US: Settlers assaulting American citizens
Associated Press
Published: 30.08.06, 01:16
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61. Americans
ron Kirby ,   Kalamazoo USA   (08.30.06)
I am an orginal American and American Indian. The rest of you can go back where you came from and leave us to our casinos.
62. Israel Not Being Jewish
Delaune ,   Houston, Texas, USA   (08.30.06)
Look here, You cannot steal people's land, mow down their farms and orchards and build houses on it and call it a settlement. These are not settlers. These are land thieves. Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's property. Sound familiar? Set the clock back 39 years to before Israel stole her neighbor's lands and there wouldn't be any of these problems. Nobody is fighting against the existence of Israel. They are fighting against people killing their families and stealing their land. SOME Palestinians act like wild animals because they have been backed into a corner. Judaism is a beautiful and honorable religion. If only Israel's leaders followed the dictates of Judaism, the blood would cease flowing. I feel Israel's pain. My country too has been stolen by scumbags pretending to be Christian. Get rid of your politicians and disband Mossad. They are pure evil.
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (08.30.06)
It is just as quoted in the news, State Departman's link for relevant warning and YES it says OCCUPIED TERRITORIES, perhaps Israelis should show their muscle more to US citizen?!! "In recent months, citizens of Western nations, including Americans, involved in pro-Palestinian volunteer efforts were assaulted and injured in the Occupied Territories by Israeli settlers and harassed by the IDF. Those taking part in demonstrations, non-violent resistance, and “direct action,” are advised to cease such activity for their own safety. ........"
64. #1-Wake Up
Nabeel   (08.31.06)
They don't want you to see what is really happening there!! Open your eyes. There are many Jews opposed to zionism who would get the same treatement from the IDF and settlers.
65. #4
Nabeel   (08.31.06)
You're absolutely right, they shouldn't meddle in Israel's business. Nor should they give Israel any weapons or billions of dollars in aid.
66. #7
Nabeel   (08.31.06)
Then you should classify yourself as a settler since it was Native Indians that were in the States before you. Does anyone need blankets?
67. #22
Nabeel ,   US   (08.31.06)
Anti-Israel!?! I don't understand how almost every Israeli on this post thinks the State Department is anti-Israel? Maybe receiving the largest share of foreign assistance distributed by the US qualifies for being called anti-Israel. I mean even African countries that really need assistance don't get as much as Israel. How about those weapons that are supposed to be used for "defensive" purposes (yeah right). Finally, maybe the US shouldn't support Israel in the UN, I wonder what would happen then? The US is your only freind in this world. You should not bite the hand that feeds you.
68. #23
Nabeel   (08.31.06)
So would Israel if they could blame it on someone else (Palestinians, Hamas, Iran, Hezbollah...) look up the USS Liberty investigation oh wait a second, even though crew members wanted to testify, the investigation was shut down. When first we learn to decieve...
69. Couldn't agree more
Nabeel   (08.31.06)
Right On
70. Hey Nabeel
Marya ,   Sacramento, USA   (08.31.06)
If you think America should give the land back to the Indians who were here before them, then I say RIGHT ON, MORON... Jews were here in Israel beforeYOU..thousands of years before you get the hell out usurper!!!
71. David #57
eugenie ,   Jerusalem   (08.31.06)
why pro-pally, David? you got me all wrong. I just wanted to show objective evidence that none other than a Jewish population has been documented in the land as early as the 16th century, that the land lay barren and desolate during the Ottoman Empire, that Tel-Aviv was founded in 1909 with no Arab house, hut, shack, olive tree or donkey in sight. I wanted people to read and learn that everything has been accomplished in Israel thanks to the Jews. Take a look at what Sir Winston Churchill had to say: "Left to themselves, the Arabs of Palestine would not in a thousand years have taken effective steps towards the irrigation and electrification of Palestine. They would have been quite content to dwell—a handful of philosophic people—in wasted sun-drenched plains, letting the waters of the Jordan flow unbridled and unharnessed into the Dead Sea." or this: "Fuel-power stations for the generation of electrical light and energy have been established at Haifa and Tiberias by the [Jewish] Palestine Electric Corporation, Limited. This increase in commercial activity, in building enterprise and new industrial developments is due almost entirely to Jewish capital and the entry during the year of an immigrant class with money to invest." and also this from Joan Peters in her book From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab–Jewish Conflict Over Palestine: 1 - As far back as 1893, the Jews not only were already far from being a small minority in the areas where they had settled, but were the largest single group there (if one divides the non-Jewish population into Muslim and Christian) 2 - Substantial immigration of Arabs to Palestine took place during the first half of the twentieth century; from 1893 to 1947 while the Palestinian Arab population slightly more than doubled in areas where no Jews were settled, it quintupled in the main areas of Jewish settlement. " And that perhaps Arabs over here are just guest workers and have perhaps outstayed their welcome. You got me all wrong, no pro-pally here. You didn't bother the check the link, that's all.
72. Inciting Violence
CJ ,   USA   (08.31.06)
These American "human rights workers" are there simply to incite violence. You can see their videos all over the Internet. They want their 15 minutes of fame and don't care about either side. They try to get something started and put civilians in danger and make the IDF soldiers' jobs even more difficult.
73. From Time Immemorial - #71
Dale ,   calgary, canada   (08.31.06)
That book has been proven to be a fraud. With most of the quotes taken out of context. On another note, when is this crap going to end? Why can't you Zionists join the respectable human race and admit your mistakes, and rectify them, instead of making it worse for the entire world.
74. Dave, Calgary #73
eugenie ,   j'lem   (09.01.06)
this book is controversial. However, Sir Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Christian monks and pilgrims are genuine. Contrary to popular belief and especially MSM reports, Israel is more enclined to peace than the Arabs. Even the partition suggested by the British in 1948 (by the way, several sources available for you to check out) was rejected by the Arabs who immediately declared war. I do not believe that Israel was created by divine intervention. It declared independence and was recognized by the UN. So the issue is one of borders. And we are no-one's foster child, we are entitled to the same rights as every other nation on this planet. Except the Arabs do not recognize Israel's right to exist within any kind of borders. For them the occupied territory is ALL of Israel. PLO, Hammas, Hezbollah call for the destruction of the State of Israel and the slaughter of the Jewish people wherever they may be. So do Iran and Syria. In answer to your question - because the Arabs are unwilling to put up with an Israeli presence in the region, unwilling to renounce terrorism (today a new terror group emerged in Gaza) against our civilians and troops, and are unwilling to sit down and settle the border dispute, sign a treaty and abide by it. Barak made the most generous offer to Arafat at Camp David, comprising 98% of the territories claimed by the Palestinians plus compensation for the 2% retained by Israel, but was turned down. All Arafat wanted was holy jihad and martyrdom. He also plundered all the foreing aid pouring into Gaza. Suha, his wife, was having the time of her life in Paris at the time, spending one hundred thousand USD a month on designer clothes and other luxuries, while the people of Gaza were living in sheer squalour. (Most of Gaza was handed over to the PA in 1995, following the Oslo agreement. Last year we dismantled the last settlements in Gaza and the army pulled out. The soldier currently held in Gaza was snatched from Israeli territory via tunnels the Palestinians keep digging, just as the Hezbollah, so they can stage surprise attacks). Mind you, the intended two states are already there (Israel and Jordan with a peace treaty between them, same as Egypt). A third state, actually an additional Arab state, was never intended here. So perhaps you would like to address the Palestinians the same question, using the same "tone of voice".
75. Dale, Calgary - correction
eugenie ,   Israel   (09.01.06)
Sorry, I seem to have gotten your name wrong, I meant Dale.
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