Report: Lebanon war - prelude to US attack on Iran
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 14.08.06, 01:57
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61. The End of Iran
Paul ,   St. Louis, USA   (08.14.06)
We need to give Iran 24 hours to comply with the IAEA inspections/observations on its nuke sites, and then commence using NUCLEAR weapons until it bows down and complies. I don't think you idiots on this blog realize the depth of our weaponry that hasn't been brought to the table. All of the stealth planes were declassified in the 80's. We have weapons that would boggle your mind...that's our trump card. Thank God for "black programs" within our government. If it were up to the liberals, our military would be shooting crossbows.
62. To Mike #59
John Wayne ,   USA,   (08.14.06)
US goverment should send special teams or target only the goverment for this countries to wipe out those presidents with dumb ideologies my list goes like this: 1. North Korea (middle weight) likely to go in the late rounds. 2. Iran ( ligth weight) KO 1st round 3. Syria (light weight) KO 1st round 4. Cuba (is not a threat but to free the people) light weight Again this is not towards the people , only the goverments which spend all the resources trying to get weapons!!!!! opinion on Hezbullsh%%%% this militant group is a bunch of cowards because they attack and hide using inocent civilians as shileds , so then the opposite side looks as if they trargeted civilians, this is what they call been brave i call this fear......!!!!
63. We have to invade Iran
Carlos ,   Los Angeles, USA   (08.28.06)
The only way to stop Iran is with a ground invasion. We have to destroy almost all the infrastructure of Iran, leaving them on the stone age. And that have to be done soon.
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