Poll: Majority wants Olmert out
Published: 25.08.06, 10:45
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1. Mofaz?! Mofaz is responsible!
TM ( ,   (08.25.06)
How is Mofaz any more qualified to lead than Olmert or Peretz? He should lose his job tomorrow and go home with his head bowed. Any deficiencies in planning, preparation, intelligence and allocation of resources within the IDF happened under his watch while he was first Chief of Staff and then Minister of Defense. Olmert and Peretz may have mismanaged the war, but they were working with the tools they inherited a mere few weeks earlier from Mofaz.
2. Go Bibi, Go
yesaya ,   Jakarta, Indonesia   (08.25.06)
I pray Bibi get re-elected again. Yoni's brother wont sell out the people of Israel, like Olmert did.
3. I'm shocked it's not 99%
Jenny   (08.25.06)
4. I think if they all left it would be better for
ERIC,,, ,   ISRAEL   (08.25.06)
the country.In my opinion Ami Ayalon would make a fine Prime minister and let him pick his own team.Instead of all these soo called ministers who havnt a clue how too run a ministry.We have to change our system.I have never seen Israel looking soo bad.
STEVE ,   LONDON, ENGLAND   (08.25.06)
The poll results show that the Israelis public who took part in it are overreacting and not seriously cognizant of the situation in Lebanon. First of all, Kadima is the best thing to happen to Israeli politics since Israel added its signature of ratification to the International Bill of Human Rights. Kadima offers Israel the best chance to break out of the Ashkenazi / Sephardi divide in Israeli society. Kadima offers Israel the best chance of making progress over the complex of legislation that must come to measure Israeli society to its public and private distribution of wealth. Kadima will bring more social justice to Israel than any party in its history. Hamas and Hizbollah are ferarful of cohgesion in Israeli society and Kadima represents an idea of cohesion in culture and in society. Hamas and Hizbollah will do all they can to complicate life for Kadima and this is why Olmert and Peretz took the steps they did to hit themn hard before their evil plans get underway with effect. The first battles have been fought but the State of Israel now needs more public and vocal support from the international community who must call for closer scrutiny of the progress being made concerning implementation of the International Bill of Human Rights in Lebanon and Palestine. Dan Halutz could have done more to destroy Hizbollah but only by a bigger and more violent invasion of Lebanon. That would cost tens of thousands of fatalities in Arab society and GOD knows how many in Israeli society. It would involve a shooting war with Syria and Iran. Anybody who doesn’t comprehend this should begin to comprehend it. The war against militaristic Islam has only begun. It will not reach its culmination until democracy is introduced to Saudi Arabia. This is not going to happen in the short term but will happen within five and at worst ten years from now. It will not be pretty time for anybody until the region gets its imagination together in terms of the International Bill of Human Rights and the UN’s Declaration on a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence. Kadima is a political movement that support these ideas. Benjamin Netanyahu has had his chance. Now it is Ehud Olmert’s chance and he deserves the confidence of Israeli society in his ambitions for Israel and his ambitions for Arabs everywhere that they will publicly and institutionally promote the International Bill of Human Rights. It is time for decades of armed struggle to come to an end and this can happen before democracy is introduced where it must be introduced. It only takes a conviction of freewill to abandon armed struggle in principle but it requires an atmosphere of consensus to provide the conditions wherein such a principle conviction of freewill can be demonstrated in fact. We have lived with fictions and mythologies for too long. Kadima is a realistic party. A party with an empirical understanding of political philosophy and an imagination for political science that wants social justice and peace based in human rights not nationalism. Opinion Polls are useful devices for testing public opinion but this one has been organized in the bomb craters of the recent war. Now we are climbing out of these craters and beginning to regain our senses. Do not let Hamas and Hizbollah have their way by letting yourselves believe that a rejection of Kadima will serve Israel’s best interests now. Rise above the warfare and look at the horizon of common sense. Israel needs to motivate the international community to bring twenty-first century political philosophy and science to the Arabs. Kadima seeks their peace and harmony as well as Israel’s because their peace and harmony is Israel’s predicament.
6. who gives damn
who gives damn. this is the Israeli public; not the Israeli majority
7. Olmert is one smug pompous moron. Israel deserves better.
Jeremiah ,   Israel, Jewish Land   (08.25.06)
Pack your bags your going home.
8. Another Poll Showed An Even Larger Win For The Right
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (08.25.06)
A Ma'agar Mohot poll, broadcast on Channel 2 on Thursday evening found that if the election was held today, the Likud and Israel Beiteinu would each win 24 seats, Kadima would fall from 29 to 14, and Labor would fall from 19 to only 9. Any way you slice it, Jews will not be ethnically cleansed from OUR land again. EVER.
9. New leaders
Jacques ,   Israel   (08.25.06)
We need professionalism, vision, honesty, sense of unity, national responsibilty. G'd forbid we should go to the next war with the same leadership. Boggi Yaalon, our former Chief-of-Staff fits the above profile. He should be part of the next leadership.
10. Olmert failed
Miriam Jakubowitz ,   USA   (08.25.06)
Without a doubt, Olmert should be released from duty. Furthermore, he should be tried for sending Israeli soldiers into War without food and water. It was appalling to learn the Israeli soldiers had to drink the water from the dead soldiers in order to survive. How did he expect to win the War? Perhaps Olmert and his crew should have been on the front lines in same conditions. By the way, where are the kidnapped soldiers Mr. Olmert? BIBI all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!
11. Olmart Out
Ely greenhut ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.25.06)
Yes, I agree, Olmart & Kadima should resign. Bibi Natanyahu can be Prime Minister. Are there any other qualified Israeli leaders that can be elected & trusted to do better that the current Kadima party??
12. Elections now!
Avraham ,   Netivot   (08.25.06)
I vote BIBI for P.M. This incompetent bunch of morons must be brought down immediately before they can do any more dammage to us. Go Bibi go!
13. Shaul Mofaz is responsible for the Hizbollah power
Crissi K ,   Helsinki   (08.25.06)
Mr. Amir Peretz did a good a job as possible, considering the IDF infantry had been reduced to a hollow log before he arrived as Defence Minister. Considering what Mr. Peretz had to work with, he gets an 8 out of 10. And the poor condition of the IDF, it's not Mr. Peretz responsible, he was in office only two or three months. Shaul Mofaz was Minister of Defence for several years, and presided over the Hizbollah build-up and did nothing. Mr. Mofaz watched the IDF melt away over 5 years and did nothing. Israel, do not jump out of the frying pan into the fire. Keep Mr. Peretz, he can lead the country to a better and more effective IDF.
14. They have to stay
robin ,   israel   (08.25.06)
The government screwed up. But they have to stay to clean up the mess they made. They are no worse than Netanyahu or anyone else, may even be better but screwed up under the pressure to be like Netanyahu and the pressure the public was making over the qassams. Our sons are precious to us, and I hope this protest will show Peretz and Olmert where our priorities lie.
15. The big difference
Jonathan S ,   Frankfurt, Germany   (08.25.06)
It must be warned to treat Halutz and the politicians on the same level. Halutz is a professional, was an excellent pilot and only a professional body can decide if he made big mistakes. He had to obey orders from the political echelon. Here the situation is completely different. One of the first actions of Peretz was to refuse the mobilization of 3 reserve divisions at the beginning of the war. That Peretz is not suited for the job can be seen by everyone. A Prime Minister unable to lead and to inspire trust is unacceptable as well as a foreign minister who is mumbling and stumbling when it comes to speak a few sentences in English. The result has been a disaster, a policy of wishful thinking. This troika has to go! Israel needs urgently a government of national unity because the nukes from Iran are visible on the horizon already!
16. These people serve only themselves. They won't resign.
LEE ,   NY, USA   (08.25.06)
17. Olmert/Peretz in same league as Chirac: amateur
Maurice ,   Paris   (08.25.06)
Time to clean house and get rid of all the bums.
18. we need someone
Shella ,   h   (08.25.06)
we need someone who is responsible, reasonable, keeps threats away from us. It would never be by violence, it showed that Arabs the more violence we use with them the more violence they answer back. We are going to lose in this game, for a very simple reason: Arabs have nothing to lose at all.
19. No5 Steve - well written, but......
marc ,   london   (08.25.06)
...absolute rubbish!!!! There is as much chance of bringing peace to the Middle East through education, understanding and science as there is 1.5 bn muslims rejecting violence overnight!!!! In all societies, western and 3rd world, wherever there is a muslim majority or a significant minority, there is violence, intolerance and sheer stupiditity. Even a harmless cartoon of Mohammed can spark worldwide riots.....and we make excuses for it (not right to insult Mo etc....). Israel will never live in peace. NEVER. I wish for peace as much as the next man, but you must be a realist and recognise that Muslims do not accept that Jews have the right to live, let alone in a country called Israel. Once you accept that, then you must investigate to find a way that Israel and its neighbours can live with a "cold" peace, such as that with Egypt and Jordan. The answer clearly lies in first defeating terrorists who want to reap pure death and carnage. How do you do that when the terrorists have the support of the local population? You have to be hard nosed, accept there will collateral damage, but get on with the job, until the other side says "please, enough, we just want to get on with our lives". Then you can sit and talk and find ways to get along, through trade, education etc.. The reason why the Israeli public are not supporting Olmert is pure and simple....he is weak. He bowed to international pressure too early and left a terrorist organisation claiming victory and other hostile countries studying how they need to adapt their "war plans" in order to defeat "the Zionist enemy". Olmert and his crew showed themselves inept at handling the crisis and their lack of positive action has left Israel in a very precarious position. I don't know if Netanyahu is the answer, especially considering his actions just prior to the Gaza disengagement, but I think Israel needs someone tough, firm and fair who will do what it takes for Israel to get to a more permanent peace, or a lasting cold peace. You, Steve, would not be the right type of character....just like Chamberlain was not the right type for us prior to WWII. (Had he acted differently - tougher - maybe WWII wouldn't have lasted quite so long and maybe the holocaust may not have been given the time to develop as it did.......) Finally Steve, sadly the only "science" of interest to the ME muslims is that of nuclear technology. That is not the sort of "science" they should be playing with.....
20. Olmert Was 100% Successful Managing War
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.25.06)
He obeyed every one of my orders and was completely loyal to our agenda to not defeat Hezbollah and help get the Saudi's ,the Jordanian's and Egyptian's off our backs. He went along with a bad deal 'ceasefire' for Israel which I worked to bring about with the French. Thank you Mr. Olmert for your loyalty to the empire. Secretary Condi Rice
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (08.25.06)
Before it's too late. They are defeatists and will do nothing to protect the nation from Syria and Iran.
22. #5: Kadima Shadima. A bunch of hacks.
Avraham ,   Jerusalem   (08.25.06)
A phony party cobbled together from a bunch of disgruntled has-beens. Israel needs real leadership, not back-room politicians making selfish deals and selling out Israel in the process.
23. You should have known that you can't trust a comb-over.
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (08.25.06)
24. not bibi
meni   (08.25.06)
remember mashal affair? remember wye accords? that guy would sell out his own mother if he could.
25. If Kadima had Morals, Ethics & Love Israel they would resign
Nannette ,   London, UK   (08.25.06)
Israel needs a strong, democratic government, whose main concern should be the protection of the Israelis, not the opinion of internationals, or lining their own pockets. Israel needs patriotic, solid leaders, who will implement a proper constitution, change the way elections are held, and allow Israelis to have proportional voting by electing their local MKs, instead of voting for one party. If this happens, a lot of corruption disappear overnight, because no-one will vote for anyone with dirt on their hands. Get a new government who will protect the people, the land, and won't be manipulated by the international leaders who don't care about Jews!
27. Go Bibi Go!!!
Adam ,   USA   (08.25.06)
Lets get Bibi in the PM's seat!! He can definitely do the job well and you'll know how to kick those terrorists butts while defeating Iran and Syria. YEAH GO BIBI YOUR MAKING A GREAT COMEBACK!
28. war Israel
algerino ,   paris   (08.25.06)
I think throughout the earth we are far away to a peaceful life for everybody. Israel team leaders and plenty of Israelians will unfortunately regret to maintain such situation and not to let free the Palestinians. Peace is for everybody. I hope God to be successful not the army. Sharon etc. bad person manipulated maybe by other parliemantary members in USA.. plenty of things are linked and certain human beings are deeply bad. Hope Palestinians will have their land and two countries will be friend one day.. It will happen for sure.
29. This poll was done by left wingers !!!
N B Shalom   (08.25.06)
Imagine a more accurate poll would show Kadima less than 7 seats. People are tired with an inexperienced party founded and made up of corrupt and heartless politicians. You threw out 10,000 people from Gush Katif did the party ever think of putting them back on the feet. So Hizballah ruined the north maybe so that people should wake up to the plight of the expelled from the south. Shbat Shalom
30. No Good Choices Left For Israelis
Morris Harris ,   NY   (08.25.06)
Netanyahu as PM would be going from bad to much worse.
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