Annan: IDF shouldn't have used cluster bombs
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Published: 31.08.06, 15:10
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61. Hizz shouldn't have used cluster Katjushas
Lars ,   Finland   (08.31.06)
UN secretary general do not keep his word and Hizz has rigth to use and get new weapons. UN resolution 1701 will pulled into pieces.
62. Eye for an eye then?
John ,   Italy   (08.31.06)
The comments that I read here only go to show that both sides are doomed to repeat their mistakes. The hatred and the fear is there, it is cultivated, and propagates. The world considers Israel a country populated by intelligent people, people that do not seem to frequent this site. If you consider, using the same pitiful means that the terrorists are using against you as a solution, you are will be condemned to an eternal war ... and the worst .. you absolutely deserve it. How do you believe that children that starve today will remember Israel in 20 years? Maybe you should be throwing food as someone joked earlier.. Instead you choose to throw oil to the fire.. . Well enjoy the roasting... it is going to be a long one...
63. #58 Missles explode Now!
Hassan Nasrallah ,   Rathole, Beirut   (08.31.06)
#58 You say its okay to kill and maim as many as possible in a barbaric way with flesh shredding ball bearings, as long as its done immediatly. You say nothing about the intentional targeting of civilian centers with these deadly ball bearing filled rockets Your moral equivalence/non-equivalence argument is a fraud like your extremist islamic/liberal collaborator friends at the UN
64. George Bush #58 dont mess with us and you dont have to deal
Mike ,   Israel   (08.31.06)
with the clusters, mess with us again and youll have to deal with tons and tons of hell on your head
65. I'm amazed why even bother??
Mike ,   Israel   (08.31.06)
why bother explaining why we use clusters or any other weapons, do they expect us water? In war all is fair and yes even nukes if its waranted, ask Iran they will deal with it soon. Next time you morons launch a war against us think what it will cost you.
66. #50 time to shoulder responsibilty
NYT: (The report said American munitions found included 559 M-42’s, an anti-personnel bomblet used in 105-millimeter artillery shells; 663 M-77’s, a submunition found in M-26 rockets; and 5 BLU-63’s, a bomblet found in the CBU-26 cluster bomb. Also found were 608 M-85’s, an Israeli-made submunition.). The USA has to punish Israel for its use of the US-made munitions- according to terms of delivery- for using in populated areas, or when civilian casualties is anticipated even on the long run and for use in non-self defense attacks which the USA is about to admit. Israeli-made munitions would receive more condemnations because of the lower precision and the high rate of initial failure. Israel ambassador to Moscow denies banned cluster munitions used in Lebanon attack. Twisting words is very obvious as banning depends on the use in populated areas; so by definition there is nothing called banned cluster munitions; it is just a diplomatic way of escaping when condemned. The initially failed-to-explode live submunition which exceeds 14 % ; in site mounted up to 267, will act as landmines. According to the UNSCR 1701, maps should be provided by Israel in addition to the other maps for the Israeli-made old mine fields already speedy handed maps to cover the new crime.
67. cluster bombs
olmert sucks ,   israel   (08.31.06)
its obvious olmert was aiming at civilians, i am not saying whose fault the war was but in this one incident its obvious he was trying to kill civilians, maybe he should change his name to george w olmert
68. #66 taking responsability LOL
King Soloman   (08.31.06)
Once again we see the moral equivalence/non-equivalence fraud underlying your assumptions. The Islamists behead prisoners after torturing them, they specifically target innocent civilians with feces covered shrapnel. Yet you want to lecture everyone but your camel riding jihad brothers on taking moral/ethical responsability. Your biased and suffer with specious reasoning.
69. Please! Read the the Geneva Conventions 1st
Lars ,   Finland   (08.31.06)
the link is simple:
70. Why listen to the arab's dog,koofi?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (08.31.06)
He is a supporter of terrorism.Not just against Israel.Let him drop dead.Wewill do what we have to do and next time it will make what happened in lrb.seem like a picnic.
71. all this is only a diversion...
another miss   (08.31.06)
to make us forget about the Bomb. Wake up people!!! The only solution seems to be widespread conversion to islam or whatever the iranian boss wants...
72. # 66 A No Name Coward from Nowhere----says What
Sandman ,   Ann Arbor   (09.01.06)
Ahh gee whiz you Mr. Cut and Paste so well...for you don't have a orginal idea in head while you post without a name like most cowards usually do................................................. Cluster bombs or minutions have not as yet been made UNLAWFUL until they are made illegal and all countries have ratificed that they can be and will be used....... By Russia, USA., Sudan, India, China<....etc........ So as a former officer of USA ARMY who has ordered such munitions used to save my men I have no regrets... But say to you stick up your.....where it don't shine buddy ... for it saved American lives of my matter what you think......maybe napalm is bettor....the smell of freshly cooked flesh is so humaine....or ballbearing laced with coumdin (rat poision) and human fecal matter in your arab friends rockets landing on civilian areas is so Humaine.....All i see is a arm chair Hypocritic talking about accountablity who has never fought in a war, knows nothing about war, nor smell cordite, seen blood, hurd friends screaming and dying.......
73. Cluster Bombs
Ricky Bobby ,   Talladega, USA   (09.01.06)
Maybe Hizzbulah murders will walk in front of the Lebanese women and children instead of behind them like they did in the war. This would prevent innocent women and children from stepping on cluster mines. No wait, never mind. They didn't give a crap about protecting women and children during the war, so they won't now either. In fact, they'll probably convince women and children (at gun point) that it is their duty to clear areas with cluster mines to protect the Hizzbullies. Brave, brave soldiers!
74. Annan Cluster Bombs
Bill B ,   melbourne   (09.01.06)
Well said David, this anti semetic has no place as an international peace maker
75. Sandman #72
carmen ,   bucharest   (09.01.06)
Take it easy, man. These people are relaxing in their armchairs and going yada-yada-yada about how to fight a war with suicidal terrorists. Except that they are suicidal only when they encounter their civilian targets. When faced with the real enemy, say or in this case IDF troops, they become innocent civilians. Europe has become so self-content, it forgot what nearly happened 70 and 90 years ago and , and who saved them twice, although US military cemeteries are scattered all over Europe for all to see. But they'd rather not be reminded. Yet they find it easy to indulge Iran, and hezbo, and hammas, and the Shiya, even then they know they are only stalling for time, that they will eventually face the music. So you do what you have to do. Soldiers protect their countries and their civilians. Terrorists hide among them for protection. End of story! A lot of people know that you are heroes and wish you only the best. Take courage! Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed! Quite the opposite!
76. cluster bombs and suicide bombing
Robert and Alex ,   USA   (09.01.06)
Kofi, why don't you stick the cluster bombs up your fat ass. That way you'll have more brains there than in your head. While you are at it, stick a sucide bomb full of ball bearings where the sun doesn't shine.
77. #68sandman
snoop snuffleopagus ,   schenectady ny usa   (09.01.06)
If your spelling skills are indicative of our Officer class, we are Doomed !! do you hear me?! DOOMED !!@!!!!!
78. # 72 from anywhere we will fight the coward
79. To Fadi #27
Emily ,   San Jose   (09.01.06)
I guess you don't realize the U.N. obsessively imposes resolutions against Israel every time someone in Israel so much as develops a hangnail. You're also overlooking the fact that Lebanon never complied with any of the U.N. resolutions about disbanding the militias like Hizbollah operating within its borders.
80. #77 Snoopy Dog
Neal ,   NJ,USA   (09.01.06)
Does anyone else smell the intellectual elitism and snobbery of Snoop. Snoop is so smart, he ignored the content and did a personal attack Snoop has a big ego and low self-esteem. Hows my spelling snob!
81. Right, Mr UN secretary general,
NTI ,   Red Chili   (09.01.06)
I think Israel should use only crudely made rockets and simply fire back into Lebanon at large, when fired upon. That way, no one can blame Israel for using superior firepower, and "targetting innocent civilians", just like what the Hissies did. Good one, Mr UN secretary general, idiot.
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