IDF: Senior Hizbullah man killed before truce
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 16.08.06, 09:09
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1. Not only did they get this guy, but Osama and Rommel too!
2. then where is he?
ll   (08.16.06)
3. Still lying?
Jude ,   Lebanon   (08.16.06)
Israel lost this war with humiliation and they are still lying!!! can't beleive...
4. More lies
johnathan ,   Beirut   (08.16.06)
IDF is still seeking for a desperate victory somewhere... you got to admit that you are DEFEATED. point. stop believing in your gov & IDF lies... think twice before attacking Lebanon.
5. Hezzi Losses
Lindon Richards ,   Milpitas CA, USA   (08.16.06)
It is almost amusing, well, heck very amusing to hear that Hezbolla suffered no losses in the battering that they took in the conflict just ended. Of course, the more sane among ,us will not give much credence to this rubbish spewing from the sewer below Nasarallah's nostrils, but even so, a ffew points are in order. Hezbollah did take a severe beating at the hands of the IDF, and while its representatives and their supporters are obviously happy that they are still alive, the rest of us are fully aware that this is unfinished business, and so we are not satisfied, with the fact that the remnants of this rancid organisation, is still around to crow about an imaginary " victory" We are all aware ot the fact that there wil be a next tiime, and Lebanon and the entire region had better be prepared for it. I am pretty confident that this time around, Syria will get what is coming to it. There is every sign that Hezbollah intends to provoke another catastrophe. This can be seen in the bellicose statements emmanating form the sewer pits beneath their nostrils. The theocratic gang runing and ruining Iran, is convinced that Allah has commanded them to press their luck, no matter what. There does not seem to be an countervailing forces in Iran that will hold this gang in check. The population at large has apparently assumed a similar position to that of the wider German population immediately before and during WW2. The very sad fact is that history is bound to repeat itself for these people, since they are wilfully ignoring the lessons that were taught then.
6. #2 - Decaying in a bunker with the rest of them.
Talula ,   Israel   (08.16.06)
No decent burials for friends of Satan. They served their purpose and now they are left to rot in a bunker.
7. kol hakavod
8. To Lindon #5
John ,   Junieh, Lebanon   (08.16.06)
Sorry to tell you that you got to accept your huge loss. no matter what you say, you will admit it deep in your mind just as all humans around the world are admitting it. I am sorry too that you rely on your twisted media in the USA, and you base your facts on it... Hezballah has proudly defended our land and won this war. No objective of the IDF has been reached so far! I am also sorry how naive you are American people, believing in your leaders' words. You have a twisted definition of "terrorism". Instead of encouraging a new war like you are saying, you had better wished that Israel gives back our rights: the occupied land and the detainees, and respect our sovereign air, sea and land. If this happens, no reason will remain for Hezballah's arms... But obviously, people like you are getting used to defeats...
9. senior hizbollah man killed before
debbie ,   herzliya   (08.16.06)
To John, Junieh, #8 What you are saying is TOTALLY REDICULOUS First, at the time that Hizbollah attacked Israel, Israel did not occupy any Lebanese land. You know it, and are only trying to find justification for this totally senseless and unprovoked attack by Hizbollah. And second, the claim that Hizbollah defended your land is completely insane. Hizbollah was the very reason that your land was attacked, so many people killed, infrastructure destroyed and millions of dollars in damage. Do you think Israel woke up one morning a month ago and said, Gee we have nothing better to do. We think we'll attack Lebanon and start a war. Get real and get your facts right. If there were no Hizbollah there would have been no war. Israel is too busy entering the 21st Century and making life better for her citizens to worry about being busy with losers like you and your fellow terrorists, oh excuse me, your fellow "innocent citizens"
10. Sajed Dewayer
KMR ,   Middle East   (08.16.06)
-head of Hizbullah's Special Forces killed... Can Lebanese (Hezbollah) prove he still breathing? Let us know the truth.
11. # 8, So wrong and Unproductive !
Lindon Richards ,   Milpitas CA   (08.16.06)
HI John, in Junieh, Lebanon, You are so wrong. I will not call you names, but will just point out a few things to you. 1 How effective was Hezbollah at preventing Isreal from inflicting the damage it did to your country? 2How difficult is it to hide two soldiers. Afterall, was it not your country and the same Hezbollah that perfected the whole business of kidnappings, beatings, suicide truck bombings and hijackings for the entire 1980s, and 1990s? Was it very smart to have kidnapped two soldiers and then lose the lives of well over 1000 persons in addition to Hezbollah dead ? 4 Isreal, the USA, Western Europe, Japan, Asutralia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea, are known for thier very high standard living standards. they have produced pratically all the inno vations that we all use today. These innovations include the internet, computers, robotics, improved methods of farming, space rersearch, medicines, improved transport, and so on Of course other places such as India, Argentina, Brazil and China are also progressing quite nicely. On the other hand non of the Arab countries in particular and the Muslim country in general, have produced any useful innovation for say, the last 50 years. This is so despite the fact that they have lots of resources, especially oil. These countries, including your own, are known for producing jihad, and marching crowds, shouting death to America ! My question to you is this, apart from producing violence and jihad, what else can Hezbollah offer to your country. Mind you bribing the local population with patronage is only good as long as the money from Iran lasts. I hope you will have the ability and willingness to appreciate these points.
12. #8 - John
Tsedek ,   Israel   (08.16.06)
You really think that getting the int'l community involved in -and the Lebanese committed to- the goals Israel set for starting this war, means "losing"? Tse.
13. Thank You Debbie!
Lindon Richards ,   Milpitas CA   (08.16.06)
Israel is too busy entering the 21st Century and making life better for her citizens to worry about being busy with losers like you and your fellow terrorists, oh excuse me, your fellow "innocent citizens" See Debbie, your last sentence encapsulates what Isreal is all about. This is what the Aras do not get, and frankly, there is no evidence that they ever will.
14. Senior Hizbullah man killed before truce
Dallas ,   Lynn, MA USA   (08.16.06)
I am amazed that the arab news services deliberatly deceive their readers in these reports. Lies do not create reality. An ignorant and deceived populace becomes fueled by what they're told. Hitler also effectively used the media to attempt to fool the world. This is the face of the arab news services.
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