Israelis hack Ahmadinejad's blog
Dudi Goldman
Published: 15.08.06, 09:12
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1. Ha ha!!!! How does it feel smart ass?
2. crazy iranian was too cheap to buy anti-virus...
3. Israel's proud
rebellious ,   planet Earth   (08.15.06)
Well done guys.... thats the true potentntial of Israel. As lone as Israel is having an upper edge over technology no one can beat Israelis. We are proud of you......
Da Sphincter ,   Let it all out   (08.15.06)
Only hate-filled , religious pisswits can believe him.
5. special offer
meg ,   Israel   (08.15.06)
You nasty Iranian drek, can we offer you Norton securities as this weeks special offer, guess you know who developed
6. Stupid move ... Big Claim
Ahmed   (08.15.06)
Is that what you guys have reduced to .. hacking sites .. just like your IDF Anyways, it not hacking just denial of service for a short time.
7. He's getting an unwanted answer
Ibrahim ,   S. Arabia   (08.15.06)
Ahmadinejad has a poll on his website, asking: "Do you think that the US and Israeli intention and goal by attacking Lebanon is pulling the trigger for another word war?" The "yes" answers so far are 20500 and the "NO" answers are close to 47000 !!!
8. Wonder if we can rig his computer to explode..
Pat ,   USA   (08.15.06)
when he logs into the blog LOL
9. hacking is illegal...! oh i forget this is self-defense!!
10. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!won't be the last time either
Israel   (08.15.06)
11. To ahmed
JOEL ,   GALUT   (08.15.06)
You must be stupid like your post . Go to yours -arab site . Do not insult any one here , IDF gazma on your neck .
12. Looking forward to the day their goverment get crashed!
Ahmedi's anti virus ,   NY,USA   (08.15.06)
13. #11 Hey Joel - What's a "Gazma"? :-)
Da Sphincter   (08.15.06)
Would you really do that to Ahmed? Hee hee :-) ( Can we take turns?)
14. This is not our way
JordanR ,   New York, USA   (08.15.06)
My fellow Jews... knock it off! This is not our way. Besides, A.J. is such an idiot. The more he says, the more the world understands the real threat that Israel faces.
15. Ami's blog site.
James ,   Glasgow, Scotland   (08.15.06)
Rather than crashing the thing surely it would be better to encourage him so that the world may see just how tunnel visioned he is, especially if enough questions were posted so that he shows his true colours by his answers. Not enough of this man is known in the outside world other than what the media give us so to get through to the appeasers and others of that ilk keep him talking.
16. Muslims hate Israel but couldn't live without Jews.
Daisy ,   USA   (08.15.06)
Muslims contribute nothing positive to the world while Israel has given so much to humanity. If Muslims truly boycotted Israel they wouldn't use computers, cellphones, certain medicines and monkey boy wouldn't have his blog.
17. Democracy?
Dave777 ,   Scotland   (08.15.06)
Why not allow for free speech? Afraid he will tell the truth? Why not debate with him like a rational person?
18. Ibrahim #7: why dors your goverment encourage
blood libels against jews on newspapers? like that article by a proffessor(!) in goverment controlled paper saying we use children's blood in Mathos. Or the article about Barbie dolls and other filth brought to the world by jews. why? why do you let that happen? are you aware these are lies? are you aware of the fact who ever lies looses him self as well, because living in a lie prevents any progress. The no reason for us not to live in peace. it's not just us who loose because of no peace with you, it's you who loose more. because hatred doesn't allow growth. it sets progress back. it doesn't allow great mindes to be productive.
19. Dave777
"debate with him like a rational person?" what do you think the whole world's been trying to do for the last few months. If you call him rational, then you are certainly not different then him.
20. You are the big liars
liarssssssss   (08.15.06)
Ahmedinejad's blog is not here is it
21. Crashed Blog
Alon ,   Ramat Gan, ISR   (08.15.06)
Assuming Israel did this, so big whoopdeedo! Meanwhile, his proxies whipped our army and his allies in the world political arena tanned our hides. Get real!
22. #20
Allan ,   Denmark'   (08.15.06)
Nope, it´s at both, wonder why you couldn´t get into the .com mirror´...
23. #20
Aaron   (08.15.06)
They both go to the same place. Try it before posting dumb comments.
24. 21 has been in a coma for over a month
25. what a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!
M ,   sweden   (08.15.06)
wow what a great job u did.hacked his website wow. now iran is defeated and we have no more problems in the world yippppi fuckin idiots wake up.......
26. To: "you are the big liars"
Steve ,   Nashville, TN, USA   (08.15.06)
quick FYI dear - ...SAME WEB SITE.
27. You LOSE your WAR against HIZBOLLAH, so
You LOSE your WAR against HIZBOLLAH, so you HACK Ahmadinejad's blog?! HAHAHAHAHA... HILARIOUS!!! And this even makes the papers!!!
28. you wake up, swede
Abu Yahoo ,   World   (08.15.06)
hej, lighten up dork. we all do our part.
29. Am awake but are YOU?
M ,   sweden   (08.15.06)
oh wow does ur government tells you when they get hacked noooooooo. u lost a big time for a bunch of ppl who are not more than few thousands. this never happened b4 LOOSERS. wake up
30. Isreali accomplishments: Blog hacking
Katie ,   Louisiana   (08.15.06)
And they can't even manage to get that right.
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