Poll: Israelis believed Nasrallah over Peretz
Anat Breshkovsky
Published: 03.09.06, 16:38
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61. i believe Nasrallah over Mitznah, Ayalon and Beilin too
aaron ,   ra'anana   (09.04.06)
62. Esther raanaa
Rhiannon ,   Canada   (09.04.06)
Who made the move? Zionists. Who is Nonie Darwish? A "Muslim" fake who is paid by the Zionists. Who do you think you are fooling? This propaganda you're putting out doesn't fly.
63. Please shut up
Chaim ,   NJ, USA   (09.04.06)
Every day during the war, one shlep or another in the government made an idiotic proclamation or statement. It became a game within my community guessing the idiotic statement of the day. Why tell anyone what you intended to do? Attack here, not attack there? What a bunch of amateurs! It became so pathetic when Omert said he would not attack Syria that the Syrians couldn't believe it because no body would be so stupid to reveal their hand. Israel voted for this fool (the hero of Amona) and they deserve all his incompetence.
64. To 46's Unsupported Claims
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (09.04.06)
First it is very nice to meet a person who can remember 150 years ago " I also remember the pain and suffering inflicted less than 150 years ago by the Ottoman Empire on the Balkans..." Wars are never something good but Our focus is not wars but rather how wars done. From this point There is nothing which may be a case against Ottoman Empire in Balkan Wars. Ottoman empire defended itself like any state. KURDISH ISSUE: So called Kurdis Issue is rather mainly between Turkish state and PKK (Partiya Kalkeren Kurdistan) a "communist" organisation rather similar to Kmmer Rouge. Our Kurdish people may elected as PRESIDENT, PRIME MINISTER, CHIEF OF GENERAL STAFF,and everything else, there is no discrimination or even any question regarding roots. But in Israel they cannot even get incentives if they are not jewish(Some Israili arabs are refused I read) not to mention to hold an important position in State. Kurdish people are free, so free cannot enjoy such freedom anywhere else and uncomparable to any other people in other places of World. A Turkish nationalist mostly claimed to be a Fascist and RACIST and accused of this, Alparslan Turkes, said that He was as KURD as any Kurd and KURDS are as Turk as himself, thereby unlike any of Racist nationalist in the rest of the world, our nationalist recognize Kurds as Turkish origin. There will never be a KURDISTAN serving US and Israili interests.
65. #52
Mark Melnicoff ,   Naperville, USA   (09.04.06)
Yes, the Israeli public will - Bibi Netanyahu. Here's a leader who will not be afraid to use the force necessary to WIN. It was estimated that Israel used less than 5% of its military capability in the July-August war. Go ahead and yuk it up now. Hezbollah has seen nothing. It is impossible for Hezbollah to have moral upper hand when they are the ones who committed the initial act of war. They had NO excuse for starting this BS. Go ahead and gloat now, but their time is coming - mark my words. And if the Lebanese DON'T want or need "peace with Israel" and decide that Hezbollah should be part and parcel of the country, then, like the Germans of WWII, they will all be "the enemy", and there will be no "innocent civilians". If Israel's neighbors would let Israel live in peace, then 1) there would be no need for any attacks from Israel, nor would there be any, and 2) your continued complaints about occupation would be heard and addressed. But until that time comes, all bets are off.
66. All of you Reactive PR Failures Instead of Proactive PR
Paqid 16, Netzarim ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (09.04.06)
Get a glimmer into the radical reorientation of a proactive perspective posted in my blog 08.21: Effective PR cannot be achieved until tectonic changes are made at the most fundamental communications and logistics levels. Paqid Yirmeyahu Israeli Orthodox Jew Advancing Logic as Halakhic Authority Welcoming non-Jews
67. #60
Mark Melnicoff ,   Naperville, USA   (09.04.06)
Rhiannon, I don't care if it was 800 or 8000 Lebanese children killed. They were placed in harm's way by Hezbollah. Pure in simple. Had Israelis not take strong measures to put their children in bomb shelters, then it is quite possible that Hezbollah could have killed 800 or maybe 8000 Israeli children. You say NOTHING of the launching of rockets into clearly civilian areas in Israel. They weren't fired at Israeli troops! Israel, on the other hand, had no choice but to go where Hezbollah was operating, OR, intelligence had showed them to be operating. In all cases, children were right there with them. SORRY, on any moral plane, Israel cannot be blamed for those deaths.
68. Isreal Thought
syed ali ,   dubai   (09.04.06)
Olmert THOUGHT, He could BEAT HIZBOLLAH. DO HE believe in SANTA TOO..
Knave Dave ,   Honolulu, Hawaii, US   (09.04.06)
Hints: His teaching is about peace, but his teachings have been maligned by other Jews preferring to take the land by force. He's always been most unpopular with the religious crowd in Jerusalem who oddly believe that the Promise God made to Abraham should be theirs as Jews, regardless of their country's faithfulness. Final Hint: He left Israel 2,000 years ago and said you won't see him again until you can hail him like a king: "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord." He's still waiting.
70. to Tayfun
esther ,   raanana   (09.04.06)
Palestinian issue: So called Palestinian Issue is rather mainly between Israili (sic) state and PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) and or perhaps Hamas, an islamofascist organisation rather similar to Hizbollah. Our Israeli Arabs people may elected as PRESIDENT, PRIME MINISTER, but not CHIEF OF GENERAL STAFF (because they do not serve in the IDF), but Israeli Druse can be elected all of the above, and everything else, there is no discrimination or even any question regarding roots. Israeli Arabs are represented in the Knesset by several MK's and several parties (including Bedouins, who also serve in the IDF). Israeli Arabs are eligible for judge positions. There are doctors, engineers, architects, lawyers, teachers, pharmacists, businessmen and footballers (even in national team). Israeli Arabs are free, so free cannot enjoy such freedom anywhere else and uncomparable to any other people in other places of World. Several Israili (sic) Arabs have identified completely with the State of Israel ever since 1948 and although they do not consider themselves Jews, are proud of their Israeli nationality and have no intention of living in a different state, not to mention a Palestinian state, where they would be probably lynched for "collaboration" with the Israilis (sic!) There will never be a Palestine serving Iran and islamofascist interests. On the issue of the Ottoman Empire I will reply a little later, I am pressed for time.
71. Sheikh #59
esther ,   raanana   (09.04.06)
in which of my posts?
72. Esther #46
SOS ,   Yerevan   (09.04.06)
Esther #46 How typical!! Think before you speak. Your goal is to give those genocidal Kurd butcher's their own state on lands which are historically ARMENIAN and were "cleansed" of over 2 million Armenian's after 1915. Or do you not even recognize the Armenian Genocide, the FIRST genocide of the 20th century, commited by both Turk and Kurd. Yeah, let's give 20 million kurd's a state of their when they have one in Iraq. Pathetic. It is quite obvious that you don't even have a clue when it comes to internal politics of your own government. Question? Israel-Turkey-US?? Answer: Billions of dollar's in military contracts every year and the hope of Caspian oil running to meditarrenean Turkish ports. I am sure the true Axis of evil, mentioned above will allow the Kurds to have control of this. Wake Up!!
73. sos, Yerevan
esther ,   raanana   (09.04.06)
No, I was just trying to show Tayfun how one can speak in the name of freedom or uphold a cause just for argument's sake, while remaining totally ignorant of the facts. And how easy it is to turn words around. I was going to tackle the issue of the Ottoman Empire later on, because I am a little pressed for time right now, and I can see that my last post isn't even up yet. Please be advised that the Armenian community in Jerusalem commemorates the genocide perpetrated on them by the Turks, and the Israelis (at least the Jews) fully identify with them. We even call it the Armenian Holocaust. Don't go away, I'll be back.
74. Esther #72
sos ,   Yerevan   (09.04.06)
Didn't mean to call you a genocide-deniar. Archbishop in Jerusalem is very close with me and I am aware that the majority of Jews recognize the Armenian Genocide, however when the Israeli government acknowledges it as a "tragedy" because of its business and political interests with Turkey and the Great Satan it seems puzzling and irritating to most. I don't blame the modern day Turk because they were many instances of turkish family's helping Armenian's (ie: my grandfather) combined with the re-education of the genocide issue in the post-Kemal era. Tayfun, please interject if need be. Re-populating "western armenia" with a Kurdish state would be a disaster for the region, a region which could easily erupt into a war which would make Iraq look like a bowl of peanuts.
75. You would be living in Eden, if it was true
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (09.04.06)
Only things common on our discussion here with main issue are PERVERSION OF TRUTH and LACK OF RELIABILITY in your posting which is as unreliable and irrelevant to facts as Olmert Government's. In fact non-jewish people's rights are only As good as a Jew can enjoy in Nazi Germany. --- -"According to a report by Mossawa, RACIST violence against Arab citizens has increased, and the Government has not done enough to prevent this problem. The annual report cited 17 acts of violence by Jewish citizens against Arab citizens. ... A Haifa University poll released in June revealed that over 63 PERCENT of JEWS believed that the Government SHOULD ENCOURAGE ISRAELI ARABS to EMIGRATE - Approximately 93 percent of land in the country was public domain, including that owned by the state and some 12.5 percent owned by the Jewish National Fund (JNF). All PUBLIC LAND BY LAW MAY ONLY BE LEASED, NOT SOLD. The JNF'S STATUTES PROHIBIT THE SALE OR LEASE OF LAND TO NON-JEWS. In October, civil rights groups petitioned the High Court of Justice claiming that a bid announcement by the Israel Land Administration (ILA) involving JNF land was discriminatory in that it BANNED ARABS from BIDDING." -In February 2006, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that the government education development plan discriminated against Israeli Arabs …. - A poll commissioned by an Arab advocacy group, the Center for the Struggle against Racism, found that 63% of Jews believe Arabs are a security threat; 68% OF JEWS WOULD REFUSE TO LIVE IN THE SAME BUILDING AS AN ARAB; 34% OF JEWS BELIEVE THAT ARAB CULTURE IS INFERIOR TO ISRAELI CULTURE; and support for segregation between Jews and Arabs is higher among Jews of Middle Eastern origin than those of European origin. AS TO SO CALLED ARMENIAN GENOCIDE Armenian are incited by France and some other countries to rise agains Ottoman Empire during War time. They started to kill some Kurds in the region which is highly populated with Kurdish tribes. In fact for a long time the region was not under full control of War battered Ottoman empire. and As SOS mentioned Kurds started revenge and Ottoman Empire found only solution as emigration of Armenian citizens to Lebonan. Armenians there are emigrated from Anatolia and if ottoman empire were not recourse to emigration there would be really massacre. Armenian people in west was not effected an we have still an armenian population. Do not exahust yourself , Turkish nation has a clean and honourable past and There is nothing comparable in Ottoman Empire which was a feudal state of its own kind and it was 100 years ago, to that of Israeli attrocities.
76. there are so many things wrong with this
Jon ,   buffalo, ny   (09.04.06)
The first is that it is the press's job to inform people. In Israel's case there is no free press, so I guess I understand. Secondly, is anyone else disturbed that it's called PR? Isn't that just another name for propaganda?
77. Netanyahu?? You gotta be kidding!
Marco ,   USA   (09.04.06)
I am truly amazed hear some people clamoring for Netenyahou to be brought back to power. Nothing has changed since, Netenyahou is still the same arrogant, indecisive and incompetent leader Israel had in the mid-90's. The Israeli public at times seems to irrational, why would you be electing someone you already tried and demonstrated incompetence... Mark my words, he will privatize the western wall....
78. Tayfun
sos   (09.04.06)
Are you forgeting that the Turkish army had enlisted thousands of Armenians, in its preparation for WWI. These men were all annihilated as a pre-text to the Young Turks real aspiration's. The complete annihilation of the Armenian population in Anatolia. I know their is an Armenian population in Western turkey because my father was born their. I never mentioned anything about the Armenian's in Istanbul. Perhap's I should have mentioned the genocide of the Greek population in Western Turkey, but I didn't. Explain how 2.5 million Armenian's in eastern turkey before 1915 were reduced to a mere 150,000 in one year!!! . What Armenian's actually fought against the Turkish army or its Kurdish conscripts until they were being slaughtered. The Turkish army reached the gates of Sardarabad (modern Armenia) until they were stopped by the Armenian's. If Sardarabad had fallen, there wouldn't be an Armenia today. You note that armenian's emigrated to Lebanon. More like deported, right. "The Turkish nation has a clean and honourable past". You must be joking. Honourable, you must be talking about the Turkish blocade on Armenia for the past 15 years?? and dont even mention the Karabagh conflict. Your Azeri bretheren whom you didn't even come to the defense of, would have destroyed the Armenian population their if they didn't defend themselves. Tayfun, I was hoping to get a well thought out response but you are just another misinformed, uneducated genocide-deniar, spewing in your Ataturkist rhetoric.
79. to the brainwashed #65
mark ,   usa   (09.04.06)
5% of their capability was used??are you insane ???israel used all what it got short of nukes and couldn't accomplish anything,not even a single thing!!!!who is feeding you information???FOX NEWS???
80. Nasser-Allah, Gaza Abductions & Israeli "Explaining"
Paqid 16, Netzarim ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (09.04.06)
Details in blog: Paqid Yirmeyahu Israeli Orthodox Jew Advancing Logic as Halakhic Authority Welcoming non-Jews
81. Israeli trusted Sayyed Hasan more
Lebanese in Canada ,   Montreal   (09.04.06)
becuz their leaders r liars.
82. PR - The Antithesis Of Propaganda (Jon, Buffalo, 76)
Paqid 16, Netzarim ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (09.04.06)
"Like the law or medicine, the profession of public relations provides knowledge and tools that, when used by antisocial groups can be dangerous and damaging to society" (Grunig & Hunt, Managing Public Relations); i.e., propaganda. Public relations accurately articulates ideas, individuals and institutions in the public forum. By articulating these accurately to their publics and channeling feedback from their publics, the PR practitioner makes individuals and institutions more responsive to their publics. In other words, PR also functions as a planning tool since the individual or institution has to consider the repercussions of its planned actions before acting. Another facet of public relations has become apparent in recent decades: the need to accurately articulate in the public forum ideas, individuals and institutions that are contrary to the public interest and seek to mislead the public. Some "negatives" better describe propaganda, e.g., 1. Clogging limited communication channels with pseudo-events that choke out true events, 2. Beclouding, misrepresenting or concealing the facts of a public issue, and 3. Manipulating media access to events PR is the antithesis of propaganda. Paqid Yirmeyahu Israeli Orthodox Jew Advancing Logic as Halakhic Authority Welcoming non-Jews
83. To #5
Ahmed Al-Ruhaimi ,   London   (09.04.06)
you're kidding right? did you actually read the articles? the reason he is believed more than others is because he is constantly proven to be telling the truth. Israelis wait for his speeches because he says facts, israel denies them, only to back down later and confirm them. this happened on such a frequent basis that people stopped listening to israeli spokesmen altogehter. this is called fact not propaganda. if it wasnt factual, it wouldnt attract the opinions that it has.
84. Poll: Israelis believed Nasrallah over Peretz
sursuncorda ,   Miami, USA   (09.04.06)
It is not a matter of PR, it is a matter of truthfullness. When you speak with the truth people belive you, when you lie they don't. It's that simple. In other words, it has to do with honesty, which is completely foreign to the Israeli leadership! A lie is a lie is a lie. Amen!
85. Our lies
David ,   France   (09.04.06)
Hey, we're finally realising that our leadership is lying. In order to achieve world peace and happiness, we must fight the crazy zionist who have created chaos in the world for hundreds of years. Lets try and live in peace with the gentiles, thats the only final solution to the jewish problem.
86. Israeli Propaganda
ian deal ,   melbourne australia   (09.05.06)
Isreali Propaganda was worse than useless and in many instances very self incriminating of war crimes as well! Sadly, it shows the disciples of the "peter principle" are now so well entrenched within the system, that not even an expensive little border war , where everyone lost, will remove them! But then again, any foolish attempts at propaganda, will always be exposed for what it is, thanks to both realtime satellite TV news and the internet! Samuel Talyor Coleridge's " Rime of The Ancient Mariner" is a fitting epitaph for those that inhabit the current Israeli Propaganda bureau! The Peter Principle rocks on!
87. # 15
Philip ,   U.K   (09.05.06)
The U.S is the only country in the world to have been found guilty in a court of law of terrorism. The case involved the use of force in Nicaragua. Case closed!
88. Israelis believe Nusrullah
Walldizo ,   Damas   (09.07.06)
Its a shame that you have to fight against an honest person like Nusrullah.There is some thing criminally wrong with Israel.
89. Nassrollah and Israel
Walldizo ,   Damas   (09.07.06)
toni , just look at whats happening in Iraq and you will see people lamenting the days of Sadam Hussien.I hope you get this democracy in your own country.
90. Isaeli PR
Walldizo ,   Damas   (09.07.06)
Hey Esther, Are you telling us that Nassrullah was among those muslims hired by the Soviets during the 70s?.Remember he was only six years old then.
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