Jenin: 3 Hamas members killed while making bombs
Ali Waked
Published: 18.08.06, 10:18
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Ertok   (08.18.06)
Da Sphincter ,   NOT from Iran/ Syria   (08.18.06)
These idiots and their supporters are just SCUM. I couldnt care how much of a "cause" they have - to them its all about KILLING. They are just DICKHEADS as are the do-gooder fools who blindly believe and follow their stupidity.
3. please kill each other ""just like that""
happy reuven ,   usa   (08.18.06)
may many of you kill each other so the world be in the virgins in heaven are waiting, be dead more.
4. Bravo,,they deserve this
Nadim ,   beirut lebanon   (08.18.06)
You see ,,, God was watching them and see what happened to them,,!!! this is the best story i heard today, and i guess it saved the life of many civilians,,
5. support lebanon
tomer ,   tel aviv   (08.18.06)
I support the people in Lebanon. in many ways our country is resemble to yours we had small countries, you suffered from syria and we from the bombing attacks and hizbulla we should unit together to stop those who want to make our lives in terror mode.
6. Kein Yirbu!
H ,   Jerusalem   (08.18.06)
7. Quick
O.No ,   Basel Street T.A.   (08.18.06)
Get him to our hospital. Otherwise woman in black/arabs/left/mummies against war will organize a march tonight in Kikar Oslo at 7.30.Paintings on sale too.
8. One of the reasons there will not be peace
Mohammed ,   USA   (08.18.06)
Until Palestinian people realize Hamas is terror there will be no progres. I am not excusing Israel role but Hamas to blame also. It is a sin in Islam to kill and do terror. Hamas goes against Koran and they will pay for sins against Allah.
9. what a wonderfull world !!!
m ,   lebanon   (08.18.06)
if all palestinians,sirians,iranians and muslims die like that!!!we wl live in peace guys believe me they r TERRORISTS don't deserve life....
10. the more the merrier...
Helena ,   Stockholm   (08.18.06)
Good news, let them have more and more work accidents so they would make a REAL contribution to the Palestinian cause
11. Too funny! I love it when they do this! May they rot in hell
Adam ,   Manchester   (08.18.06)
12. Work accident
me ,   planet earth   (08.18.06)
The Palestinian authority,must have a very good Health insurance policy,,,to pay for all these "Work Accidents";its a wonder they did not blame israel for tampering with the Electrical ,"invisible Radio waves,etc,etc,Or maybe the Israelis crept into their workshop,and boobytraped their "WORK"? Man the Palestinians are really a bunch of Idiots,If they still think that they can fool us with this kind of BULLSHIT,then they deserve every "Work accident "that happens.MAN!!!!This is the CHERRY.
13. Bravo, Hamas!!!
Ana   (08.18.06)
"Two Hamas members were killed and a third mortally wounded " They are already in Paradise enjoying the 72. May they rest in pieces,. May all the hamas people rest in pieces. Keep up the good work. Do it once a day at least.
14. Great
j ,   lebanon   (08.18.06)
Great news.
15. What kind of "work" is that?
wibawa ,   Sydney, Australia   (08.18.06)
I wonder what the Palestinians would say on the kind of "work" done by those now dead Hamas members? Accounting, perhaps?
16. Congratulations, Hamas
Casiopea   (08.18.06)
The guy with the explosive belt did a great job taking two of his companions with him.
17. How it happened
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (08.18.06)
Tamper tamper... screw fiddle... "hey Ahmad pass the screw driver"... fiddle... "now whats this button do again..oops!" "oh Allah!!".... KAAAA........BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM! !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !! !!! !!!
18. Were probably jumping up and down saying "we won, we won"
Chris ,   Australia   (08.18.06)
19. Live by the sword...Die by the sword!
AvramY ,   Washington, DC   (08.18.06)
Praise G_d!
20. OLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
linda   (08.18.06)
21. Thank you god!!
ahmed ,   london   (08.18.06)
22. How it happened...
Loco ,   Universe!   (08.18.06)
Ok Abdulah I will show it to you only once, when you reach the bus press here....BOOM! Idiots!
23. Ahmed and Mo
PHIL UK   (08.18.06)
"Mohammad, we will kill the jews, we will drive the israelis out of our islamic land - with this devise, we will show the world our strength" "Ahmed, what does this button do"? "What ever you do Mohammad, don't touch that buttonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.........ooops Ok Ahmed........
24. Since It Was an Accident . . .
emanon ,   USA   (08.18.06)
but the intent was to kill other, do they get 72 used women instead of virgins?
25. Work related accident?
Chaim ,   Bet Shemmesh, Israel   (08.18.06)
You call this a work related accident? I call a work related accident when some one dies of a result of building a hospital, school, something constructive to society. Something that is civil. I can assure you, the next second after the explosion, their eyes opened to see the inside of hell. I am most sure they didn't ask for 72 virgins. Water would be the question, which there is none. Baruch HaShem.
26. Worms
Chris ,   Sweden   (08.18.06)
I hope that they`re not like worms; multiplied when divided...
Rachel Gold ,   New York   (08.18.06)
28. POP goes the weasels!
Arie ,   Afula   (08.18.06)
29. IwannaBAJihadistMartyrMan….
NS ,   Heartland USA   (08.18.06)
Thats the way it's supposed to work..last time i checked suicide is not a choice you can make for another.
30. Those "peaceful" palestinians are at it again!
spreading their idea of "peace" all over the sidewalk! HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Well, you certainly are "PIECEFUL" now! [pun intended!]
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