IDF officer killed in Baalbek operation
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 20.08.06, 00:06
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1. OlmertKula & ZivniKula Are Vampires, They Need Mo IDF Blood
Wanda Segal ,   San Angelo, USA   (08.19.06)
Hizbullah is merely the restaurant captain, and it's serving and working the garveyard shift nightly.
2. the huzzies
Lebanese female ,   Lebanese female   (08.19.06)
I cant believe israel did it again. U should have got rid of irans agents. All u have done now, is strengthened them. I am very disappointed indeed!!!!
3. dont give back the Israeli terrorist soldier
Ahmed   (08.19.06)
4. Losers are us.....IDF INC.
Truth hurts   (08.19.06)
Let me guess what israels plan is, covert missions to capture hizbollah members, well good luck, you can only keep adding to your failures...Losers!!! TRUTH HURTS
5. The civilians are back!
Jan ,   Kampen, Netherlands   (08.19.06)
So Hezbollah has it's shield back to operate again... I hope Israel strikes hard and fast and... ignores the United Nothing, those French slimeballs should back off... they're just a continuation of the Vichy Government.
6. If Lebanese Female is Lebanese then I am Elvis !
7. To number 2
Chris ,   LA   (08.19.06)
If you are really Lebanese, it's sad to see how some Lebanese again are relying on foreign help to solve their problems with others inside Lebanon. How are you different than the Syrians crushing opposition to their rule when they were in Lebanon for the sake of their supporters? You need to learn that a guerilla group supported by a local population is near unbeatable and the only thing that will come from Israel attacking Huzb Allah is the destruction of Lebanese towns, villages, infrastructure and economy... People like you is the reason why Lebanon is in trouble, on both sides of the polticial divide.
8. Hizbollah
Haim ,   London   (08.19.06)
As long as Hizbolla exists and their aim is to eliminate Israel from the map, there will never be quiet in the region.
9. Invaision
steven ,   france   (08.19.06)
Lebanon Invaided,by a division of HOT AIR BALLOONS,dropping Heavy 500kg bombes;Leaflets,nerve gas,detected,with traces of Viruses unknown -to our knowledge;millions of counterfeiht $$$$$,to lure the poor Lebanese out of their houses,so they may be killed . and just now reporting,Kilometres of blood soaked bandages,found in local farm;;field,,ETC,ETC;this is AL-MANAAR reporting from the battle field direct from our buncker station somewhere in IRAN.
10. One failure is different than another
Mustafa ,   Egypt   (08.19.06)
IDF failed to achieve another great fiasco, so it has satisfied itself this time with a small one.
11. As long they are defensive operations and not offensive ones
Suzanne   (08.19.06)
it is ok. Don't forget that the Israeli forces are - according to the resolution - supposed to withdraw _parallel_ to the deployment of Lebanese forces and UNIFIL. If these troops are not there, it is for Israel ok to be around in there - doing _defensive_ operations.
12. #9 ?????
Suzanne   (08.19.06)
You said: "Lebanon Invaided,by a division of HOT AIR BALLOONS,dropping Heavy 500kg bombes;Leaflets,nerve gas,detected,with traces of Viruses unknown -to our knowledge;millions of counterfeiht $$$$$,to lure the poor Lebanese out of their houses,so they may be killed . " Where did you get this information from?
13. maybe big mistake !!
yoel   (08.19.06)
As I see Live on CNN some arrivals, I have that impression French Soldiers were attacked. Anyway, we will get the final word very soon.
14. Iran puppets
Israeli male   (08.19.06)
How about you lebanese do it for yourself, bigots.
15. to HAIM, LONDON - u idiot!
Lebanese ,   Lebanon   (08.19.06)
u're so stupid to think that Hizbollah is a "terrorist" group and its aim is to "eliminate israel"!! the truth is, if u know just a little history & geography which u obviously don't, is to free Lebanon from Israeli occupation that was since 1982. They did it and in the year 2000 Israel was forced to withdraw from MOST of Lebanon, but there is still a piece of land they didn't withdraw from, and there are still many LEBANESE prisoners inside Israeli jails. When this piece of Land is liberated, and the Lebanese freed from the jails, then there is no more need for fighting with israel.. and Israel doesn't respect laws and UN resolutions, we do! check out the human rights website!!
16. To lebanese 15
darren ,   ireland   (08.19.06)
There is 3 lebanese prisoners in israeli jails and one of them is even a israeli citzen .There is not many only 3 if i am wrong prove it
17. Liars and Idiots
Master ,   US   (08.19.06)
Olmert, Just one reason to understand your objective, GIVE US. You are STUPID.
18. To Number 7
Well, if you are sorry for number 2 being a lebanese..i am sorry for you for being a jew and rely on america to support you.. its all the same thing.. its just that u r more powerful u think you have the right to talk big.. but at least this war showed something.. IDF ain't shi*.. if they get in again.. they will have this war again.. anyways.. stop with your stupid msgs
19. IDF - mission to capture Hezbollah
Nadine ,   Love Hezbollah   (08.19.06)
The Israeli Gov. thinks that it can just enter lebanon anytime and start capturing ppl. Yesterday, a civillain was captured (Abdullah) by IDF thinking that he is from Hezbollah. Learn ur lesson - Stop killing ur ppl in our land. Don't u understand Hezbollah can never be eliminated coz each and every true lebanese is a Hezbollah. Yes, i am from Hezbollah so y don't u invade the world to apture each and every Hezbollah membor. Losers! Nassrallah Ya Habib oudrob Oudrob Tel Aviv. Peace!
20. ignorant lebanese fools
eugene ,   ignorant fools   (08.19.06)
its paradoxal, but there wouldnt be a need in so called resistance if there was no resistance force stop fooling yourself saying hezbollah drove idf out, it was idf's decisions and as you saw not so long ago nothing stopped them from coming back again. as long as hezbollah exists they will always come up with some shit, either to capture soldiers or to fight for sheeba or to fight in solidarity with the palestinians.. and btw : "Calls continue for the elimination of “the Zionist entity” (i.e. The State of Israel), a founding objective of the organization."
21. to lebanese lebanon #15
juna ,   juna   (08.19.06)
We don't believe you. We (in Israel )believe nasrala and his boss the iatulla, which do not miss any opportunity to incite crowds for the elimination of Israel. With such nazi monsters in power in Lebanon, peace is not achievable.
22. Reply to #4 Truth Hurts
MB   (08.19.06)
Wow, such anger in your posts. You need to relax a little pal. You are going to have a nervous breakdown. I realize how much it must bother you that Israel can go where ever it wants in Lebanon and it must be tough to invest so much of your emotions in a group that hides behind civilians when it fights. But dude chill out. Your anger is eating you alive.
23. when cease fire ends, IAF must turn lebanon to a car park
aaron ,   ra'anana   (08.19.06)
If we can't have deterrence, we should at least remove the country to our immediate north. They want to be arabian knights? turn lebanon into the sahara.
24. This soldier is killed for nothing
Soldier   (08.19.06)
What the heck is Olmert doing?! This IDF soldier is killed for nothing. It's much harder for his family to accept that their son died during the cease fire than if he died during the war. Hey Olmert, why don't you send your own son?!
25. Suzzane 11. Would u be so generous and shut up!
Palestinian   (08.19.06)
26. Unarmed South Lebanon
Where are the numrous (15.000) UN-troops? France delayed UN resolution and promised 5.000 soldiers. Now they have promised 400 soldies in order to prevend Hizz rocket attacts and disarm the movement. Lebanese army will not disarm Hizz and no one will stop rearmamet in South Lebanon. There will be no permanet peace :(
27. Bad News: Israeli Soldier Killed.
Israel denies itself peace, and insists on violating all international laws and human common sense. Anyway, here you go, another soldier is killed! do you live on blood? can't you think for a second? go go IDF!! idiots!
28. Another in West Bank!
Bad day for Israel again!
29. Enough with your lies
Adam ,   Phoenicia   (08.19.06)
It's becoming silly to hear about operations in Lebanon to stop the smuggling of weapons.... YOU ARE SENDING YOUR SOLDIERS TO HELL and you cannot accept the tough reality that IDF was humiliated in Lebanon by Hizbollah.... So, save your men and resources and let us live in PEACE.
30. Suzanne # 11 who needs a UN resolution
Mustafa ,   Egypt   (08.19.06)
What a great discovery Suzanne; all Israeli actions are defensive!. So who needs a UN resolution to state that only the Israeli offensive actions should stop.
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