Retired general: IDF needs rehab
Merav Crystal
Published: 25.08.06, 14:49
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1. Yep.. IDF needs a Mental / Psychological Rehab
El-Paco   (08.25.06)
They are all a bunch of weirdos!!
2. Finally good sense prevails
Sher   (08.25.06)
Problem not budgetary, simply hubris and laziness.
3. Intelligence Failures
Shalom Patrick Hamou ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.25.06)
As a Former Head of Military Intelligence (SIC) Why Doesn't He Talk About What He Knows Best.: The Lapses on Intelligences of the Weapons of Hizbollah?
6. These are political guys with no brains
Yariv ,   Tel Aviv   (08.25.06)
These guys are looking for a place in Kadima or Labor and jobs. Do not lisyen to these guys. There are much smarter and better people. These two have no shame to tell these stories now.
7. Retired general: IDF needs rehab
Golan   (08.25.06)
Thank you Uri, no more need to be said.
8. Too many blah and blah from this Guru
Clippers ,   SE Asia   (08.25.06)
The action taken by IDF at Lebanon's side was right and decisive one. If the Olmert sit or squart and do nothing, I am sure the whole nation of Israel will call him Mr. BUM. The problem lies with people like ex-Gen Uri who want to comment in order to gain more recognization from the aftermath war. Think about it. He [Olmert] was carrying out the right decision with his cabinet. If Israelites want to complain, then Israel cannot even had a chance to exist after its independance in 1948. Each war; 1958, 1967, 1973, 1982 and next, next but where is Israel? Don't worry about Uri...He is just a Guru and anyone can be like him ... just pin-point a costly mistake and put 10001 remarks on it. It was a plain simple thing to do, by just talking!! Talking is free of charge. Sometime, you cannot count on your luck but you must trust and bring your Living God along with you to fight in any war, just like David and win them in the past. The good side which I believes IDF has crippled the Hizbullah up to certain extent. In any war, loss of lives ... soldiers, cilivians, children ... are inevitable. That's horror thing about war.
9. Hmmm..We could have done it differently
Ellie Khouri ,   Lebanon   (08.25.06)
I am shocked with the brutality of your regime. You all seem to stress the need to use more force and more force.. As if the complete criminal destruction done was not enough. You talk about next round, the round after... 6 major wars and yet talking about more destruction and killing civilians. Let it be clear to every Israeli that every orfant of the crimes committed by your terrorist army, will be the next Nasrallah but with more determination to revenge his cold blooded murder for his parents. You will never have peace with this mentality... Perhaps Mr. Assad was right to say that Israeli society is all terrorists to support such a terrorist leaders. The only way to make peace is by cleaning this society of war mentality and bridge love to your neighbours... Your bombs will only create more Bin Ladens and more terrorists to fight this terrorism. Think about it and use your brain not your balls
10. laziness within the systems
Dr.Mayer Almagor ,   Haifa   (08.25.06)
The big problem with IDF is that they forgot that "be tachbukot tilahem milhamoteiha". It looks like the whole system is too old and there is a need to bring in young forces.
11. ...that the war could open the door for talks with Syria.
Victor ,   Los Angelos, USA   (08.25.06)
You do not talk to the people who's goal is to destroy you. You destroy them.
12. to #9 Ellie
Joshua ,   USA   (08.25.06)
Thank you Ellie, I would not have said it better my self. The problem it seems is that the whole society in Israel is under some kind of spell or hypnosis, some kind of mind control. I am really puzzled, why “smart” people repeat the same methods over and over and expect different results. How long it is going to be before the sane and peace loving people of Israel stand up take control and say enough is enough.
13. Rehab leadership not the IDF !
A.Harrison ,   Ontario, Canada   (08.25.06)
From even BEFORE the most recent war with Lebanon, right from the outset, Israel leadership was FOR the giving up of the Golan Heights -- and the implementation of the Convergence Plan. Was this war fought so that Israel would deliberately lose ? Did everyone need to know that Israel is not capable of defending herself, much less defending her land? Now that the whole world knows that the IDF is NOT invincible, isn't it just a lot easier and more prudent to just give over the Golan Heights, now, instead of later? Why risk a fight , if you don't stand a chance of winning it? Perhaps this war has not been mismanaged but was instead, brilliantly managed and engineered to achieve the stated outcome --- the implementation of the Convergence Plan ? Was your victory deliberately sabotaged so all will accept the wisdom behind the Convergence Plan? Since Israel can't protect herself anymore, isn't it wise to just give over the Golan Heights NOW, instead of later?
14. sick mentality
Rose ,   Bahrain   (08.25.06)
All you think about is preparing for a second round!! You are obssessed with using force and weaopns to kill civilians are real terrorists !! you will never be able to live in peace because you speak only one language ... war
15. The new trend
Caroline ,   Israel   (08.25.06)
We see a new trend here in Israel after cease-fire: calls for taks with Syria. This goes completely against the Israeli public opinion and obviously serves as a deviating maneuver to make the public forget the flop of our leaders last month. Seeking talks with Syria now, right after our defeat is suicidal.
16. Ouri Saguy you forgot during Barak government
marco darmon ,   montmorecy-F   (08.25.06)
you was ones of these generals "wud like give back our golan chelanou to Syrian dictators" we have fed up of all generals leftist serving napoleon barak was the cause of pull back quick from south lebanon in 2000 , letting all arms and papers army on the ground of lebanon for after "the hezbollah "winned highly against israel . now ,.mister saguy you are the cause of weakness of tsahal because the leftist entered into tsahal for becomes dovish and give back all of israel winned during 1967 war .. mr saguy israel firstly dont have to trust any arabs dictators , because israel need it is unthinkable to give the ground of Israel small which has need for depth strategic on the golan, on yecha, and same on Gaza that Israel should take again and expel Arabic to make return the mitnahalims that sharon expelled manu militari and has provocated what arrives now. the general Israelis are too dependent from maarakh or from meretz we have enough, they are the cause of what currently arrived or the hezbollah gained against Israel because of the state major and the higher realms which think more with civil Arabic that with the civil Israeli Jews!! sorry ouri saguy you & others gals are senile for willing allways give back our gain , you forgot golan & yecha were biblical jewish historicall lands , never theses land has belongs to any palestinian or syrian ,because theses arabs never has existed !! Rak achav " Liebermann and Nadia MATTAR the winning new ticket " chabath chalom meborakh and am israel hai
17. To #9 Elliie, you dont understand; they have no balls-proven
Lebanese   (08.25.06)
18. Army of perception not reality
Observer ,   Canada   (08.25.06)
From this war i had strong conclusion:when US will stop pumping weapons and money to Israel ,this army will fall after first serious srtick and all its numbers will flee to diffirent directions. 35000-4000 solders were figting against 2000-3000 or less hezbollah fighters with this humaling result.this is aham.
19. Utter Failure On All Levels
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (08.27.06)
Let's cut to the chase - One needn't be a military expert to realize that the Olmert regime (as others since Oslo) was not interested in VICTORY. If the goal was indeed victory then the planning, execution etc would have been different. The combination of political leftist defeatism and a military command that does not want to recapture territory is what caused the terrible outcome. Not only is Hizbullah still in the same areas rearming and regrouping, but all the goals of the war were NOT met. The IDF was tragically asleep at the switch. All the soldiers died in vain, and too bad the 'elites' did not have their own war casualties. Anyone notice that their families are not listed in the war dead?
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