Halutz to officers: Don't talk to media without authorization
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 15.08.06, 01:12
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1. What are you afraid of?
Arie ,   Afula   (08.15.06)
That tey will let the world know how the three stooges kept the IDF from being the IDF? how we have a team of spineless frenchies at the helm? How olmertand peretz plan to retire to Paris with Suha Arafat while peres plans to move to beirut?
2. The man has a point
Karen R ,   USA   (08.15.06)
I've read elsewhere that Hizbullah was using the media as an intelligence source. In days of old (60's-70's) the location and movement of forces was strictly censored. Unless this is a very unrepresentative quote, Gen. Halutz seems to be talking about operational details, not about policy dissent. I think personally that Halutz has done a terrible job, possibly because he's a pilot trying to run a land war. However, I don't see any free-speech issues here. In any case, in the next few weeks everyone is going to get a chance to say what they think of how the war was conducted. THEN we'll see how well or badly unofficial communications are handled.
frank smith ,   geneva USA   (08.15.06)
4. Halutz is afraid
loser watch   (08.15.06)
afraid of facts, of truth, of why soldiers had to ask their mothers to find helmets and other essential equipment on their way to Lebanon. Just resign already.
5. arie
Marv ,   san francisco, USA   (08.15.06)
whenever I read something you have to say I always come to the same conclusion...You are not only irrevelant but a major waste of time..You are neither funny nor serious but so into yourself you are pathetic...Israel is the victim and they are doing all they can to make the world a better place and considering who they have to deal with I don't envy them...
WILBUR ,   CANTON,USA   (08.15.06)
7. To #5-Then why do you read all my posts?
Arie ,   Afula   (08.15.06)
I state what is on my mind and beliefs. While you sit comfortably in san francisco, we deal with the dangers here day to day. We know what we have to do. Just as a reference for you, I supported Kaima and now regret it; I support the IDF and bemoan the stranglehold that spineless twits like the three stooges placed on them. As for you, if you think I am so irrelevant, then ignore me. As for my fellow Israelis that live under the muHAMedan threats and need for a stron defencewe speak out during our elections when the three stooges will surely be shown the door. Halutz is history. And a STRONG leadership WITH A SPINE will be voted in. But thanks for your support, and after you've posted a few in the safety of your armchair,feel free to take a tour of Alcatraz where you can face the deadly fear of a ddivebombing seagull! G-d speed!
8. Halutz & Media
Leon ,   Grand Rapids U S A   (08.15.06)
He's right. Had we had televised coverage of the Battle of the Wilderness in the American Civil War, and had the public seen the carnage, and heard the piteous cries of the wounded, there would have been mass revulsion, and, we would then still have slavery. The public simply doesn't understand that war, as terrible as it is, is sometimes vital to the preservation of civil society. Alas!
9. Poor IDF, cant defend and now cant talk...
Lebanese   (08.15.06)
DACON9   (08.15.06)
11. to #7 Didn't mean to upset you
Marv ,   San Francisco. Calif   (08.15.06)
Arie...Be nice now..My Having served in one war already and having a grandson in and out of Iraq I have some idea of what the world is like...What I really want to know is how you know so much about Alcatraz? Sorry if I hurt your feelings and remember we are both lucky we live in countries where we don't have to fear when we disagree...I am an American Jew and proud of it... ....God bless America and Israel
12. All Is Good, Leon, Had Your Society Been Truly Civil
Mr. Civil ,   Not, USA   (08.15.06)
13. Chalutz: LOL
Ilan ,   Ariel   (08.15.06)
Military intelligence. How about some basic intelligence so that in the future the IDF will be able to effecively defend our country without fiascos like this last affair.
14. Is this Israel's version of "Verdun"?
ian deal ,   melbourne australia   (08.15.06)
Sadly , looking from afar, it is relatively easy to be an armchair critic of those brave individuals at the sharp end, who faced a well prepared small group of very tough and fit individuals. That should never be the case, for given the limitations, they performed as well as could be expected! Although, both the intelligence and propaganda boys, should go back to school to relearn the craft properly! For whilst the real soldiers fought at the sharp end, some of these "peter principle" disciples lost the plot on most occaisions! The major problem, is like all wars, those that enter the afray, in fighting last years victories, will always lose as history foretells(english , american & french etc). The big question is and should always remain, is do the all the Politicians and hardliners, have the gumption, to own up and seek a more fortuitous polictical solution to both acknowledge and address some of the thus unresolved problems dating back to 1947/48? They have the choice, to learn from mistakes and go forward or never learn, to continue to make the same mistakes of the past?
15. He is right , but..
yoel   (08.15.06)
It would have been better not to cover it from the Beginning. Now, we are at the end, and it's too late. Nevertheless, it was a mistake to let journalists free. For most of them, the first freedom was to criticize Israel and stand aside with Lebanon. In my opinion, they don't like us whatever we do. It would have been better to provide them a good reason to hate us. And soldier could have done their job with less pressure while knowing they are not filmed.
16. Curious timing
Asylum Aleikum ,   Guantamo Bay, Cuba   (08.15.06)
One would expect an order like this at the beginning of a war, not when the war is coming to an end. Mr.Halutz, are you afraid that the troops may criticize your pathethic performance?
17. Of course
fred ,   heidelberg,germany   (08.15.06)
the general is right for obvious reasons. Why is it even worth reporting or discussing?
18. Absolutely true
Dan ,   Paris   (08.15.06)
It is not to late to learn from past mistakes
19. hahahaha :))) he is trying to cover the defeat
20. Halutz is a Crook
A. Magnus ,   Tampa Bay, USA   (08.17.06)
Insider trading on his stock portfolio right before the rockets start flying? This little missive by Halutz is nothing more than closing the bar door after the animals all ran out.
21. #2
Nabeel ,   US   (08.18.06)
If this war was still going on, I would agree with you, but there is supposed to be a cease-fire. How are troop movements are going to help Hezbollah. I think this is simply a way for the IDF to control what their soldiers tell the media. The main purpose is to: 1. stiflle criticism 2. not let any evidence of war crimes get out. More so than any other time in history, these wars (Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, etc...) are being fought as much in the media as they are on land. The IDF simply wants to win that war as well, but they have to honestly ask themselves "is truth their enemy?" If the answer is yes, then we are all in trouble.
22. #5
Nabeel ,   US   (08.18.06)
How can the death toll be 10 to 1 in favor of Israel (most of Isael's deaths were soldiers while most of Lebanon's were civillians) and Israel still be the victim? This whole tactic of painting themselves the victim might have worked in past when Jewish people had been victimized (Holocaust); however, this tactic will not work today. More and more people all over the world are waking up to the fact that Israel is no longer the victim but the bully. Unfortunately, people in the US (where the majority of Israel's support, financial and military, comes from) seem to be content in swallowing the AIPAC line. I don't think it will last.
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