Chavez: Lebanon destroyed by genocidal hand of Israel
Associated Press
Published: 19.08.06, 09:05
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1. I love this guy, but feel sorry for him.
atmawi ,   Historic Palestine   (08.19.06)
I feel ashame that I am ARAB, I wish I am any thing else but not ARAB. more than 250 Million Arabs did nothing to help Lebanon, or Palestine. Arab governers should kill themselves. I will get a big picture of Chaves, and hang it to my wall. Yes, he is one of his kind. I am so proud Chavez is on my side.
2. These people are acting too brave
Moussa ,   Formerly Iran now in   (08.19.06)
The world is scared these days of Iran and let them literally get away with murder. The ayatollas murder their own people, I should know I am from there. Now the other lunatics in the world are acting very brave. The US is making mistakes not standing up to Iran.
3. Bless Hugo Charvez
Geronimo   (08.19.06)
A Hero to the oppressed People of the World
4. sold
gil ,   ashkelon   (08.19.06)
Another crazy guy bought by Islamic Saudy/Iranian funds.Next step:H(ugo) will be named Hossein after converting. Saudis tried to buy Turkey withdrawal from Israeli partnership unsuccesfully thanks to militay power.
5. Charity begins at HOME
Bambo WaBambo   (08.19.06)
Funy eeeh, raise money for Lebanon and Palistine. The money from poor people of your country, think twice. Apart from that, continue to open your big mouth but you have to know that your days are numbered!!
6. chavez = loco
Gil Baker ,   Miami Beach, Florida   (08.19.06)
chavez es un imbecil
7. To #5: How pathetic
Shlomo M. ,   Chicago, USA   (08.19.06)
Try to make yourself credible a bit, even if you hate your enemy. You say "Charity begins at home?" I say that's pathetic! What about the millions of dollars we jews collect for Israel every year here in the USA? According to your "wisdom", we should probably stop supporting charities here in USA for the benefit of Israel. And when you say Chavez's "days are numbered", how do you know that? and who is going to remove him from power? Your own army? That's quite unlikely now considering the misreable failure of the recent Lebanon war.
8. Che Chavez
Truth hurts   (08.19.06)
He stands for what he knows and believes in, he is a champion of the arab cause, he understands israelis oppressive and inhumane treatment should be punished, he has the courage to speak out where the rest just shut their mouths because of threats, intimidation and naturally MONEY.......if only there are more like him, and after this latest conflict, a new generation will rise up and speak LOUD and CLEAR for the oppressed and afflicted. TRUTH HURTS
9. Figures, another 3rd world savage backing the Pals
10. Forgive me if I am wrong but
Elle   (08.19.06)
I don't think the Lebanese want to tie their fate to the Palestinians.
11. Chavez, a leftwing fascist
Herut Zion ,   UK   (08.19.06)
had Noberto Ceresole as one of his political mentors. Ceresole was a Peronista Montonero turned Neo-Nazi while remaing "Leftwinger".
12. Interesting article by Fukuyama
Herut Zion ,   UK   (08.19.06)
on about Chavez, Iran etc.
13. Another oil country fighting for supremacy
14. Fidel Castro's dog is barking
15. # 3
Faisal ,   Hyderabad India   (08.19.06)
I really dont understand what does this lunatic means ? So does it means that who ever is against USA and Israel are lunatics ..
16. #1 Atmawi,.. I feel a bit sorry for you
Suzanne   (08.19.06)
Don't get me wrong. Not because you are Arab, not because you are from the historic mandate of Palestine (which is now Jordan, Israel - or referred to as Palestinian areas), but because you think that Chavez is your man. He is only doing this because he likes to do the opposite of what the US is doing. Don't you get it? He doesn't understand shit of the Middle East and what is going on. Furthermore, if you would act nicely to Israel, Israel will be your man. Just give it a try. If Arabs would treat Israel nice, they would be able to share each others tourists and look how beautiful the Middle East can become.
17.  Bless Hugo Charvez
London   (08.19.06)
18. genocidal? fascist? takes one to know one
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (08.19.06)
19. chavez--rabid jew hater
debra ,   usa   (08.19.06)
another rabid anti-semite heard from. don't they destroy rabid animals, so they won't infect others? put chavez out of his misery.
20. tin pot dictator friend of China and Iran
alan ,   frisco   (08.19.06)
21. 1 I am also ashamed that you are an arab.
23. I hope he dies.
Drew ,   Jezreel Valley   (08.19.06)
24. im amazed by those people..
eugene ,   israel   (08.19.06)
whose countries are in deep shit and still he has the balls to stir some more crap, does he want an arab oil discount or something ?
25. This guy.
magrudis ,   Houston, TX   (08.19.06)
You've got to question the wisdom of someone who makes alliances / trade deals and spends his countries new found wealth for the sole purpose of pissing off the United States. His need for attention is pathological; he must have been a neglected child.
yann ,   PAris , France   (08.19.06)
27. The new Chav on the block
Laura ,   London   (08.19.06)
so with the fading of Castro - Chavez seizes the chance to grab the limelight. This man is just posturing to become the new darling of the left. Give him a few years, his country will still be in the mire, and he'll be looking for a new job and a new home. In Britain we have people just like him - we call them ChavScum - they are our peasant underclass.
28. chavez is a psichopat!!
brenda   (08.19.06)
he acts as a psichopat that should be hospitalized as soon as possible. does he looks like a president? is he able to speech as a president? he seems to be the president of a group of loccos. shame to venezuella people for electing him....
29. When a country has oil, they'll start to bitch around
John ,   NZ   (08.19.06)
30. #4 gil
Mick ,   Australia   (08.19.06)
gil you should read before you comment Chavez has his own petrol and he sell to the US so think before you speak no one taught you that.
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