Israeli diplomat arrested on suspicion of pedophilia
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 31.08.06, 21:14
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1. If he is a pedophile
Arie ,   Afula   (08.31.06)
Then relocate him to Gaza where he would feel more at home
2. The Most Corrupt Government in the History of Israel!
Alex ,   Washington, DC, USA   (08.31.06)
How low can you go?!?! This government is made up of a bunch of Child Molesters, Children and Women Killers, Rapists, Illegal Stock Traders, Human Rights Violators, Users of Illegal Weapons (Cluster Bombs, Nepalm Bombs, Depleted Uranium and more...), Lovers of Bribes, on and on.... And you expect the world to stand by you?!!??!! GET REAL!!! Why is this government still in power and what does the Israeli people have to say about that? STOP YOUR SILENCE AND TAKE ACTION!!
3. With a President harrasing Women...
Al ,   Canada   (08.31.06)
A justice minister stealing kisses. Gee you would think that Viagra is being used as a spice.......
4. President harrasing women?
SAM ,   USA   (08.31.06)
Hey Al, I hope you aren't referinmg to Ex-President Clinton. You guys thought he was cute.
5. Alex is funny.
RWC ,   Washington, DC   (08.31.06)
6. Drummer and dancers
Adam ,   ynet does not like   (08.31.06)
I guess Israelis think they can do what ever they want in the US as long as they keep fueling the US conflicts with others. There are few red lines, idiots! An old proverb says, if the owner of the house is playing a drum, the reset of the house would be dancing. First the justice minister, second the president, then this. More to come!
7. #3 Al
Alex ,   Washington, DC, USA   (08.31.06)
*LMAO* Your comment is Very Funny!! Good sense of humor. :)
8. Prophet Mohammed was a pedophile too!
9. Hey Alex!!! #2
OH BROTHER! ,   WHAT DO YOU CARE?   (08.31.06)
Um,... like why don't you look at your OWN government and GET REAL??? First of all, You guys gotta ex-president who was taking BLOW JOBS in the Oval office, and how often are men in your government uncovered as child molesters, pedofiles, perverts, and buyers of young homo-sexual men, you stupid,moronic, hypocritical anti-semite? Don't you know that this article is just another smear campain against Israeli's? DUH!
10. Alex,#2 OH GIMME A BREAK!
me ,   Israel   (08.31.06)
Um,... I think I said, hey Alex! I think YOU need to take a good look at your OWN leaders in the U.S. and GET REAL!!!, You who had an ex-president who did some rather hinky stuff (IS THIS BETTER YOU TWITS???) in the Oval office! And what about the many senitors and government officials who are KNOWN pedofiles and hirerers of child-prostitutes?Human rights violators? Who are you as an "ameereecan" to point a finger? WHO SELLS WEAPONS TO OTHER COUNTRIES? LOVERS OF BRIBES? You are describing the U.S. government!!! HELLO! You stupid, moronic, hypocritical, anti-semite? This is a clear example of Israel-bashing. You have a toilet for a brain! Alex! Get HELP SOON!!!
11. Oh Adam! #6
nobody ,   overhere   (08.31.06)
And the U.S. doesn't do what IT LIKES??? Are you really that stupid? Look at yourselves you hypocritical american pigs!
12. #9, OH BROTHER
Alex ,   Washington, DC, USA   (08.31.06)
Before you go crazy with your ati-semitic B.S., I never ranted about my president (s). As a matter of fact, I think Bush is the WORST President our country has ever had. If the best the USA can find as president is Bush, then the world is in deep sh**t. That's what I said when he was elected the first time as well as the second time, and look where the world is today - Hell on Earth! Oh, and the Ex-President you're talking about who took that "BLOW JOB", let's not forget that it was Monica Lewinski who gave it to him - I suppose the Israeli government may have had something to do with that to pay him back for all the favors he did for Israel! *just kidding on that one* LOL Well, maybe I wasn't kidding...
13. #10, What are you on about?
Matt ,   Columbus, OH, USA   (08.31.06)
Pray do tell who these "known" pedophiles and hirers of child-prostutites are whom apparently infest the U.S. Senate and government. Oddly enough, I live in the U.S., pay close attention to the news, and work in government, yet I've never heard anything about this. I figured you could provide documented evidence for me. Thanks.
14. Arab men are more than pedophile they are ...
Dovid N. ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.31.06)
An Arab male from east jerusalem 25 years ago told me that. "Women are for making babies ". "Boys & men are for enjoyment." "Sheep and other animals are for relief. "
15. #10 (me, Israel)
Alex ,   Washington DC, USA   (08.31.06)
I am not surprised at all by your response. Very typical of Israelis when they don't have an appropriate response during a debate...rather than take responsibility and do what is needed to keep your government inline, you resort to name calling; how sad... So, rather than stoop to your level and call you names, I will respond by saying: President Clinton was impeached and President Bush's approval rating is in the low 30%. And when he took us to war in Iraq we protested against that war in the hundreds of thousands...and how do the Israelis protest - they send only 6 reservists to do their bidding...SHAME!
16. #14 Get a life
IBrahim ,   US   (09.01.06)
Does that justify what you people do ! " An Arab man once told me " is hardly a true statement in any context if it ever happened, maybe that Arab man was an arab jew did you check? Is this how you justify your sick society?
17. Oh Alex! Pa-leeeez!
OH BROTHER! ,   former U.S, in fact!   (09.01.06)
You are so totally red neck pathetic, I totally agree to LOL! At people like you! YOU are not to be believed!!! Again, to bring up LEWINSKI just proves my point, you are LOOKING for a JEW to blame ALL YOUR POOR LITTLE PATHETIC PROBLEMS ON!!!
18.  To #15
Bye honey! ,   you don't care   (09.01.06)
"We protested against that war...?" OOOO! I didn't know I was up against a pacifist, left "winger". EW! YUCK! never mind!!!...
19. To Matt #13
me ,   Israel   (09.01.06)
Haven't you ever read about the "Bohemian Grove" club? You had better! Be ready to be SHOCKED out of your warm, fuzzy, all-american-we-are-the-"god"-people state of mind! You americans are like SO deluded!
20. his income tax to US or to Israel ?
21. to Alex
Instead of jumping to criticize the Israeli government as a whole because of some bad apples, remember that any government has the bad apples. The difference is that not everything is out in the open as far as bad behaviour. There is a lot of cover-ups. Not justifying this, but it's a shame that there are people who wait in the woodworks and seem to be happy to unload all the crappy feelings they may have in regards to Israel at any opportunity they get.
23. He's just trying to acclimate to life as an American male
24. uiiiiiii
So viel sex scandals in Israel in so short time ... is there is shortage of sex in Israel or did Hizballah caused sexuell problems in Israel ?? .... lol ... President , minster , diplomat .... gays streetparade
25. Pedophilia
Carlos Fern├ández ,   B. Aires ARGENTINA   (09.01.06)
To # 3 - Al - Canada: No man, they don't need Viagra, they proved to be very "machos". "Machismo" is viewed, in many countries and cultures as a natural and expected conduct of a genuine male. To be brave, to be rude, to be sexualy active, to take the "cojones" well placed. On the contrary "maricas", geys are very detested individuals. It is notorious in Latin America and in most of the oriental cultures and religions. The jewish religion is decidedly machist.
26. Send This Human Garbage To An American Prison
World Citizen ,   the world   (09.01.06)
They despise pedophiles in American prisons. He will be a thoroughly punished there by the inmates inside.
27. Pedos
Daniel ,   Australia   (09.01.06)
There are pedophiles in every society and occassionally they are people of some authority within the government. This isnt new. Sure, someone is to blame for appointing this man to this position (if indeed he is guilty - he is innocent until proven guilty, remember?). As for Alex...sure this particular Olmert Government has some element of corruption in it. Once again no different to any other government in the world. And you talk about cluster bombs, nepalm bombs etc....gimme a break. If start wars with Israel, then you should suffer the consequences. The Lebanese got off very easy.
28. what's prophet Mohammed got to do with this story
David ,   Tel Aviv   (09.01.06)
29. Check your facts before you talk of Prophet Mohammed
David ,   Tel Aviv   (09.01.06)
He did marry Ayesha at a young age but did ot live with her until she had reached puberty. Many prophets in the old testament married girls at young age as they reached Puberty. Even the Muslims can't agree on her age whe she got married. This story is about ALLEGED Peado activities -not proven yet. We should stop this attacks on others religion when the story has nothing to do with them.
30. Sharon's culture of corruption
Anna ,   Florida   (09.01.06)
Boys, these Sharon's people know what the government does. They see thieves around. They look at Olmert, Weisglass, young Sharonchik, Ramon, Barak, and what they see? Nothing good. Good Jews from Gaza were compared to Hizbulla by a General.
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