Lawsuits against French rail operator for WWII transport
Published: 30.08.06, 11:59
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1. Deportation: SNCF or Reichsbahn
bernard laudon ,   France   (08.30.06)
That's not an important point, after all! The important point that we should all remember, and particularly J. Chirac, the World Champion of Devoir de Mémoire, is that the 55 million dead of WWII were the victims of his likes, I mean the peacenicks of the Thirties. We should know that's it's not worth talking with a Hitler or an Ahmadinejab whose programs are announced. It amounts to allowing them the time they need to build their war machine. Yes, we should remember all those dead were the victims of the cowardice of the democracies. Déjà vu... Bernard Laudon Bernard Laudon
ANDREW ,   MIAMI,FL   (08.30.06)
3. Extortion Pure and Simple
World Citizen ,   the world   (08.30.06)
I wonder when this nonsense will end? How ironic that people in no way directly connected to the events of WWII can sue for "compensation" and Palestinians who have deeds to homes, farms and commerical property in Israeli can't. And Israelis can't figure out why they get bad press all the time.
4. Overdue.
Hans-Jörg Marby ,   Markdorf, Germany   (08.30.06)
5. Yes my dear, you are SIMPLE!
Hans ,   Markdorf, Germany   (08.30.06)
6. #3 Yes my dear, you are SIMPLE!
Hans ,   Markdorf, Germany   (08.30.06)
7. #3 SIMPLE gets a reality check
Kate ,   Jerusalem   (08.30.06)
Any Palestinian with a deed to a home or farm or commercial property in the State of Israel can request compensation from the State of Israel if their land or home is on Israeli property and no longer in their hands. As for bad press - we only get that when SIMPLE citizens of the world forget what happened yesterday or the day before. No nation survives by forgetting an enemy who has not struck in the past 24 CNN hours. Pure and Simple.
8. #3what about jews who have deeds to their homes?
rachel ,   usa   (08.30.06)
In Arab countries where they were kicked out , everything was taken away from them .....why don't you talk about that ?
9. pure and simple
citizen ,   usa   (08.30.06)
everybody has rights.hollocaust survivers do as well as palestinians.
Always Right ,   Earth immigration   (08.30.06)
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