Turkey: Sign reads ‘Israeli murderers keep out’
Miri Chason
Published: 15.08.06, 02:48
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1. That's Disgusting!!! Religion of Hate and Death!
Patte ,   Michigan, USA   (08.15.06)
I am praying for you Israel! God Loves You - Be Strong!
2. Do like Americans...
Stacie ,   Canada   (08.15.06)
Sew a little Canadian flag patch on yourself when travelling through Europe. Sad but then again so is the disaster taking place in Iraq and the one that just took place in Lebanon.
3. Crye Me A River...
4. What's new under the Islamic sun
Islam is terrorism. ,   Screw terrorism hard   (08.15.06)
5. Sad story
Ricot ,   Cambridge   (08.15.06)
While reading this story, tears gathered at the edge of my eye lids, foaming there but refusing to release the deep sadness flowing behind the wetness. I really, don't know how to explain my feelings. I mean children did die and a country was ruined. But was it the fault of these tourists? Two Israeli soldiers were captured and 8 more killed, while Hizbullah fired rockets into the north to distract the IDF. This was an impeccable cassus belli no? Nevermind that such border incidents occur at numerous borders around the world, this was an attack on the sovereingty of Israel. I am saddened. I don't know what else to say
6. 2000-2006 blood libel with the help of world media
15 years I've been protesting, volunteering with Palestinian kids, active in left wing Meretz for Oslo agreements, and later for the withdrawal from gaza. I think it's safe to say we never stood a chance. Palestinians are depressed al right. but after having seen the most consistent refusal to use any chance for a new future on their part, or even to spend one penny on start building a state, or even just building cities instead of refugee camps, I can safely say: Their depression is a deliberated policy of their leaders. 15 years of our lives wasted on that, in the joke is on us. while we were engaging in peace process, they were ingaging in this: v=kL5RKtwr7f0&mode=related&search= we never stood a chance. there was never any chance. but worse, while we were busy being surprised at the Palestinian's consistent refusal to give up hatred and move on to independence, a new blood libel emerged. with the help of global press, the Palestinians felt the have a wining card they can't give up. Israel as child murderer. It's too full of potential to forsake it for prosperity. they were right. its so successful Nasrallah had adopted it too. building bunkers beneath schools and houses. targeting from with in population. it doesn't matter how many Hez. we killed. we lost the war because the war is about setting the platform for non-legitimacy of our self defense. it is about setting the public platform for Iran's plan to wipe us out. We have been asleep. It is now 3:00 am in Israel and I can't sleep. Because I just realized what it is about. I look around me, and I see people having no clue what they're up against. What shall we do? I haven't got a clue.
8. you are paying for the evils done in your nation's name
sandy ,   dallas tx   (08.15.06)
I am well aware that there are many peace loving Israelis. However, since they do not speak up when their government murders children they are also partly responsible. Just as Europe was partially responsible for its silence while Hitler murdered Jews, so are Israelis. Wake up and smell the coffee. Your country is a terrorist state.
9. Keep your money in your pockets
Arie ,   Afula   (08.15.06)
Those same muHAMedans will go begging when enough Israelis just "keep on walking"
10. Disgusting
Jewish American ,   USA   (08.15.06)
Once again, Arabs are just proving to the world that thier religion preaches intolerance and hatred. O and stacie, do us all a favor and SHUT UP!!! Stop wasting our time here and go watch al-jazzeera or somethin, that will probably be more to your liking anyway.
11. How quickly they forget Israel’s help after the earthquake
AK   (08.15.06)
12. This is a result of your government's policy
Rose ,   Bahrain   (08.15.06)
Everywhere Israelis will be looked down at as terrorists and killers..thanks to your government
13. unfortunately
elie ,   USA   (08.15.06)
Now it makes many of you guys feel what it is to be stereotyped as terrorist just because you are from lebanon, or syria or Iran. this should be a wake up call for all to stop stereotyping and to brush away the dust of this sad disproportionate war that killed civilians , on both sides, but on the lebanese side it is way more apparent because of the mass killing that occured. Pray for peace, God is a God of peace not war, and not only one people but ALL.
14. Turkish Peace Keepers?
Howard ,   USA   (08.15.06)
And these people are going to be a part of the peace keeping force in Lebanon? Right, Hizbulla, Syria, and Iran are shaking in their terrorist boots!
15. Reprehensible! Boycott Turkey!
16. Israelis shouldnt feel alone...
freedom ,   canada   (08.15.06)
A sad commentary.. Look at Bethlehem and what the Christians have to go through to go to their holy city.. More of the same religious intolerance and hatred... god be with us and change peoples' minds.
17. To Rose and Sandy
Rivka ,   Australia   (08.15.06)
Gee girls you really take the cake, you have the nerve to call Israel a terrorist state, might I remind you that all terrorists in the world today are muslims and that Hisbullah and Hamas are recognised as terrorists organisations, so stop twisting the truth, oh hang on, that's what you people do the best isn't it!
18. Anti-Semitism is everywhere
Dee M ,   Oklahoma USA   (08.15.06)
Anti-Semitism is everywhere, even on this forum. If you don't like Isreal, then why are you hateful people even coming to a purely Isreali News website. CNN is not trying to be nationally based, touting itself and international. YNet is wholly Isreali. Its like your hometown papers being more biased toward your hometown than the towns in the nearby state.
19. Tikun Olam. Help the ignorant fools!!
Salvador ,   La Paz, Bolivia   (08.15.06)
20. #6 some more links
corpse ,   si   (08.15.06)
21. divide and conquer
ENRIQUE ,   LP BOLIVIA   (08.15.06)
Wouldn't hurt to have one country as friend instead of enemy, chose between your neighboors and extend the olive branch, and the dollars with it and see what happens!
22. who is the murder?
marcelo ,   brazil   (08.15.06)
hei, what about armenian holocaust?.
23. turkey: sign reads "israeli murderers keep out"
kati ,   vienna   (08.15.06)
Why to "sponser" the tourism in those countries? better to make holidays in israel which is a beautiful country anyway! Kati, Vienna
Scott   (08.15.06)
1822 Chios, Greeks 50,000 1823 Missolongi, Greeks 8,750 1826 Constantinople, Jannisaries 25,000 1850 Mosul, Assyrians 10,000 1860 Lebanon, Maronites 12,000 1876 Bulgaria, Bulgarians 14,700 1877 Bayazid, Armenians 1,400 1879 Alashguerd, Armenians 1,250 1881 Alexandria, Christians 2,000 1892 Mosul, Yezidies 3,500 1894 Sassun, Armenians 12,000 1895-96 Armenia, Armenians 150,000 1896 Constantinople, Armenians 9,570 1896 Van, Armenians 8,000 1903-04 Macedonia, Macedonians 14,667 1904 Sassun, Armenians 5,640 Total 328,477 To this must be added the massacre in the province of Adana in 1909, of thirty thousand Armenians. source:
25. Turks need to fix up their own problems first
Da Sphincter ,   NOT from Iran/ Syria   (08.15.06)
There's ongoing issues relating to the Armenians that over the years has seen THOUSANDS of men , women and CHILDREN MASSACRED - by guess who?? THE TURKS. What a pack of assholes.
DEBRA ,   USA   (08.15.06)
27. I lived in Turkey for a year and a half fourty years ago.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (08.15.06)
When you get into the countryside far from the big cities, the people were wonderful and in the larger cities, there was always two people per block trying to screw you. Attaturk had a secular country with full freedom for women and now the islamic freaks are trying to make it into another iran, another iraq, another stupid arabia.
28. To #8 You are stupid!
Patte ,   Michigan, USA   (08.15.06)
Why do you say "Just as Europe was partially responsible for its silence while Hitler murdered Jews" - do you not think anyone in the U.S. knew they were killing Jews in the Death Camps. Every country knew and looked the other way. Israel is NOT a terrorist state, they are just fighting the war wrong, trying to keep from killing "so called civilians". They need to fight it like a real war and just wipe them out - it's the only way to win, but the world ties their hands. If they push them, they will get them, and God will help them. You cannot fight terrorist in a civilized way, as they are NOT civilized. They are animals!!!
29. Turkish people are great!
Palestinian   (08.15.06)
Turkish people are among the most friendly people on the face of this earth. There is no question about this! They are our brothers and sisters in faith. They strongly care about us, and we strongly care about them. Turkey's role is much more constructive in the area and caring about Arabs than most Arab governments. Let me mention that the british occupation of Palestine was a consequence of the Arab leadership at the time in the British government. Just as the Arab leadership stood against Iraq in this modern age, they stood against the Ottoman in the early 20th century. We in Palestine are so indept to the muslims in Turkey for their love and care, and for role in protecting Palestine for over 500 years.
30. notice
mark ,   raanana israel   (08.15.06)
guys,lets not go overboard here. after all this was one shmatta dealer in a population of millions
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