Opinion  Eitan Haber
Things the commission will not inquire
Eitan Haber
Published: 27.08.06, 17:16
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1. change see also http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/755015.h
peter   (08.27.06)
if democracy works in Israel, things and leaders will change. they won`t be able to escape , with cosmetic explanations. all a country is waiting : religious, non religious, left , right , reserve, conscripts , north , south if there is no change , it will be the last years of the sionist dream
2. Books to read
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (08.27.06)
Integrate "Atlas Shrugged" by Rand with the Torah & Talmud, by God & Co. We have room for both material and scientific excellence and the Jewish God. We do not have room for the mediocre to act as the prime movers of Jewish civilization.
3. to Peter
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (08.27.06)
Why do you expect change? Evidence that suggests Israelis want to keep their land runs counter to the facts of the last 18 years. No, the Israelis want to give up their land. I think the real question is "what do the Jews want?" What are the Jews prepared to do? The Israeli dream and the Jewish dream overlap less and less by the day.
4. Sad, but true.
Sidney ,   USA   (08.27.06)
5. Mediocrity
robin ,   israel   (08.27.06)
When a few people at the top make mistakes that endanger the lives of everyone in Israel, present and future, anyone can make any general and "mediocre" sweeping conclusions about anything. The fact is these individuals must be held accountable. (period)
6. Olmert is the boss
Andy ,   Frisco   (08.27.06)
I like it: "He (my boss) knows he will not keep his post for very long, so he has a lot to accomplish." (for his family)
7. Eitan Haber shouldn't talk
Lila ,   Jerusalem   (08.27.06)
Weren't you the one who rushed up to Jerusalem and emptied Rabin's files the night he was killed, or was that a different Eitan Haber?
8.  Dumbing Down Of Israel's 'Elite', In The Service of Greed
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (08.27.06)
People (rightfully) talk about the degenerate and inciteful Arab education system. What is less known is that Israel has inculcated since the 1967 war a dumbing down of its own system. The part which was decimated was that which told the history of the Jewish people and the zionist narrative. Shulamith Aloni eviscerated this narrative and the people have been paying the steep price ever since. By raising generations of ignorant students who know they are Jewish (I am not referring to necessarily religious teaching, more that of historical ones) but do not understand what Israel symbolizes to the Jewish people, they have little idea how to defend their rights to the land in which they live. This ignorance, coupled with the army's stripping of its zionist ethos via left wing appointed officers, has imperiled the nation to where it stands right now - on the precipice. Therefore, this writer is correct on where the changes must be made - first in education and then .......
YDB   (08.27.06)
People are starting too realize that this road they are currently on is going to hell. Education is one of the worst in the western society Patriotism is gone Lefties who are openly spying for the enemy Politicians who care ONLY about them self and sacrifice the entire country WE NEED TO GO BACK TO OUR JEWISH ROOTS & PRAY TO G-D THAT HE TAKE US OUT OF THIS MESS, We need too be proud of our Jewish ness, Israel was only given to us because we kept the Torah; otherwise g-d takes it away If a Jew who doesn’t keep the torah, WHY would he think that the land of Israel belongs to him?
10. a result of SHARON hijacking the LIKUD
aaron ,   ra'anana   (08.27.06)
i don't remember Shamir running the country like Huey Long's Louisiana... Sharon nearly destroyed the state of Israel and the jewish people, i'm sure when he gets to heaven he will hang out with King Herod
11. fault of
layla ,   jerusalem   (08.28.06)
the leader if he do what people like ...so i think it is the fault of people aske the leader what they want ////befor there were prophets they did what god asked ...nuah i think he is the second prophet ;started to make the ship to save some little who believed on god ,,,yes befor there was prophets ,but now we have science ,brain and religion to guid the leader ...but if it is democracy becouse of the majority want that or this ,,it is not wise ...if the majority say about the red it is green ..it will still red ...one day galilio said that the earth is round ,,but the majority said no ....and some times there are people see the truth better than the majority ,,and by listining seaking or searching ,you can realize the right not becouse of the majority want that or becouse USA want that
12. Mediocrity Vs Excellence in politicians
John Corish ,   Dublin, Ireland   (08.28.06)
This is not just an Israeli issue but one common to all representative democracies. Mr Haber chooses to bring corruption into the mix. However, he should acknowledge that sometimes corrupt politicians are excellent and honest ones mediocre. A nation is truly cursed when its corrupt politicians are also mediocre and blessed when the honest ones are exceptional. This, however, is a rarity. It has been thus ever since old Augustus Caesar was knocking around the senate in Rome. Augustus was as corrupt as they come but in no way mediocre.
13. Olmert ralk to Narsallah and let Bush go
DE Teodoru ,   ny usa   (08.29.06)
Israel made mistakes, tells us Olmert; Narsallah tells us he would not have allowed kinappings if he knew all this would happen ;and Ahmadinejad wants to debate Bush. SOMETHING CRITICAL is happening. Israel lives totally on US handout. Netanyahu tried to stop that but failed. Perhaps the problem is not cash from outside but what is done for it. Perhaps if Olmert and Narsallah got together and discussed helping eachother be independent of the powers who pay for the entertainment of watching Semites kill eachother, things might not only be better for both countries but we might also get that great debate. Wouldn't that be something! Narsallah needs to prove to Lebanese that he's for Lebanon first. He heads a Shia minority group in a Sunni Arab sea. By offering to collaborate with him in rebuilding Lebanon, Olmert could completely change the character of the Mideast. Don't worry about Bush, Olmert, he'll soon be at the bottom of a bottle in Texas and the world will go on. America will then reward you as the great peace maker.
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