Forecast: Israel will disappear in 17 years
Roee Nahmias
Published: 02.09.06, 14:53
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1. He predicted the death of the 94 years old writer!
Keren ,   Sao Paulo   (09.02.06)
Well...not big prediction. Anyway,somebody has to explain to that guy that Jewish People are ABOVE any predictions.Jewish People DECIDE its future,above and beyond ANY prediction. That's why we are forbiden to rely in such predictions ,which are only fulfilled over primitive,ignorant and weak people.
2. Dr Sayyed, could you predict your own death (not suicidal)?
KMR ,   Middle East   (09.02.06)
3. For the love of...
Bechor   (09.02.06)
Another raving lunatic. The man is an astrologer for Pete's sake. Why does Ynet bother reporting something so ridiculous?
4. Egyptian Astrologer? You are only making the Monkey happy
John ,   NZ   (09.02.06)
but plz don't make my kok laugh. The only thing that'll disappear is Basher's arse and Damascus. This is Chinese Astrology.
5. Nostradamus?
¸Pastaneta   (09.02.06)
Another that think he is Noistradamus? Why does nYnet publish such idiocies?
SAUL ,   MELBOURNE   (09.02.06)
7. I have to admit...
Fadi ,   Lebanon   (09.02.06)
that this guy is almost as stupid as me - and that's really saying something!! hehehee lol... ive got to take my pills now see you all in la la land giggle... ;-)
8. countdown
Samir ,   canada   (09.02.06)
The main reason for the destruction of Israel is the Israelis themselves and their greed to grab all the land of Palestine and exterminate its indigenous Palestinian people. The only possible way to live in this peace of land is the creation of one democratic binational secular state where every one has equal rights and obligations. As long as the Israelis believe they are superior over the rest of the people living in the middle east there will never be peace. The Jews went a wrong path after the second war and thought they can avoid other Holocaust by force and by committing another holocaust against the Palestinians. It’s time now to turn to the Palestinians and ask them for forgiveness for what you did to them since 48. It’s time to think wise and let’s together build a country of hope and peace on the holy land.
9. one democratic state
samir ,   canada   (09.02.06)
please go there
10. Ynet must be struggling to fill space
Arie ,   Afula   (09.02.06)
11. His Predictions of Conflict and Scandal
emanon ,   USA   (09.02.06)
are hardly astrolgy nor much of a revelation. An astute student of orld politics sould tellyou the same thing. Najib Mahfouz was very old and in ill health. Nothing startling there. As for Dr Sayyed Mohammad Ali's prediction of the end of Israel, I suggest you see Mark Twain's famous quote about the announcementof his demise being premature. Israel has officially been around for over 3,000 years and I don't see it disappearing anytime soon. That prediction is just wrong. So long as one Jew is left in the world, Israel will live in their heart.
12. No need of astros, just look at Olmert
Ignacio ,   Zaragoza, Spain   (09.02.06)
17 years are too much, in about a year of this noenglishspoken FM, the communist DM and the major PM, Israel will be finished. And Diaspora is heading for the US, not Israel, so I'm not the only one thinking like this. Maybe i should be astrologer.
13. Amazing
Andy ,   London   (09.02.06)
I love it when guys predict stuff, and then when it doesn't come true, no one bothers to chase up and discredit their predictions. It is only the few "facts" they predict that are publicised.
14. If he's still around in 2024,
Israel   (09.02.06)
we'll start hearing his excuses for why we are as well. Typical doomsday fame-seeker, blended with the usual hate-driven wishful thinking. Unless, of course, he's trying to give our government a wake-up call to seek medical attention for their recent concession OCD.
15. gee how clever is he?
somewhere ,   out there   (09.02.06)
The man he predicted was going to die was born in 1911 that makes him 95 years my books that is no forecast just simple old age...big deal..i mean we all foresee turmoil in the middle east, u just have to listen to the iranian presidents remarks about israel and the u.s. to see the writing on the wall..if can see into the future..then i must be a medium...!!!
16. Look on the bright side
Steve G ,   Kew Gardens,NYC   (09.02.06)
Look on the bright side, he could have predicted that Britney Spears would be doing another round of farewell concerts in 17 years.
17. Road Map To War !
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.02.06)
Rabin ,Barak, Netanyahu,Sharon,Peres ,Olmert all went along with the Oslo Road Map process which has led Israel to where it is now. Israel's best and brightest were too stupid to realize that their groveling,surrender,appeasments, goodwill gestures ,adherence to suicidal U.S. demands and restraint for the lie un-peace process . Israel from within self destructs because the majority are faithless feareful idol wordhipers. Only Hashm can save Israel from its suicidal, corrupt and wicked ways.
18. Funny Arabs
Robert Renders ,   Mechelen, Belgium   (09.02.06)
Funny how the Arabs have been predicting for so long what a reasonable person could qualify as wishfull thinking. And they keep on making fools of them selfs.
19. Fortune made
DR D ,   Jerusalem   (09.02.06)
This astrologer is no joke. He gave me several times the winning numbers of loto and casinos. I made a fortune . I am only sorry that I will have only 17 years to spend it all but I promised to give him a good tip next time I see him. He is terrific!! By the way Ali, is the date you gave me for Nasrallah dead still valid?? DR D
DEBRA ,   USA   (09.02.06)
21. Predictions
Madame Lunatic ,   The Moon   (09.02.06)
I predict that this article will be given the "Dreck Award" at the next journalism awards conference held in Israel. Why do you even publish such crap? Why even give this dumb ass astrologer a chance to have his name in the newspaper? YNET needs to publish articles with merit and this astrologer needs to stop mainlining his hashish. Israel is here to stay - End of discussion.
22. The Signs aren't too Greate Either!
Nicolaus ,   San Francisco, USA   (09.02.06)
Observe the following: 1. Israel managed over 60 years to be perceived as a threat to each and everyone of its neighbours strteching as far east as Pakistan. 2. Its relationshiop with its founders - the Europeans - is as bad as you can imagine, from a reputation Israel gained in the occupied territories and its annual wars with its more immiediate neighbours. 3. People in the US are questioning why they should go on supporting Israel - after they saw what happened to Beirut. 4. The increasing weakness of the Israeli army and the increased resoursefulness of its adversaries. Israel didn't really win the last SIX wars, starting with the October, 1973 War which took its military by surprise and ending with its hurried withdrawal from the Lebanon, unable to maintain its foothold. Wouldn't you be inclined to think that Israel is in trouble? I would say! I think the only way to save Isreal is peace with its neighbors and giving up the idea of 'Form the Euphrates to the Nile" or even the lesser one: Ben Gurion's "From the Litani to the Red Sea."
23. Predictions
Robert ,   USA   (09.02.06)
There were endless wishful predictions from the Arabs since 1948 for the distructions of the state of Israel. In 1950 some Egyptian professors predicted that Israel won't exist the next year... I rememebr it very well !!!
24. It doesn't take an astrologer to predict that
words_of_wisdome ,   USA   (09.02.06)
Israel cannot exist like that for too long. Agression, mass killing of civilians, assacinating people and distruction is no way to exist on the long run. Israel as we know it must cease to exist in order for the Jewish people to live in peace. A fundamental change in the Israeli menatlity, culture, and attitudes should happen. The only way for Israel to exist on the long term is by respecting it's neighbours, treating it's citizins equally regardless of their religeous beliefs or ethnic origine.
Alberto Carvajal ,   Tucson Az   (09.02.06)
This as just little signals. Although I don't velieve in astrologers, but lately, the "edetrsuction of Israel" talk has been everywhere.
Alberto Carvajal ,   Tucson Az USA   (09.02.06)
Even jewish people have to submit to biblicl predictions. Don't worry. At the end Israel always wins!
27. Did he also predict the events of 911?
shelly ,   US   (09.02.06)
The terrorists attacks which were planned in England and thank g-d foiled? Maybe he can keep his dumb predicitons to himself.
28. I predict the fall down of Olmert Government :D
fadi ,   lebanon   (09.02.06)
Hassan Nasrallah predicted the military defeat of Israel at the start of the last war and it came true within 34 days :) Hassan Nasrallah precited that Olmert will have to negotiate for the release of the 2 IDF POW. Hassan Nasrallah predicted bombing of Haifa, Afula and it worked. Hassan Nasrallah predicted that Israel will be humilated by the ground attack and once again it came true. I predict the follwoing: 1. The two IDF soldiers will revert to islam by the time they will be released and they refuse to go back to live in a zionist terrorist state. 2.Peretz will shave his moustache after hes kicked out of labor party. 3. Olmert daughter will be cured from her lesbian inclination and will become a serial pedophile :D 4. Iran will test fire a long range nuclear missile over tel aviv. 5. Civil war in israel will start up after the reports of the investigation committees are issued. 6. Ariel Sharon awakes from his Coma only to have a heart attack after he reads the news summary. probably i will be famous by end of this year when my "pophecies"come true. For interested israeli customers please mail me for taking appointments
29. I'm an astrologer too
John Corish ,   Dublin, Ireland   (09.02.06)
I've looked into my crystal ball and here are some of my predictions: George Bush will no longer be American President in 2009, Tony Blair will no longer be British PM this time next year, Ehud Olmert will no longer be Israeli PM after next general election, Saddam Hussein won't be around to see his next birthday and Germany is going to beat Ireland in the European cup qualifiers in Stuttgart this evening. Howzat?
30. #22 excellent commentary recommended
fadi ,   lebanon   (09.02.06)
Very objective commentary . Probably if someone reads my commentary #28 he wouldnt say so. But the reason behind it is that whwenver we try to post an independent professional talk back shwoing our arguments and justifications it is censored by Ynet. Wheres bull**** ones that provoke hatred and help to distort the image of us "the other side" are published by Ynet. Am not sure if this talk back would be published or not but its worth trying!!!
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