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Eliminating signs of sovereignty
Orly Noy
Published: 21.08.06, 23:30
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1. In re abduction
Sagi ,   Hatzaphon   (08.22.06)
one does not abduct terrorists, they are apprehended, arrested, taken into custody, arraigned, detained, charged but never abducted. Best of all would be to rid the world of scum by instant disposal, but abduction is the wrong word, unless of course you are mad dog human rightist or a blinker wearing leftist ascetic. Our soldier was abducted, their terror mongers were arrested.
2. arrest them all until Shalit is freed.
3. Fourth Option
Yehuda ,   USA   (08.22.06)
I think the abductions were an impulsive reaction by a government that has lost its strategy. They had to show that they were doing something. The last war highlighted how impulsive this government is. If these Palestinians had blood on their hands they would have been removed long ago. While I don’t like what they say, if they are not criminals I cannot see the point in apprehending them. This government desperately needs to restate its platform and it needs to work towards it. Kidnapping this group of Palestinians may appease short-term emotions but it is not solving anything. Act on disengagement and if Israelis no longer have confidence in that idea then they will dissolve the government. But acting without strategy in crazy!
4. arresting hamas
raymatt ,   texas   (08.22.06)
why arrest them when you can whack them
5. option 3 sounds good - there are no moderate muslims.
michael ,   tel aviv & london   (08.22.06)
moderate Arabs - yes moderate Iranians - yes moderate Muslims - no It's a contradiction in terms and they don't hide it. Show me a moderate muslim and I'll eat my hat :-) Abbas is not a moderate !
6. the Only Solution is Transfer
Shaka   (08.22.06)
Transfer the Palestinians to Egypt and Jordan whether by deal including payment or by force pushing them out because the bottom line is thereis limited space and resources in this small area of Israel and there is vast space and resources in the 22 Arab countries. Frankly i donot care if other Arabs want them or not its either us or them and i dont see them having a problem stating the obvious. They want to kill us i say dont kill them just move them away and if they try to enter then kill them. Once they are gone blissful peace will exist in all the lands.
7. #5, I have a moderate Muslim for you...
haifa ,   australia   (08.22.06)
...Haifa Wehbe I thought many Israelis were familiar with this southern Lebanese Shiite beauty!
8. Hand the keys over to Israel....
Sean ,   Montreal, Canada   (08.22.06)
Splendid ! Then demand the right of suffrage and equal representation in the Knesset. If the state of Israel can justify going into any territory and behave as sovereign then it owes the citizens who abide in such territories proper representation by population afforded all citizens in its domain. Of course the people who make a living building fences might not have employment and G-d might have to look elsewhere to get people to hate in his name.
9. fatah are moderates ? are you joking ?
cordier   (08.22.06)
fatah "moderates" and "peace lovers" have killed half the israelis killed during the last two years. Fatah "moderates" doesn't respect the truce (hamas "extremists" have respected the truce when it was in action). fatah" moderates" has kidnapped and horribly murdered israelis just because they are jews two month ago. fatah "moderates" launch every day kassam in israel. fatah moderates kill "collaborators" (arabs who denunce the terrorists) Fatah "moderates" say they want liberate all the palestine... Excuse me one question : for you are fatah moderates just because some of them, rich and well educated offer "peace camp" israelis tea and maybe others things and tell you they are moderates ??? Are you totally stupid ? Words have no valor for arabs see ACTIONS
10. orly has bought into the palestinian rationale
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (08.22.06)
first, it is to israel's advantage that the palestinian authority deteriorate into absolute chaos. better that they fight each other than israel. and one question: what has strengthening palestinian moderates ever accomplished? (the answer is nothing but frustration.) second, if hamas wants the kidnappers to do something, the kidnappers would do it. this is the game they play: those in palestinian leadership have "no control" over "breakaway factions". except when they want them to do something and everyone snaps into line. this is the old palestinian game that people, like orly here, will always fall for. it is exactly what the palestinians want us to believe. let the palestinians shoot each other for a while. maybe they'll get sick of it and want to talk to israel who might be able to accomodate them in a way that is beneficial to everyone. either that or the status quo that hasn't worked for the past 20 years.
11. hamas ministers option 5
phil ,   usa   (08.22.06)
you forgot the most obvious of all...at best they are the organizational structure of a terrorist group that kills jews. at worst, they themselves murder jews. in either case, they are terrorists who don't deserve freedom.
12. 8 Sean Ive always been interested in
freedom ,   canada   (08.24.06)
the concept of french language superiority in Quebec.. As a fellow canadian, I wonder why there is this shall we say language bias in the province. How can we resolve this issue, so that both languages are equal and there is no discrimination.. Now, Sean go to the history book and look up Judea and Samaria, and its inhabitants. Then lets talk. Thanks for the input Sean.
13. 2 and 11 Terro managers.
freedom   (08.24.06)
Just like in the USA the ceo is responsible for the subordinates activities if he or she knows about them. Can we say that the leaders of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority have knowledge of the terror operations. If this is the case, then the writers logic holds no water. Interested in hearing the rebuttals.
14. Transfer is another word for...
Standish ,   denver   (08.24.06)
Ethnic cleansing. Regarded as the most barbaric inhumaine practice imaginable. Do the words Auschwitz and Dachau mean anything to you? You have either a short memory or a morally defective personality.
15. #12 "freedom"
Sean ,   Montreal   (08.24.06)
Curious. Somehow obfuscation seems more appropriate a moniker. Be well.
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