Report: Lebanon war - prelude to US attack on Iran
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 14.08.06, 01:57
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1. Plane
Chris ,   LA   (08.14.06)
Of course Israel had a plan. Any serious army which has standing enemies must have plans in place for any future war. People who keep saying Huzb Allah was prepared, the IDF was even more prepared and if it wasn't, then some heads should roll....
2. US to conduct underground testing in Iran?
Ertok   (08.14.06)
3. within the framework of the war on terror...
Descartes ,   FRANCE   (08.14.06)
... which is only a framework, that means it is only propaganda . And now, after your friendly Bush's push? look at you, now, Israel !!!! Now you can cry and, for the first time, having a reason for it.
4. Seymor's Lookin Tired Here
malcolm ,   NYC   (08.14.06)
Always thinking he got it right, Seymor sticks his long neck out again. He's really getting boring.
5. Vietnam syndrome?
Lee ,   New York   (08.14.06)
The idiotic way that Olmery micromanaged this war is consistent with the American approach, in Vietnam, and in Iraq. Let the warriors in the sphere of battle do what they were trained to do. Micromanagement never works. Olmert should go back to what he did best in the IDF--writing fluff articles for Ba'Machaneh. Olmert must resign, and take Kadima with him, before Kadima brings Israel back to an even deterrence posture.
6. Change of plans for U.S.?
Steve G ,   Kew Gardens,NYC   (08.14.06)
Whether the New Yorker article is totally true or not is not the important point here. After studying the last 30 days, the USA is undoubtedly redrawing their plans on destroying the growing Iranian nuclear menace. An exclusive air campaign against site in Iran won't do it. It's going to take U.S. troops as brave as the IDF to pull it off. Come midnight on August 31st, when Iran's time to stop its nuke program is officially up, the U.S. is going to have to make some hard decisions. Muslim nuclear terror must not be allowed to happen....ever.
7. Israel F**ked Up, They Trusted Bush
World Citizen ,   the world   (08.14.06)
George Bush is the biggest imbecile to ever sit in the White House. The man is truly an idiot. He is a would-be emperor who is nothing but a clown. He is controlled by the Cheney and the neo-cons. Olmert was a fool to do his bidding. So now Israel must suffer the consequences. Enjoy it! Now Hezbullah will have thousands of recruits ready to train and do battle with the IDF.
8. Self defense means bombing iran's nuke program. Just do it.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (08.14.06)
Why should Israelis or anyone else be slaughtered by a nuke from the bastard grandson of Hitler?
9. new yorker article
steve ,   los angeles usa   (08.14.06)
The problem with the HERsh article is that it directly contradicts this week's TIME Magazine article. In the latter, they write GEn Halutz, in 2002, was offered bunkerbuster bombs and refused them for an Israeli weapon. The Air fuel bomb didn't destory Hiz so Israel couldn't win quickly. If Hersh is correct, the bombs should have been there.
10. Hersh Lacks Historical Credibility
Lee ,   Dallas, USA   (08.14.06)
Wrong before. Wrong again.
11. We Must Stop playing their game : Desperate Measures
S>Black ,   America   (08.14.06)
Desperate Measures for a Desperate Situation We Must Stop playing their game or the stakes will get higher and higher. We must save the world whether they want to be saved or not because we must save our selves. Forget appeasement it does not work. “Iran is currently dictating the news cycle and political and military agendas of the biggest powers in the world through their proxies Hezbollah, Hamas, and the likes of al Sadr in Iraq“. (Col Bill Hunter, Fox News) STOP IRAN NOW!!! The Plan: If Iran stops the oil supply to America or singles out any one state or group of states without a real lack of supply then : 1.Iran will lose a refinery or oil well. *This will let Iran understand that if America is isolated from oil supplies then Iran will not be able to sell oil to anyone else. Iran must stop persuing the development of weapons of mass destruction. And must stop the enrichment of uranium. A penalty will be exacted for each known occurrence. 1.Any of these activities will result in the destruction of an energy plant. Any energy plant built from clandestine technology or activities not approved by the United Nations will be at risk. *Iran will be reminded that they cannot hold the world hostage with threats of Terror on a state level. Terror Plots with Iranian ties resulting any destruction of property damage either private civilian or Government will result in the loss of one of the 36 Dam projects being constructed by Iran to address their Water Crisis or some other watershed project. *This will give Iran something to spend their money on besides Terror. Method: 1. This will be accomplished with air strikes or missiles or by covert activity or any device deemed appropriate with the least civilian deaths. No guarantee of Civilian safety will be made. 2. For each act of Terror one Dam Project or watershed project will be lost. The loss of Water Shed Projects will be sufficient to result in enough damage to threaten the civilian water supply but NOT enough to kill the people, just make them thirsty. . Terror Plots, with Iranian ties, resulting in American Civilian Deaths will result in twice the number of Civilian Deaths in Iran. Example: 3000 Civilian Americans Die then 6000 Civilian Iranians Die. *This will help Iranians understand the pain inflicted by the Terror groups they support. Method: 1. Tactical Nuclear weapons using Neutrons bombs. No Infrastructure damage just approximately twice the number of Iranian Civilians. Finally, America reserves the right to defend itself vigorously with all resources available to it. Definitions: Ties to Iran mean: 1. Money traced to Iran 2. Moral Support from Iran publicly or privately of any known terrorist or persons with connections to known terrorist. 3. Supplies, Weapons or training of perpetrators of terrorist acts by any known terrorist or persons with connections to known terrorist. 4. Harboring or Medical treatment of perpetrators of terrorist acts by any known terrorist or persons with connections to known terrorist. 5. America decides who is a known terrorist Terror Plot means: 1. Any violent attack, the support of or the planning of any such attack deemed an act of terror, suicide or other, that results in the death or property damage of civilians. Weapons of Mass Destruction: 1. Nuclear weapons 2. Bio-weapons in any form used in any amount against any peop
12. To #3
Charles ,   shanghai,China   (08.14.06)
to #3,you sound like you dont read the news and dont follow what is happening. Is it Israel that is affected most by this war or Lebanon and hezbollah? Check the destruction in lebanon,civilian and military casualties,infastructure loss and even to hezbollah,who has lost their weapons,bases and lives have been destroyed even if they dont accept it publicly(hezbollah members are still part of someones family members somewhere who will miss their member if they die in a war,they are not animals),we know that they have lost about 40-70% of most of their control and power over this last 34 days of conflict. Every war have an effect on all the waring sides,but the effect in lebanon,hezbollah is more compared to Israel.LEBANON have moved back to about 5-7years behind or more.people are bitter with Israel,USA,Lebanese government(bcus they allowed hezbollah to operate without control) and hezbollah itself will certainly not go free without the blames of many families in lebanon and around the world who lost human lives and properties in this war.Because of allowing themselves to be used as a tool to get back to Israel by whoever is their sponsors.
13. Sy Hersh
mike Johnson ,   Canada   (08.14.06)
Considering that Iraq is a bust and so is the Lebanon Campaign this conspiracy idea has merit though why the IDF would copy a failed venture is beyond me but it does look like it.
14. descartes. France
rose ,   canada   (08.14.06)
1000 dead Leabanese billions of dollars of damage Beirut in a shambles. Take a look at yourselves.
15. green light for a ceasefire ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.14.06)
Israel just can't say no to their wet nurse . When Condi Rice caled Olmert to hold off on a seroius ground invasion ,he just couldn't tell her to butt out and mind her own sovereignty. That is Israel's problem ,all spineless leaders who ALWAYS capitulate to bad U.S. pressure . Folowing the diabolical Road Map is clear evidence of this.
16. it means one thing
colter ,   turkey   (08.14.06)
well like i always say israel is a TOY for usa
DEBRA ,   USA   (08.14.06)
18. Good Grief
Patricia ,   Hawaii, USA   (08.14.06)
Well, if this is true or only partly true, no wonder IDF did so poorly. I think any country that would take advise from the administration that made decisions regarding Iraq needs their heads examined. First Bush lied, then he fired the only competent generals(especially the ones who disagreed with him Cheney and Co.). The same thing happened here, Bush lied promising to deliver and now Israel is holding the same bag the US is holding, just different areas, same people. We seriously need better leaders. In the case of the US, leaders who say what they mean and do what they say. In Israel's case, leaders who have some strength of character . Of course if your govt disagreed like the generals did, guess Bush would have fired them too. But then they would have been their own men.
19. No need to envade Iran.
Johnson ,   USA   (08.14.06)
Should the US attack Iran it will be quick, surgical, and final.
20. Consider the source...
Jesus ,   SF, USA   (08.14.06)
Once again...consider the source. Who is Hersh? What creditentials does he have...other than being a Middle East expert...I'm an expert at ... well...whatever I want to be. But honestly, do a background check on would probably not be surprised. Is this more lies being fed by a person that support terrorists...throwing in his two cents. Do your homework people...don't just eat what is being fed to you.
21. Name Sources, Hersch!
Michael ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.14.06)
This is the same author that said the US was losing the war in Afganistan...the day before the Taliban fled. Hersch is a great fiction writer who relies on unnamed sources to support each and every conspiracy he invents.
22. Duh - Iran won big from Olmert's Folly.
Jay ,   Los Angeles   (08.14.06)
23. pure speculation
scribe ,   S.F. USA   (08.14.06)
another Seymour Hersh fantasy.
24. Hersh a great fiction writer
mordechai ,   boca raton usa   (08.14.06)
The New Yorker has a great fiction writer with Mr. Hersh. They need to start marking his writing as such so people don't take it so seriously though. Next people will think Harry Potter is real.
W CHURCHILL ,   NEW YORK   (08.14.06)
26. Israel and America
Miriam ,   Netivot   (08.14.06)
So America wanted Israel to do it's dirty work........and when that didn't happened it screwed us..........Typical of America......and no backbone of our government.
27. that was THE BEGINNING of THIS WAR
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.14.06)
you have to hear thiese 5 mns music, THIS IS A MUST :
28. Stupidity won the war. Goodbye peace
zeev ,   geneva switzerland   (08.14.06)
What happened in Lebanon is the prove that Israeli and American leaders don't understand the Middle-East. This war will wage hatred for generations against the Jews and the Americans. Israel should now prepare to leave not only Lebanon but all Palestine. No place for a stupid state in this region. In less than five years, Israel will disappear from the map because of its madness. Peace will be the fruit of justice (not madness) (Isaiah 32:17)
29. Stop talking about it and act. Bomb Iran to Hell and back.
Proud Grandpa ,   (08.14.06)
Maybe the US can finish the job... Israel sure couldn't finish off little Hizbullah.
30. Will never happan
yasser ,   Canada   (08.14.06)
There is too much at stake for the U.S. to eliminate Iran from the scene by destroying it. Think of it.........the oil rich Arab lands will likely want to withdraw oil supplies from the U.S. Okay, given that my country of origin, Egyt as well as Saudi Arabia are not too fond of Iran. But knowing the Arab/Moslem brotherhood mentality, when it comes to the crunch, they will stand up for any U.S. affront to Islam, radical or not. I don't like it and I support Israel's defending itself against Hezbullah, but the situation even with a potential cease fire in the offing, remains full of adversity for Israel now and in the future. I am sorry to say that, but it seems the case. Yaser, Toronto/Cairo
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