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Haredim: Minister Tamir declared war on our education
Neta Sela
Published: 04.09.06, 23:17
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1. There was no way that the haredi public could participate.”
Ben seskin ,   Karmiel Israel   (09.05.06)
Here and there, there are marginal cases, but in 99 percent of our public, there are no robbers, no murderers, and all the plagues of the street. And specifically these children, who are watched over to ensure that they won’t receive what happens on the street, receive less funding. I think that this provides some sort of index as to the direction, the level and the objective.” With all due respect, what you have written above is your biggest and also your most basic problem! You have your rights, but you are not thinking of the future of your children! Torah is wonderful, but what about the future of your children, who cannot go out into a modern world just knowing the Torah! Think and if you care about the future of your children, educate them according to the needs of the 21st century! Where are all our scientists going to come from? Please give me an answer????
2. Excuse me..but look who is talking of boicot?
Harissa ,   Israel   (09.05.06)
3. Extensive commentary. Reply to #1.
Daniel van Dalen ,   Jerusalem   (09.05.06)
Ben seskin (nr. #1): It says, "Even if in the past, they would insinuate that haredi children are not educated, we then proved ourselves with standardized national achievement tests." Many of these schools are mixed religious and secular. Not all are religious-only. Check what it says about budgets earlier on, the numbers of students and the percentage of the full funding which each system receives (section "'We feel discriminated against'"). They learn much better than in secular schools, since the classes are far more intensive. Public schools are an undisciplined mess. These schools learn in 1 hour what takes public schools 2 hours, and they use the other hour for religious studies. Days are longer, and lessons are more intensive, and the vacations are much shorter. You would have read all of this and drawn the same conclusions had you read the article properly.
4. Definition of Private:
Annie ,   Ofarim, Israel   (09.05.06)
Why should private schools be funded by the government? ADJECTIVE: Secluded from the sight, presence, or intrusion of others: a private hideaway. Designed or intended for one's exclusive use: a private room. Belonging to a particular person or persons, as opposed to the public or the government: private property. Of, relating to, or derived from nongovernment sources: private funding. Conducted and supported primarily by individuals or groups not affiliated with governmental agencies or corporations: a private college; a private sanatorium. Enrolled in or attending a private school: a private student.
5. I have a question..
Ariel ,   Canberra, Australia   (09.05.06)
Do these schools teach the standard curriculum mandated by the State? If not then they should not get funding. If yes, then they should get some funding which covers the shortfall of the private donations. In the Diaspora, Jewish schools receive government funding like this and they teach both the secular (government) curriculum and a jewish religious one. And children bring their own food from home. Why should taxpayers pay for it?
6. Education
Moe Chile ,   London,Canada   (09.05.06)
It is imperative that our children be brought up and educated in Torah in order to fully live in this world of secularism that is raining down upon our youth from every possible direction. Being a father, I know how important it is to have a solid foundation and more so to set the example for our children by living the life that the Torah proscribes for us. We cannot ignore our childrens future by leaving it to the state or another party to educate them. Somehow, someway, the money needed will be found. We must take a stance and realize that it is our duty and perogative to educate our children in Torah and the ways of Hashem so that they will be able to live in a world such as the one we live in. May Moshiach come soon so that we may all learn Torah and live the life that G-d wants for us.
7. Haredi schools
leah amdur ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.05.06)
Our seminary girls are becoming accountants, architects, ultrasound technicians. The charedi yeshivah bochrim who do not stay in full time torah become kablanim, businessmen etc. The haredi education is on a much higher level than the secular education. Its only Shulamit Aloni and her cronies who spread the lie that haredim are uneducated, look at our mayor Lopolianski he founded Yad Sarah and there are many like him
8. Good
Sagi   (09.05.06)
I hope she wins the war, no cease fire.
9. Educate Them Please
Gilan ,   J'lem, Izzie   (09.05.06)
It is fine by me if you want your children to learn the Haredi brands of Torah and Judaism. But when whole systems of schools purposely limit science, history and arts education, the government should not tolerate them, let alone fund them. The long school days, no weekends and no vacations, as well as the extremely limited "secular" portions of the curriculum are part of a systematic program which blinds these unfortunate children to the rest of the world, and teaches them to not have opinions, to not question what they are spoonfed and to not have choices. The only education system today that is comparible is the network of hard-line Madrassas in the Muslim world which teach nothing but memorising the Koran and distain for the other, all day every day. If you want your children to be well-versed in your cultural traditions, wonderful. If you want your children to dress like 18th century Polish aristocracy, fine by me. If you want to keep your children locked up in school 12 hours a day, 6 days a week with no vacations, I think that's bordering on child abuse. If you want to limit your children's education so that they'll have distain for the state and neither the desire nor the means to ever support themselves or their 12+ children, NOT ON MY TAX SHEKEL. Private day schools in most first-world countries receive only minimal government funding and are tolerated only on the condition that they teach the full government curriculum. For the sake of our country, for the sake of our children, let's have the courage to do the same here. What would Rambam do?
10. Haredi young man wants to work
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (09.05.06)
For all of you who complain that Haredim do not work, and hang around yeshivas all day soaking up welfare, I know a young haredi man in Jerusalem who is looking for a job. He is highly motivated and he has already served in the IDF. Contact me at the email if you are serious.
11. RE: Im Ein Torah Ein Kemach, Hareidim students.
Tuvia ,   Ramat Beit Shemesh   (09.05.06)
If not for the hareidi privately teaching their children there would be no gov't school that could accomodate the high level of Torah learning they require. It is not so much that they don't want to teach darwinism or other scientific nonnsense, it is not that they don't want arts and sciences, it is simply a matter of having Torah based learning in all subject matters with correct source being Hashem .This is not Islamic garbage schools, they do not raise terrorists, only mitzvah seeking people with midot tovot.. And, Rambam would agree with this as did Rav Kook. Unfortunately, Israeli gov't trying so hard to copy american ways, it has fallen to the levels of inadequate education they have. Hareidi children grow up, grow businesses, raise drug free and criminal free children who care about Eretz Yisroel, not a modern gov't bent on our destruction. Hoping that all american jews send in contributions to these schools and have the mitzvah of raising Talmidei Chachamim. B'nei Akiva Schools, with their motto of Torah V'Avodah, have had wonderful success, but this too is not hareidi way. Tamir must raise the bar and include all schools, not worry about private vs. public. After all, most chiloni schools lack good test scores, devoted students to judaism and israeli gov't and know little jewish history and Torah. Terrible trade-off if our children continue to be in middle of political battle against our religious Jewish brethren and leftist idiots wouldn't you say? Is this divorce from yiddishkeit? Stop internal anti-semitism and self-hatred and instead concentrate on building UNITY! And, I know first hand quality of hareidi education because my son in law is a product, with a business and has also been active in social tsedkah project for his community. This is the type of person the hareidi education system raises. And, he is not a wife beater or child molester nor shirks his duty, not does he hang out in cafes dancing, not smoke on street corners, nor make protests against gov't, nor discriminate against the chiluni. He just wants to raise his own children in peace with a complete Torah education. Tamir, like her friend Olmert, is bringing shame to our people by lowering levels of expectations and bringing in negative policies. FOR SHAME!
12. Haredim are discriminated...
ezra ,   canada   (09.05.06)
... and the liberal talbackers say they should be more. Disgusting !
13. Are these the same schools
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.05.06)
that do not fly the flag of the state of Israel? Are these the same schools that teach the students to not stand on Holocaust Rememberance Day?Heroes and Martyrs' Day. That curse female soldiers? That teach their children not to serve in the I.D.F.? Are these the same schools that produce generation after generation of parasites? The money could be better spent on the soldiers.Each soldier is worth 10,000 of these parasites. Let us take care of the Jews and non_Jews that defend us.
14. Are these the same schools
JASON BLACK   (09.05.06)
THOSE SECULAR SCHOOLS that do not celebrate the Torah of the Jewish nation?Are these the same schools that teach the students to not fast mourn and sit on the ninth of Av?17 of Tamuz 10th of Tevet. That curse Rabbis? That teach their children not to learn and teach Torah? Are these the same schools that produce generation after generation of ignorants and self hating Jews? The money could be better spent on the children.Each child is worth 10,000,000 of these uneducated Jews. Let us take care of the Jews and non_Jews that defend us
15. # 13
Keren ,   Sao Paulo   (09.06.06)
You will not resolv your problems in Israel if you keep such a hateful posture against part of your brothers. There are normal means to resolv differences ,with love in mind,intelligence an common sense. Your way of thinking only brings disaster for Israel. Think about it,please.
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