El Salvador to move embassy from Jerusalem
Published: 25.08.06, 22:43
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1. And in Bigger News...
Ryan ,   Canada   (08.25.06)
I am taking a washroom break right now. Really who cares what El Salvador does. Sounds like a copy cat. What any country can prosper or gain for better relations with the arab nations is beyond my understanding. These countries are insignificant in the world seen and need to fix there own backyards before even glancing at there neighbours.
2. Jerusalem is Israel "capital" indeed...
Even the US do not recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital instead its referred to as an occupied land! Perhaps as a measure of leading by example Israel should open its own embassy in Jerusalem, maybe others will follow suit! Wahahahah.
3. Good Israel does not need friends anyway
Vince ,   USA   (08.25.06)
4. Who is behind this? Hugo Chavez
Mark ,   USA   (08.25.06)
Hugo wants to flex his muscles and show the world that he has control of South and Central America. He started this embassy chaos with blessings from Iran.
5. Why did they have them in Jerusalem?
Mark ,   USA   (08.25.06)
EL Salvador and Costa Rica must have gotten special favors from Israel. Now they can get more from Venezuela. If Israel officially changed its capital to Tel Aviv what would it get in return? peace, security, and stability? Are we playing Let's make a deal or chess?
6. #3 We never had any friends.
Mark ,   USA   (08.25.06)
7. Back To Tel Aviv, Israel
George W. Arbusto ,   Washington, DC   (08.25.06)
Israel should move the Knesset to Tel Aviv.
8. Re-open Embassies
George ,   Lebanon   (08.25.06)
The Embassies should reopen but .....for The Palestenian State.....
9. they are ALL RATS
10. #2 and #3
Al ,   Salt Lake City   (08.25.06)
If Israel does not need friends.... then i want all my 'friendly' tax money back! Secondly, i think we would gain lots more from an Arab alliance than an Israeli one. I think this Israeli partnership is in it's last leg since the cold war is over. We have bigger problems in the US that need funding. Once Americans start to realize the amount of money going to Israel things will change.
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (08.25.06)
Have some Guts give El Slavador and Costa Rica 72 hours to change their mind and if not kick them out and break diplomatic Relations. Have some Guts and Dignaty for once. Makes you wonder if Arab Money somehow is involved in this.
12. #11 Arab, Iranian or Venezuelan money
Mark ,   USA   (08.25.06)
Money talks especially in third world nations. Mucho dinero!!
13. #8 Will Israel be allowed to still exist?
Mark ,   USA   (08.25.06)
Will you allow Israel to have Tel Aviv as its capital?
14. Jerusalem Israel's Capital No Matter What
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (08.25.06)
With 'friends' like these, who needs enemies??
15. To Al: Demand a Comprehensive Peace
Mark ,   USA   (08.26.06)
Israel wants peace. Israel wants a solution to the Arab/Israeli conflict and we need people to bring peace to the region. How are you going to help create a lasting peace? complain or take action We need more people to work for a peaceful solution. We need to work together. Promote Peace!
16. #10 So you would rather have a
Allan   (08.25.06)
relationship with the people that would just as soon murder you than with those who would stand by you and help defend you? You're a blind fool.
17. #7 Will you allow Israel to exist?
Mark ,   USA   (08.26.06)
Help with the peace process.
18. A good step forward by Latin America.
Rami ,   East Jerusalem   (08.26.06)
The Latin American are more understanding of the troubles in the Arab world simply becuase they themselves suffered the same. It is a great loss for Israel and American at the same time. If embassies are to be open in Jerusalem, this shoud only be when Palestinian Authority control Jerusalem.
19. The answer is simply
Arie ,   Afula   (08.26.06)
leave all our points of contact at home in Jerusalem. If the "ambassadors" wish communications, they can take a train to the capital and engage in their business.
20. embassies
jj ,   montreal canada   (08.26.06)
Jerusalem IS Israel's capitol. Always was always will be From Time in Memorial. No one else has a right to the City of David. The only reason moslems want it is to make problems for Israel. They have never had anything to do with it. They distroyed all vestiges of jewish life under Jordanian rule just for this reason. Any one who does not have an ebassy in Jerusalem should be sent home. Israel would be better of wihtout these so called friends.
21. to 10#
israeli ,   haifa   (08.26.06)
somthing like 2 bilion dollars a year and dont forget the amount of weaponery israel and the us buy from each other is huge. and yeah aliance with iran... u think that if u stop supporting israel iran will buy weaponery from u? any arab county that doesnt buy weaponery from u will now start? ur wrong! arabs see the us as the evil some even think ur more evil than israel so dont think financly iran is a better partner oh yeah by the way u gave the palastinans money as well when hamas wasnt charge there so did israel gave them money.
22. If Israel ever gives up Jerusalem I'll convert to Islam
RA   (08.26.06)
Just kidding. But seriously, Israel would have to be pretty damn stupid to give up Jerusalem to a people who will undoubtedly destroy the Jewish and Christian holy places in the first few days. Not to mention attack and kill any "infidels" living in the city.
23. #19 Great Idea
I was likewise thinking banning any embassies NOT in Jerusalem.
24. Venezuela gets a little oil&suddenly think they are the shit
RA   (08.26.06)
I cant wait till the US comes up with a more efficient and environment friendly alternative to oil. The Arabs will be proper fucked, along with Venezuela of course. They will all be running back to the US begging for handouts when their economy collapses.
25. Response to Arie post 19
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (08.26.06)
With Olmert as PM rest a assured that both the PM office and Knesset both will be moved to TA.
26. Saca should take a lesson
Arie ,   Afula   (08.26.06)
about what the pali muHAMedans have done to his Christian relatives. He wouldn't be so appeasing after that!
27. Change of Embassy
Aldo Manginelli ,   NY   (08.26.06)
El Salvador: "Among the few immigrant groups that reached El Salvador, Palestinian Christians stand out. Though few in number, their descendants have attained great economic and political power in the country, as evidenced by President Antonio Saca and the flourishing commercial, industrial, and construction firms owned by them."
28. Where is Israeli foreign mission?
bernard ross ,   St. Anns Bay Jamaica   (08.26.06)
Does Israel hold meetiongs with foreign diplomats in Tel aviv or jerusalem?
KAMAL ,   JENIN PALESTINE   (08.26.06)
30. next year in ejerusalem if not war will continue forever
roula ,   East Jerusalem Pales   (08.26.06)
a united by divided city just like bruxelles.
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