Report: Lebanon war - prelude to US attack on Iran
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 14.08.06, 01:57
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31. Bush didn't realize-utterly pathetic is the gov't of israel
32. Oh yes it can happen...
US Patriot ,   Dallas, USA   (08.14.06)
Why do you think the US has been buying oil from the Middle East for the past 50 years in lieu of using our own? To SUCK the Middle East dry and then turn to our own resources which we have left in the ground and stockpiling. Just watch what happens. At the end of the day the US is not afraid one bit of losing Middle East oil, what is left of it. Jokes on you dudes in the Middle East.
33. Debra USA; Days Numbered
Ron Gold ,   Toronto, Canada   (08.14.06)
Have you not learned from the current war that Iran will not be defeated. Israel will turn in to dust and will go into eternal sleep like its past leader. The correction: Israel's days will be numbered if it attacks Iran.
34. Zeev-28, what wouldn't the Arabs hate US for?
Robert   (08.14.06)
It seems that nothing short of laying our throuts bare to their knife would make some people "not hate" us.
Mikulas ,   Bratislava, Slovakia   (08.14.06)
Debra The United States cannot defeat a bunch of babboons in Iraq and you ant to take on Iran... The Iranians would be in Washington DC in 3 weeks... You better choose for yourself a government not composed of a bunch of Vietnam war dodgers. Real and proud Americans existed when the USA was Democrat. We remember FDR. At least he won against a powerful and evil force and saved the Jews. While your boys in Iraq, mismanaged by the bunch of New born Christian clowns and cowards are losing. I would be quite humble if I was a right wing American. No wonder you want the Israelis to do the dirty work for you. And you also be happy to see the Jews self-destruct. Christian fundamentalists like you deep down want the destruction of Jews. We know you...
36. ynet
oferdesade ,   israel   (08.14.06)
that's it. i'm moving back to jpost. anyone who prints this garbage is not a dependable source of news, for me.
37. Miklus is wrong
Bob ,   Tel Aviv   (08.14.06)
Christian fundamentalists realize that they are, as St Paul said, "Grafted in" to the Chosen people. This is why they support them. A branch does not attack the trunk. It is the anti semites who call themselves Christians who are wrong.
38. to Miklas
US Patriot ,   Dallas, USA   (08.14.06)
You are wrong buddy. Real born-again Christians seek Israel's good health and well being because they know that Israel must be secure in the land as prophesied. As stated by Bob we know we are "adopted" into the family of Israel and are partakers in her blessings. As it has been written, those who bless Israel will be blessed, those who curse Israel will be cursed
39. The US support of Isreal
Tarrell Martin ,   Chatsworth GA, USA   (08.14.06)
It doesn't really matter what our government says it will do about Isreal. They can easly be replaced if it comes to it. We know in our hearts that what ever it takes to protect Isreal, upto and including our own nation first. We the people will give our leadership no chose in the matter.
40. Stop telling this rethoric and faded accusations
Swift Response ,   Canada   (08.14.06)
We're tired of you accusing everybody who is not american to be a terrorist. We have seen who was just planning to attack the others. It's quite obvious now that a bunch of NEO-CONSERVATIVES PARANOID people in the ring of the USA President. are planning for what war should be declared and when. One thing is sure. I recommand the observers and ordinary people to observe the Gaz price at the pump. If the Gaz price is significantly higher than the previous day, that means the tenant of war decisions (nicely tied ties Cheney and friends, oil companies presidents) are preparing to sacrifice the souls of US soldiers on the land of the nations to be attacked...)
Riza ,   Iran   (08.14.06)
because Bush & olmert are the same in mentally illness & both can push their soldiers to death in their own purposes & political career.USA in iraq & afghanistan,t can't cover it's ass & if it invades iran it will be the end of usa
42. Irrationalism
George ,   Athens Greece   (08.14.06)
With all those religious fundamentalists like US patriot pretending to be the western world and to defend democracy and western values against their islamic mirror images, Nassrala looks to me like Isaac Newton. Blessed and Cursed as it has been written.Hahaha. Khomeini also used a language like that.
43. You're ignoring an important point...
Matt ,   US   (08.14.06)
You're all making the same popular wild accusations against President Bush and totally ignoring the issue: the US was attacked on 9/11, London was attacked later, India was recently attacked as well... They even tried to attack CANADA... You can keep trying to blame it on Bush all you want, but it won't change the fact that you're being manipulated into turning against your own countries by the very people who hate you and want to kill you. These attacks have been happening for decades. 9/11 just happened to be the worst... Clinton ignored didn't help. Now you're attacking Bush for trying to protect you. That's ridiculous. How many more innocent people have to die before you are willing to realize that diplomacy only puts us at more of a disadvantage and only buys our enemies more time to plan more attacks?
44. Everyone knows Seymour Hersh is insane
Maria ,   FL, USA   (08.14.06)
Okayyy. Seymour Hersh is Crazy. He's been saying since, like, March that President Bush is planning to attack Iran. I think last time he said it was to help the G.O.P. with the '06 elections or some crap. He'll find a new reason next month. This has already been dealt with; the man has ZERO credibility. He's a certifiable nut.
45. Bunnire Meyer is a moron
Hunting for Rabbits ,   Santa Monica, CA   (08.14.06)
Wow, this is the type of mentality that has put the world in the precarious state it is in now. Let it be known that not all people from Santa Monica are as ignorant as Bunnie Meyer.
DEBRA ,   USA   (08.14.06)
47. # 35 - WHO'S GOING TO DO IT!?
Ertok   (08.14.06)
The US WILL take out Iran. It has to. Its business. It cannot afford a competitor like Iran. The problems you cite are short-term.
48. Zihad!!!
youngblood ,   Placentia, CA USA   (08.14.06)
If USA decided to invade Iran. It will need only 3 days, not 30 days, to put all the fanatic Imams out of business. Because the Iranian are so fed up with their idiotic crazy of the so called "Zihad". Can you believe that Mohammed taught Muslims that there will be from 12 to 20 virgin girls waiting for each of them in Heaven to have sexual intercourse with if they blow themselves up and kill innocent people?
49. Victims of George Bush
So ... all the victims we lost in this dirty war from all sides is because mr. Bush wanted to use Israel as stick to hit Iran and that's why he meant to delay the stoping of the war all the time , he had a hope that th IDF will help to attack Iran after they finish Hezballah ... Hezballah disapointed him and Israel looks very stupid now in front of the whole world and both lost a lot of lifes and money and Israel lost in this one month politacaly more than in the last 30 years , the hate against the Jews around the world is higher than the last 20 years , Hezballah became heros No. 1 in Arab world and for all the Moslems around the world .... who is the winner in this war ???? the weapons factories of course , the graves makers and mr. Bush having his nice time in his farm with his dog and thinkig about where he can start another war .... you see all how we are so stupid ... is this not time now to go over all problems and to start new with more love ... i can asure you that all the middle east are ready for such step because all are fed up from this conflict .... show love to the Palistinians and give them what they need to live respectable and Israel will be the first winner if they do this ... think about the business the Israeli buisnessmen can do with Arabs because Israel has good technology .... please think about ... we will be all winners in this case .... not like now we all losers ..... Shalom
50. I Say, So What?
Dave Levi ,   Burbank. USA   (08.14.06)
It's conceivable that Bush administration knew that Israel had contingency plans to strike Hezbollah and Hamas, given enough provocation. I say, so what? Israel has all kinds of plans, for different scenarios. so does the US obviously. If they both didn't, I would be alarmed. Then real questions should be asked. The US always has plans for most everything..if not always good intelligence. Iran is the key in this sphere of Shia fanaticism, which wants to envelope the entire M.E, if not the region and the world eventually. They must be stopped at any cost. Hezbollah, gave Israel a testing ground, and the opposite. Hezbollah and Iran will have learned something. My guess is that Israel did not ask permission to strike Hezbollah, but the US knew it was possible. Again, so what? The real point in this is that perhaps, Iran may be reflecting on it's own paln to destroy the Jewish people, now that Israel has clipped Hezbollah's wing somewhat. But next time, Israel will use nukes on Tehran, not simple bunker busters or 200 pounders. That is what the mad mullahs should be pondering. If we see mushroom clouds over Iran, we will know for sure.
51. Irans Next Move...
Mo ,   UK   (08.14.06)
There so much chatter and speculation in Iran about Irans response scheduled for End of August. According to Ahmadijenad, we can expect something shocking. Either its the shock of a positive Iranian uncharacteristic move at peacemaking or the shock of a nuclear bomb test. Which will it be?......Either way we will know soon. .
52. Iran-US War?
Chris ,   LA   (08.14.06)
There won't be a US-Iran war. Anyone who think the US is going to invade Iran after the Iraq misadventure is seriously dilusional...
53. To number 43, Matt
Chris ,   LA   (08.14.06)
Idiots like you Matt still believes Saddam had WMDs two years after the invasion.... Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11, Iran had nothing to do with it, Huzb Allah had nothing to do with it. You don't just go bomb people you don't like cause you can't find Bin Laden. Read up. Saddam = anti Iran Iran = anti Al Qaeda Zarqawi= anti Shia 10 times more than anti US The biggest winner in the war on terror is IRAN. The US just took out Iran's two enemy neighbours and handed the Iranians Iraq on a silver platter...
54. tel aviv bob you're a dumbass
jason ,   paris, france   (08.14.06)
christians and jews are connected? actually, christians and jews AND muslims are connected, though you seem to be unable to either perceive or admit this. the only enemies israel has are the ones that she's made for herself over decades of US-supported domination. you reap what you sew.
55. Up to some extent Hersh is right
Faisal ,   Hyderabad India   (08.14.06)
The war in Lebonan was really against Iran , the way things are happening every thing does show that many peoples around the world know the evil plans of MR BUSH, One after another countries are attacked and occupied and Lebonan was attacked so that when Americans are engaged with Iranians , HIzbullah should be not there.. Israel here is really taking too much risk .. Coz when the war with Iranians starts ... the first affect will be on Israelis not Americans. Both USA and Israel are using each other .. Israel to secure it borders and Usa to secure the oil fields. Its true that Iran is not Iraq and it will fight till the end. Iran may have nuclear weapons by now. Coz the intelligence services of USA and Israel failed to know abt Hizbullah weapons , what they can do abt Iran . Americans should stop mr Bush madness .. all the same many are dead coz of war in afghanistan, Iraq and lebonan.... Now its dont seems to be WAR ON TERROR any more but the WAR OF CONTROLLING OIL FIELDS IN ME.
56. Iran: Deadly Ideology
C.A.M. ,   Beirut Lebanon   (08.14.06)
Religious fundamentalism is the source of all the evil in the world. Killing and giving orders to kill in the name of allah or God has led in the past and will lead in the future to the most inhumane wars and conflicts. In my opinion Iran is a deadly threat to the 'free world' but how many sept 11 s can the us afford Wars led in the name of the Good against the Evil will only lead to more hatered and to more bloodshed. Diplomatic, worldly accepted pressures and mandates will always be the cheapest and most sustainable solutions to the problems we face in this world that we share.
57. Media Propaganda!
Epsilon ,   USA   (08.14.06)
This has all of the signs of blatant media propaganda and lies under the facade of "real" news. The author(s) want the USA to disappear and are willing to try anything to accomplish it, to include inciting fear and hate towards a country that had nothing to do with Israel's attack on Lebanon, rather vice versa. Muslims already hate non-muslims and see the western world as the ultimate evil, adding fuel to that by claiming the US was in on this war is just the icing on the cake of lies and pseudo-news.
58. Think of this...
James Abdula Newsef ,   Israel, Iran and US   (08.14.06)
I say the US should just stop this by making an example of Iran or North Korea to stop trying to develop weapons of mass destruction. This is what i wonder why is Iran, China and North Korea always trying to get weapons of making ... Is like they always use the excuse we need to defend ourselfs. I bet if Fidel Castro was the President of the US he would have already taken care of Iran, North Korea, Syria and any other stupid idiologistic country... Drop.. I dont have nothing against the poeple form those countries but i do for the goverments which make their people suffer. No food and education but yetr have moeny for weapons what bunch of crap is this ... I say get rid of them and make an example... for any other country not towant to mess with the US... free loving country... Hey we can help them go to heaven faster!!!!
59. Prediction
Mike ,   Norwich UK   (08.14.06)
Why can't yanks see the whole picture. This is a post I made two weeks ago. It is so obvious: While George W panics at what to do (remember him in the school on 9/11) the rest of us can see the emerging future with some clarity. Hizbollah, far from being destroyed by Israel's current attacks, will emerge as an even more powerful military and political force in Lebanon by the next elections. With 40% of the Lebanese population, Shias the are likely to get a major stake in the parliament. Meanwhile Hizbollah's military force (already more powerful, and better armed, than the existing Lebanese army) will 'merge' (i.e. take over) the Lebanese army as part of the negotiated settlement. Israel has already been forced to say it would accept that. Consequently Hizbollah will soon BE the Lebanese army - with international consent. It will then be in a perfect position to use it's positions in government (almost certainly including the ministry of defense) to begin a major rearmament phase but now with the full status of a legitimate national force. US taxpayers, as part of the peace settlement, will be funding the 'rebuilding' of Lebanon including the provision of substantial military hardware to 'bolster' the Lebanese army, under the pretext that they need to be powerful enough to 'control' terrorists in south Lebanon and keep Israel 'safe'. So, Hisbollah will be armed by you guys so they can protect Israel. Your great George W will sell that to you as he is desperate for any solution and has few friends to support anything else. The only piece of the jigsaw remaining to square the circle is who will sell these arms to Hizbollah. Excuse me while I go and buy some more Lockheed Martin shares. Have a nice day now and don't forget to post your IRS cheques will you, I need all the pension I can get.
60. zihad
to zihad ,   beirut lebanon   (08.14.06)
if it is true why dont you do it ? why it is taking you too long to stabalise irak unless this is the purpose....and then god forbidden your neo con goverment is lying
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