Pinocchio converts to Islam?
Natasha Mozgovia
Published: 01.09.06, 09:50
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1. what next ?
ae ,   Brussels   (09.01.06)
the little red riding hood has converted to islam because she is wearing a red scarf ?
2. shows Turkey is ready to become part of EU!
gaby ,   Boston, usa   (09.01.06)
4. Do arab lies never cease! : O
5. Pinnochio turned muslim
Joolz ,   Nederland   (09.01.06)
6. Religious conversions
Yerushalimey ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.01.06)
Don't worry: before long, the Church of Latter Day Saints will posthumously convert Pinnochio to Mormonism.
8. #1 they will say Little Red Ridinghood wore a Burkha
Tom ,   Australia   (09.01.06)
9. "Allah" means God In Arabic.
BouSameer ,   Beirut   (09.01.06)
Christians in Arab countries also use the term "Allah". That did not make them converts to Islam. I am not sure though how Arab speaking jews refer to "God" in Arabic. Ideally however, these children story books should avoid reference to a particular religion. your title is needless to say sensationalist.
10. ynetnews,here's the full story.check your facts first
Marhaba ,   Lebanon   (09.01.06)
ANKARA - Turkish Daily News Minister of Education Hüseyin Çelik has blasted publishers for distorted versions of books included in a reading list recommended for school children and announced the ministry would bring lawsuits against the publishers involved in the scandal. “If you like Heidi, don't try to Muslimize her; write your own Heidi book,” Çelik said in remarks published in some Turkish newspapers yesterday. He said the publishers would be sued because they used the ministry's logo on the controversial books.
11. the boy who wanted to be a puppet
Ilan ,   Ariel   (09.01.06)
Who needs the ability to discern between good and bad when you can have the iman send you on you way to paradise by giving you a crayon and bomb belt.
12. #9 Learn to READ ENGLISH
Alex ,   Bat-Yam   (09.01.06)
What about Tom Sawyer recieving bonus for learned arabic words? Did you read Mark Twain's "Tom Sawyer"? What about Duma's musketeers? Where did D'Artanjan convert to islam???????
13. Alrighty then, Aladdin should convert to Judaism
Jasmin ,   Israel   (09.01.06)
14. Alex #12, answer to you in #10
BouSameer ,   Lebanon   (09.01.06)
Was going to check the facts before answering on that. I had suspicions that this was a marginal incident, yet ynetnews makes it sound like it's a mainstream government initiative to islamize children stories. I am secular btw, and did say that children story books should avoid mentioning religion, ideally.
15. Little Red Hijab
Little Red Hijab was walking in the forest, unaccompainied by a male relative as prescribed by Allah Allah, upon seeing this became angry and sent a wolf to eat Little Red Hijab and all the women of her insolent family Thus honor was restoted to the insulted males of Little Red Hijab's family They even received payment from the EU The END
16. its a real joke
haim ,   mtl canada   (09.01.06)
SNOW WHITE was the first mohamad s wife and he had sex with PAMELA THE BOOB
17. In the name of Allah...
Mephistopheles ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.01.06)
Allah is not the name of the Islamic "God". Allah is the Arabic WORD for the english word "God". If one would pick up the Arabic Bible or Torah and see the translation in Arabic for the word "God" it would be "Allah". This does not mean that the Christian or Jew reading the Bible or Torah has become a Muslim.
18. 15. don't encourage them...
20. It is a crazy art. Not good!
schulz ,   bad germany   (09.01.06)
Islam by Mission to world. But one good thing: they understand to work with other books as Islam!
21. Not Only Pinocchio
David ,   Boston   (09.01.06)
They already claim in the Quran that Abraham, Moses and other founders of the Jewish nation were Muslims.
22. Pinocchio's Nose grew
Al ,   Halifax, Canada   (09.01.06)
Well I was there when the press asked Pinocchio if he became a Muslim and he said yes, but his nose began to grow. He was quoted as saying, 'Stand Back! I don't know how long this thing is going to get!'
23. # 10. Thanks. This makes more sense.
gerd schulz ,   germany   (09.01.06)
What about the Link?
24. beware! pinocchabdul
moral E.T. ,   france   (09.01.06)
your nose gets bigger every time you make a lie...
25. Reply To Number 9 (Allah does not mean god)
A   (09.01.06)
Allah does not mean god, it means Allah. That is the name of the god of Islam. Just like Jesus is the god of Christians. The word "rabb" in Arabic means god.
26. Little Mohammed's First Jihad
Little Mohammed's First Jihad...attaching firecrackers to himself because someone made him mad.
27. Islamic Tom Sawyer!!!
Brad German ,   Bethesda -- USA   (09.01.06)
Like the anti-science fanatics of the Kansas School Board, the Turks are aligning themselves with the global war on facts, clear thinking, and dispassionate debate. Alas, Twain would not be surprised at the lack of spine in either Turkey or Kansas. A Muslim Tom Sawyer? What's next -- a Fatimid Falstaff?
28. #23, gerd here it is...
Marhaba ,   Lebanon   (09.01.06) Regards,
29. His Jewish ,you people didnt know that?
ERIC,,, ,   ISRAEL   (09.01.06)
30. I'll tell you what's next!!!!
Roy D. Mercer ,   Poseyville, Ind USA   (09.01.06)
This crap has gone far 'nuff! I opened my mail and found my September installment of the "Gay Porn of the Month Club" (you know, the gift that keeps on givin') and the DVD was entitled, "Mahmood and his 72 Virginians" -- Now, that's crossin' the line, I don't care who you are!
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