Israelis hack Ahmadinejad's blog
Dudi Goldman
Published: 15.08.06, 09:12
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61. Instant learning tip
Bern   (08.23.06)
There's a faster way of understanding all the human tragedies of the world, read the 'PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION' and discover how modern history was pre-planned and stage managed. I should also mention that the under-estimation of Muslims is one of the stumbling blocks of this plan.
62. i am ashamed to be irani becuas of my gov!
ashamed irani!!!! ,   miami usa   (08.24.06)
i support isreal and usa and all that oppose old radical lazy fake want-to-be persians from the previous honorable empire 5000 years ago and khomeni's view didn't work out now like iraq im waiting for the cowboys to come lend me and hand and rid me of this room full of extremists with a camera holding my people captive in a rotting misery. god bless isreal and the usa and democracy!!
63. Israel is depressed
abusalah ,   Amman   (08.25.06)
Israel with its mighty army could not defeat a group of fighters. Now they launch an attack on a web site. Israel is sooo depressed. Israel you must be proud of yourself. Mel Gibson was right the Jews behind all the wars.
64. iran
john ,   USA   (09.09.06)
there will be no Peace until the US nukes Iran. the sooner the better
65. Benedectus
Rod ,   Brazil   (09.17.06)
The Pope lapse it's terrible.....
66. Supporting Isreal
e-lo ,   USA   (09.28.07)
Israel, more like Assreal! Anyone who supports Isreal is an idiot.
67. Israel
T.J. ,   USA   (06.03.08)
God Bless Israel for hacking Ahmadinejad's blog and causing it to crash. This man is dangerous and poses a real threat to the world and mankind. God Bless Israel and her people. Long live Freedom..
68. To # 66
T.J. ,   USA   (06.03.08)
Anyone who does not support Israel is an idiot, Yes I support Israel and pride of it, and no me and others who support Israel are not idiot,'s you are...God Help You...if you don't support Israel, then you support the terrorists Ahmadinejad and other radical muslims terrorists...May God guide you'll need it.
69. did you ever read his blog?
Peter ,   California   (08.28.08)
are you doing this on purpose just to show how stupid you are? or you actually meant what you said...
70. blog
Alan ,   Canada   (06.25.09)
How can all of you condone this? Deny this man freedom to speak like a human being. We are being heavily controlled right now..America wants oil by conquest because they are broke. My crystal ball says this will be used as an excuse to go into Iran.
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