv if we attacked Southern Beirut again and that was about what...? 2 weeks ago... since then we've consistently attacked South Beirut and wherever we wanted. But no attack on Tel Aviv... this guy blows hot air... when he says they do not hurt i bet they've lost many...
18. IDf should get training from Hezbollah
shariff ,   Canada   (08.13.06)
IDF is only good to kill civilians. I guess having all the advanced technolgy and air power is meaningless if IDF dont know how to use it or IDF is using it to hurt civilian population. In both cases I am not surprised.
19. nasrallah
herodotus   (08.13.06)
check his body language before and after the war. he is now a pussycat.
20. nasrallah
herodotus   (08.13.06)
before the war he would not accept moving his insurgents away from the he says it is up to the lebanese government.pussy cat or not?
21. Disarm France!! #16
Mark ,   USA   (08.13.06)
22. HATS OFF TO # 7
shamy ,   pakistan   (08.13.06)
23. SCOTT#14 you hit it on the head...RIGHT ON!!
KEITH ,   NY,USA   (08.13.06)
24. New missiles from Iran
cam ,   East Beirut   (08.14.06)
Iran will suply Hizballah with 'portable anti F16 missiles' a new model of Sam missiles. Iran wants to 'whipe Israel off the map', Iran pays hizballah huge amounts of $. Iran will never accept the disarmament of hizballah. Iran is the real ennemy. Iran should be bombed not Beirut. Hizballah will be defeated only if Iran is hit and hit hard.
25. Hague
barry ,   Netanya Israel   (08.14.06)
To report with or without Nasrallah?
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