Poll: Israelis believed Nasrallah over Peretz
Anat Breshkovsky
Published: 03.09.06, 16:38
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Mitchell Shadowitz ,   Boca Raton USA   (09.03.06)
I am not surprised by this result. Statements came first from Nasrallah only to be confirmed hours or even days later by the Israelis. This established the undue credibility of Nasrallah over the Israelis. Obviously there are reasons why Israeli statements were late- but in all prior conflicts we could count on Israel to be on top of things- not this time.
2. Israeli PR
Paul G ,   Beirut - Lebanon   (09.03.06)
In addition to that IDF attempted a number of times to silence Al-MANAR, Hezbollah TV by bombig it. Such act convinced me that Al-Manar was reporting what the Israelis were not on Israel and the army. Note that I was listening to Israeli Radio interfering on Lebanese radio waves transmitting messages which I found childish if not backward. I didn't really expect such a well equiped army to resort to these methods...
3. learn your lessons......incase of next round
ken ,   california   (09.03.06)
4. You better catch up with the Arabs .
rachel ,   usa   (09.03.06)
They have been bullshitting the world for 60 years ...Now they are infiltrating themselves into the peace movements around the world and convincing everyone they are the oppressed . ....Better catch up with them ........
5. Islam biggest weapon is Propaganda
Amram L.   (09.03.06)
by spreading lies they push away the fact.
andrew ,   miami,fl   (09.03.06)
7. It's normal
JME ,   USA   (09.03.06)
It's normal for Israelis, and anyone else for that matter, not to believe the Israeli media. Everyone knows the extent the Israeli (and U.S. along side with it) media go to cover up the truth. That's the main reason the IDF kept pounding the AlManar, and that's why the U.S. banned it from broadcasting over it land (freedom of speech my foot).
8. Polls
Mick ,   Australia   (09.03.06)
Israel has lost its credibility in this war, lost many supporter and what ever they do the Israeli image as victims is gone. now people from around the world start to see that Israel is a terrorist state. even with support of another terror country the US.
9. We are in control of Bin Jbail!!! "IDF" said!
Ahmad Abouali ,   nablus   (09.03.06)
Week one: we took Bint Jbail. Week two: we took bint jbail. week three: we took Bint Jbail. week four: we took bint Jbail. Week five: we DID NOT TAKE BINT JBAIL. Hassan Nasrallah: as we speak we are destroying a Saar-5 destroyer...Cameras were vered to the sea and we all saw the attack. an idiot and a moron with an I.Q of a cucumber will buy into Nasrallah, and leave the Zionist garbage.
10. The other war front
Sam ,   NYC   (09.03.06)
Israel, as well as the West and the moderate Muslims all over the world must realize that confronting islamo-fascism cannot be done with military prowess alone. It must be carried out on the battlefield of ideas and thus, through the media. Example, after the untimely death of that poor Palestinian girl's family on the beach in Gaza this Summer, Israel was the first to step forward and apologize followed by a promise to investigate. Mistake! Israel should have denied it first and investigated all the same. After a week of the media running pictures, pulling heartstrings around the world, and bolstering the Islamo-fascist contention that Israel must be removed because of acts just like these. Then and only then did the investigation show the truth of Hamas' own mines causing the terrible tragedy. Of course, by this time it was on the 20th page of every newspaper and the majority of the folks worldwide still think Israel is to blame. It is time to fight fire with fire, the fire of the tongue. Israel, as well as every other progressive mind in the world must act now through emails, commentary such as this, media reports, blogs and more. I applaud Tony Blair in recent months for his ability to stand up for modern value systems and not cower or be an apologist for Islamo-fascists. Comrades, capitalists, and con-men alike, I invite everyone else to join this front of the war and press hard and steadfast.
11. Public relations
Jonathan and Mollie ,   US   (09.03.06)
Israel has had a problem with public relations for decades. Remeber Abba Eban and his brilliant oratory that won so many friends of enemies and put down so many enemies. Actually, at the present time, the only decent spokesmen for Israel have been Ambassador Gillerman and Benjamin Netanyahu, both eloquent speakers. In this disaster of a Kadima administration, the Foreign Minister has poor English skills, the Prime Minister was absent on American or world TV and the public affairs department is either underfunded or staffed by incompetents. Yet, nothing is done because of the unbearable stubborness of the politicians. Remeber, Shimon Peres has sstated that there is no real need for PR if the results are good on the ground. Well I have news for him. In the information age, with the internet and 24 hour a day news on cable, Mr. Peres couldn't be wronger. Even the Israeli websites are understated and not of much use. Hasbara should be an organized and ongoing priority and if the Israeli government has to fund it wiorld-wide, so be it.
12. Olmert Deceived!
stude ham ,   outremont, canada   (09.03.06)
Olmert gave the impression that he was worthy of succeeding Sharon. That Olmert was a complete disaster became very clear to everyone. It is because of that deception and the sense that they were suckered into voting for this imbecile that the poll shows its results. And that is why between two highly unbelievable leaders the Israeli public puts Olmert down as far less believable than amalek. End his government now!
13. stop arrogance
chief ,   Switzerland - Geneva   (09.03.06)
israel and israelis should know sooner or later arabs are going to defeat them it needs only one decisive battle. So my advise keep your passports for the countries where you once belonged
14. #7
Betsy   (09.03.06)
your taklback is a perfect example of FREE SPEECH. in many countries, if you wrote anything like that, someone from the gov't would be at your door, or your job and you would soon be silenced, forever..
15. terrorists
toni ,   sab me   (09.03.06)
the us and israel are terrorist? show me proof if u can which i doubt its ur jealousy that causes u to say it no proof of it and it dosent matter what the world thinks all nations make mistakes at least we us and israel have societys that are capable of learning from them and changing unlike other countries or religions the us has sacrificed many times and many lives to free the oppressed but that dont matter to the world because it is blinded by jealousy and scewed by lies
16. Olmert Lied! Children Died!
David ,   Marietta USA   (09.03.06)
Israeli PR has never been its strong point. I don't know which was worse. Israel's flat out defeat last month, or this worthless government's attempt at spin control. Bibi, where the hell are you???
17. I believed him
john ,   jordan   (09.03.06)
Although, not taking sides in this conflict, I found myself listening to Nasrallah for information. I cannot remember one untrue comment made by him. When the war starts up again the Israelis should be more forthcomeing with information. Also it's kind of foolish for the Israeli spokesperson to say "Israel does not target civilians while CNN has a split screen showing an attack on a civilian convoy. If it wasn't so tragic it would be funny.
18. In-laws watched the Egyptian news while I blogged
Eyal ,   Hirsh   (09.03.06)
because they told you what was happening from the perspective of the other side. From that it was easy to deduce what was happening to our side, especially as our PR was not forthcoming. Me, I relied on the blogs
19. DR...........AREN'T YOU WORRIED?
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (09.03.06)
Where are you DR...................people believing on the comments made by a 'terrorist'? I thought you should intervene and rescue the situation!!!!!
20. #7, surely you realize....
Betsy   (09.03.06)
you'd be beheaded for your sort of talk in the arab contries you seem to be defending.
21. OK! I now believe in 72 Virgins because Nastraller sedso.
Alan ,   SA   (09.03.06)
22. Israel should learn
Betsy   (09.03.06)
it makes no difference what the world thinks! the truth is what counts. people will find fault with Israel no matter what Israel does. history shows the opinion of the masses has always been wrong. the lies, the phony pictures, have been exposed and STILL, people are against Israel. these people, who are taking the side of Israel's enemy, will be deeply sorry.
23. Israelis believed Nasrallah over Peretz
Joshua ,   USA   (09.03.06)
Before the war I really under estimated Nasrallah and thought that he is a mad man and a liar, but after the war, I proved to be a calculated strategist and an opponent to be reckoned with. Never underestimate you enemy.
24. PM not PR
Sergey Nemanov ,   Kfar Vradim   (09.03.06)
Very nice research - just one clarification: "The another problem that requires urgent treatment" is not Israeli PR, but Israeli PM.
25. where are the american garbage
ahmad ,   jeddah   (09.03.06)
where are the american garbage who love to say in thise talkback that arabs lie show us your faces thise is not the problem of arab propaganda thise is about who saying the truth the war spoke who is bullshitting the world #4 #5ko what fact ha? numbers speak for them selfs zionest have to learn that they wil not win any thing only by admitnig rights and truth screwing around is not helping you any more chawwwwwww
26. #21 Again with virgins
Me ,   Lebanon   (09.03.06)
man, where this propaganda started? who ever told you about this sh*t, either read from credible sources or stop posting such stupid comments. nobody is ofering virgins anywhere
27. #23, Nasrallah Over Bush too
Me ,   Lebanon   (09.03.06)
Take a look at this too, Its an article by Ted Rall - New York. If all leaders were caring as much as him..
28. Hizbullah has recruited 2000 children
Armand Peretz ,   Abu jilda   (09.03.06)
"Hizbullah has recruited over 2,000 innocent children aged 10-15 to form armed militias." "The children are selected by Hizbullah recruitment [officers] based on one criterion only: They must be willing to become martyrs." "The first lesson that the children are taught by Hizbullah is: The Disappearance of Israel"
29. Re: #28 hehehe
Me ,   Lebanon   (09.03.06)
Man, at least try to listen to a unbiast source. Stop this false propaganda, they never did and never will... I would prefer you talking about the FACT that israel killed 800 kids (under 13) and injured thousand, in addition to leaving thousand of bombs in the last war, that would be a more interesting comment
30. Who is Nasrallah?
Joshua ,   USA   (09.03.06)
It would be interesting to see how people would vote on this if ynet to run this poll, but for now I would like the readers input on this: Do you conceder Nasrallah a resistance leader, proxy militia leader or terrorist group leader
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