War's lessons: State to supply food, drugs in wartime
Ronny Sofer
Published: 27.08.06, 22:47
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1. Disaster response
Pam ,   AZ USA   (08.28.06)
It happened in New Orleans, it happens after earthquakes, and sounds like it happened in northern Israel -- the local government is overwhelmed rapidly, the federal or state gov't doesn't grasp this, or is distracted, or just takes too long to gear up, and it always comes down to civilian and semi-military volunteers to handle local needs until the worst of the crisis is over. Maybe this is the model to work from in disaster preparedness, rather than assume that updating the existing model (that hasn't worked well) is a good use of resources.
2. bomb shelters in residential buildings
Jennifer Teff ,   Nahariya Israel   (08.28.06)
When the committee in my building approached the municipality in Nahariya about funding for the bomb shelter in our building for fixing the plumbing, laying tiles on the concrete floor, painting the walls, matrices, air conditioners, etc, they were told that while public bomb shelters had funding (even for TVs), "private" shelters in residential buildings aren't funded. If we wanted to repair the shelter we would have to do it ourselves and if we wanted to, we could write a letter to the municipality requesting financial help. The estimated cost so far it will be NIS800 (~US$185) per apartment. After paying for food and board away from home during the war, some people don't have extra cash right now.
3. Olmert's malfunction of the War
Miriam Jakubowitz ,   USA   (08.28.06)
Ptime Minister should be held accountable for every Israeli soldier lost during the recent war, as he had them sent into battle with food, water and the right amount of tanks and weapons. A disgrace.................
4. Wars lessons=Prof.Victor hansen
Neal ,   NJ,USA   (08.28.06)
Long but well worth it.
5. War's lessons: State to supply food, drugs in wartime
DANIEL ,   Lod, Israel   (08.28.06)
We have had enough lessons before this one! If you had done your homwork sincerely; you woud have not failed.
6. drugs, very important ....
Micheew ,   Germany   (08.28.06)
7. Next war already?
Ann ,   Sydney, Australia   (08.28.06)
Where's the soul-searching? Instead of focusing upon negotiations, dialogue and peace, the preponderance of attention is for the next war. Shifting mindsets is the real challenge in Israel.
8. WAR
Jerzy ,   Oz   (08.29.06)
Get used to fending for yourself in wartime. your leaders will always be leading you into war, both for domestic unity and for inernational sympathy. That river of money from the international community that keeps Isreal afloat is about to change course. The Neocons want to give you a dose of economic rationalism, they want to stop subsidising the Israeli government and give all the aid to the IDF.
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