Hizbullah drone downed, booby-trapped truck destroyed by IDF
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 14.08.06, 01:24
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1. Drone groan
Gpup ,   Fl USA   (08.13.06)
Hey Nas, take one of those drones and put it where the sun don't shine. Get your due reward,,,,,, jus think 72 voigins I know you wantem. Israel fights for world peace while hizbully hides behind women, children, and the innocent people of Lebanon Thank you Israel!
2. Islamec technological achievement
3. And What Will Happen AFTER the Ceasefire, G-d Forbid?
H ,   Jerusalem   (08.13.06)
Who can trust the Arabs? Perhaps Olmert, Peres and all Leftists who bury their heads in the sand. Lots and lots of prayers are needed now. Hashem yishmorcha mikol ra'ah.
4. Do they have "Made in Iran stickers?
Sam ,   Virginia, USA   (08.14.06)
5. #1
As far as I saw on the news in Al Jazeera the Israeli soldiers are the one hiding behind innocent people who they took hostages and used as a shield to escape from Hisbollah after the tank got destroyed and when the tanker was blown out, you could see the Israeli soldiers run like chicken even on today's news about the helicopter were shot down, the soldiers were all speechless and scared!!!! Hizbollah men are brave and they are not scared to die like the Israeli soldiers. What a shame with all high tech weapons and losses to world war weapons of Hisbollah soldiers!!!! Thank you to Hisbollah for defeating Israeli and Israeli didnt fight for world peace but for their own greedy desired!!!
Ertok   (08.14.06)
..Great "victory" EVERYTHING GONE!!! THE LOT!!! Kicked out by "IDF cowards" They obviously are running the wrong way - TOWARD you instead.
7. # 2
We are asking the same question too. Who can trust the Israelis especially with so many cases of mistaken bombing and killings with only "we are sorry and we will investigate".
8. (after cease fire)===>never trust zionist
Khaybar X   (08.14.06)
HIZB shouldn't be desarmed !!!
9. to 5#
Smart One   (08.14.06)
You believe to the newsyou hear on Al-Jazeera? pathetic.
10. To Number 4
Chris ,   LA   (08.14.06)
Do the Israeli F-16s have 'made in US' stickers?
11. Olmert you betrayed your people
moshe ,   jerusalem   (08.14.06)
why did we have to listen to the UN they dont care about us. The danger of terrorrism is far beyond what we can imagine. We should not cease fire whe should engage the enemy everywhere in the muslim shit hole. Either us or them . Olmert if you surrender now , next week the syrian will make a suicide bombings in jerusalem and this time we will come to ask you to leave the israeli goverment and hand it over to Ben Yamin Natanayahu .
12. New Covergence Plan
malcolm ,   NYC   (08.14.06)
Israel...Converge on the Knesset by the hundreds of thousands and demand 80 MKs to take this traitor down!
13. Thanks to Israel! Thanks to USA!
Steve G ,   Kew Gardens, NYC   (08.14.06)
Let me be the first to post that I am extremely glad the USA has aided its ally Israel with the armaments to defend itself. This conflict has shown that the U.S. aid was a wise decision. With the growing threat from Iran and other Muslim malefactors increasing, greater and more sophisticated aid in the future is necessary. Compared with the total expeditures entailed in fighting Muslim terror over the next decade, any investment that strengthens Israel is a bargain. Hooray for Israel! Hooray for USA!
14. Break Jihadist will to fight
Jason/Fredymeetallah ,   So. Calif. USA   (08.14.06)
Massive and sustained retaliation, continually against the allahboys, until their will to fight is broken. This also includes PR. Besides, going islamic on the allahboys is doing them a religious favor. Allahboys death is allahboys highest reward!
15. #10 Yes, but the computer you use prob has Made In Israel
RA   (08.14.06)
Israel is responsible for some of the greatest technological marvels in our time. Including the new Intel Core 2 Duo processor, which is the most efficient processor to date. So if you hate Israel so much, stop using the technologies it produces.
16. last-minute attacks on Israeli ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.14.06)
Can the media and the Ilsraeli left be this stupid ? There are no last minute attacks ,pnly ongoing and neverending attacks by the Islamists until they defeat the Jews or until Israel defeats them .GET IT ? GOT IT ?
17. #11 moshe
david carmeli ,   melbourne fl   (08.14.06)
and you want bibi who gave away chevron? If you want a real 'jewish' leader, vote for Feglin. you israelis voted for olmert and now you're bellyaching.
18. And speaking of.............
David ,   Vancouver CANADA   (08.14.06)
People who hide behind womwn and children ...................... are also cowards when it comes time to signing their names to talkback. Wayt-ta go #1................ Kadeema
19. Churchill then--BIBI NOW
myron ,   USA   (08.14.06)
20. "Hizbullah drone, booby-trapped truck..."
Ehud ,   TA   (08.14.06)
Who still believes this crap? First, it was "we destroyed 70%" of Hizbullah Infrastructure", then it was "we killed 400 terrorists", now it's the drone, then the booby-trapped truck, what next? Santa-clause? the toothfairy? maybe the easter bunny? Cut the crap. We don't want lies anymore. We'll believe you when we see the missiles have stopped. If this happens tomorrow it will be no thanks to Olmert nor to Peretz. If only Sharon was still in power.....
21. To# Thatwas which Mohammad have said,never trust Jews
e.m ,   s.f   (08.14.06)
There won't be end to this conflict until the nations of Islam will get right education. Unitl that day the strong Israeli army is answer to barbarians.
22. why do guys complain that its made in iran?urs made in USA !
wael ,   palestine & kuwait   (08.14.06)
SO why do u guys Complain that Husbullah weapons is made in iran ?? SOOO WHAT ?? DAAA ~~!!! ur weapons are made in USA !! F16 F 22 !!! remmember? SO why its OK you to get waepons from all over the world !! and we cant ? and dont tell me that israel is a state and husbalah is orginzation because israel was an organization too in 1945
23. to # 15
Ali ,   Palestine   (08.14.06)
That may explaines why children are being targeted!!!
DISGUSTED ,   USA   (08.14.06)
25. to # 10
Almond ,   Lebanon   (08.14.06)
you are right !!!!!!!!!!! You have the most technological stealing & spying agents in the world.... That is how you get the technology..... Jonathan Bollard as an example, so you should be ashmed of your self, your army and what you call state. Fight like men and not like sissy's. Ground fight not by " Made in USA" planes killing children and then say why Iran is supplying?? Tell your government to abide by the UN resolutions and then there will be peace, otherwise you will be dreaming of that, enjoy the near fate for your blood thurst state......
26. To number 11 Moussa (Moshe)
1701 ,   Lebanon   (08.14.06)
I agree with you on the terrorism issue since your "country" is the main sourse and cause (it was found based on terrorism in 1948) . Moshe , don't be blind minded Jews are ordinary people like every body else and they are not superior as they taught you. "Israel" is being defeated by the "Israelis"themselves and their clumsy thoughts about Mouslems. Mouslems will will finaly take over . So Moshe calm down cause the day is comming when you will go back home .
27. to number 13
Jade   (08.14.06)
the weapons you are talking about is the best way to expose the real face face of the cowards. The are actually digging Israel's own grave .
28. Was that Nasrallah's 'surprise'
Well, it got shot down, so it's more like a booby prize - LOL
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