US extends credit line to Israel
Published: 20.08.06, 12:29
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1. no more credit
US taxpayer ,   detroit,MI USA   (08.21.06)
israel has NEVER repaid an loan to the US. More American taxpayer weldare for the genocidal state. while peole in need at home can go fish.
2. Loan Guarantees
Joe ,   Main St. USA   (08.21.06)
You are parasites.
3. #1,
US Taxpayer ,   Trenton, NJ   (08.21.06)
Wake up and smell the coffee. Israel has paid back loans. We also forgave countries like Egypt massive loans, why not cry about that? At least Israel spends that money in the USA where that money gets recycled HERE and supports American jobs. Can the same be said about the Palistinian Authorities who recieved hundreds of millions of dollars from the US!!! As we well know the Palistinian elite lives well off our tax dollar while the rest live like dogs. Take the bow for that #1. Keep encouraging the Palistsinian authority to be corrupt and steal well meaning US taxpayers and other countries. Thats the way to encourage peace and democracy
4. and Iran gives Hezbollah aid...
US Taxpayer Also ,   United States   (08.21.06)
Ain't life Grand? My country props Israel up with weapons and money, and that's okay...but if Iran and Syria give money and weapons to Hezbollah, oh dear, that's not good! What a bunch of crap...hypocrisy rules this world people, let's point it out everywhere we see it....
5. #1 and 2
srn   (08.21.06)
perhaps you two should educate yourselves about what are loan guarantees. loan guarantees means the US government is putting itself on the line for israel, allowing it to BORROW money from american or international banks at low interest rates and basically guaranteeing that the loans will be re-paid. the only reason why the US continues to do this for israel, aside from the good friendship between the two countries, is because israel has never defaulted on loans from the US. these are loans, they're not giveaways. remember that interest is charged and money is made by the banks who loan the money.
6. $9 B we`ll never see again
Kevin ,   Tyler, TX   (08.21.06)
It`s a good thing for Israel that they can buy and sell congress at the drop of a hat. Saner minds would cut off the funds in a heartbeat. Over $1 trillion through the years and not one cent repaid. "Loan" my ass. A loan is repaid.
7. Some of U Peeps R Absolute ID 10 Ts
Daveed ,   Rumallah, Gaza IL   (08.22.06)
What part of "It is not a loan" do u not comprehend? Israel is not taking any of your welfare money from u. They are not even taking money from any of the 11+ million illegal aliens in your (well used to be your) country. Sic: By 2050, there will be 100 million Hispanics concentrated in the U.S. Southwest. Between 10 and 20 percent of all Mexicans, Central Americans and Caribbean people have already moved to the United States. Every month, the U.S. Border Patrol apprehends more illegal aliens breaking into your country, 150,000, than the number of troops you have in Iraq. The Mexican regime has a campaign to use America as a dumping ground for its poor and unemployed, both to relieve social pressure and effect a cultural re-annexation of the American Southwest. BTW I was born in America's Hometown. U iggoramuses don't even know where that is. Your momma should take your internet connection away from u . You're an embarrasment to the family.
8. not one penny more
John ,   Las Vegas   (08.22.06)
Not one American cent should leave this country. We should start collecting!
9. Israel Loans
Mike D. ,   Valley City, OH   (08.22.06)
Well Well Well... It's not enough that banks control our economy (Federal Reserve- not part of the US government nor has a 'Reserve'); now AIPAC and the Wolfowitz cronies are financing yet ANOTHER country with money and most definately weapons. Like the great Bill Hicks said "IT'S A PIECE OF ----, WALK AWAY" GOTTA LOVE THE ROTHSCHILDS!!!! They created Israel after all with the Balfour Declaration
10. No more Credit
Sid ,   London, UK   (08.22.06)
It does not surprise me that the US is giving yet more money to Israel. They have already shipped off enough weapons and aid to them for so long that afew billion more just does surprise me. What does, is that the people of the US seem to be unaware or even worse, may not care.
11. The US spends 10 B on Korea
J ,   USA   (08.22.06)
every year the US spends 10 billion defending south korea
12. the mideast
JS ,   USA   (08.22.06)
Bathists , Khomeni supporters and Bin Laden lovers are all fascist bigots
13. loans to Israel
Raymond ,   Canada   (08.22.06)
Would anybody, including, tell me, has Israel paid back any loans since it begun borrowing from the US? If it did, how much? How come nobody cares about it?
14. Loans are forgiven
All loans to Israel are forgiven by the US. The Cranston amdendment accomplishes this.
15. Israel "loan" history
Bill ,   New York, NY USA   (08.22.06)
Try using Google to answer your questions: Excerpt: THE STRATEGIC FUNCTIONS OF U.S. AID TO ISRAEL By Stephen Zunes Dr. Zunes is an assistant professor in the Department of Politics at the University of San Francisco "Since 1992, the U.S. has offered Israel an additional $2 billion annually in loan guarantees. Congressional researchers have disclosed that between 1974 and 1989, $16.4 billion in U.S. military loans were converted to grants and that this was the understanding from the beginning. Indeed, all past U.S. loans to Israel have eventually been forgiven by Congress, which has undoubtedly helped Israel's often-touted claim that they have never defaulted on a U.S. government loan. U.S. policy since 1984 has been that economic assistance to Israel must equal or exceed Israel's annual debt repayment to the United States. Unlike other countries, which receive aid in quarterly installments, aid to Israel since 1982 has been given in a lump sum at the beginning of the fiscal year, leaving the U.S. government to borrow from future revenues. Israel even lends some of this money back through U.S. treasury bills and collects the additional interest."
16. Say vhat?
gl3nk ,   mycity, USA   (08.22.06)
The simple math tells me that Israel has another 4.1 billion (with a b) dollars' worth of America's tax revenue to play with until 2011. And notice that Israel has 'demanded' that the loan guarantee deal be extended by an additional 3 years, even though Congress must approve (which we know they will) the deal. I have to wonder about what that money could do to improve the quality of life for our vets who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan. But according to this Administration, these folks are expendable, and should have just had the courtesy to die on the battlefield so that the VA wouldn't be overloaded taking care of them.
17. Bottom Line: "All your base are belong to us"
Daveed ,   Rumallah, Gaza IL   (08.22.06)
18. loan history- beyond mere numbers
NL ,   Israel   (08.22.06)
#15 is factually correct. However, he doesn't ask why Congress has repeatedly forgiven Israeli loans and why Congress continues to support the high rate of financial aid to Israel. Foreign aid loans, unlike bank loans, are more often generated to result in political capital rather than being focused on eventual financial capital. There are several benefits to loaning Israel money, other than merely having a loyal democratic ally in the ME (btw, no small asset). Additionally, much of the money given to Israel must be spent back in the US (fostering US industry) and much of it funds joint defense projects, which the US finances, but where Israeli scientists do the brunt of the research. Considering their developments, this is also not a neglible asset to the US.
19. Israel - a good investment
NL ,   Israel   (08.22.06)
In the 60s and 70s, European governments (France, Belgium, Switzerland) invested heavily in Rwanda despite the fact that, at that time, it was wealthier and more developed than other nations. Why? Because countries, despite altruism, also want to feel that their money is actually being put to good use. In comparison to neighboring countries, Rwanda worked harder to put the money to good public use and achieved impressive results. Israel receives a lot of aid, true. However, in comparison to, for example, Palestinians (who receive one of the highest rates of foreign aid per capita on the planet), they do not embezzle it into personal bank accounts (aka Arafat), but rather invest it in agricultural and technological projects. If I were a venture capitalist, who would I prefer to help? Hmmmm
20. here's Something the 'muricans should really be happy about
Daveed ,   Rumallah, Gaza IL   (08.22.06)
Walmart sells Huffy bicycles. Walmart and Huffy Corp weren't making enough profit on the 'murican manufactured bikes. Huffy files for bankruptcy protection on its north american operations, leaving you 'murican tax payers to cover the company's retirement plan and other assundries for the next xx number of years. That you should make you 'muricans happy.. 1,800 Huffy Bicycle workers have lost their jobs as Huffy shut down its last three remaining U.S. plants to outsource its production its production to China, Mexico and Taiwan. The plants closed were in Celina, Ohio; Farmington, Missouri, and southern Mississippi. The 850 Huffy workers fired in July 1998 from the Celina, Ohio plant were members of the United Steelworkers of America (USWA), who earned $17 an hour--$11 in wages and $6 in benefits. ****** Their last job was to cover an American flag sticker that was on bikes made in China with a new sticker representing the globe. ****** The average wage of the workers in China currently making Huffy bicycles is 33 cents an hour, less than two percent of what the USWA members made.
21. Lebanese destruction
Les Pauls ,   Des Plaines   (08.23.06)
22. "Loans" are GIFTS (at least untill now)
Alex ,   Holland   (08.23.06)
Please call it by name, the "loans" are never paid back so it is a GIFT. BTW why does Israel receive gifts from USA anyway, Israeli's aren't dying from hunger, aren't they ?
23. Loans??
Alex ,   Holland   (08.23.06)
"loans" ? Come on, Israel never paid back loans till now it's a constant GIFT (290 billion at least till now). Why do you receive this money anyway, does Israel suffer from hunger or total destruction like your neighbour Lebanon ??????
24. Stop lying
Dove ,   Holland   (08.23.06)
NL Dont talk bullshit, Israel destroys all invested money in Palestine and money to personal bank accounts is very small. Your Rwanda story is also baseless nonsense btw. Israel invests given money in waepon technology and in agriculture and in ABC or NBC weapons-devolopment (about 30% of it) Agriculture in Israel uses water which is taken from the people you kill and occupy.. Please stop the nonsense about investing back in US couse its a big lie too.. Its just supporting a fascist regime in the ME for geopolitical reasons, and all those billions for israel could have made your neighbours more wealthy and less dangerous.
25. Stop Lying
Mohammed Hasib ,   India   (08.23.06)
Its great relief to see that there are people who still are so concerned about the loss of life and property, alike this Gentleman Dove, truly Sir we need more and more number of people like you to have a better and peaceful world, with a open mind and unbiased.
26. ??
Shaima   (08.23.06)
This was an "Israel demand" or request?? The relationship between Israel and the USA never fails to amaze me....
27. It is fiat money
Cas ,   Scranton,USA   (08.23.06)
Of the Federal Reserve which is a private corporation owned by Europe. The whole reason they are going after these 7 countries is because they WILL NOT accept a central bank. Which are evil concemptions
28. US extends credit line to Israel
Nasir ,   US   (08.23.06)
US extends credit to Israeli and to the other Middle East it seizes theri money invested in US. Whatever the US Seizes gives to the Zionist state as chartible contribution from the Islamic nations.
29. Spend US tax money on US.
Catlver ,   New York, USA   (08.24.06)
As an American I find it utterly disgraceful that my hard earned tax dollards would be used to funnel a terrorist state which destroyed an independent, democratic Arab nation of Lebanon for 2 soldiers. Don't we provide enough military hardware already? Did somebody forget to tell me that Israel is NOT the 51st US state?
30. Someone Else for You H8Rs to Hate On
Daveed ,   Rumallah, Gaza IL   (08.24.06)
Israel signed a contract with Germany last month to buy two Dolphin-class submarines The contract signing was said to have come after a long dispute over the price and financing of the submarines. According to the details obtained by the Post, Israel will purchase the two Dolphins, manufactured by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft AG, for $1.27 billion, a third of which will be financed by the German government. hahaha Hate on h8rs
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