US: Settlers assaulting American citizens
Associated Press
Published: 30.08.06, 01:16
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1. It must be a mistake
MisHap ,   USA   (08.30.06)
They must be the Arab terrorists who did it. After all civilized Jews would not harm them. Jews would invite these Westerner guests over to their houses and show them hospitality. We are living in funny times!
2. State department warnings
Am Israel Chai ,   US   (08.30.06)
unbelievable. With all the kidnappings of journalists by palestinians, and killings of tourists by palestinians, and the missiles and killings of Israelis and settlers by palestinians, and the havoc within their own neighborhood; the state department is warning americans about settlers and IDF? How stupid is this?
3. US warns Jews...
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (08.30.06)
...not to visit Kansas or Oklahoma. OK, they didn't warn the Jews. Doesn't mean they won't take a beating though ;-)
4. yep! A B I G mistake!
ilana   (08.30.06)
More than likely, it is the Americans and the missionaries who are harrassing the Israelis! What the H are they doing messing in Israeli business for anyway/ They have been here toooooo long stiring conflict.
5. Dangerous Neighborhood
Ronnie ,   Gedera, Israel   (08.30.06)
The State Department says 'citizens of Western nations, including Americans, involved in pro-Palestinian volunteer efforts were assaulted and injured in Occupied Territories by Israeli settlers and harassed by Israeli army' . What else is new? Of course hanging out with terrorists is dangerous. And helping terrorists is extremely dangerous. May I suggest that these do-gooders go home, lest they be kidnapped like the two Fox reporters and forced to convert to Islam.
6. I'm sure it's no mistake.
Al ,   Salt Lake City   (08.30.06)
#1 You must live in another world if you have faith in any group like you state. Just because a person seems to be "religious" doesn't mean squat. Haven't you seen enough TV or read enough papers that have those neigbors stating, "We never though we had someone like that living next to us. He/she was such a nice guy/gal."
7. Arabs are the real settlers not the Jews.
Daisy ,   USA   (08.30.06)
How can any people who live in their homeland be settlers? The Arab occupiers are the settlers and should be identified as such.
8. What's the other half of the story?
James ,   Toledo Oho USA   (08.30.06)
Talk about a one sided story. Where is the other part? Why is it happening? What are the Western Euros/Americans doing to cause it? Common Ynet....don't just end the story here. Do some investigative reporting.
9. They were probebly protecting themsevles more than anything
Every single day, Arabs throw rocks and firebombs at cars. Putting roadblocks to stop cars to throw rocks at buses and cars, wheres the outrage on that daily occurence?!??!?! May Hashem Bless Each And Every Jew There As You Save Guard And Rule Our Land, Soon You Will Be In Power Never Forget About Amona and Gush Katif!!!!!!!!!!!!
10. Who cares about Americans?
Matt ,   NYC, USA   (08.30.06)
Why, a majority of them aren't even Jewish! Surely we've all learned by now that the only injustice that matters is injustice toward Jews.
11. Come to Reality People
Realist   (08.30.06)
Please. You all need to step back and remove your EXTREMELY BIAS spectacles. Yes, Jews were wronged in the past, as were arabs. But Israel has gone too far in seeing how far it can go and violate international agreements and activities because it knows that the US would come to its aide. A piece of land was carved from the middle east and provided to the Jews for the creation of their own country. But apparently that wasn't enough, and they always feel they are the ones wronged. The arabs lived there as well for centuries and call the region home as well. WHY DON'T YOU ALL GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSES and see reality in that both sides have greatly wronged each other, and that both are to blame and neither are faultless and innocent. For centuries that land was occupied by mixed company. And although tribal battles ensued, overall the region was stable. It is now the MOST unstable region in the world, b/c no one can admit fault in themselves. You people make me sick in thinking that you are the supreme and that you are the one that is correct. Go some courage to see the real world and not the alter light you are seeing through your kaleidoscope. And for the record: Arab does NOT mean terrorist. There are drastic and radical differences between the two, and one can argue that Israelies have acted in terrorist fashions as well. For the records, I am a white american, raised christian, but having studied all major religions of the world. We were all born from the same pot, all of your religions started at the same lakeshore in the distant past. You have so many similarities in your religions and beliefs that you have to be dumb not to see them. Open your eyes and open your world.
12. Do not go with the terrorists in Gaza...
Steve ,   USA   (08.30.06)
B"H I think the warning to not join terror groups is very reasonable. It is like joining armed criminal groups in the United States: it has its definate dangers in whatever countries.
13. Fear Not Israel, God is On your side!
C ,   IL,USA   (08.30.06)
Pro Arab US State Dept showing all who they really are. Gloves are off, things are gonna start happening quick now.
14. James, Toledo
Rachel ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.30.06)
Good point!! I agree 100% that Y net should also give the other side. But unfortunately the Israeli press likes to show a negative side when it comes to Jews rather than Arabs. That is called the "new liberal Israel"!!!
15. Daisy Daisy Daisy #7
Mike ,   Boston   (08.30.06)
Your responses are always very blatently stupid. You are really convinced that a settlers from SOmalia or Russia or Ukraine or anywhere else should consider Palenstine and Israel his homeland more than the palestinians. If you are than no wonder why the world is in deep trouble. It is because of people like you who don't want to use common sense.
16. now you come out with this shitttt
sami ,   usa   (08.30.06)
this is nothing to the palestinians or the jews , sellers are will known for been radicals, just like the jews see hamas ,the palestinians feel the same with the settlers
17. # 8 The rest of the story
Desert Scorpio ,   Arabia, Arabia   (08.30.06)
Talk about a one sided story. Where is the other part? Why is it happening? Wonderful. The other part!! do you mean the occupier's and LAND THIEVES Zionist settlers, since when the Occupier, the land thieve has a saying and justification of the atrocities they are comitting, please dont send me a talkback with with the old Cliché of jewish land, anti semitic, jews hater and so on, the myths and lies that non other than jews bleive The Scorpio
18. James (#8)
The Raccoon   (08.30.06)
Nowadays, "investigative reporting" is an oxymoron.
19. Here you go # 8
Secular Sabra ,   Israel   (08.30.06)
Here is some " investigative reporting " :
20. What is happening to the IDF morals?
Bechor   (08.30.06)
I expect no better from the settlers. They are extremists who do nothing but hurt the state, and yet they are treated as heroes. But the IDF? What happened to the strict moral code they used to operate under? I sincerely hope that these reports are not true!
21. This is why im leaving
Mordechai ,   New Orleans, LA, US   (08.30.06)
From NOLA -> to Gush Katif I'm leaving Galus for this and a 1000 reasons its time to go home, the State Dept doesnt want to see frum strong we come!
22. Hey, State Department
Ronnie ,   Gedera, Israel   (08.30.06)
You like to call people "settlers"? well, you can start by calling all the people who live in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas "settlers", since all of that land was taken by force from Mexico. But, of course, the land shouldn't be returned to Mexico, since they took it by force from the Indians. So, what's the answer? I don't know! But, State Department, I suggest you concern yourselves with your own settlers, and leave us the hell alone. And, by the way, State Department, why the hell are you so anti-Israel? Aren't you supposed to be on the same frequency as the Administration, or are you guys in business for yourselves? I really must ask President Bush about that. Y'all have a nice day!
23. Palestinians are pretending to be Israeli
rachel ,   usa   (08.30.06)
So the world blames the jews ...These naive americans do gooders better watch who they are dealing with ....they have no idea.....The palestinians will kill them if it looks good for the media......
24. Daisy, a pro so-called palestinian
Michael U ,   SF,CA   (08.30.06)
Daisy, Your so full of it... The arab scum are occupying the land of the Jews. They should put down their weapons and join the real world. How do you suppose it is Arab land? Israel has been Jewish much much longer than it has been Muslim, MUCH MUCH longer. The Arabs who live there live in much more peace than Jews living in Muslim countries have. How dare you make such ridiculous statements. Go grow up and them post talkbacks little girl...
25. Americans like Jews are always targets.
Johnson ,   USA   (08.30.06)
26. #8
Joshua ,   USA   (08.30.06)
I guess since the American are pushing for 2 states solution which may require lots of settlers and settlements to leave the Palestinian territories, I can imagine how this creates friction and resentments.
Texan ,   Texas, USA   (08.30.06)
The SD does not use the term "Occupied Territories". If they did, as a GOV'T Agency, then America changed it's recognition of Israel overnight. USE YOUR HEADS AND YNET, BETTER FACT CHECKING IS NEEDED.
28. This Political Correctness is Distroying The USA & the west
JB ,   NJ   (08.30.06)
29. Hatred filled people
MK ,   USA   (08.30.06)
In my humble opinion, I think no people in the world, neither Hamas, nor Hizbollahs, nor any fundamentalist, can match the Israeli settlers in the West Bank, who are filled with bigotry, racism, and hatred. We say that Hamas wants to take over the whole land ? Well these settlers also want to take over the whole land. The Israeli government itself fears them. They are savages.
30. i'm not for settlers, but.....
yonatan ,   nyc   (08.30.06)
i hate these palestinian supporting americans even more. this isn't some liberal fantasy world. these ISM american citizens who come to the territories should know the dangers of being there and the risks that they're taking in order to help the support the "palestinian cause."
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