Experts: Reuters jeep not hit by missile
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 31.08.06, 17:43
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1. reuters + journalism = oxymoron
Arie ,   Afula   (08.31.06)
2. Reuter's credibilty
Jon ,   Oz   (08.31.06)
Should be well and trully out the window.
3. Al-Reuters lying again
4. Caroline Glick exposed this lie some while ago
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (08.31.06)
I think Caroline wrote an article in JPost several days ago demolishing this particular Reuters fraud.
5. Al-Reuters again!
6. Reuters
Jeremy ,   Israel   (08.31.06)
This is just more proof the Reuters is not trust worthy in any of the reporting here. This is no different than the photoshoped photos that came out of the war in Lebanon. Reuters's reporters from where I am sitting will stand at nothing to defame Israel, maybe it is time to cancel their credentials like we did with the BBC
7. reuters are a bunch of liars
gadalyah   (08.31.06)
they should be ashamed .how long has this stuff been going on?
8. reuters
jill   (08.31.06)
who can believe that reuters the world famous news agency can indulge itself in this is almost unbelievable but i now know it is true.
9. Reuters apology
bob ,   kiryat ata, israel   (08.31.06)
I'm holding my breath in anticipation of Reuters' apology to Israel and the world....
10. To # 4, Larry: No, that was another scandal
Efi ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.31.06)
You are talking about the ambulances fakery scandal in Lebanon. I don't blame you though, it's hard to keep track!
11. she's lying
gadalyah   (08.31.06)
who remembers the pop song some years back where the girl sings and in the background a man intones; "she's lying" reuters is lying.
12. Reuters
Abe ,   Brooklyn   (08.31.06)
These clowns should close up shop and open back up as a state-run arab media outlet. They are absolutely terrible at reporting and even worse at covering up their obvious bias towards Israel.
13. only reuters?
esther ,   raanana   (08.31.06)
The AP, AFP, New York Times, CNN, BBC, The Independent, Daily Telegraph, even skynews at times, are not worth the ink used to print them, not to mention broadcast time and bits and bytes they take up on the net. Better watch Arabian Nights reruns!
14. More Lies
NYC Girl   (08.31.06)
Goddamned Reuters. You'd think they would have learned after their other lies were exposed.
15. Reuters = Terrorism collaboration
Yirmeyahu ,   Florida   (08.31.06)
There are many ways to fight on behalf Muslim terrorism. It can be done actively or passively, with weapons or with deception. Reuters fights against Israel with the weapons of deception; but as with any terrorist when shoot at they cry: "we are civilians." Civilians? No combatant is a civilian. Reuters is not a civilian organization because it has more than proven that is an active combatant in the PR trench. For long Reuters has been one tireless wing of professional disinformation shamelessly working in favor of Palestinian terrorism. So let's say it clear: Reuters is a organization of terrorist intellectualoids who openly practice tactics of supportive terrorism by constantly lying in favor of Muslim terrorists against Israel. After all, who would expect anything different coming out of England? Israel should shake off its non-working political correctness and kick for good Reuters and whatever other enemy organization whose presence in Israel is to simple help terrorists by giving them any kind of support. In times of war, Torah teaches to treat your enemies like enemies. So, shoot your enemies with the intent to kill them, just like they are trying to do to you -- directly or indirectly. Reuters is trying to kill Jews by helping Israel’s enemies. So shoot Reuters, and if you want to be nice to your enemy, then kick Reuters out of the Israel and out of any territory actually occupied by Palestinians. One of the few things that I have agreed with Bush was when he said: "Whether you are with us, or against us." Reuters is most definitely against us. Then why treat it with silky gloves? I do not know if they were shot at or not. But I will not cry when terrorist of any kind are given what they deserve.
16. Reuters read by UN members everywhere
Kofi   (08.31.06)
They tell the truth , like Annna and his friends.It is time they started checking out the "reliable sources".
17. Haaretz uses Reuters reports
Jake   (08.31.06)
What does that say about Haaretz?
Arik Silverman ,   MIlwaukee USA   (08.31.06)
1.) Nobody is claiming the vehicle sustained a direct hit from a rocket. Had that happened, the vehicle would be destroyed and the newsmen would be dead. 2.) IDF said, AFTER THE FACT, that it fired a rocket AT a suspicious vehicle in the area. 3) It is not just Reuters, but also Associated Press reporting this. As for Associated Press, if anything, it has a pro-Israel bias in its reporting. It can't be denied and nobody is trying do deny that they were injured. Read the associated AP story. The vehicle is nowhere said to be demolished, but only damaged by shrapnel. This is totally consistent with rockets hitting nearby.
19. reuters case
sherlock holmes   (08.31.06)
a close look at the color of the vehicule, the size of its' wheels and the empty bottle of scotch on the passenger's seat suggest, beyond any doubt, that these mates are meant to sell fish-and-chips in some OUTLANDISH area in london. basic thought, my dear watson!
20. Easier than staging Photos!!!!!
MEI 1   (08.31.06)
21. number 11 - she's lying
Fi ,   Great Britain   (08.31.06)
That song is by Jimmy Nail (brilliant song). The name of the song is "Ain't No Doubt" And there ain't no doubt Reuters are a bunch of lying scum and it is time the world woke up to this fact.
22. reuters founder was jewish
mark ,   new york   (08.31.06)
Paul Reuter, the founder of the Reuters news agency was born Israel Beer Josaphat in Kassel, Germany. His father was a rabbi. However at age 29, he converted to christianity. i guess one could argue that from the very beginning reuters was at a minimum not favorably disposed to the jews.
23. Just another arab lie
Leon ,   Los Angeles   (08.31.06)
Liars Liars Liars No Shame. I spit on you.
24. Al-Reuters?
Alex ,   Bat-Yam   (08.31.06)
What!?!?! Al-Reuters caught lying? UNBELIEVABLE!!!! They are so FAIR and BALANCED!!! /sarcasm off
25. #18 Arik
Alex ,   Bat-Yam   (08.31.06)
Arik, can you read? 1) From the Reuters article: "GAZA (Reuters) - The missile struck the "P" of the bright red "PRESS" sign on the roof of the armor-plated Reuters car as Gaza cameraman Fadel Shana hurried to film an Israeli raid. " ARE YOU BLIND???? 2) Did you even as much as tried to read Confederateyankee research???? Rocket (if it was rocket) exploded NEVER near this vehicle. 3) Knowing previous Reuters lies is it WONDER they are lying again?
26. Reuters' agenda
reuters has agenda ,   Jerusalem   (08.31.06)
And to think we have heard their bureau chief in Jerusalem saying they cannot call suicide bombers "terrorists", because it is clear they are seeking "indpendence from occupation"... Oh, wait, now I get it! (Just wanted to make sure, but last time I checked, killing civilians to cause terror and generate political gain was the core definition of terrorism according to most dictionaries and int'l organizations... Then again, Reuters' refusals to call things by their name might just give you an insight of how far they are willing to go to advance their left-liberal agenda -- "militants and not terrorists", doctored photos, false claims of Israeli attacks to generate further bad publicity towards Israel, etc...
27. Reuters
Mark ,   USA   (08.31.06)
Will Reuters issue an apology now? What do you think? Just constant lying.
28. 27 Mark
Alex ,   Bat-Yam   (08.31.06)
I wouldn't hold the breath..
29. Al Reuters, like the UN,
Jon ,   Alberta   (08.31.06)
Is dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Trusting the honesty of Al Reuters is like believing in the integrity of Koffi Annon, or putting your faith in the Tooth Fairy.
30. Who's really lying?
why? ,   Canada   (09.01.06)
Does it mean nothing to any of you that the IDF admitted they hit the Reuters truck with a missile? Are you calling the IDF liars too - somehow complicit with Reuters in spreading anti-Israel propaganda? And you trust the word of two so-called experts who were nowhere near the actual vehicle to inspect it? This is what counts for journalism at Ynet?
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