Infantry petition: We won't do reserve duty anymore
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 22.08.06, 08:39
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1. Only Defeat Causes Such Disruptions And Fallouts. You Lost.
Wanda Segal ,   San Angelo, USA   (08.22.06)
While most Lebanese unite and rally around Hizbullah, Israelis are more divided than ever and calling for heads to roll. While IDF reserves theaten to desert, Hizbullah is acquiring short and medium range SAMs, as well as more Coronets and Sager 2s. Aerial infiltrations will be more complex and cost more choppers, materiel and lives in round 2. While Olmert haggles over a coupla measly $milions for tents. Hizbullah alaready showered the South Lebanese with $150 milion + promisory notes to rebuild courtesy of deep coffers. The state of Israel is in a state of chaos because of a few long bearded men, and the entire world is watching.
2. only in a Democracy
alan ,   frisco   (08.22.06)
If these soldiers spoke out like this in Russia or China or Iran or Syria, they would probably be shot. In a democracy, there will be an inquiry to see if their claims are just. If they are, they will dismiss the officers and if what they say is true, these officers all the way up the chain of command should be sacked but not until the political leaders hit the road as well.
3. Our brave soldiers..........
Avraham ,   Netivot   (08.22.06)
Our brave & dedicated soldiers deserve better treatement than this. They put their lives on the line & Olmer & Co. spit in their faces. This government , including Halutz, must go!
4. Democracy, Fartocrocy. However You Cut The Cheese, You Lost.
Wanda Segal ,   San Angelo, USA   (08.22.06)
5. They fought bravely, some died bravely, and now they have
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (08.22.06)
right to say how they were treated is not acceptable. Olmert and his leftist "give away Israel" henchmen lacked the common sense to win a war and left brave soldiers as so much foder. Israeli soldiers are brave and take the risk of dying for their country, but not for fools without a plan. I am sorry they feel this way, but it is just.
6. No.4 Wanda
Genie ,   UK   (08.22.06)
I see you also live in a democracy. So don't knock it. If these soldiers made a protest in any muslim country, they wouldn't be alive now.
7. #1 Look in your own back yard Wanda
Kate ,   Jerusalem   (08.22.06)
What makes you think the State of Israel is in Chaos? Because our soldiers have the right to complain and voice their dissatisfaction? Why do you bother to believe the promises of terrorists in Lebanon? Do you really believe that Hizbullah will create a better economy in Lebanon? Wanda - let me take you back a few years ago - when the entire US military went chasing a long-bearded man through the mountains of Afganistan. The entire military failed to find him. He is still out there - as is Nasrallah in Lebanon. Yet the US hasn't fallen apart, has it? Is it in chaos? Wanda - would it have been okay for your allies to rub it in? Did Israelis try to point and laugh?
8. Wanda's Ignorance #1
Shira ,   Israel   (08.22.06)
Wanda, you just don't get it. What makes Israel strong is our ability to disagee, to question, to confront, to challenge each other. We do not live a life of illusions/delusions promising 72 virgins in paradise. We do not lie about how many of our people have been killed and wounded. We do not doctor photographs presenting our enemies' destruction as worse than it is in order to obtain world sympathy. Everytime there is a demonstration, a petition that disagrees with my political beliefs, I smile and am proud of the freedom and strength of my country and people. This ability to check ourselves and learn from our mistakes, to listen to each other and remain tolerant is part of what will enable us to prevail in the face of hate and ignorance.
9. get a grip
stan ,   israel   (08.22.06)
Stop whining - if you have a problem demand the resignation of your commanders, instead of running away! Just because mommy did not kiss you you need to throw your toys?
10. Right to refuse??
Nadav ,   Misgav   (08.22.06)
They have a right to protest, to speak their mind. But refusing to do any further Miluim, Nasralla will love reading that, so does Assad.
11. Genie & Kate Just Like Cheech & Chong, 2 Very Funny Tards
Wanda Segal ,   San Agelo, USA   (08.22.06)
Genie, crawl back in your bottle, for your prime minister is more of a despot than my president. If you think we live in democracies, calling you a sap would border on paying you compliments. Do you know who's reading your sleazy and wanton emails? When you're having phone sex with your mortician, surely you don't think only the two of you reach climax do you, sap? And for someone in dire need of makeup, for you'd make a train take dirt road, what will you do without Lancome in your smelly carryon? As for Kate, don't lump your Lepton country with mine, you and yours are a speckle, we're giants. The US will give and take life away from you as it pleases. And as if you "falling apart" has anything to do with the USA falling apart. Smell the coffee pal, the US is an empire that absorbs pulverizing blows from god and says gimmie more. Who da hell're you? You and yours were slapped around for fun, and you're reeling, bobbing and weaving like a drunken sailor. And Don't compare Nassralla's stature with that crazy sheik up in the mountains. Nassralla is shrewd and fully intact with an entire population and a regional superpower behind him. The guy you so erroneously compare him with is a stray dog with fleas that's finished. Has it ever occured to you we don't want him caught? This crazy sheik is helping Bush and Republicans get re-elected, he's no good to us in a courtroom genius. He'll be an embarrassment like Saddam. Come back soon for another beatin', the two a yous.
12. Wanda Segal is a fake
Leon ,   Los Angelesa   (08.22.06)
This is a Hezbolah agent masquerading as an american. Whoever you are so called "wanda" or "papa" , you know that arabs cant fight for shit they are coward. all they know how to do is to kill women and children. that will never change. What a worthless nation. I hope that all your oil runs out and you go back to herding sheep.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.22.06) Children Challenge the System by Moshe Dann Aug 14, '06 / 20 Av 5766 This month, two 15-year-old girls, Oriah Shirel and Iska Federman, were released from N'vei Tirza, a maximum security prison in Israel, where they had been kept for eight weeks. Their crime: participating in a demonstration in a neighborhood of Hebron, where they live. Oriya was not charged with any violence or attempted violence; Iska was charged with throwing stones, but there is no proof. Oriah and Iska had come to protest the Israeli government's decision to rebuild a wall abutting the Jewish neighborhood of Avraham Avinu and a playground. On the other side of the wall is an Arab home from which Jews have been attacked... ...Since the evacuation of Jews from their communities in Gaza and northern Samaria, hundreds of Jews have been jailed, some for months, for minor misdemeanors, civil disobedience - many without charges or trials. Recently, in anticipation of the government's unilateral withdrawal from Judea and Samaria, scores of "activists", most with families, have been jailed or given orders preventing them from living in the areas to be evacuated. Hebron, specifically, has had a history of alleged police discrimination against Jews for many years...
14. anyway, wanda, what's your point ?
Nowhere Man ,   metropolis, zion   (08.22.06)
OK, let's say you're giants, and we're a speckle. Let's agree we ridiculously lost against hizb'allah ? What is your point ? Whom do you give support to ? It may be your right to support hizb'allah and not Israel, I just don't think this would be judicious for you. My guess is Israel could have fully militarily won this war, but just with a much higher price than expected. It overestimated itself, and underestimated hizb'allah. Besides that, hizb'allah's loss was much higher than Israel's (approx. 1 to 5 or 1 to 6). One agrees Israel has lost just because it had defined much higher goals beforehand than those achieved.
15. Wanda you're lost
Daniel ,   Washington   (08.22.06)
Wanda your rhetoric is innane. This was not a win or lose war. It was a war against terrorists. No one wins. Israel is doing more to protect your coddled ass than you will ever know. If you think the Shrub in my home town is helping you fly around the country terror free than you are living in a fantasy world. The one country on earth that does more to keep you safe and sound is Israel so give them and the rest of the world a break and shut up
16. Street Protest! Declare UN Resolution NULL & VOID
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.22.06)
The anti-human rights Jew-hating UN supports terrorist attacks against Jewish innocents. This evil humanity-hating organization instructed Israel that Jews are not allowed to defend themselves. Why do our nations' leaders support this wicked organization? The UN is a threat to Jews and every innocent on earth: Our World: The Olmert government must go Caroline Glick, THE JERUSALEM POST August 15, 2006 Already on Sunday, Annan sent a letter to Olmert instructing him that once the cease-fire is put into effect, the IDF will be barred from taking action even if it comes under attack... The Knesset must vote no confidence in this government and new elections must be carried out as soon as the law permits. If the Knesset hesitates in taking this required step, then the people of Israel must take to the streets in mass demonstrations and demand that our representatives send Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, Defense Minister Amir Peretz and their comrades out to pasture... Because of the Olmert government's failures, ever greater battles await us. As the dangers mount by the hour, we must replace this misbegotten government with one that can defend us.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.22.06)
Extreme HATE: Responsibility for compliance of the resolution is given to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, infamous for his fanatical hatred of Israel. Extreme DISHONESTY: The UN determined in 2,000 that Israel had withdrawn to the international border. The resolution places Shaba Farms - legally belonging to Israel - up for negotiation. The laws of nations forbids land taken through aggression. The US, EU, UN unlawfully seek to reward Lebanon-Hizbullah-Syria-Iran for their unprovoked war of aggression against Israel. Extreme RACISM: The damage and destruction to Israel is enormous. Israel's economy is devastated. Destruction in some Israeli towns is far worse than experienced by most people in the Lebanese cities of Beirut and Sidon. Profound Jew-hate and injustice is revealed in the resolution which asks for financial and humanitarian assistance for Lebanon the aggressor - but no assistance whatsoever for Israel the victim. Extreme DECEIT: Equivalency is made between Iran's Hizbullah terrorist army' vicious unprovoked acts of war against Israel - over 4,000 rockets fired at Israel and Israel's self-defense operations which the resolution refers to as "offensive" military operations. Hizbullah's rockets are packed with ball bearings to maximize the suffering of Israeli victims - the same murderous Islamist hate of 9/11 and 7/7 - an inhuman hate for non-Muslim infidels that engulfs our world in endless barbaric attacks in the Islamist war against innocents. Images show Hizbullah using high-density residential areas to launch rockets:,,19955774-5007220,00.html Extreme DECEIT: The Lebanese government and Hizbullah are one and the same. The US, EU, UN are fully aware that Hizbullah terrorists are part of Lebanon's government and that the Lebanon government actively colludes with Hizbullah: YNETNEWS (08.12.06, 16:52) Siniora accepts deal, praises Hizbullah ...steadfastness of resistance fighters in field was very important,',7340,L-3290107,00.html Extreme DECEIT: In calling for disarmament of all armed groups in Lebanon, the US, EU, UN are fully aware Hizbullah will NEVER disarm and know they are giving Lebanon-Hizbullah victory over Israel and massive victory for Syria and Iran - who sponsor Hizbullah in Iran's war against Israel and the free world. In the global war to bring all nations under Islamic subjugation, the US, EU, UN empowerment of global jihad is a shocking betrayal of Israel and the world's non-Muslims. Photo Fraud in Lebanon's new movie:
18. Wanda the American - or Walid the Iranian
Kate ,   Jerusalem   (08.22.06)
Your inability to use the english language - together with completely juvenille sayings shows: 1) you are not an american, or 2) you are stupid, or 3) you are both
19. Please don't
Albert ,   Singapore   (08.22.06)
Your country folks are counting on you, guys .... to protect them. By the time you have just realize that you want to re-arm and fight, it would be too late then. You will have the enemies lands on your soil. Israel produces one of the best fighting forces in the world. Your fore-fathers put their stakes to ensure your future and now you want to destroy your next generation's future. You will be coining your nation into her own graveyard. Please don't.
20. Face it you lost !!!
USA   (08.22.06)
After only a month or so of bombing civilian homes in lebanon. It seems only until the ground campaign began( the tough part ), did the true Isreali spirt come shining thru. Isreal lost not only in combat but also in the court of world public opinion. Even after using illegal tatics. (such as cluster bombs, phosphorus etc.) Now it wants to look for excuses why it lost .it is a shameful display. How long have American troops stuck it out in Iraq ? Now once again Isrealis cry victim! and cannot seem to look at themselves for the reasons of their misfortune. (I am not against Judaism, I am not anti-semtic...technically, like it or not the arabs are also a semtic people. BUT I am against this new thing called zionism, which true judaism does not teach.) You look for a fight and sometime you get what your looking for.
21. What do they mean, "I don't wanna...."
Karen R ,   USA   (08.23.06)
Since when is serving in the IDF a matter of choice? I was under the impression that there is a draft, and that afterwards soldiers are REQUIRED to serve in the reserves. Anyway, it used to be that way when I lived in Israel. Serving is a matter of obligation to one's own family and the other citizens of the country, as a matter of defending life. Since when is this optional? Isn't it a matter of honor and social responsibility, as well as the law? Sure, the war was messed up and these reservists have a legitimate grievance which should be addressed, but saying that "we won't serve anymore" isn't the way to do it. (t should be a good way to land in kela if they're called and don't come.) Let the IDF address the problems, but let the soldiers keep up their end of the oath too.
22. Wanda does stupidity
Bud ,   Washington, USA   (08.23.06)
Need I say more... Wanda., you lose, due to your inability to function mentally...... You dont know a thing about what is going on in the world, please dont try to pretend.. its obvious that you havent a clue... Israel is the US's greatest ally..... Both of our countries need to stop playing around with these IslamoNazis and start killing them... thats what one does in war... exterminate the enemy...No leaflets, no forwarning... No "hey everyone we are going to bomb the crap out of you" and let the enemy escape... If civilians are in the way... thats too bad... This is war.. We all have room for improvement... Hopefully our nations will look at our short comings and learn from them..
23. Very Well said Wanda!!!
Thesniper ,   UK   (08.23.06)
They know they've lost the war and got a good beating from a small bunch of guerillas......... but dont expect them to admit it.....they're just sore losers.......
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