Hizbullah: We won’t disarm, withdraw north of Litani
Roee Nahmias
Published: 16.08.06, 14:55
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1. Hizbullah have lots to 'rebuild' so we
Amaretto ,   Israel   (08.16.06)
won't be hearing from them for the next 50 years or so.
2. This shows exactly why we shouldn't ...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (08.16.06)
have talks with terror groups. They don't play by the same rules, they don't care if innocent people are killed due to their actions and they will never, ever abide by the UN rules. The only thing that will get them to disarm is a good old fashioned ass kicking.
3. Paper Tiger Israel on a tight leash
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.16.06)
Hezbollah knows Israel has become a paper tiger under weak leadership on a tight leash. Israel accepted a bad ceasfire plan engineered by their ally which gave Hezbollah a victory. So why should they withdraw or disarm, Israel lost and they won. The cult of death mullah's and their enabler Syria and Iran are never held accountable. Syria got away with Rafik Hariri's assassination and the U.N. has proven to be a worthless failure. How stupid of Israel to fall for this again. Your leaders are weak and defeatist.and Hezbollah knows this. The 'free' Lebanese have proven that they will only go so far and capitulate. And Israel has proven a paper tiger failure,who bend under the tight leash of U.S. globalist backstabbers and traitors who enforce Saudi and Egyptian demands. The radical's who lead Hezbollah are encouraged and know they have much time,having already brushed aside all their detractors. Assassination's haven't even begun yet. No doubt about it ,the winds of war blow strong from Iran to Lybia. The Arab/Islamic world have awakened from their nap and have a monumental appetite to fill. Nasrallah and Ahmadinejad promise to prepare their feast and nothing but their defeat can stop what they are preparing against their mortal enemy Israel. The Israel ,defanged and declawed by a trojan ally beholden to his Saudi boyfriend.
4. #1- I disagree
Sadly, the entire Arab world is looking to Hizbullah as saviors. Now you have Assad and Ahmadhinejad and others more willing and trusting to give more weapons and more advanced technology, for they saw that even now they have not been pulled into the mess, so Hizbullah can do their bidding for them.
5. it's clear that the IDF must dismarm and remove them !
michael ,   tel aviv   (08.16.06)
finally there are words coming out of the government to the effect that Israel will be in S. Lebanon for another two months and that if UNIFIL and the Lebanese government won't and can't (in the order) disarm and remove Hezbullah then the IDF will. Better than all this stupid talk of withdrawing. It cost us a lot of lives to get there so let's finish the clean up. If we were to leave now then the loss of life would have been in vain.
6. the new/old/same reality in Lebanon
Zionist ,   Israel   (08.16.06)
It should be clear by now to all Western countries that Hizballah is a sovereign state within a state, and the Lebanese government is fine with that. Hizballah has more power than Saniora, from Iranian and Syrian backing, and therefore Saniora doesn't dare to upset the terrorists for fear of civil war and a complete usurption of political power by Nasrallah. Basically, we're left with a situation where Iran is calling the shots through Hizballah and the Lebanese government has nothing to do about it, even if they wanted to.
7. Why is this so complicated?
If hezbollah doesn't comply with UN Resolution 1701, then there is no deal and the IDF should stay in So. Lebanon until they do. Period. Also, Hezbollah needs to be evicted from the area for political reasons, too. They should not be allowed to stick around for reconstruction so they can start this s--t all over again next year. Who among us is surprised that Hezbollah is recanting on the ceasefire agreement? Paging Olmert and Peretz...hello? is anyone there? LOOKS LIKE THE DEAL IS OFF....
8. Some people never learn.
Adam Segal ,   Raanana, Israel   (08.16.06)
It took them less than 3 days to break their side of the bargain that was to their advantage to begin with. Israel needs to learn a valuable lesson: "Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!"
9. Privelaged or what?
Oh so these guys can go and say now that they're not going to disarm or move north of the Litani. They probably won't give back the soldiers either. So much for adhering to a ceasefire treaty. Hahaha, all the demands that the Muslims were making that Israel do-- and they do nothing for their part of the agreement. UN-- please do some enforcement
10. Shocking...didn't see this coming. Why won't they play nice?
Jeremiah ,   Israel, Jewish Land   (08.16.06)
11. #4 - Ever heard of tongue in cheek?
Amaretto ,   Israel   (08.16.06)
I was referring to the levelled state of Lebanon - and all the building and econmy that they (HEZBULLAH)need to 'rebuild' it will take them 50 years.
12. We have a lot to rebuild too. No point in going back in
Proud Grandpa ,   (08.16.06)
right now, unless the point is getting more soldiers killed in vain. I hope the voice of the warmongers will be silenced this time. Our effort should concentrate on repairing the damage done by this war and preparing for the REAL and DANGEROUS war against Syria and Iran. We've got only ONE IDF to protect Israel from being invaded. And this army should be prepared and used to defend Israel from invasion of Syria and Iran. We cannot afford wearing out this only army of ours on a terrorist organisation like Hezbollah, which evidently can't be disarmed for good. Even if we send in All IDF to kill every Hezbollah gunmen and destroy every rocket and launcher, it won't crush their motivation to rebuild and hurt us again. But they can only hurt us by killing soldiers, kidnapping soldiers, firing rockets. They (Hezbollah) cannot invade Israel and conquer land. The strategic threat is from Syria and Iran.
13. What did you expect from...
Yonatan ,   USA   (08.16.06)
A cowardly group without any morals or honor? Did we really expect them to honor ANY kind of agreements? We're talking about toilet scum.
14. If Iran fails in UN, Hezbollah wouldn't disarm.
KMR ,   Middle East   (08.16.06)
A clear picture might emerge only after the status of Iranian nuclear issue clarified in UN this month. Iran & Hezbollah go hand-in-hand. My guess, if Iran fails in UN, Hezbollah wouldn't disarm.
15. Good luck disarming them...
Hassan ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (08.16.06)
the IDF tried to disarm HB, but couldn't, under Olmert who insisted he was going to enforce UN resolution 1559 at the beginning of this war. Did he? Litvni says: The most powerful army cannot disarm HB. That includes IDF and the US army. That being the case, good luck getting the UN to disarm them. Israel has lost this war, and should therefore disarm the IDF first, ha ha ha ha.
16. Yet another headline from "Duh" Magazine.
Josh ,   Atlanta   (08.16.06)
17. UN ultimatum
Peter ,   Toronto Canada   (08.16.06)
Israel needs to go to the security council with Ultimatum. Secure adherence to 1701 immediately or Israel will declare cease fire over. End of story. Give them a time limit of 30 days.
lebanese   (08.16.06)
true lebanese did not forget the sacrifices made by the israelis for their coutnry since 1982. finish off hezbollah and both our countries will coexist happily ever after.
19. Are they just stupid??
steven ,   france   (08.16.06)
or what?The hizbollah are trying their Employers tactics,Playing with the UN and agreed on resolutions.Now we shall see whether the Lebanese Government are Serious and honest,about wanting a peaceful settlement,and "wanting to reign in the Hizbollah;;and we shall also seeif the UN has the ability and power to demande that the resolution 1701 be applied.. Hizbollah is also trying to make amends,,,with the Lebanese people;;;Their wanting to re-build the Villages destroyed by the IDF,.Are the Hizbullshiters feeling a trifel guilty of their bringing the war to Lebanese soil???YES,and hopefully for a ver VERY long time...
20. Israel's folly in accepting UN resolution
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (08.16.06)
The UN resolution did not require Hizbullah to be disarmed, and it would allow them to be included in the Lebanese army and thus to receive ongoing weapons shipments from Syria and Iran. Israel was very foolish to accept this resolution. Here's my opinion of what Israel should have demanded of the UN:- 1. Unconditional and immediate release of the kidnapped soldiers. 2. The complete surrender and destruction of Hizbullah weapons and infrastructure. 3. The prohibition of any Hizbullah participation in the army or government of Lebanon. 4. Sanctions on Syria and Iran. 5. No aid to be given to Lebanon until 1 and 2 above achieved. 6. Aid to Lebanon to be matched by at least as much aid to Israel for reconstruction purposes, plus compensation to be paid to the families of the Israeli dead and to the Israeli wounded.
21. Israel Could Have Won
Yechiel ,   Brooklyn, NY USA   (08.16.06)
Israel had and still has air superiority unchallenged. After all how many planes did it loose in this confilct? It should have continued the bombing of Lebanon from south to north and then sent in the ground troops to mop up.
22. Rehab requires guns?
NL ,   Israel   (08.16.06)
"Hizbullah said its top priority is to rebuild Lebanon and help those who have been displaced from their homes." Yes, it's really important to have guns to help people rebuild their homes. Any connection Hizbullah makes between retaining their arms and aiding rehabilitation is based on faulty logic being used to justify their position as a militant state-within-a-state. The Lebanese government has already indicated that they are stupid or weak enough to fall for this inane rhetoric. I hope (although am not super optimistic) that the international community will not follow suit.
23. #7
rich ,   brons   (08.16.06)
ABSOLUTELY CORRECT but it also needs to be shouted in Kofi Annan's ear & also in the ear of that midget # 2 in Iran to get his attention.
24. good luck
moe ,   montreal, Canada   (08.16.06)
after they won and defeated Israel what do you expect them to do, to come and say, hey, take our weapons and we are going to where Israel wanted us to go and failed in making us to do so. Hizbollah won't disarm, word in street they are looking for finding a rockets for the jet fighters and warships. besides, its stupide to expect them to go north of litani river, most of hizbollah fighters are locals from the towns across the borders down to bikaa valley. so, how can you as a person to leave his town and go somewhere else
25. 6 month prognosis
Arie ,   Afula   (08.16.06)
the 3 stooges will be gone within the month Halutz will be replaced The new PM will have a spine The IDF will HAVE TO GO BACK in to Lebanon Lebanon will cease to exist Damascus will look like S Beirut Israelis will FINALLY realize that the 5th columnites i the Knesset will have to be dealt with with "extreme prejudice"
26. Obviously Lebanon needs more bombing.
Bernard Ross ,   St. Anns Bay, Jamaic   (08.16.06)
27. Of course they will break it, but the world must see it
Aaron ,   OZ   (08.16.06)
Olmert/Peretz/Peres, et al, were well aware that Hizbollah/Lebanon were not going to disarm, however, world opinion was starting to swing toward a ceasefire. This is fine, he will laugh it up, he has a victory brought with 25 years of history. However, now the International community is aware of the lies, Hizbollah is an official part of the Lebanese state, therefore, war with Hizbollah is war with Lebanon. The next step, is for Hizbollah to start firing again, I suggest within 1-2 months. The very first time they do, drive back over the fence, establish a blocking force on the Litani, and use unrestricted artillery/aerial bombardment on all points south. There is no longer any need to fear or even avoid civilian casualties, Israel is responding to a breach of a UN ceasefire, and civilians really should not be in a warzone, but it is not for Israel to transport them. Whilst this happens, I suggest that the IDF should shoot down the first passenger jet out of Beirut to Damascus, because the bearded fool will be upon it.
28. The speaker is truly..
Clippers ,   SE Asia   (08.16.06)
a Son Of B*t*h and a pure trouble maker with a glibbed tongue. The world will continue to swear and curse hard on Hizbullah. Can't these animals understand what is peace? Think of PEACE for a moment ?? I wonder Kofi Annan will do what next if Hizbullah resists to disarm. Any Arab folks would like to challenge their view and put a blame on Israel again if the war re-start. I salute Israel for honouring of words and the nation of Israel just want only PEACE...that's all. These Hizbullah animals deserve to be skined alive and hanged them dry.
29. obviously Israel needs more missiles bombing
sam   (08.16.06)
the isaelis until now haven't learned that war is never a way for peace , you want to bomb lebanon?so you will be attacked as well. the only way for peace is peace. you want HB to stop attacking Israel and release the two prisoners?so get out of lebanese soil that is been occupied for decades and release the 1000 prisoners in Israel..that way you will kill every reason of the existence of HB
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.16.06)
Extreme HATE: Responsibility for compliance of the resolution is given to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, infamous for his fanatical hatred of Israel. Extreme DISHONESTY: The UN determined in 2,000 that Israel had withdrawn to the international border. The resolution places Shaba Farms - legally belonging to Israel - up for negotiation. The laws of nations forbids land taken through aggression. The US, EU, UN unlawfully seek to reward Lebanon-Hizbullah-Syria-Iran for their unprovoked war of aggression against Israel. Extreme RACISM: The damage and destruction to Israel is enormous. Israel's economy is devastated. Destruction in some Israeli towns is far worse than experienced by most people in the Lebanese cities of Beirut and Sidon. Profound Jew-hate and injustice is revealed in the resolution which asks for financial and humanitarian assistance for Lebanon the aggressor - but no assistance whatsoever for Israel the victim. Extreme DECEIT: Equivalency is made between Iran's Hizbullah terrorist army' vicious unprovoked acts of war against Israel - over 4,000 rockets fired at Israel and Israel's self-defense operations which the resolution refers to as "offensive" military operations. Hizbullah's rockets are packed with ball bearings to maximize the suffering of Israeli victims - the same murderous Islamist hate of 9/11 and 7/7 - an inhuman hate for non-Muslim infidels that engulfs our world in endless barbaric attacks in the Islamist war against innocents. Images show Hizbullah using high-density residential areas to launch rockets:,,19955774-5007220,00.html Extreme DECEIT: The Lebanese government and Hizbullah are one and the same. The US, EU, UN are fully aware that Hizbullah terrorists are part of Lebanon's government and that the Lebanon government actively colludes with Hizbullah: YNETNEWS (08.12.06, 16:52) Siniora accepts deal, praises Hizbullah ...steadfastness of resistance fighters in field was very important,',7340,L-3290107,00.html Extreme DECEIT: In calling for disarmament of all armed groups in Lebanon, the US, EU, UN are fully aware Hizbullah will NEVER disarm and know they are giving Lebanon-Hizbullah victory over Israel and massive victory for Syria and Iran - who sponsor Hizbullah in Iran's war against Israel and the free world. In the global war to bring all nations under Islamic subjugation, the US, EU, UN empowerment of global jihad is a shocking betrayal of Israel and the world's non-Muslims. Photo Fraud in Lebanon's new movie:
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