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So calm down already
Yair Lapid
Published: 14.08.06, 09:16
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1. What Lapid means is its ok to fail miserably
2. my view entirely
herodotus   (08.14.06)
we are an open society so everything is instant news. lapid did not mention the following 1 28 lost in the battle of karameh 1968 2 over one hundred lost in the battles for the hermon 1973 3 dozens killed in the battle at suez in 1973. 4 18 killed in qalqaliya october 1956 5 hundreds killed in the battle over the chinese farm 1973.. that is what fighting means. (may their memory be a blessing)
3. LOL, YAIR ... :)
Anne ,   Sydney, Australia   (08.14.06)
If there is one single quality that makes Jews great survivers, it's their sense of humour especially in the face of adversity. Long live Israel. Long live the Jews of this world. Long live that boisterous Jewish laugh.
4. Lapid
Big Al ,   Rananna   (08.14.06)
#1 Your reply seems to hint a pinko dickhead leftwing tilt screaming with emotion and no logic. Its a rare occasion that we read or hear a fair and objective point of view from the media, who are nearly always provocative in their approach. WELL SAID LAPID
5. once, Barbara Bush said:
Goy ,   Yurop   (08.14.06)
"War is not nice"
6. Great article.
Benjamin ,   TA Israel   (08.14.06)
However, continuing this line of thought, our histerics also have their use - they don't allow drop our guard and scare our enemies. Don't mess with us, crazy Israely - we are completly mad and may drop bunker buster bomb on your on slightest provocation.
7. more
carrie ,   haifa   (08.14.06)
more words of utter dudder from no other than lapid!
8. Thanks Yair........
mike carmel ,   rishon le zion   (08.14.06)
.for putting it all into perspective with a framework of sanity. Excellent article. I hope it appears in Hebrew too.
9. Hysterical ha !
Ruth ,   Kochav Yair, Israel   (08.14.06)
It figures that a leftist who resides in Tel Aviv is so quick to call others hysterical. Were you thrown out of your home in Gush Katif ? Did missiles land on your home ? Have you spent a month in a bomb shelter ? I may be hysterical but I worry that all our soldiers will return healthy and whole from battle. I worry that our soldiers have a proper meal once a day. If that's being hysterical so be it. Go visit the north with your father and then we'll see who is hysterical.
10. Halutz, Fake Flying Hero !
Sea Warrior ,   London   (08.14.06)
Frankly speaking, Lebanese Resistance has defeated the IDF big time. The flying Halutz thought that by attacking civilians and children by F16 he will win the war and dis-arm Hezbullah. Believe me that the idiots Olmert & Peretz have comitted a dead mistake in this war and better for them to resign and spend their coming days as housekeepers in the kitchens. The whole world has seen IDF soldiers running away from the battle (20 soldiers are bieng killed on daily basis as an average), tanks are blowing, and rockets are falling like rain, and on the other hand Halutz is firing at civilians and is afraid to face Nasrallah !!!
11. If we let this pass, we'll be even bigger losers
TM ,   L J USA   (08.14.06)
This operation was a scaled down model of what could have happened if we were attacked by "Iran Senior". Our loss of our technological edge on the ground, lack of planning , lack of preparation for Iwo Jima tactics,lack of funding of the IDF and worst of all our inability to choose political leaders could have been DEVASTATING AND IRREVERSABLE. Please dont try to diminish the importance of this lesson.
12. Pathetic leadership!!
carmine ,   bensonhurst   (08.14.06)
Yo! Olmert, take a walk. You aint cuttin it babe.
13. The Israel must change strategy
Pierre ,   Paris, France   (08.14.06)
The Israel commited the same mistake as the US in Iraq: the reaction was too slow, too soft and too hesitating. The result was completely disastrous in spite of the obvious desire that the Iraqis had expressed for the real democracy, at least just after the liberation of Baghdad. Therefore it would have been more effective and less painful to react in a really "disproportionate" way rather than hesitating and organizing the stupid meetings every fifteen minues to decide if it were necessary to make like this or like that. It's better to respond faster by making 300 victims than to react softly and gradually and make some 1300 victimes. Israel must also change the strategy between the wars. The notion of peace vanished, this is a stubborn fact. Did Muslims ever want that peace? The Islam never wanted Israel to exist, I'd even say "could not". Because one of the aspects of the islam, is its cultural impossibility to conceive the loss of islamic territory, no matter how big it is. The islam mourns the loss of Palestine, but it also mourns the loss of Spain ! As per tomorrow, the Euro-Muslims already consider some places in Europe as being fully "islamic" which they would have mourned later on when they will lose it.
14. A war of vanity and vengeance which claimed the lives of 156
Proud Grandpa ,   (08.14.06)
A war which exposed IDF to humiliations by Hezbollah A war without preparation. A war which wore out IDF and Israel's reputation as invincible and sent the Arab world a clear signal that they can attack us and score points. A war which exposed the majority of Israeli public as vindictive and bloodthirsty and worst of all, a war which awakened the dormant racist monster and proved that co-existence with Israeli-Arabs is an illusion. We must not forget IAF's air strikes which led to many innocent casualties. If Hezbollah used civilians as human shield, well we killed the human shield. The scope of this war's disaster to Israel is yet to be unfold.
15. Yair LApid
Nicole Levy ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (08.14.06)
Yesterday you made me cry .Today you make me right can you get. Thankyou for pinpointing the Israeli persona and reality..too bitter sweet.
16. Blah, blah, blah... you have lost, Olmert OUT
Ignacio ,   Zaragoza, Spain   (08.14.06)
It's nice to see they have finally gioven up with that propaganda of the communist defence minister (whoever he defends, not the israelis as we can see) and the no-english-spoken FM of "we have won because I tell you so". You have lost. Give reasons, give your excuses, and impeach Olmert. Kadima was a fraud, is a fraud, anmd Olmert has proved it. Game Over Israel.
17. It will be remembered as the operation that Yair Lapid
didn't have anything worthwhile to write about, but since he's paid per word, we had to read a load of his assinine bullsh_t.
18. Why are we hysterical?
robin ,   israel   (08.14.06)
Because Moms can no longer stand by stoically and watch their babies (Israel's soldiers) get killed. Even if we win, life is simply not worth living without them, and we think they themselves deserve far more than to be heros.
19. So easy to sit in a Beit Cafe and Judge!
Marilyn ,   Galilee, Israel   (08.14.06)
Mr Lapid, I wish we could go back a week or even a day in time. I would like you to see how calm you would be with katushyas raining down on you and your children, and see your beautiful village in the Galil almost destroyed. How would you react if sirens were going off hourly and the stores were closed for 3 weeks so you couldn't buy food? But you wouldn't were sitting on the beach sipping your latte and judging those of us "northerners" who didn't leave our homes and tried to live our lives as normally as possible, and not let the terror show on our faces. Next time, (and there WILL be a next time) I will personally invite you to be a guest in my home. In'Shallah.
JM ,   Efrat Israel   (08.14.06)
No matter how much stupidity this guy writed, and no matter how much hate feedback Ynet gets back they still let this guy write? Daddy must have some power over Ynet.
21. Yair and Lebanon
barry moskovitz ,   beit shemesh Israel   (08.14.06)
I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of "left speak" in his column. However, he is incorrect about a few things. We should have bombed the hell out of Southern Lebanon after providing ample warning to residents. These same Lebanese that people claim were being used as human shields are the same Lebanese that were harbouring these Hizbollah animals. We should tell the world to mind their own business. We could very easily take over a few Egyptian oil fields and if almost 60 years ago we could manufacture thousands of bullets under a laundry room in a little kibbutz then I'm sure we could manufacture large weapons here, if it's not already being done so. I want peace, but not at any price.
22. Kadima's SPIN MACHINE starting!
Lee ,   New York   (08.14.06)
The Olmert / Kadima spin machine is starting up! Just wait to see what sorts of journalistic judo will be thrown our way! What, a few soldiers dead? What, two dozen killed in a mad Shabbat rush to the Litani, days before a ceasefire? What, we worry? Move over, Alfred E. Newman!
23. i wonder what's the size of gay community in the IDF?
alfred ,   cairo   (08.14.06)
Sure, Life always goes on. Or not. Yair, you forgot to mention that Israeli squatters and the brave, moral IDF can still continue their turkey shoots in Palestine, taking down more dangerous, rock throwing kids, women and men, and using them - standard MO - as IDF human shields when not using bombs, shells, gas and sonic booms. Go Israel, God has just smiled on you. Hope He/She does not frown on you. Meanwhile, my condolences to the families and friends of all those killed and maimed - Lebanese and Israelis and UNIFIL and any others. To Peretz: Yes, Amir, your name will never be forgotten either by a satisfied Sheik Nasrallah or by your own astonised people. To Rice and Bush and the mostly Jewish neo-cons:- Yep!. There is a New Middle East - one that will resist you even more fiercely and is feared by your clients in Lebanon, Suadia Ariabia, Egypt ... To the Lebanese: you are all Hezbollah and are now a respected force for Peace. May your army be trained by the victors. Have a tea with me when you visit Canada, Yair.
25. Agree with #11; my answer to #10
Ed ,   Boston, USA   (08.14.06)
Perfectly said, TM! Israel must be vigilant always, always! Never taking anything for granted, never "falling asleep". To #10: all you said is driven by your hatered to Israel, it appears you know so much, from what source - Hisbullah mouth piece Al Mahar?
26. Quick to judge
meggie ,   Northern Israel   (08.14.06)
We are a nation of politicians, get a few of us together and we know how it should all be done. So for those that grieve for their loved ones who died can we just hold up for a while. Its not over yet, mistakes are always made, no commander is perfect and no commander wants harm to come to his troops. None of us are actually "in" on what goes on behind closed doors, only what we are allowed to see via the media, which is a far too open book these days. Yes we wil get back to our lives, without waiting to hear the sirens and being glued to the TV news. There are no winners in war, no victors only the arms dealers.
27. Are there Hezbollah troops in Israel?
anon ,   Chicago, IL   (08.14.06)
The classical definition of military victory is who controls the battlefield afterwards. Last time I checked with the MSM, the IDF was operating freely in Lebanon. And not even al-Reuters mentioned any Hezbollah warriors in Israel. Hezbollah's wild boasts that only they could defeat an Israeli invasion appear to be disproven.
28. The Best way to remember
malcolm ,   NYC   (08.14.06)
Is with the image of Olmert , head bowed, leaving the Knesset for the last time.
29. You know what he's right
Aaron ,   OZ   (08.14.06)
I came to this realisation watching television footage of Lebanese returning to their bombed out villages. Whilst in sight of the camera, there was no recrimination, nothing, except thanks to allah (the pederast god) for their victory over Israel. However, if this was victory, you wouldn't know it to look at, the place is desroyed, absolutely stuffed up. The only financial aid to Lebanon will come from the arab world, and apart from Iran & Syria, most don't care, whilst they only care for Hizbollah, not lebanon. The gross domestic product of Lebanon is effectively nothing (or a negative), whilst Israel still powers on, also recieving money from those in the diaspora. In addition to which, is all of Israel that badly damaged? Granted, I am not there, but, does it resemble Lebanon? Why then can the Lebanese give thanks to Hizbollah, who did not protect infrastructure, homes, lives or livestock, and for the most part hid, prefering to fight from hiding, and who did not advance 1 yard? Why does Israel give less thanks to its heroes, who at least fought like men (& women), who did advance, and who won every single engagement. Please, a little perspective... Israel has been spoiled by too many massive victories over its foes in the past, against asymetric warfare, the wins will be difficult indeed to diferentiate from the losses.
p henry ,   longmont USA   (08.14.06)
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