Annan: Israeli raid in Lebanon violates truce
News Agencies
Published: 20.08.06, 07:17
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1. larsen's bias is showing (again)
tom ,   toronto, canada   (08.19.06)
in spite of the fact that, as he puts it, he has no way of verifying the facts, he is prepared to unequivocally condemn israel's "clear violation". why is he called the "un envoy to the middle east", when he is clearly the un's envoy to the arabs?
2. and you expect hisbulah to disarm!!!
Hana ,   London   (08.19.06)
your making hisbulah case stronger and stronger by the day!! how can they disarm or why should they if the have a BULLY just on the border!! u dont respect any UN resolutions yet u expect other people to do so!!
3. United nothing.
4. America gave Israel the OK to do this!
Mark ,   usa   (08.19.06)
The UN can not get a peacekeeping force in place!! They are violaters.
5. And Away We Go!
Rafael   (08.19.06)
With all due respect Mr. Larson, shut your lying mouth and stick your head back into your butt! The UN is already failing to meet its obligations under UNSCR 1701 by barely being able to muster 1/5 of the troops it is required to send to Lebanon. And if Sweden is so interested in maintaining the cease fire why don't they commit troops to the "peace keeping" force? This is exactly what I said would happen when Kadima approved this worthless resolution. I wonder how many missiles the Lebanese army has already allowed in from Syria? Of course they are allowed to do so because under the terms of 1701 the Lebanese government can approve the shipment of weapons into the country. Brilliant Kadima, just brilliant! For your next trick why don't you give the Golan back to Syria you idiots!
6. larson the idiot!
get lost ,you moron!
7. Israel should rescind this bogus cease fire
Bernard Ross ,   St. Anns Bay Jamaica   (08.19.06)
Hexbullah is back, lebanon forces will not disarm it as originally agreed, promised french troops and leadership are 400(lol), hostile muslim nations want to attack Israel in the guise of UN troops, etc.. Abandon this foolish scam and get back to work on destroying hexbullah. It is clear that hexbullah and lebanon are one.
8. Swedes lost their last war 1809
Lars ,   Finland   (08.19.06)
9. As opposed to weapons' smuggling?
Proof UN is either useless or cowtowing to terrorists. Or worse...
10. To Hana #2
a rational person   (08.19.06)
Why should Hizballah disarm? Because it's a terrorist organization that believes Israel shouldn't exist. It also works independently from its government and does what it wants. Plus, it's responsible for the countless deaths of hundreds of innocent people. If that's not enough for you and you still defend them, you're just another terrorist like them and you should move to ba'albek with your friends.
11. Isreal : opening again the Gates of Hell
El-Nab ,   Beirut   (08.19.06)
Didn't you learn, yet?? NEVER MESS UP with lebanon again!! Unless you want hizbullah's rockets to rain again all over israel , then u will start crying and nagging to the US goverment, as u always do. Like a spoiled little baby that you are. I know lots of dumb readers will start analysing and providing evidences that Isreal Won the war, and they did a great job +blablabla... Remember your main goal was to TOTALLY DESTROY HIZBULLAH, and you have failed!! No one can disarm hizbullah , even ur foreign minister Leivny said that!! Therefore, please shut up... and stop dreaming.. Neither Yikud, nor Kadima nor any other political party in isreal can do that. We have previously seen: Sharon - Barak - Netenyiahu - Olmert.. and no one could destroy Hizbullah!! Nassrallah is our man... and if you will push it too far, Tel Aviv can be our next plan ( target )
12. un 1701
un observer ,   mirrors, duplicity   (08.19.06)
At least the UN representative preambles his condemnation with “if what I read is true” you must remember the source of his information, what is missing from his statement is the violation of “Arms Smuggling by Hizzbala” of which there is no denial of yet it is ignored from even any mention. Since all worlds governments have finally agreed that the true army and government of Lebanon is a conglomeration of terrorist organizations supported and encouraged by the entire population of Lebanon. It is high time to commence hostilities against a country that has their only goal of the eradication of Israel, and not agree to any cessation of hostilities until total surrender is sued for by the losing party. Maybe then there might be a chance of a peaceful resolution of the middle east continual hostilities, as such will send a clear and an unambiguous message to all those countries that engage Israel in a war, there will be no reprieve from their total destruction from any quarter like the UN, EU or even from the Organization of Islamic countries.
Lorry ,   NORTHERN ISRAEL   (08.19.06)
Israel might have breached the ceasefire...But if Lebanon were up holding their end we wouldn't need to
14. Who the %&¤# ...
Norway   (08.19.06)
- is Larsen to preach morality to you? What the &%¤# would he do if Hizbullah/Hamas Iran and Syria came knocking on his doorsteps.?? Would he raise a white flag and surrender his house if Muslims came and said that it belonged to them..?? As always: the classic anti-Semitic line - from the UN
15. UN can shove it
RA   (08.19.06)
16. #2 - Hizbollah DIDNT WANT to disarm
Smart one   (08.19.06)
Fool, Hizbullah's weapon deliveries showed it doesn't want to disarm
17. israel raid
barry ,   unkn florida   (08.19.06)
i serioiusly doubt the US knew of this dont be so dumb
18. ref: opening the gates of hell
Mike ,   newark nj usa   (08.19.06)
Im an arab living in america...I grew up in Beruit. Im totally agains Hizbullah...they are nothting but a hateful terrorist group. I am not backing Israel but I don't blame them for responding the way they did including last night. The Lebanese govt is weak including their military. Until Hizbullah returns those two soldiers,,leaves Lebanon and stops the threats then nothing will change. If Tel Aviv were to be attacked I can't even imagine the total destruction that would come Lebanon and Hizbullah would be to need to take your blinders off and realize that that Hizbullah is wrong. grow up....dont fall for the propaganda of Hizbullah...
19. If media reports are correct.........
walkabout   (08.19.06)
That's the question. If media reports are false, as proven over and over again during this war, then what? Mr. Larsen should just shut up until he knows what he's talking about. Or even better, go home to Norway where he belongs. I'm sure he'll get enough of crisis to solve there.
20. # 10
21. To #2, sorry Hana ita to early to tell!
Mark ,   USA   (08.19.06)
First the reports are based on arab sources. With fake photos, inflated kill numbers and even staged photos coming out of the area it is to early to tell what happened. If the IDF intercepted a weapons shipment from Iran/Syria then it was no violation. Will you be as quick to condemn the hizbo violation for rearming? I think not, your bias is obvious. Since hizbo started the war how can you call Israel a bully. They DON'T have to apologize because hizbo has inferior weapons and chose to start the battle and got thier butts kicked. And what UN resolutons are you talking about that Israel does not respect?
22. Number 11
Fi ,   UK   (08.19.06)
Oh please....get a grip you blithering idiot. You people are so brainwashed and so pathetic it can only make me laugh. But I would gladly forfeit my laughter if the lot of you ended up as nothing more than radioactive fallout. Allah Ackbar ....ha ha ha
23. Larsen is a weasel, without the redeeming features
Ilan ,   Ariel   (08.19.06)
24. Larsen: Israel breached ceasefire
Nicolaus ,   San Francisco, USA   (08.19.06)
Given that the only victory the Israeli Government claimed was in the UN Resolution, one is surprised at the anti-UN attitude of several correspondants. Of course, even the pathetic attachment to the UN that israel's Givernemtnand Ambassadors showed during the face saving phase at the end of the conflict, was drenching hypocracy. Imagine, Israel championing the US, while Israel did not implement ANY of the UN resolutions - EVER. So, you make your bed, you sleep in it, as the old Melanes proverb says. You wanted a Resolution, you got it. Now live up to it. The alternative it seems is more Israeli casualties. NC
25. Are you sure?
Are you sure that israel is opening the "gates of hell" again? I think it's you who doing it. For allowed Hizballah to fire rockets over Israel from your homes and hide under your homes their weapons. And than you say that Israel "opening the gates of hell". I think it's you that doing it, you should stop support terrorism.
26. there we go again!!!
Hana ,   London   (08.19.06)
to answer your points: 1- Hizbulah is only a terrorist organization in the eyes of america and isreal!!! 2 countries!!! yet the whole of europe and the rest of the world DONT agree with u!! wierd haa!! 2-believes that isreal shouldnt exist!!! ummm so do 30 other moslem countries!! are they all terrorist,,or wait wait,,Islamofacists!! i love that :) 3-it workd independently of its government!! dahh!! helloo!! its a RESISTANCE movment!! did the french resistance workd within the french government in WWII during german occupation!! double standard i say!! get out of their land u will have peace,,easy really!! 4-they are responsible for hundreds of deaths!! ur kidding me right!! i would except that argumant from a swedish or even swiss national,,but coming from an isreali!! u have to excuse me,,its way way to funny to even talk about!! you kill tens of thousands of people in ur wars,,innocent women and children yet u have the nerve to come here and preach about morality!! and killing innocent people!! take a good look in the mirror before u even say that!! its a joke!! seriously!! u just butchered a 1000 women and children in lebanon,,yet hisbulah mostly killed ISREALI military soldiers!! what does that tell u!! i hope that this is sufficient to show you ur wrong ways of dealing with people,,believe me this war has opend many peoples eyes!! the HYTH of the indestructable isreal army is just that,,A MYTH!! sue for peace now,,before its too late,,catch my drift!! i hope this gets published and not blocked as usual!!
28. There YOU go again...
Fi ,   UK   (08.19.06)
Ho-hum....more ranting, raving and denial from the terrorist supporters. The UK looks on Hezbollah (spit) as a terrorist organisation... What exactly are they supposed to be resisting? Answer that and I might look at them as a resistance movement. The brainwashing from the cradle to the grave in muslim countries is really superb, nobody can think for themselves and have lost the ability to argue coherently. No questions, no free-thought, no scientific/spiritual/cultural advances. All you lot can think of is your 72 virgins (ha ha ha, how ridiculous) "awaiting" you in heaven. Probably because none of you can get laid here on earth! Glad you like the term Islamofascist, you'd best get used to it
29. to 27
Don't watch too much sincefiction movies .... not healthy for you .....looool
30. israel
leah   (08.20.06)
has got to protest the inadequacy of this government! and to the idf, the real heros - those israelis who spent a month in shelters, a big thankyou. remain strong and demand these diots resign! take to the streets!
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