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Tzipi, you failed
Zvi Mazel
Published: 24.08.06, 11:09
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1. zvi mazel
av ,   london.uk   (08.24.06)
livni you failed .zvi you are one hundred percent right .she is not GOLDA .plus she has no charm AND dead personality .no CHENat all she need constant kiss of life .
2. The only person who knows........
Mike ,   Rishon le Zion   (08.24.06)
.........how to do the job of Minister of Foreign Affairs with any degree of success is of course Netanyahu. And he did a better job than she did during the last month as our unofficial "explainer". It's about time we learned the basic lesson that our senior diplomats should at least be ARTICULATE!! The Arabs understood that long ago.
3. Israel's face and voice?
Jorge Banner ,   Bs.As.,Argentina   (08.24.06)
If she's "Israel's face and voice", Israeli Jews better find another place to live.
4. AlJazeera
Human   (08.24.06)
AlJazeera was the only arabic channel which was giving all information and views from both sides. While looking to the American media which only gave the Israeli views. This is because US had democracy
5. She failed along with Olmert/Peretz/Halutz
Bennie ,   Jerusalem   (08.24.06)
Time for housecleaning and throw out Kadima. Unfortunately for Israel, Livni will be given a pass simply because she is female. We obviously can't hold a woman to the same standards of accountability as a man. That would be discriminating against her because she is female.
6. An excellent analysis!
Jonathan S ,   Frankfurt, Germany   (08.24.06)
The presentation of Israel’s just cause in the media was a disaster. But so was the acceptance of an UN resolution that was transformed by France in a totally unacceptable way. Hizbullah will never be disarmed by UN troops, let alone from Europe. Very soon, Hizbullah will be rearmed, protected by UN troops and Israel will loose its capability to react. Very soon too, perhaps in a few days, Iran will announce that it has become a nuclear power. Therefore Olmert, Peretz and Livni must step down as soon as possible.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.24.06)
Israeli leaders' Jew-hate CANNOT be ignored! How can Israel win wars when terrorists are the preferred favorites for whom Jews are beaten, their bones broken, Jews jailed, their land stolen and given to the preferred favorites - Muslim terrorists? israelnationalnews.com Children Challenge the System by Moshe Dann Aug 14, '06 / 20 Av 5766 This month, two 15-year-old girls, Oriah Shirel and Iska Federman, were released from N'vei Tirza, a maximum security prison in Israel, where they had been kept for eight weeks. Their crime: participating in a demonstration in a neighborhood of Hebron, where they live. Oriya was not charged with any violence or attempted violence; Iska was charged with throwing stones, but there is no proof. Oriah and Iska had come to protest the Israeli government's decision to rebuild a wall abutting the Jewish neighborhood of Avraham Avinu and a playground. On the other side of the wall is an Arab home from which Jews have been attacked... ...Since the evacuation of Jews from their communities in Gaza and northern Samaria, hundreds of Jews have been jailed, some for months, for minor misdemeanors, civil disobedience - many without charges or trials. Recently, in anticipation of the government's unilateral withdrawal from Judea and Samaria, scores of "activists", most with families, have been jailed or given orders preventing them from living in the areas to be evacuated. Hebron, specifically, has had a history of alleged police discrimination against Jews for many years... http://www.israelnationalnews.com/article.php3?id=6464
8. Zvi, did you vote for Olmert & Co.? Most Israeli's did.
Instead of wasting time blaming - learn (no doves for Israel until Shiloh come) get pro-active...
9. That's until Shiloh come again...
10. Which planet are u living on?
Nadav ,   Misgav   (08.24.06)
I watch the english as well as the german media very closely and I have never seen them being so "fair" as in this war. This might be different in Sweden, but way our point was explained was simply good. Ok, you did no see her a lot, but the speakers were chosen carefully. Former prime ministers helped. I think it was a good job.
11. so very true
12. You got it wrong --Tzipi was muzzled
Yael ,   Tel Aviv   (08.24.06)
Tzipi sat in her office because that is what Olmert told her to do. She was supposed to go and present out case at the UN --Olmert would not allow her to go. Had she gone, the resolution may have ended up much more favorable to us... but we'll never know. Outside of Israel, Livni is extremely popular. I've heard quite a few friends (non Jews) from the States say things like "it is too bad that Livni woman isn't the head of your government, she makes good sense." And this was before the war. She is even favoured by people in Egypt. Tzipi is very good at presenting our case to the world. It is a shame that Olmert stopped her doing it.
13. we need an israeli english tv station
johanna ,   tsfat   (08.24.06)
it is imperative that the government put more money into english broadcasting news The IBA english news is very good, but it needs more airtime on terrestial tv.. not just 7 minutes. we need a full english israeli station...broadcasting 24hrs on satellite tv and regular day on terrestial. it could have a whole range of stuff... some drama etc with english subtitles, the rest news panel discussions etc etc. ALL BROADCASTING IN ENGLISH. and all PRO ISRAEL. everyone abroad who wants to know about what is happening in israel watches the BBC, CNN, FOXTV. why... because they broadcast in ENGLISH. why does the rest of the world listen to the arab point of view ? because they have tv & radio stations that broadcast in english. we need someone to invest in this project. we need to put out our point of view to the world in a language they will understand. ENGLISH. and PRO ISRAEL.
14. Unfortunately,
Michael Steiner   (08.24.06)
Everything written here is true. Ms Livni failed miserably. Mr. Mazel also makes a very salient point when he writes: "the foreign ministry still doesn't recognize the extent of the media's importance." This has to be rectified starting immediately. Why doesn't Israel also establish an Arabic-speaking satellite channel? The Foreign Ministry's Arabic website has been a remarkable success; why not build on that??
15. agreed on all points
Meggie A ,   Israel   (08.24.06)
I know this is true from the feedback of many friends and relations abroad who said the media coverage just didn't tell our side. They waited to see some sort of representaion (TG for Dan Gillerman). The damage is done, can't turn the clock back, but can learn. Our enemy has an amazing propaganda machine, lives on many lies, some of which do come to light eventually, but what does the general public really remember or do they see the contridictions to the lies and photo mock ups. Never has frustration been so high as it has been in this last operation, and anything said now, is like sowing seeds on barren land.
16. These Guys Have to Physically Be Pulled By Their Hair
H ,   Jerusalem   (08.24.06)
to get out of the office. They will not resign on their own.
17. wrong
Tzipi made her best but in front of truths aired everywhere no body can do anything. When a massacre was comitted against civilians in lebanon it is the IDF who was blamed and no body can say the contrary. This is an idiot article and not adviced for reading. Bu...hit
18. Questions for Zvi Mazel???
Michael Cohen ,   London, UK   (08.24.06)
Should Al-Jazeera have aired Israeli lies instead? The Israeli channels were very busy doing that and even Israelis in Israel believe Nasrallah more than their own lying government... If Israel really did win this war, why are there reports from Israeli soldiers admitting the superiority of Hizbullah on the ground? You blame Tzipi, however, you are worse as you have made a life for yourself in a little bubble you call your world, it is very obvious that your version of the truth is the same one you had before the war started. Try taking a trip to the region and having a look for yourself, talk to some soldiers and officers and stop throwing comments from the comfort of your armchair. I would advise you to re-think about what you said, and stick to being an ambassador, it's surprising they even accepted you as one!
19. poor tzipi
sam ,   nicosia, cyprus   (08.24.06)
Were u aware of the situation before you wrote the article. All advocates in the world can't defend the stupid strategy of the Israeli army, and you are blaming tzipi. Israel created the material for the media which clarified the reality of Israel. Arabs have no media startegy.
20. Speaking English with Tzipi
Borglund ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (08.24.06)
I would never say that one has to speak English to be considered smart. Given the special relationship between Israel and America, English is vital in communication. Tzipi can not speak english well at all. She stops and murmers and then cocks her head to one side like a confused dog. I feel sorry for her when I hear her try and speak. I really think that is the main reason why she did not show herself too often. Her language problems are a handicap that Israel can not afford. She came across on TV as being, well, ... you fill in the blank.
21. Livni out, Bibi in
Zionist ,   Israel   (08.24.06)
Bibi was like the new hollywood star, making appearances almost every day in the foreign media. He understands the importance of explaining Israel to the world. This because they just do not understand the cultural, historical and political depth of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Everyone thinks that the Lebanon War started from 2 kidnapped soldiers and ended in resolution 1701, both of which are far from reality. Bibi has a great foreign presence, strong leadership qualities, and a talent for strategic thinking, not to mention a wide knowledge in economics. Since he can't be the foreign, finance and defense minister all at once, I'll settle for plain old PM.
22. Zvi Mazel on Tzipi Livni
Ilya Meyer ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (08.24.06)
A long and cohesive text, and all of it admirably summed up near the end in Mr Mazel's own words: "The foreign ministry still doesn't recognize the extent of the media's importance." This is the whole problem in a nutshell: our wars are being fought on two fronts: with guns and artillery on the battlefield against brave Islamist "soldiers" who hide behing wome's skirts while targeting hospitals, schools and railway stations in Israel, and with words in the media battlefield, where Israel still does not have even a platoon, let alone a batallion or even a strategy. This is very likely Israel's very last wake-up call: the war of the words has just been ratcheted up in Hizbollah's latest campaign, and if we choose not to follow Mr Mazel's advice and engage in that battle, we're committing suicide on a massive scale. Give Mr Mazel a job heading media strategy and tactics - he evidently knows what he's talking about.
23. Madame Livni has no other choice
Moussa Suwwan ,   Paris/France   (08.24.06)
Mister Mazel , you are living in the past when Mass Media, in many parts of the world, were under Israli supervision. In the Era of Internet and Cable Tv you can’t do that any more. Madame Livni has no choice but to keep a low profile seen the images of Lebanese children killed by israeli bombardment. She can’t pervert the truth because so many cable TV’s showed the real pictures of distruction and disolation, with a mediocre military results. You are part of the past Mister Mazel when it was easy to disinforme people. Arabs, stupid as they may be, and the International Opinion do not take, any more, for granted what the Israelis say. You should awake and understand once for all that the future of israel is PEACE not WAR. You know Mister Mazel, and I am certain that you read History, Arabs, even after one thousand and one year, they will gain their rights again, so it is better to stop sending Israeli boys to kill others and to be killed in their turn. Believe me it is in Israel’s interest to signe a comprehensive peace deal with Arabs sooner than later. Do you think that keeping the killings in Gaza will help you live in peace? I am not certain!!! By your blindness and prejudices, and a highe rate of hatred towards Palestinians, you are preparing the ground for Al Qaeda and other extremiste organazations... I leave you to imagine what follows...
24. How could she justify the massacre?
Georges ,   Rabat   (08.24.06)
She had a problem explaining the war because, there was no logical reason, no clear ojectives, & it was unjustified and used exessive violence... hezbulla fired rockets in the direction of israel only after israel bombed beirut civilian international airport, civilian infrastructur, civilians homes & hospitals... he wasn't the one who started the dirty war attacking civilians! it was israel! hizbullah took soldiers, to exchange with lebanese prisoners, he did not attack civilians first.it was israel! The europrans and intrnational media only showed a small part made by the airforce against civilian targets, they tryed to help israel but there is no way they could, it was a massacre.... how can you say that every body is lying but you? 1300 civilian dead in lebanon.17000 hsing unit totally destroyed, 4500 injured. more that 200 bridges in all of lebanon, more than 15 hospitals destroyed... all these are huge numbers! it wasn't a media victory, it was only a samall part of the truth... americans media showed a broken glass in haifo but did no show the totally detroyed neighborhood in beirut, nore the massacre made by the IAF... you want the truth? don't watch CNN or SKY news...
STEVE ,   LONDON, ENGLAND   (08.24.06)
The State of Israel has been fighting for its independence and national security for sixty years. Most people alive in the world today know how Israel survived the Second World War and Israel has continued to promote Jewish values and the principle ideology of a peace based in human rights throughout all this time. Does the Foreign Ministry of Israel have to proclaim its faith to the world every day? No. Must it proclaim its sense of praxis in wartime? Yes. It did and the Foreign Minister did. The Foreign Minister did not fail the people of Israel. The international community failed Israel and has been failing Israel for centuries. Will the Arabs and the present generation of murdering Jihadists listen to Israelis espouse philosophy and religion? No. Who will they listen to? The United States? Britain? No. No. How can these people be persuaded to change their struggle from expression through violence to expression through diplomacy? Education. Education and invitation to contemplate human rights in practice. Who should be doing this? The UN. Israel’s Foreign Minister was deliberately selective about its oral communication with the outside world during the war and I think all intelligent observers realised this lack of public broadcasting was very effective in the war effort. It was an effort that the civilian Government and the armed forces gave to change the situation in Southern Lebanon and it was a successful effort. Southern Lebanon is not an adventure playground where people play paint ball war games. It is the real stinking evil world. If the Foreign Ministry has to advise the world on what is required to change this awful place into a place fit for human beings to live in what hope is there for mankind in the twenty-first century? The International community know what is required. They are merely not willing to put the effort in. They were indolent about mustering the cultural and diplomatic effort before the war and they can’t muster the military effort now because they lack the moral fibre to do it. Israel’s Foreign Minister did a very careful job of letting the world reach a verdict. Do you think it is easy for a Jew to watch Israel’s military forces kill people every day? NO. no. no. no. We hate killing people. We hate war. But we had to do it and we will have to do it again until the international community bring these crazy people to their twenty-first century senses. The author of this article would be better advised to let the Foreign Minister manoeuvre and instead turn his wrath on the international mass media for being so pathetic. Which television channel on the Earth or in geo-stationary orbit is investing their effort in reporting on the work of the United Nations Organization in general? None of them. They are using their television channels like PLAYSTATION or XBOX or market stall. The six billion people of the Earth are wired into crap television and Israel’s Foreign Ministry has to manoeuvre Israel’s predicament through all of this hedonism that is the modern world of television. That is why Islamic fundamentalism has become so violently opposed to Western culture. That is why Islamic clerics go around smashing satellite dishes in Iran. They don’t want their people and their children brain washed and mentally programmed to become commercial prospects instead of human beings. Islamic human beings. We have to supplement what is on television these days with a greater interest in the nature and process of international organization. For the promotion of human rights in practice. We have to help muslims understand that the Quran is not the sole source of law in this world. Israel’s struggle for independence and security is part of this story and Israel’s Foreign Ministry knows when it has something new and original to say and when to keep its mouth shut while others speak and talk.
26. caroline glick for FM
nelson ,   sao paulo, brazil   (08.24.06)
Besides, the fact that Livni's a woman could have helped Israel's image as a modern and democratic country fighting woman-hating barbarians quite a lot. Another wasted opportunity. Seems Livni's shy about her mediocre English, but when other Israelis are facing guns, rockets, missiles, a minister has no right to fear confronting cameras and reporters. Out with Livni! Chose Jerusalem Post's Caroline Glick as your next FM!!!
27. What did you expect her to say? we're loosing?
Lebanese   (08.24.06)
Al Jazeera, 500 Arab TV channels and most European channels chose to show the horrors committed by the IDF in Lebanon. US TV channels chose to show a few scratched and traumatized Northern Israelis! All were telling the truth
28. to 13...about israeli tv station in english
Adler ,   Israel   (08.24.06)
well, it's not so easy, you know to have an english tv sation...look at haaretz online, or ynet in english...their news translations are often full of mistakes, or it doesn't reflect properly the original news in hebrew, and specially in war times, this is leading to serious misunderstandings on the part of the reader...for a good tv station you would need besides tons of money also perfect professionals...and not the present attitude of superficiality of the media...
29. washington's disappointment in israel???
mila   (08.24.06)
if there is even a soul in washington that is disappointed in israel for forfeiting (israel did not lose, her government gave up while her people were ready and willing to fight to the bitter end) then they need a swift kick up the tuches. take some responsibility for the mess you have helped to create. how about standing by your best friend. how about giving up on this pipe dream you have of the arabs no longer hating you if you show support for them no matter how much they don't deserve it. how about going after the hizbullah yourselves - people who have brutally tortured your own people to death. either stop using israel to do your dirty work and then condemning her for doing so or don't you even dare be disappointed in her for not doing so because she has been so unimaginably demonized for having done so in the past.
30. critics
david ,   gush etzion   (08.24.06)
It is interesting to see all the critcs even from the left who have been bassing settlers and the religious for years,all of a sudden expose the loosers they put into power in the first place.The israeli media have been lying and deceiving us for years.It has been their goal to create a "culture" with hatred against anything sacred.It was a walk in the park for the IDF,POLICE and our so called leaders to drag law abiding citizens out of their homes or beat up some teenagers (amona)who realy believe in the land. As a jew i can say that israelis(not all of them) are a arrogant people with lack of ethics and it shows because their corrupt leaders are just a reflection of themselfs.I hate the loss of the soldiers and civilians,but the israelis needed a good kick in the ass,it is time for them to wake up.They have been trying very hard to be like a gentile nation and have sucseeded in many ways.If they just stopped for one minute running after idols(money,fame,power)and learn from past mistakes of which their have been many.Then they will see that we will only hold on to the land if we live by the rules handed down from sinai.If not we will have to try and come back again in a 1000 years.The world hates jews if we try to be like them,we are seperate and have to strive for holiness,that is our mission here,in this holy land.If we do not the land will spit us out,like it has done before.We have not learned from our past disasters,i hope we will tis time around.
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